Jason's Choice: Friends, Enemies, or Lovers?

Chapter 2: Assignment

In a top secret U.S government training facility, Tommy Jarvis having almost spent half a decade be trained by some of the world's elite Special Forces to do one dangerous mission: Capture and/or kill Jason Voorhees. Tommy was lying on his bed thinking about his goal he's been craving for so many years, years of being tormented by dreams and hallucinations of Jason, who he swore that he would give Jason what he thought he deserved. "Jason." He said to himself. "

I'm personaly going to make sure that you are taken care of after all those times of me witnessing horrific killing sprees." As his anger was starting to rise he heard a knock at the door, he got off the bed and opened it, there he saw the guy whose in charge of the facility.

"Good morning General Heinrich." He said while saluting. "Morning Jarvis." He replied. "I understand that this is going to your last 36 hours here before heading out to Camp Crystal Lake, where you'll get to penalize your favorite hockey player." They both chuckled. "Yes sir." Tommy replied. "Now then, I want you to meet Lt. James Viper." As then, a tall black man, about 6 inches short from Jason's height (Jason's 6'6 by the way) came from around Tommy's bedroom door and stood next to the general.

"Morning sir." He greeted. "Call me Lieutenant, or by name, not sir." He replied with a scowl. "Uhh...y-yes Lt. Viper, understood." He said while saluting. A few second later General Heinrich handed Tommy yellow envelope with a few papers in it. "You'll report with Lt. Viper at the command controll room at 0645 hours." Tommy turned his to the right to check the time, 4:35 A.M. "Don't worry." Said the Lieutenant. "I'll make sure that you get a hot shower and grab some chow." "Thank you James, I'll take over from here, you go grab something to eat."

"Thank you sir." Said the saluting officer before turning to left and started walking down the hall whistling a tune. "Now, when report with James, you'll be assigned with other agents from other organizations, the Marine Core, CIA, SAS, GSG-9, and the Spetsnaz for more muscle, their names', backgrounds' and ranks' are all in the envelope."

"Yes sir." Replied the 26-year old cadet. "Yes, but more importantly you'll also be assigned with a few other young good looking females, just a few years older than you, who are aparently survived Jason's past killing sprees."

"Thank you again sir." Replied Tommy while saluting.

"Have a nice nap and see you at the meeting." "Oh and how's your girl Megan doing is she a mother yet?"

"Three more weeks sir, three more weeks." Said Tommy. "Let's hope you survive knowing if it's a boy or girl."

"Thank you and I hope so too sir." He said while saluting again with the General before he walked away.

Author Notes: Yeah this kind of took me an hour and a half to write this chapter, hoped you enjoyed it so far I'll be making some more.

P.S. I own the soldier/government characters and that's it.