At the end of Chapter 2, I mentioned SAS, GSG-9, and Spetsnaz.
SAS the U.K.'s counter-terrorist/Special Forces group

GSG-9 Elite counter-terrorist organization of the German police

Spetsnaz the spearhead of Russian army, kind of like the Nazi Waffen S.S. and the ancient Spartans. They fought in Chechnya and

Jason's Choice: Friends, Enemies, or Lovers?

Chapter 3: Conversing with your superior

It was 6:35 A.M. and Tommy was walking with Lt. Viper from the cafeteria to go to the meeting at the central command, where he'll meet his hand-picked partners.

"How much longer Lieutenant?" Asked Tommy. "Were almost there, so chill the fuck out alright cadet." Replied the 45 year old marine officer, while taking a sip of his coffee.

"So Lieutenant, have you read any information on who were up against?" As Tom asked his senior officer while they were at least 1000 feet away from their destination.

"I have cadet, and I have to say I'm quite eager to meet this adversary of yours, and I hope that he doesn't fucking take his sweet little before he starts swinging his little butter knife around at us (machete), I got plans to do with my grandchild whose just turned 8 last week!" Said Tom's superior as they were 475 feet away from said destination.

"Lieutenant I don't you exactly know who you're up against, it's going to take a lot more than just a few specialists with shotguns and MP5s (submachine gun) to take Jason down, I fought him twice, the second time after I accidently brought him back to life."

"Enough Jarvis." Interrupted the commissioned officer. "You're talking to a mother fucking military officer who grew up in a Chicago neighborhood where Bloods and Crips would come and do 3-5 drive-by shooting every month, and whose also served in the United States Marine Core for the past 25 years and whose job it is to be informed about who he's going up against!" Said the scolding veteran.

"Now try to be a good boy especially in front of the ladies, they want to see a soldier filled with confidence." He said as they were walking the doors that lead into a large room filled soldiers, men and women wearing government outfits working on computers and some smoking cigarettes.

As they kept walking through the computer area, they came up to what looked like a conference surrounded by bullet proof glass with two armed guards each outside standing five feet away from the door. As they went through the door, before them there was large round table with at least 15 male and female soldiers and agents, including General Heinrich who was drinking his coffee.

Heinrich set his coffee down and said, "James and Jarvis glad you two boys could make it on time, James sit next to me, Jarvis take a seat between agent Miss Higgins and Spetsnaz Sergeant Sonny Puzikas."

"Yes sir!" Both men responded as they took their seats. "Hi there." Chris said with a yawn and a smile. "Morning." Tommy replied.

"Good morning comrade, can I offer you some vodka?" Sonny said in his heavy Russian accent and handing him a shot of vodka. "Good morning to you too, and no thank you it's too early for me." Tommy replied.

"Alright." Said the Russian specialist taking a sip of vodka. Tommy could swear the first thing he thought when he looked into his eyes was 'cold-blooded killer.'

"Alright, now on to business." Started the General.

"We all know why we're here?" He asked. Everyone nodded, but in another realm they were being watched. Freddy Krueger said to himself "Finally, now to hear the plan against the

hockey puck." The dream demon said while chuckling.

Authors Notes: Hey sorry if it wasn't good enough it took me a few hours to type it all down, and I think it took me 10-15 minutes trying to get it posted but I did. In the next chapter or maybe the next two chapters I'm going to go to Jason talking and seeing how he feels and I'll probably go to the team's load out.

By the way this is me combining Freddy vs Jason with the remake of Friday the 13th. I'm trying to make Jason, Tommy, Ginny, Tina, and Chris look younger then they would now. This story takes place 4-5 years after Freddy Vs Jason.

And I'll probably include Meagan in the next two chapters

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