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This story takes place during 2005.

I'm changing some of the characters ages'. Tommy will be 34, Chris will now be a now be 39 single mother of two. One 6 year old boy and a 14 year old daughter, who are both under the care of her parents... at Higgins Haven.

Also, I'm slightly changing the new recent OC Amy to Aimee, makes it less confusing since there are two characters with the same name.

"So Chrissy how was your date?" Tina asked while nudging her shoulder.

"Super! And yes we did get to the naked part." Chris smiled widely.

"I was thinking you were going to avoid that part." Ginny stated.

"Not when there's wine!" Chris laughed.

It was 7:15 A.M. at the facility, and Tommy was in the mess hall having breakfast with his fiancé Meagan, his petite yet adorable eight year old daughter Robin, his cooing baby daughter, the Spetsnaz, who were were their standard camouflage and their red berets, the other Survivors Chris, Tina, Ginny and finally Lt. Viper who's family also came over, to spend some time with their Marine, and possibly meet some of the crew. Karla, Viper's wife, was at least 2 years younger than her husband, and was a very beautiful woman from Brazil. Three days after when a young Pvt. James Viper, only a few days less than two weeks until he turned 20, completed his Marine training, he went to Brazil's capital, Brasilia, with a couple of Marine graduate buddies for a two week vacation. After just arriving on the first day of their vacation, Pvt. Viper and his friends went to a rather popular bar, and that's where he saw some mini-action at first hand, and where he met Karla "Spice" Garcia, who was originally there to celebrate her 18th birthday with some friends, but it had taken a bad turn. Some drunken hooligans, five to be precise, and who were also members of a small local gang in Brasilia, were causing a lot of problems at the bar, and one of them had his filthy on the birthday girl trying to have his way with her, while his buddies, armed with crude weapons ranging from knives, broken bottles, and a couple of small hand guns, kept the other people in the bar at bay and kept them from escaping and informing the police. However they were unaware of the fact that three brand new Marines were amongst them, who were armed with Glock 19s, and were trained in hand-to-hand combat.

So long story short, Pvt. Viper managed to save the damsel in distress before she lost her virginity to a drunk rapist, while the other two devil dogs managed to overwhelm the other drunkards until the police arrived. Fortunately no one was hurt or killed, except for James who only received minor stab wounds on his upper left arm that only needed a few stitches, finally all five gangsters were arrested and convicted and sentenced for 5-7 years. Karla's father, who was the police chief of Brasilia, was very grateful of the young Marine who saved his daughter, since Karla was the number one person that mattered to him in his life ever since his wife passed away six years earlier. So for the rest of the vacation, James spent at least 40% of his vacation time with his friends, while spending the other 60% of his time alone... with Karla. James and Karla did a lot of things on their dates, they would go out to dinner, go to the beach, or go to a museum. But James also took the liberty of teaching Karla a little bit of some English, which in return, Karla taught James some Portuguese, and some Spanish since she was Venezuelan on her Mom's side. Karla recalled on spending those two weeks with James as one of the greatest times of her life. They were both sad when Jame's vacation time was up and had to go back to the States, but he promised to keep in touch, Karla promised too, and James said he would probably be back in a year or two. But he came back two months later when he heard that she was pregnant, and it was his. Since she gave her virginity to him the night before he left. He took her to Springfield, Missouri, where she gave birth to Adrian, and where they got married two years later. There son Adrian, who has been in the Missouri National Guard since he was 18, had chocolate skin color, which would surprise most people, since he's only part black, part Brazilian and part Venezuelan, which should dilute the skin color a little, but hey what are you going to do.

Hayley was two years older than her fiance Adrian, she's African-French, and surprisingly they met the same way James and Karla met, but she wasn't with the rest of the family.

"So Lt. Viper, where is your future daughter-in-law?" Asked Tommy, while rubbing the sleep sand out of his left eye.

"She's back home. I told her stay in the USA, because her sweet little 98 year old great-grandmother is very sick, and she needs to stay with her until the end!" Viper explained.

"Aww that's sweet. Since she also doesn't get to see her future father-in-law, whose probably gonna get killed by a zombified killing machine." Karla complimented, but with some sarcasm, in a noticeable accent.

"Hey honey, family matters come first, military second." James defended.

"That's why I got our son as a National guardsmen, since he became a soon to be father at age 17!" James said while turning to Adrian and giving him a glare.

"James!" His wife scolded at him. Adrian sighed in relief.

"So Karla..." Tommy started. "What do you do for a living, or you know... for as a job?" He asked curiously.

Karla gave a sexy smile, but before she answered James interrupted, "H-hey! Meagan sweetie, why don't you take Robin over to Brutus and my grand-kids." Brutus was Jame's father-in-law, Jame's grandchildren were 8 year old Ronald and 4 year old Elizabeth, they were sitting three tables away.

"Okay. Come Roby." She took Robin by the hand while carrying baby Pamela in the other.

The other girls, the female survivors, and the Spetsnaz, all leaned in a little closer to hear her.

Karla tossed some of her black silky hair over her shoulder, while her Latina face turned a shade of red and she gave Tommy an answer, "Two words... Hue Hefner.

"Wow." All the others, that were not James or Adrian, said in unison.

"For 23 years." James added

Just then, a long knife appeared in front of Chris's neck, but it wasn't touching her, she was startled but felt a hand under her chin pulling her to the side where her lips were met with lover's lips.

"Gute Morgen Fraulein." Schroeder said with a warm smile followed by Chris giving him a peck on lips after he decided to put his knife back. She smiled and responded, "Gute Morgen und du hast mesh!" She said with a very noticeable English accent.

He gave her another kiss that lasted for a few seconds before he stood back up and turning his attention towards James, with a rather serious look on his face.

"Lt. Viper! I just got off the phone vith the German ambassador to the UN, at least drei days ago, vhich is three, they held a secret vote from the public, to decide on the Jason question."

"What did they say and vote on!" Tommy asked quickly.

"Vell..." Schroeder began while relaxing his face and averting his eyes to the ceiling and gathering up his recent memories, "They had several suggestions on vhat they, and ve, should do vith Jason. However they came to an agreement to discuss and vote on one suggestion, for now. But this is only if ve capture him." Schroeder had those who were listening all anxious to finish what he had to say.

"Well what did they vote on?" Sergei asked.

"Of the 162 foreign delegates that vere present at the time, 121 voted, again if Jason vere to be caught, the 121 delegates agreed that he vill be put... on trial.

Meanwhile back on Jason's land:

Jason was in his underground abandoned mine shaft, sitting at his other work station, counter to the one above ground. He's made at least five new spears and 25 new arrows, ever since he brought back two young beautiful girls to his shack, that was at least 10 feet above him, a few hours ago, after he saved one of them from almost getting raped, and the other from the same thing, but in future reference. The spears he made, were from scratch. Shafts made from wooden broom handles, or from cut down trees. Kitchen, hunting, and army knives, serving as the tips, as well as any other object that is, or can be, sharpened to serve as a tip for a spear.

"Finished." Jason sighed.

He stood up from his secondary work station, he picked up his newly made munitions, walked over to an old door that probably leads to a some kind of weapons storage. He opened the door which revealed a great variety of weapons. Half of the weapons... were guns! Jason had at least... 200 guns! Shotguns, rifles, assault rifles, sub machine guns, pistols and handguns, explosives from grenades to Molotov cocktails!

Which Jason started to collect just shortly after the events with Freddy.

Campers, vacationers, tourists, hunters, and lumberjacks, were not the only people who came either to the three or four counties surrounding Crystal Lake, or to the God-forgotten blood stained land to which was Jason's domain. He take them from the hunters, for they came and they left for what they needed, same with the lumberjacks. Jason would occasionally, maybe a few times a year, go into the two towns and steal some guns and other provisions, but the majority of the guns he gets, are from criminals. The mini-armament deal with Jason, caught the attention of the Sheriff of Blairstown, when Jason came up to him one night, and surprisingly Jason had no weapon on him at the time, to show the Sheriff he meant no harm at the moment, but either way the Sheriff was cool as a cucumber during his encounter with the hockey-mask killer. Jason went to the Sheriff and asked him, in a nonverbal way, to teach him how to use guns. The lessons lasted for two days, and not only did Jason learn how to use guns, he learned how to clean and take care of them, in return that only stuck to slicing, slashing, and stabbing the annoying disgusting and naughty teens he's known to... deal with, and not any of the tourists or family vacationers. Amazingly, Jason quietly agreed, for he was still a mute then. Jason also remembered a quote from the Sheriff: "Whatever happens at Camp Crystal Lake, stays at Crystal Lake."

As Jason was done checking out the weapons, he walked out of the storage room and locked the door, and walked down the shaft to one of the of the doors that lead to the surface. He opened the door, and pulled himself up and and he was in the forest again, and at least 80 feet from his little house. He was standing on the forest floor with the grass and moss and dirt and leaves under his boots. He took a deep breath, filling his dead lungs with the cool night air, before exhaling it out. He looked upwards, and saw that the moon was full As he walked towards his house, he noticed Freddy laying on a hammock, with his hands behind his head, his clawed gloved laying on a stump right next to him, with a lit blunt in his mouth. He stopped in his tracks and looked down, to his left, at the burned killer, then up to the dope cigar in his mouth. Freddy opened his eyes and looked over to the towering Camp Blood killer and said in a low energetic state, "Heeeeeyyyyy Jaaaaaayyyysoooon. You gotta uhh... you gotta uhh... you uhhhhh... gotta try this. This is some good shit!" Freddy was no doubt, very high!

Jason just shook his head in disgust and kept on walking.

Freddy just said, "Alrrrrright. More for meeeeee." He said before taking the blunt out of his mouth and exhaling the smoke, before putting it back in his mouth and taking a couple of puffs. Jason rolled his eyes, and continued towards his house.

As he got closer to his house, he heard some lights sobs, from a female.

Jason got worried, he walked in and saw the red head, who also had light shades of black in her hair color, Emma sitting on the couch crying with her friend Aimee with her arm around her shoulders. He noticed eight bear cans laying on the wooden floor. Aimee noticed the masked man and said, "She's upset because, her ex-boyfriend, Neil, had been trying to take me and my virginity into bed for months, not gonna happen never will. Since you killed him, the one that was trying to rape me." She said in a calm yet tired state, but looked liked she had been drinking, but just a little.

"And the beer?" Jason asked.

"Most people drink alcohol when they're like this, its suppose to help with the depression, but it doesn't, sometimes yes, but sometimes it make it worse. And yes I had least two or three, and I'm just feeling a light buzz. And I know I shouldn't even be drinking since I... just turned 19 last week." Aimee went back to comforting her friend.

Jason looked down, before walking over to the couch they were sitting on, and sat right next to Emma.

"I'm sorry for killing in front of you girls." Probably the first time he ever apologized to anyone or anything.

"Don't be." Aimee said

"Her boyfriend only cared about sex, which he pressured her into having since she was fourteen, even though he was three years older. And to add insult to injury, he broke up with her, when he started... to fuck some sluts instead, while at first doing behind her back, last year when she turned sixteen. It sucks for a girl to lose her virginity to a lying cheating asshole." She said with slight, yet calm bitterness in her tone.

Jason sighed with a hint of sorrow, as he started feel his black demon heart go soft. Just then, Jason looked down at left leg and saw a sleeping Emma resting her head on his knee and femur area.

"Listen, Aimee... maybe you should go lay down on my bed. I'll take care of Emma from hear." He said in a kind voice.

"Thank you."

Aimee stood up and slightly staggered toward Jason, and lifted up the lower part of his mask and closed her eyes and placed her lips on his. Jason was shocked, and for some reason did nothing against it. He closed his eyes brought his right hand up and lightly stroked the girl's cheek and gave into the kiss, but he no further advances. After a minute, she retracted with a bright heavy blush on her face.

"I'm sorry, I'm a little drunk." She said with a embarrassment.

"Don't be. I actually enjoyed the taste of your lips." He said with a smirk and pulling his mask back down.

She smiled before she responded, "Couple things Jason."

"I told Emma lovers thing you said to me earlier, and I uhh... w-we uhh..." Aimee felt her cheeks turning a light shade of pink.

"I-I'll tell you two about in the m-morning." He said nervously.

"W-w-well actually... uhhh about that uhh..."

Just then, the moon light shined into the house, revealing Aimee more clearly from her long brunette hair, with a couple of light shades of blonde in it, to her torso and arms which her covered by Jason's tattered jacket she was still wearing, to her long, skinny, and tan legs which at the top was her jean shorts with dirt stains, to her pink flip flops.

But what was most revealing that the rays from the moon, was her beautiful light tan face, that was a very bright red from embarrassment, and green eyes.

"W-we c-could be... y-you know... your...'blush brightens up more', l-lovers." She closed her eyes tight and turned around, with her facing her hero.

"Or in Emma's case being a friend with benefits, which uhhhhh..."

Just then, she felt two mammoth sized hands on her shoulders, and a chin resting on the top of her head. Her face turned a VERY bright red in the darkness.

"We'll talk about it in the morning, and you can wear my jacket while your sleeping." Jason said who appeared to have control of this... situation.

Aimee relaxed a bit, "Thank you." She whispered, just enough for Jason to hear it.

Then suddenly, she quickly turned around, and stood on her tip-toes, lifted up the lower part of his mask again, and kissed fully on the lips.

Then she quickly pulled back, turned around and ran into Jason's room and flew herself on his bed. Aimee felt her heart rate skyrocket the second she did that to him again. She grabbed the closest pillow and buried her face into it. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath through the nose, before opening her eyes again.

"What's wrong with me!" She whispered to herself.

"Am I that drunk! Or is it just him being... so gentle and kind." She whispered slightly a little louder, before giving it out a groan in frustration, "Augghhhh!"

Jason quietly moved toward the doorway leading to his room. He stood about 8-10 feet away from the young girl laying on his bed. He chuckled a little when he heard her muttering something, possibly about her actions.

As Aimee began to close her eyes, she felt a hand stroking her hair. She didn't have to guess who it was. She opened one of her eyes and peaked out and saw her and her friend's savior on his knees caressing her.

"I'm assuming that... those two kisses were my second awards for helping twice, once by the... camp fire. I like your kisses, and I wouldn't mind the same thing from Miss Emma over their, since so far your kisses and presence makes my black heart feel... light and fluffy. Which surprises me since I'm just a dark and evil and a angry creature of these woods. I can't say that I have a soul, If so its a soul covered with hate and blood." He balled one of his hands into a fist.

"I ask myself every time after I finish killing intruders: Why am I here, and why do I kill? I am, always have been, and always will be... freak show under this mask, which is a reason that lead to my demise as a child! As long as I still live in these woods, happiness will never be present, or least until disgusting teenagers finally stop coming here, to get my hands stained with more blood!" He said with bitterness in his tone.

Aimee felt a pang in her heart, she didn't like the negativity Jason was putting on himself.

"Before, sometimes I wished I didn't have to kill. Now I'm starting to uhhh... starting uhhh... to wish that more often." Jason would have to remember to tell the girls his brain was still in development.

Aimee secretly wiped a tear from eye, and turned her head towards him. She forced a smile, which caught his attention, and then Aimee placed a hand on Jason's chest to where his heart would be.

"Your a human. Just like us. As humans its natural for us to cause destruction, to the world and to ourselves. But what also makes you human, is that you still have feelings and emotions, you probably haven't realized that, because all this killing that you're starting to dislike, represses those good and positive emotions, and deep down inside you there just starting break out of their prison." She finished.

Jason looked down with a hint of sadness and regret in his eyes.

Aimee pulled her hand away from him and said, "I'm sorry I probably don't even know what I'm talking about, I'm just..."

"No." Jason put his hand up.

"You're right." He brought his hand to her cheek, and stroked it. Aimee closed her eyes as she felt his smooth gloved hand caress her cheek. She leaned into his touch and let out a sigh. She opened her eyes when she didn't feel his hand on her cheek anymore.

"Sorry I stopped, but you should sleep." He ended with a smirk.

Jason lifted up his mask once again, placed his hand at the back of her head, and placed his lips on Aimee's forehead. He pulled back and brought his mask back down.

"Good night see you in the morning." He stood up and walked away.

"Hey Jason?"

"Yeah?" He stopped and turned his head.

"For the record, I think you'd be a good boyfriend for me... and for Emma." She smiled, but had another blush on her face.

Under Jason's mask he could feel his face turn red.

"Uhhhhh... go to sleep!" He said with embarrassment, his voice also changed from young adult, to that of a little boy's and Aimee was able to catch it.

She giggled at how cute his child-like voice sounded.

Jason walked out of his room, the floor boards creaking under weight, and sat on the sofa next the sleeping Emma.

Aimee laid down on the bed, and closed her eyes. She inhaled the scent of the jacket she was wearing, it smelled good. It smelled like the forest. She sighed at the scent, that also Jason's, it was very soothing and very calm to her. The scent that was of Jason's as being part of the forest, made her drift off to sleep.

At least 15 minutes passed, and he saw, from sitting on the couch, Aimee was in a peaceful slumber, like Emma.

But Jason knew that he wouldn't be getting any sleep for tonight, but he didn't mind one bit, since it wasn't the first sleepless night... when he didn't have any one to kill, except those sinful pig male teens in his forest from earlier. A normal human would sleep every night when they had the chance, but Jason only slept an average 3-4 nights a week.

You may think that a killer living in a forest would have nothing to do, besides killing. He would roam the forest every now and then, he would hunt, play with his toys, make new weapons, cut down a tree or two for house maintenance or for other things.

Jason was brought out of his thoughts, when he heard scream of one of the male teenagers, far out in the distance. His steel blue eyes, literally, glowed red, and grinned evilly under his mask.

'I'll deal with that later.' He thought.

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