Hi everyone... ummm I have had this story playing out in my mind for a long long time... I mean seriously I am like months into it and I finally decided it was good enough and interesting enough to keep my attention long enough to write. And for you out their curious yes I think of a lot of stories that I only think about for a week or so. I day dream a lot, and my mind is very random and unorganized. It picks up and drops ideas faster than well a man running from the pink bunnies.

Pink bunnies are evil people. They tear out throats and rip your limbs from your body for no reason. So stay away from the pink bunnies.

Alright about the story I guess. This new story is a crossover between Naruto (no ones shocked are they hehehe) and Inuyasha. I was reading some like last year and I thought that some of the pairings between these crossovers were very good. Plus I used to watch Inuyasha every morning. I was addicted to that when I was younger. No seriously I would wake up at 4.30 then spend an half an hour to wake up just to watch it at 5. Be it reruns or a new episode I would be sitting on our living room floor at 5 am to see it. However as soon as it ended I just crawled up on the couch and went back to sleep. My brothers used to have to wake me up again for school. They always thought I was crazy. Especially since we had a VCR that recorded.

Alright warnings about this story. Well their isn't much warnings in the beginning chapters however this well be an underage sex kind of story. Ummmm shortcan is the word right? A child with an adult. Of course I don't think that kind of stuff is nice for real life at all, however it is interesting to write sometimes. Plus naruto is the cutest when he's small and young. Adorable. I think that's probably my real reason for writing this stuff. I just like dressing him up in cute outfits and having him giggle and smile.

Another warning. This one is important for the beginning chapters. This is a rated M story meaning that there is content that is not appropriate for some viewers.. Um I mean readers. Yay. There is violence and language. I mean serious violence and a lot of it in the first chapter is caused by a child.

If anything in the above paragraphs go against you ummmm well go against anything you believe or hold dear well they have this invention called a back button up well usually at the top left of the screen if you are in America. Push it and something amazing will happen. This offensive story will disappear. Amazing ain't it.

And for those who are thinking about giving me a flame thingy. Well if you really think you have to, then go ahead. I don't care and it won't bother me. I strongly believe that to reach my full skill at writing I must learn to be flexible and no subject is off bounds. And people it's fiction, don't try to make it more than that.

Anyway that took a while. So onward to the first Chapter of my new story.

P.S. I kind of ran out of time. However I finished the chapter. I just didn't get to do a read through. So if there are too many mistakes that it effects the story too much. Just let me know and I will go back through it... alright... meow : )


The darkness was soothing, calming. In the darkness there was no pain. No hurt or suffering. In the darkness their was no one to bring about sadness or angry. In the darkness he was alone. He was calm and he didn't have to worry about the past or the future. In the darkness he didn't have to feel the hungry or the pain of the empty soul. In the darkness everything was at right and perfect. In the darkness Naruto was happy. However even the most beautiful of things had to end and his beautiful darkness was to be one of them.

Naruto could see the light. He could feel the sun on his face and hands. The darkness was gone and in its place was life. However life wasn't a good thing for something like Naruto. With life came thirst and hungry. A unsatiable emotion that he could feel consuming him from the inside.

Naruto watched the birds flutter above him in the tree he had awaken under. Beautiful creatures however he only had a few moments to look and appreciate their beauty. He sighed softly and soaked up the small soft sun rays that touched him. He knew that without the darkness he was going to be lost soon. He could already feel the hungry spread through out his chest. The thirst make his throat ache with it's dryness.

He had only moments before the needs took over his body. Only moments before he would lose all of the parts that made him him. His soul, his mind. Both would disappear soon. He had just moments left to smile at the birds and curious squirrel that climbed all over him. Some times moments can seem like a life time.


Inuyasha and his group had been traveling once again from dawn. They hadn't seen a jewel shard in days. They had just been following this general direction waiting for Kagome to sense a new shard to collect. The tension was high in the group. Days without action or entertainment had caused them to become high strung. Miroku had taken to rubbing Sango's ass continuously. Sango to slapping him harder and harder each time. Kagome had taken to sending him deep into the ground for each small fault and mis said word. Shippo had decided to waste his boredom in pranking and bugging Inuyasha. In all it was an average day for the group.

The day of course could have been better. They could have had a purpose to their travel. They could have ben chasing down a shard or killing Naraku. Yes both of those would have improved the day. However neither one of them seem to be happening or even about to happen in the next hour.

"Kagome." And to make the day worse, here is Koga to drive him insane. What a miserable day in his life. It was just another day in his life. Sometimes he wonders why he even bothers to travel with these humans. It just wasn't worth it a lot of the time. Where was his stupid brother when he could use a good fight.

"Get out of here wolf. We don't need you company." Koga growled at him and Kagome sat him into the ground once again. His fifth time today in fact. Fucking human. When he got these beads off he was going to get his revenge. It was a promise.

"Inuyasha stop being rude to Koga. He just wanted to visit me. I can't believe how rude you ..." A scream split the air breaking through Kagome's lecture. Inuyasha couldn't be happier. One he wouldn't have to listen to the bitch and two a scream meant action. Action meant a break from travel boredom.

"What was that." Miroku's hand had froze inches from Sango's ass. One moment later and Inuyasha would have been picking the man out of a hole in the ground again. He would never learn. However the man wouldn't be half as fun if he did learn from his stupidity.

"I believe it came from the west of us." Sango hadn't noticed the hand and had taken off without even waiting for the rest of the group. Some times Sango had a hard time remembering she was no longer a lone demon slayer. She would take off after any demon that was causing trouble. It was how she was raised. Demon slayers killed demons. They didn't work well in big groups.

"Well lets go check it out Inuyasha." Kagome was the only one left with him in the clearing. It seemed she wanted another piggy back ride. What a worthless human. At least Sango and Miroku were able to travel without his aid. She couldn't even race to battle. One day this would be over. Hopefully soon.

"Yeah yeah. Lets go." Inuyasha took off through the woods with Kagome on his back. At least he would have action. That was the best thing to happen all week.


Naruto was locked within his mind. He could see nothing but red. This wasn't his calming darkness before, this was different. He could still feel the thirst and hungry. All he could think about was satisfying his desire. Days, months, years. He didn't know how long he had been outside his darkness. He didn't know if it was day or night. However he couldn't say he cared.

He allowed his instincts to take over his body. His soul had hidden within his mind. Somewhere deep and forgotten. His mind had retreated with it. All that was left was instinct and need within his body. He only thought of his next meal. The only cunning he had left was in finding his food. The body and Naruto was separate. His instinct and his soul too different parts of a whole that had been broken.

He at first had watched what his body was doing. He had fought through the pain and the desire to watch and stop his body. At first he had fought for his sanity. He had tried to make his body turn away from that sweet old women who had been collecting herbs in the garden. He had tried to stop the future. But even as he fought he knew it wasn't going to be. His emotions and pain was too strong for him to have any voice.

In the beginning after he awoke form the darkness he had watched and he had fought. He had watched each time his body approached a human alone. His body crying and wailing like a lost child it looked like. He had watched the human rush over and try to calm him down. He had listened to their words. Is he ok? Where are he's parents? And he had fought for control. However each time his body had won. He would watch form deep inside as his body would tear at the human's throat and start to feast. At first he had watched and he had fought. However time and time again he lost and cried out for the human's that his body destroyed. And soon he had stopped watching and hidden himself away. And now all he sees is red, it was better to only see red. At least in this sea of blood within his mind he didn't have to hear the screams or fright or see the tears of fear. It was better to forget that the outside world even exist. Yes the sea of blood was the only world that mattered.


Inuyasha and the rest dove into a meadow on the outskirts of the forest and froze in shock at the image before them. They had expected a lot of different things. A village being attacked by demons. A demon killing a stray human. A demon fighting another or even just a battle of humans. However they had not expected a human child to be the cause of the scream.

A boy no older than 6 or 7 with dirty hair and rags for clothes was covered in blood and had his mouth buried with a women chest. They watched as the boy ripped out a rib and start to bit at the bone, licking off the blood that was still warm and flowing from the dead human. There was no way to tell the child's hair color from the blood that was dried within it or flesh blood that covered it each time the boy ripped at the body with his teeth.

The women though was more easy to recognize. They could see the brown hair and the face with frozen fear. Inuyasha could see that her eyes were blue and unseeing. The boy like any predator had gone for a kill in the throat. Cutting off air and causing blood to enter the lungs and like most predators he had no need for the face. The meat was in the chest and limbs. This seemed to make it even more sick. That even though the chest was ripped open and organs had been laid on the ground around her she still had a face.

If inuyasha had to guess he would say that the boy was insane or even in some way being controlled by a demon. However what ever reason there was behind his actions. He was had still killed and torn apart a human body. If he was an demon he would say it was just in his nature and would have already attacked the boy. However as a human it brought up the question of what was going on. If the boy was being controlled and not just insane then if he killed the boy and walked away he would be living a murder behind.

"God what a terrible thing for a child to do. God even demon children are dangerous and violent. How disgusting." Inuyasha had allowed Kagome to climb down to the ground. Her comment though had made him wish he had dropped her instead. A demon he doubted it. He didn't smell like a demon and he didn't look like a demon. Not even a half breed. No demon or unnatural characters. Why did every one assume that when violence happened it was always a demon.

"I doubt it's a demon. It doesn't smell like a demon, more likely a human." Inuyasha ignored Kagome's horror filled face and started to make his way towards the boy and his meal. He needed to get close maybe he would be able to smell if a demon had been close to the boy. However within just a couple steps the boy had turned his blood streaked face towards his approach and started to growl and hiss.

Inuyasha walked cautiously closer and start to sniff the air that was drifting from the boy to himself. No smell of a demon. Not even a distant smell from the past. The boy hadn't been near a demon recently. He was guessing probably not at all in the past couple of months. The boy smelled of fresh blood and old blood. A lot of old blood. He was guessing the boy hadn't washed in ages and blood from each kill was just piling up on his clothes. So he couldn't be under the control of a demon.

"He's human and he doesn't have a single scent of a demon on him." Inuyasha's voice came out sad at the thought. If he wasn't controlled that meant they would have to put him down, like a wild dog. What a terrible thing to have to do to a child so young.

"He will have to be put down for his own good." So Miroku understood what that meant. Yes Miroku would understand. He wasn't as carefree as everyone made him out to be.

"What do you mean he's human? Why isn't there any demon smell on him. Isn't he being controlled like Sango's brother." Inuyasha flinched from Kagome's voice and tried to ignore her behind him. He would have to get closer for a clean kill. He didn't want to hurt the kid more than he had to.

"Kagome. He isn't being controlled. He's insane. There is nothing to do but kill him." He would leave it to Miroku to explain it to the fucking bitch.

"Can't will help him. Get him a doctor or something." Just a little closer. He hasn't attacked yet, however the boy was still on edge. Still growling and hiss. He was still tensed over his meal and ready and willing to fight for what he thought was his prey.

"No. No one can help him. If we don't kill him now he will just attack another women later." Inuyasha was almost in reach now. He could see the boy's blood covered teeth on each one of the boys growls now. Just a few more steps and then he will be able to stop this madness.


Sesshomaru had heard of a new demon in his territory. A demon that attacked women and ate their flesh and organs. He had set out to take care of the problem before the land went into a full blown panic. If the human's were to panic because of this demon they would start attack the weaker and innocent demons they came across. He had to stop this before it went much further.

He had been looking for the demon a couple of days now. Rin and Jaken had of course decide to come with him of course. Why Rin wanted to leave her nice room at the palace and follow him in the wilderness he didn't know. However he had always had a difficult time telling the girl no. However even with the tag alongs he couldn't say he was losing any time or anything. He wouldn't have been able to do any better alone. He was just wandering around listening to rumors to nearly down the area the demon was in.

Of course the area he was in today was just a guess. He had heard of a couple recent attacks to the north and he figured the demon might be making a simple line. If the events he had heard about were real and on a real time line then he's guess would be right. The events he had heard about had seemed to follow a simple design all moving towards the south. It hadn't been a perfect line however it had been all he had to go on.

When he took his first step into the meadow and saw his brother and his group he had been surprised. He had of course had reports that they were in his territory again. However he hadn't been expecting to find them in this area. He had thought they would have been more to the east. He would have to punish his informative later. After all he hadn't been planning to run into his little brother today.

Kagome loud voice reached him first. Her shrill tone piercing his delicate ears. Something about helping someone. Getting a doctor. Helping who?

That's when he noticed what or who his brother was inching towards. He had just thought they were about to take a break or maybe camp down for the day. If the wind hadn't been blowing from behind him and not towards him he would have noticed sooner. A small and blood covered child was just out of reach of his brother.

He had seen this before, however it still took a couple minutes to realize what he was looking at. A boy and his prey. It wasn't a common seen in the demon world, however it did happen. If a demon too young to fend for itself was left alone it would lose his sanity and would give in to it's instinct. That was what was before him.

Demon children weren't like human children. Human babies had to drink milk and then they moved onto human food. However demon babies drank both milk and their parents blood. The milk would stop as they got older and they would move into real food. However even young demon children still need demon blood that was willing given. It had to be live blood. If the child had no source of blood it would go crazy. It's demon nature trying to fight to live in a way.

This child was so small and weak that its only logical prey was humans. Animals would be too quick for him to eat. A demon would be too strong for him to kill. However with his appearance a kind hearted human would be easy prey. Just get the human to come close and he would be able to kill them with easy. After all no human had strong enough skin to live through a swipe of a demon's fangs or claws. Even a child size demon.

Sesshomaru had almost lost himself in the memory of the last time he saw one such child, that he almost missed the words that the monk had respond to Kagome's questions. They were planning to kill him. That's why Inuyasha was inching closer to the boy. They planned to kill his target.

"Don't you dare touch him, Inuyasha." Sesshomaru raced into the meadow and made himself closer to the pair in the center of the meadow. That boy might still be able to be saved and as the Lord of the West it was his job to help his people.

"He's insane Sesshomaru. We have to put him down." Sesshomaru had better look now at the child before him. He sure did look like a human. However he wasn't acting like a human. With each step he took the child would growl and hiss like any demon who's meal was about to be stolen. This couldn't possible be a human child at least not entirely.

"No he's neglected and alone. He needs help and food." The boy was covered in fresh and dried blood. Sesshomaru couldn't even see the boy's hair color. The women under him was just like the other victims. Throat slit and half eaten. He must have been at this for a while if all the dried blood was a hint. He might not be able to be saved, he's soul might have already be too broken to be repaired.

"And are you going to do it? Are you going to take responsibility of him?" That was a question. If he started this he would have to finish it. However with a child that small he shouldn't have too much difficulty. It was his duty after all and he didn't want to watch this child be killed like the last one.

"Yes I will do it."