Summery: Sherlock is stuck in his own head. What is a person to do when they're stuck in they're head? Dig through they're minds files and find something intriguing.

Sherlock's POV

I'm bored. Why is it so cold and empty in here? I always imagined that my head would be filled to the brim with valuable information.

*picks up piece of paper*




Apple juice


A bloody grocery list! This is taking up too much space in my brain! *Throws paper and picks up another*

To do list-

1. Text John and tell him your bored. Check:

Flash Back:



Well, find something to do than


Where did you put your gun?


NO! Don't even think about it! :O


Oh you're no fun… I suppose digging through your bedroom will suffice.


Alright! I'm coming!


Good. Oh, and we're out of milk


: /


Emoticons really don't suit you, John


End of Flash Back

2. Watch Sherlock Holmes in 3D. Now why would I watch myself in 3D? That's just silly.

3. Tell Mycroft that he needs to 'lose a few'. Well of course I've done that. What fun that was:

Flash Back:

"Mycroft, your case is nothing of interest to me. Besides, I've got a case already, Lestrade texted me last night."

"Of course he did, Sherlock. Its one simple case, please?"

"Why can't you do it yourself?"

"Because Sherlock, I'm far to-"

"Fat? Is that the word you're looking for?"


"Lose a few, Mycroft!"

End of Flash Back

*Throws paper and peels another off of shoe*

Dear Sherlock,

I'm sorry I had to do this to you, but you were being an idiot and I thought this would be best. I'll have Mycroft let you out as soon as you promise to take that bloody head out of the refrigerator. Thanks!

Love, John