I want him, but it's wrong. I cant have him, Bill will find out. But its not like I'm realy with Bill. He just said I was his because he didn't want me to get into trouble. I had met Eric just over a week ago and I couldn't get him out of my head. So here I am in my car heading to fangtasia.

When I arrived there I saw Pam Eric's child manning the door like she was the first time I was here. Getting out of the car I walked over to the line but before I could stand in line Pam was in front of me, fangs down and leering at me.

"well, what do we have here? Sookie Stackhouse." She said while looking over my outfit, I was wearing a new dress I had got from my friends store Tara Togs. Short red and strapless. Just right for what I had in mind for tonight. Seducing the Viking. Before I could comment Pam had dragged me threw the door and dropped me off at a booth. "Stay here, Master will be here shortly." I smiled and nodded. She disappeared as soon as she knew I agreed.

When Eric arrived at the booth I was just starting on my second drink. He smirked his Eric-y smug self assured grin at her.

"Miss Stackhouse what a surprise. What can I do for you this lovely evening?" Sookie smirked right back at him, she knew he would like what she was going to say.

"I came to take you up on your offer." Eric looked confused for a moment before understanding came to his eyes. Before Sookie could say more Eric had lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder and walked into his office depositing her on the black leather couch. Before she could blink they were both naked with Eric on top of her rubbing his engorged length against her entrance. Eric not wanting the moment over with so soon started kissing down her neck to her breasts, pulling a nipple into his mouth teasing her before biting down hard enough to draw a couple drops of blood, and licking it away. Sookie having enough of his teasing pulled his head up to her and started kissing him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth rough. Both having enough teasing Eric trusted into Sookie softly and slowly because it was her first time. After a moment of not moving giving her enough time to adjust to his size, Sookie nodded telling him to go. Eric started thrusting into Sookie slowly to slow for either of there likening and soon he was thrusting into her at vampire speed. Just before they both climaxed they both bit into each others necks screaming each others name. Just as Eric was about to say something Sookie woke up sweating in her bed with the sun streaming in threw her window.