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Chapter 1

Surprise, Surprise!

After what I'd been through almost two weeks ago, you'd think nothing could shock me.

Well, you'd have to be wrong. It started as I ran down the sidewalk, towards the lesser of the two homes I had: Symphony. I hadn't been there since…oh, fine, ignore my trying to be dramatic, I had only been gone for about ten days. This was the eleventh day, and I was now going back to school. But little did I know just how much had actually happened since I'd been taken away by Barry, no thanks to Mr. Cyclops.

I was running so fast you may not have believed it unless you had seen it. My camp necklace flung itself at my face, at times blocking my vision, as I ran, my hair deciding to accompany it by, too, flying at my eyes.

I jumped over the fence guarding the school, and ran as fast as possible. No one was going to stop me from going home, no one. Unlike a few days ago, when everything was stopping me from doing what I wanted and monsters could kill you at any moment.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I now encounter monsters on a daily basis?

Bet you didn't expect that coming from your "average" fourteen year old.

Nope, you probably didn't.

My feelings were fighting each other as I ran down the asphalt in possibly the biggest hurry I'd ever been in. I loved Symphony, I really did, and I wanted to come back more than anything. And I was here, I wasn't about to go back to Camp and waste my school year practicing archery or rock climbing or whatever there was to do. I'd rather be at school with Lola and hang out in the dormitory and read (well, come to think of it, that wouldn't work seeing as I'm heavily dyslexic) or write (that would again be a problem, actually, I wouldn't be able to read what I was writing) or watch TV or, unfortunately, do homework that I didn't want. As long as I was home.

But at the same time I almost wished I could turn back, go to Camp, become a year-rounder, see familiar faces such as McKenna and Zachary Smith, or Louis Miller, or Percy or Annabeth or Katie, or maybe Isabelle, possibly even Kristen, and we all know that I was freaked out by her, but more than the others, Greg Willins and Kyle Delnz. They had proven to be two of the best friends you could ask for, even if Kyle was pretty dense. Albeit, Kyle was brave somewhat anyway. Greg wasn't quite so bold and courageous, but he was pretty smart and very friendly. He was shy when I had met him, though he'd gotten a bit braver, only slightly, when it was time for the quest. Greg wasn't normally too chatty, and stayed far away from the girls most often. However, the guy seemed to have taken a liking to me and proved it by kissing me at the end of my days at camp for the summer. I shoved him away and ran, but he didn't care and followed. He was creeping me out a bit, but now that I was gone, I missed him. And Kyle and Percy and all the others.

I began to slow down just a bit; I was nearly there. But I was still charging towards the doors. I jumped over almost everything that was in my way. I hop-scotched across hop-scotch tiles and proceeded in running as fast as my legs would carry me.

Almost there, I thought, panting. Almost there.

I almost collided with a rusty old trashcan and lost my balance for a second, but I kept on. I turned a corner and ran, and ran, and ran, did I mention I was running? I think I did…

I nearly halted altogether when I realized that there was a kid in front of me. They ducked and I jumped over them. "Sorry!" I called as I ran past them. All I could hear coming from them was a muttering of, "Yeah, yeah…"

I was getting so close that my insides tingled with excitement. I made a turn by an entrance and slammed the door open and ignored the harsh slamming sound it made behind me. I ran down corridors and hallways, occasionally flicking a fly out of my way when it decided, "Hey, let's annoy Eve!"

Lola would be waiting, I had to go faster. I knew how annoyed she would be if I was late, and Lola was not the patient type anyways. The girl would kill me if I was any later. Another corner did I turn until I saw her and a very happy expression on her face, holding up the key to our room. She didn't look angry at me in the least. Which confused me, therefore leading to my utterly confused expression that she'd have to look at.

"Come on, come on!" Lola shouted, exhilarated. Her smile shone wide, curly hair glistening in the light of the lamps. "Time to see..." she started. I was excited, too, but clearly not as excited as her…

Wearing large smiles on our faces, she opened the door to our old dorm, but what we saw shocked the both of us, and our smiles were wiped clean.

The room was empty. All empty, save the old TV that needed replacing and the now neatly-made beds. All of our possessions were gone, missing. We hadn't taken that much stuff when Barry had taken us to Camp a little while back. I knew that much.

"…Nothing…" Lola breathed.

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