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Sanchez, Nicholson and Harvey were running an obstacle course. Nicholson crawled out of the final pipe first and collapsed on the floor, panting. Then he realized that someone was standing right in front of him. Slowly, he looked up, and realized Alex Drake was standing over him.

"Sir," Nicholson said, scrambling to his feet and saluting. Alex gave him a curt nod.

"At ease," he said, and Nicholson did. Harvey somersaulted out and jumped to his feet, shaking his black hair out of his eyes. Sanchez was barely a second behind him.

"Well done," Alex said, "you all have good time. Here are your instructions for the day. Dismissed." Alex handed Harvey the data disc, turned on his heel and left. The trio ran over to a computer, giggling in anticipation. Sanchez was the least out of breath, and so she read the list to the others.

"21. If I happen upon a girl that Billy is interested in, I will not list off all of Billy's previous girlfriends to her.

-Even if I have a complete list.

-ESPECIALLY if I have a complete list.

22. I will not inquire if Bridge's buttery toast is kosher.

23. Some Rangers who replaced more famous people may still be sensitive about this. I will not say loudly that they "shouldn't even bother, they'll never be like the originals."

24. I will not tell any villain to "get a life, dude."

25. I will not suggest that Divatox set her detonators to go off in thirty seconds instead of thirty minutes.

-She may listen to me.

-Which would be bad.

-Nor may I reset them myself, "just to see what happens."

-In fact, using the phrase "just to see what happens" is automatic permission for anyone to tackle me to the floor.

26. If the thought of something makes me giggle for more than fifteen seconds, then I am to assume that I am not allowed to do it.

27. I will not alter important events in time to try and make Time Force show up.

28. I will not nickname RJ "Doctor Smith."

-Because he is a Pai Zhua Master and could mop the floor with me.

29. If I see Dr. K and Ziggy arguing, I will not tell them to "just kiss, you idiots" and walk away.

-Nor will I say this to any other pair of bickering Rangers.

30. I will not write "Bad Wolf" everywhere.

-Especially around Merrick, RJ and Leanbow.

31. I will not mock Udonna's bustles.

-Nor will I hide them.

32. No matter where Time Force is going, I do not have the right to shout that they're going "back to the future!"

-Nor will I request they bring me back a hoverboard.

33. Their ship is not powered by a flux capacitor.

-Nor is it a TARDIS.

34. I will not comment on the Asian girl in yellow, Black African-American Rangers or Native American Red Ranger.

-It was an accident.

-I will especially not bring up the "Zordon is a racist" video.

35. I will refrain from singing/humming "Yellow Submarine" when the Time Force ship shows up.

-No matter how much I love the Beatles.

36. I am not the Numenorian Ranger.

-Nor am I the Texas Ranger.

-And neither is anyone else.

37. R.l.C. is not K-9.

38. Zordon is not the Face of Boe.

39. No matter how funny I find Bridge's random sayings, I will not write them all over the walls of SPD Headquarters.

-Nor will I write "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, enemies of the heir beware," in Rootcore.

-In fact, I am not allowed to write on the walls, floors, ceilings, doors, or anything people don't normally write on.

40. Despite the fact that they fight vampires, the Mystic Force Rangers are not the "Scooby Gang," nor will I tell Vida or Madison that she is the Slayer.

-Clare is out of the question."

"Nicholson?" The trio turned around. A technician was standing by the door. "You're wanted on Level 6."

"Coming," Nicholson said, grabbing his jacket as he went.