Title: Roxanne

Author: tpeej

Fandom: Law & Order UK

Rating: G

Characters: James Steel, Alesha Phillips

Disclaimer: I don't own L&O UK, nor am I associated with Kudos Film and Wolf Films, NBC Universal and good old Dick Wolf and do not seek legal ownership/any profilt. I'm just playing in somebody else sandbox and I promise to put them back when I'm done!

Spoilers: none

Note: Thanks to erinm_4600 for betaing this for me.

Summary: James takes Alesha to a concert.

Alesha stuck her head into James Steel's office, to let him know that she was going home. If she spent one more night in the office, she was going to start walking funny from the crimp in her back.

James' door was open a bit as she pushed on it. James was sitting on the floor, with all the paperwork around him, as he worked through this case. Alesha stood there, smiling, because James was singing to himself.

"Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light. Those days are over, you don't have to sell you body to the night." Stepping back, Alesha couldn't help from laughing.

"Alesha? Is that you?" asked James.

The young Junior Solicitor tried to get herself under control. "Yes, James," she said as she stepped back into the doorway.

"Is there something that you need?" James asked as he got himself off the floor.

"I just want to let you know that I'm going home," Alesha said. "I can't sleep on the sofa again."

James smiled, "I should do the same, but I just don't think I will."

"Well, I could let you borrow my iPod."

James looked a little confused. "I'm sorry? I don't understand what you mean."

"You were just singing 'Roxanne' to yourself," Alesha said.

James looked like he was going to die. "Oh, umm."

"You sounded good, James."

"I didn't even realize I was singing."

"Yeah, I know," Alesha laughed. "I didn't think you would be a fan of The Police."

That comment made James straighten up. "What is wrong with the The Police?"

"Nothing but they are a bit old," Alesha replied with a smile.

"The Police aren't old," said James. "They are cool!"

"If you say so, James."

James Steel felt the need to show this young lady his point was correct, as always. "I have ticket to see Sting, tomorrow night, at Royal Albert Hall and you are coming with me."

"I am?" asked Alesha. She was having fun teasing her boss.

"Yes, you are and you better be ready to rock and roll!"

"Yes, sir!" Alesha saulted James before she turned and left the building. She couldn't believe that she was going to a concert with James. Getting home, she went straight to bed.

James sat on the corner of his desk; he couldn't believe he just told Alesha they were going to a concert. And she said yes. Sting had better kick ass, tomorrow, or he would have to have the man arrested. He would think of good reason for the arrest by tomorrow night.

The two of them got through work and, when it was time to leave, James had changed into a jumper and jeans. He turned around to see Alesha standing there, looking lovely in a nice shirt and jeans. 'She looks hot,' thought James. "Are you ready?"

"Yes," she said as she slipped on her coat. James grabbed his coat and the two left.

They went down to James' car, where he helped her in and got in. Neither talked much, but, once they parked the car, they both got nervous.

"So, Alesha, what do you know about Sting?" James asked.

"Well, he loves to brag about having sex with his wife." Alesha smiled a little.

James groaned. Why is that the one thing she would know? "What do you know about his music?"

Alesha stopped walking and looked up at James, "Sting is a wonderful song writer. I've heard some of them, too."

"Oh, you are going to love the concert!" The two gave the tickets over and went in.

Two hours later, they came out, both laughing and having fun. Alesha had a Sting t-shirt on.

"I'm surprised you knew so many songs of his," James said.

"James, I'm younger than you, not a snob," Alesha said as she hummed 'Desert Rose'.