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About a month had passed since the attack on their house, since their sensei died and leaving them homeless and orphaned one again... lets tune in...

The 3 martial arts students sat in the burger joints restaurant talking about what they were gonna do about their deceased senseis funeral. "We should send his belongings back to some of his friends in china." said jordy while munching on some garlic bread.

"I know and we'll do that soon but we have bigger things to worry about, like what are we gonna do about his studio we cant afford to keep it open?... and why are you eating garlic bread in burger place?" Santana the unofficial leader asked while playing with her girlfriends hair, jordy shrugged. "I guess we could sell it or rent it out, I don't know." the third student, a blonde named sam spoke. " Back to the issue of sending his belongings to china... somebody is gonna need to go and make sure they get their okay, i don't trust mailmen or fed ex." Said jordy with a smirk that just meant trouble.

Santana and sam shared a look they had an inkling of where this was going. jordy ignored the exchanged and continued on " I mean what if it got lost i wouldn't be able to forgive myself and who knows maybe all three of us should go after all ninjas are sneaky bastards and i don't want them nabbin his things so i generously volunteer my services to escorting them back!" finished jordy with a flourish of her hand scattering crumbs from her bread on the table. "Ewww..." spoke quinn the silent blonde next to sam, you could almost forget she was their sometimes but whatever.

"No we cant we have school." spoke santana finally after taking a moment to calm herself down brittany was rubbing her hand on her thigh and it was making thinking hard to do. "Screw school i know you wanna do this just think.. we can finally meet sensei cools family! Cmon whose with me?" Jordy asked jovially sticking her hand in the middle like a dork. It took a moment but sam finally put his hand in "Im in!" he said with a smile. after a few tense moments santana sighed and put her hand on top of theirs."Im only going cuz i know you'll get into trouble and cause mass chaos wherever you are." their hands were still in the middle when santana felt the added weight of something on top of it she looked up and saw Brittany,Quinn and the newly arrived Rachel putting their hands in. Jordy looked puzzled for a second before she realized what they intended and exclaimed

"Oh no no no no no, sidekicks are not included in this happy meal. Were goin alone!"

Rachel scoffed at her girlfriend and put her hands on her hips "you cant seriously believe that im going to just let you go gallovanting around the globe on your own do you, with your luck you'll cause an international incident!" The diva exclaimed loudly, jordy cringed at how high pitched rachel could go... and she knew how high she could go, jordy smirked her thoughts wandering to a very naughty place rachel sensing she as loosing her attention smacked the back of her head "Hey!" jordy shouted indignantly rubbing the back of her head "pay attention!".

Quinn who had up until that point been silent the entire day added "Also what about us? Huh? your not gonna just leave all alone here are you?" She gave sam the puppy eyes looking up at him through her lashes, He sqirmed guiltily trying not to look at his girlfriend.

Santana was having the worst luck of the 3, brittany when she heard they were leaving them behind started tearing up and pulled away from her. santana start to panic she quickly pulled brittany to her and put her on her lap and quickly back tracked " you can go you can all go just please don't cry britt its not big deal and we'll go see ducks and stuff just please dont cry!"

The 3 fighters were so caught up in their anxiety of upsetting their soulmates, well santana and sam were jordy was still kinda drifting in and out as rachel kept talking, that they didn't notice the look passed between their girls. They wouldnt never let them go at this alone they loved them, but they also knew there were dangerous people like the ones that killed sensei cool, it would take something short of hell on earth for them to leave them to that, plus rachel didnt trust jordy to not do something incredibly dumb and get them arrested after all that happened on a weekly basis.

"Dont light that on fire jordy!"

"Jordy were not in England, were on the wrong side of the road! AHHHHH!"

"You just had to piss those guys off didn't you?"

"Ms. Bartley that doesnt go in that... OMG ITS GONNA BLOW! EVACUATE THE SCHOOL!"

Rachel shook her head down from memory lane of just how much trouble the love of her life got into on a daily basis, not even mentioning all the silly things she did during glee... a story for another time.

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