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There had been a rumbling going through the school about new students. Everybody was excited about it , the jocks to slushie them and losers to see somebody else take the brunt of it for a change. One of the few who wasnt excited was Rachel Barbra Berry, she felt sorry for them they really had no clue what they were getting themselves into.

Rachel walked down the hallway deep in thought about glee club and her current song selection. When the icy confection also known as a slushy was pelted into her face. She gasped as the cold drink made contact with her skin soaking her in its blue flavored dye.

She heard the jocks laughter fade as they moved away, she was still blinded. So you could forgive her for flinching when somebody touched her gently on the arm and led her to the bathroom.

Jordy pov

'Seriously for a podunk place like Lima this sure as hell is a big school'. I must have been walking around for an hour last time i looked at my watch it said 7:27... its like 7:32 that's like 5 minutes more than i care to look. I kept on walking looking for that mysterious locker of mine and turned the corner...

To see the biggest set of douche bags throw brightly colored soft drinks on a girl half their size. Theirs not alot that can piss me off but you don't mess with girls cuz as a fellow girl imma kick your stupid boy ass into next week and i gotz the moves to do it.

Lol, santana cant say nothin about ghetto speak in my head... did i just lol in my thoughts? lol its like texting in my brain.

I shake my head to clear it and get back to my outrage, like i was thinkin you dont mess with people weaker than you and you dont mess with my family. My two mega rules, and those suck-nuts just broke one of them.

I see the girl just standing there her eyes closed i walk up to her and slowly reach out my hand to her and just brushed her arm when she flinched. That is another strike for those losers

Payback jordy style! Plan later, help girl now

I led to the restroom off to the side quickly checking to see if anybody was in their. Luckily it was empty, i turned back to the girl to see her getting things out of her bag, towels, make up and extra set of clothes. She came prepared like she knew this was gonna happen.

'I wonder is she psychic?' she thought her head tilted to the side. She studied the shorter girl now that she wasn't focusing on going after those guys and the brightly colored ice covering her, she started to take her in. She was tiny like nearly 3 inches shorter than herself and she wasn't very tall to begin with. She had brown hair and wore a ruined purple argyle sweater and a mini skirt which showed off killer legs in knee highs, It was like fashion confused naughty school girl... She was hot.

3rd person pov

"Hot" Jordy didn't realize she said that out loud until it reverberated over the linoleum of the bathroom walls. She quickly panicked and said "Hi, i mean Hi are you ok?"

Rachel had jumped at the voice having thought that the good Samaritan would have left already, apparently not. "No, I'm fine thank you for your assistance in helping me locate the bathroom in my blinded state i know doubt would have mistakenly entered the wrong bathroom or into a wall. Which would have been quite embarrassing more so."

Jordy caught about half of that in her attempt at listening to the girl ramble when she took a breath she quickly cut in with "I'm Jordy by the way Jordy Bartley and whats your name pretty girl?" she lightly flirted 'oh yeah bring on my game'

"Oh how terribly rude of me, I'm Rachel Berry, future Broadway star and Emmy award winner!" She said with her most charming smile in place as she cleaned more of the goop out of her hair some of it hiding her blush still.

"Hmm... berry, suits you... i think imma call you blueberry from now on!" Jordy said with a big grin teasing Rachel slightly. Rachel saw the look on the taller girls face and honestly felt a little giggle rise up in her chest, she pushed it down she was kind of adorable in a silly way.

"Well then i must have a name for you to go by?" She was pondering what she could call the girl when she heard her say " Just call me awesome lol!" it took Rachel a moment to process that statement when she heard "Did you just Lol?" she asked quizzically.

"Yeah you wanna fight about it! i say what i want when Santana isn't around she's like a harbinger of doom if i go to ghetto town, which is scary like legit scary!" jordy shuddered in memory of a flaming baseball bat and Santana snarling at her in Spanish.

The bell suddenly started to ring bring boh girls out of their reverie and making rachel hurry more so to get ready for class before she's to late. Her bathroom companion walked towards the door her light up shoes casting reflection off the floor she turned around and said to rachel " see you around blueberry we should hang!" before walking out of the bathroom without waiting for a response.

Rachel looked up and smiled slightly she had a made a new friend and it didnt hurt she was kinda cute. She finished getting ready for class and made it ten minutes late but oddly enough she wasn't overly annoyed by it.

Jordy pov

I cant wait to see blueberry again she's a total hottie. But i gotz to find me my class and i gotz to beat up some jerkoffs... just gotta make sure its public and humiliating. After all when Jordy Bartley wants to send a message she makes a public service announcment.

Sidenote on the next chapter should i mix it up a bit or should i make it sam meets quinn or sam meets rachel or santana yadda yadda yadda... you know you decide!