Prompt for kewliobeans: Brittany, plaid, unicorn, shark, birds, noodles and moose.

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"Remind me again why Brittany is here?" Blaine asked, picnic blanket in hand.

"She doesn't like to be alone. Her parents don't like her being alone much, either. So, the entire Glee club has worked out a plan so that she can have someone to hang out with after school and on weekends. She was supposed to be going on a shopping trip with Santana and Mercedes today but Santana finally got a job working at Breadsticks and they needed her to work today, and Mercedes went to go visit her cousins that flew in from Arizona yesterday." Kurt sucked in a well needed breath. "So, when she called me yesterday, I couldn't say no."

Kurt's right hand was intertwined with Blaine's freehand and Brittany happily swung on Kurt's left hand.

"Kurty, that forest looks really big. What if my legs get tired and fall asleep? Is there a moose that could carry me?" Brittany rambled.

"Britt, sweetie, you'll be fine. It's not actually that big. And all the moose are taking naps, so no." Kurt said without missing a bit. Blaine chuckled a bit.

They entered the forest and walked a bit until the hit a small clearing next to a pond. Blaine took the plaid blanket- Kurt had already laughed at how cliché it was- out of the basket and laid it on the ground a few yards away from the pond. Kurt and Blaine both settled on top, but Brittany began to pace.

"Britt, darling, what's wrong?" Blaine asked, dropping Kurt's hand so he could walk over to where Brittany was. Brittany turned and threw her arms around Blaine.

"Blainey Bear, what if there's a shark in there and it eats my toes?"

Blaine wrapped his arms around her. "Brittany, it's okay. Sharks don't live in ponds. Only fishies and froggies do." Blaine smiled and gave her a reassuring squeeze.

"I'm sorry, Blainey Bear." She said, nuzzling into his neck. "I should've known that sharks don't live here. I'm so stupid." She whispered the last part, but Kurt could still hear her.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa there, little girl." Kurt said, walking up to Brittany and Blaine. He put his hand on her back. "You are nowhere near stupid, you're a unicorn, remember? A unicorn is someone who's magical and isn't afraid to show it."

Brittany pulled away from Blaine and hugged Kurt tightly.

"Okay," She said, once they pulled apart. "Can I go feed the birds now?"

"Of course," Kurt said, walking over to the picnic basket and pulling out some bread. He handed it to Brittany, who walked over to the pond and started throwing bread pieces into it.

Kurt and Blaine settled back onto the blanket and began to eat their lunch of noodles and salad. Blaine used his free arm to wrap around Kurt's waist. He leaned over to Kurt's ear to whisper into it.

"We're going to be great fathers one day."

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