Chapter 17: The Origins of Thomas Riddle Jr

The story of Tomeryis Percival comes out after the co research of Magus and Aleca confirms all the facts. Tom Riddle finds that he will have to fight for his ancestral title.

Gaily bedight,

A gallant knight,

In sunshine and in shadow,

Had journeyed long,

Singing a song,

In search of Eldorado.

Then he grew old-

This knight to bold-

And o'er his a shadow,

Fell as he found

No spot of ground

That looked like Eldorado.

And, as he strength

Failed him at length,

He met a pilgrim shadow-

"Shadow" said he,

"Where can it be-

This land called Eldorado?"

"Over the Mountains

Of the Moon,

Down Valley of the Shadow,

Ride boldly ride,"

The shade replied

"If you seek for Eldorado."

-Eldorado by Edgar Allen Poe

Aleca's POV

After squeezing out all the information out of Aunt Arianne, Aleca had a lot more leads on the origins of Tom's father. And the evidence, though hard found and deeply buried, was building the picture and confirming the rumors that Tom Riddle Sr was actually at one time the squib known as Tomeryis Percival. Her ally, Magus Malfoy was currently on a quest for the items that would tie everything together. It was known that the young Tomeryis kept a diary, several of them, which were written the story of his life. It would be the smoking gun on what was showing thus far to be true. That the man that caused such a stir by abandoning the magickal world for the Church and then disappeared was Tom's father. It was crucial that she had absolute proof! If she did, then marrying Carrie to who would be Lord Thomas Riddle-Percival would make them all a part of the most powerful wizarding/political family in the world. Their world had forgotten that the Percivals were also nobility in Britain and those lands, titles, estates, and position in Parliament would all fall to Tom. Which would put him in a better position to monitor and find those few muggle-borns, and they did exist, powerful enough to increase the magick, and those who would be better off being unaware and maybe join a coven instead, for they too still existed.

On top of this most crucial research, plans for her and Atticus' nuptials moved forward. Very soon, Atia would be arriving to help with the planning, which meant of course, all her research would have to be put on hold. She was actually very excited, for though arranged by the two families, the couple had fallen for each other hard. Atticus was handsome, cunning, intelligent, funny, both loving and cruel. He was perfect! Soon they would have to sit with their mutual parents and come up with the wedding list. For politics sake, she would have to invite the Malfoys, especially that piece of smoking dung, Abraxas. She would have to insist, maybe even fight the families that Tom Riddle was coming, whether they liked it or not. Magus seemed to be the only one of that family she could stand! However, Titus was a great ally to have, more thoughtful and intelligent than his son, and played the game well and she would not have him snubbed. But she did not trust any of them, neither did any of the Blacks, even if Cariane had married into them. She went back to the sketches that Carrie had sent to her. Her favorite sister had insisted that she design the wedding gown, and knowing her sister's genius for design, she was not about to tell her no. She chose again an asian motif, an inspiration she got from the modern tight dresses that their sister in law preferred to wear.

The dress left the shoulders bear, with the high collar and side buttons that went down to the waist and hugged her body. The sleeves below the bare shoulders were bell, gracefully flaring out. She integrated all the family colors, embroidery being done in vine designs and norse and celtic symbols of blue, silver, gold, and red. Below it flared out, the skirt of it looking like a victorian dress with its multiple layers. Her sister had really outdone herself! She was drawn out of herself when she felt a hand on her shoulder. "It's beautiful, truly! You meant it when you said Carrie is the artist of the family." came that low voice she came to adore. "Between her and mother, our wedding will be talked about throughout the history of wizarding kind!" she replied laughing. But truly, her and Carrie could be terrifying when planning weddings! You kept your mouth shut, nod, and do what you are told. Their cousin Briseis White found that out the hard way! "I have no doubt of that! But that is not why I came to you. I have something from Magus you need to see." he replied and all the sudden everything stopped. And hope started making her heart to pound. "I will take you to the tower. And that is going to be what of the greatest moves you and Carrie ever made, recruiting that man will benefit all of us in ways I never thought of!" the pride, and the lust, was clear in Atticus' voice. But that did not matter now, what mattered is what the Malfoy prodigy was able to find.

It was Magus's bird alright, with instead of a letter, carried a small beaded bag with two M's embroidered. Her hands reached out, stroking the wings before taking off the bag from around the delicate leg. Utterly focused on the task, Atticus wrote the letter of thanks before setting the bird back to it's master. She reached into the bag, and gasped! Books, many of them! She pulled them out one by one and saw the same thing on the inside cover on every single one. "This book belongs to Tomeryis Percival" up till the last two. Magus had done it! He found the diaries!. Atticus knelt down beside her. In a reverent tone he spoke "The gods favor Tom Riddle." a slow smile began on both of their faces. They knew what this meant. Magick will come back, back to what it once was, and her sister and Tom Riddle will be the ones to make it happen! The Golden Age will be once more! What her family and the Black family and even in their own way the Malfoy family had been fighting for all this time! "Magus will be rewarded for this…." Atticus started. "No, he will marry into the White's. He has earned that right! And I know just who. Arianne's second oldest is of age, an intellectual, and a politician through and through." she smiled. "I know of whom you speak, Nadia White. The one that can never be left alone with Carrie or they will cause physical and emotional damage." Aleca laughed. "Ah yes, the Duo of Doom!" she always found their games amusing. She was gleeful, they had it! They had the proof that would restore Tom!

Magus's POV

He had did it, it turned out that everything Aleca said had been true! He could not believe what he had read in those diaries! This proof would mean that the Percivals are not dead! There would be a new head family, one that would tower over all others! However, Tom would be in for a fight. The other families would want a piece of that power, especially the Malfoys! And he was just another pawn, he had always known that. He bided his time. It had to be authenticated, that was Aleca's job now. To take it to Gringotts and get the very best to look over the diaries to make sure that they were genuine. Once that happened… Everything would turn upside down! Yet, it was the platform that Tom would need! The attention he would need. It would move the cause along faster than anything could have before! Keeping the secret though was hard. And of course, he knew that Carrie knew. She knew every step that they took. But wisely, she wanted it to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt before Tom was told. But she, like her sister, knew what this meant. It meant that all the families could come under one banner and bring real magick back, as it once had been! And even as nothing but a pawn, he would be a part of that! The gods would come back, the ones that gave them their gifts in the first place! Oh he had read the old tales, knew who the families once where. For example, he knew the patron of the White family was cruel Macha, god of battle and death. How his own followed her sister the Morrigan.

And it all centered around Carrie and Tom.