Rangers On Deck Chapter 1: Welcome Aboard

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Summary: Music superstars Kimberly Hart & Kira Ford board the S.S. Tipton with their friends to perform at the Seven Seas High School Prom, only to encounter some unwanted guests from their past

Disclaimer: Suite Life series and its characters are owned by Disney, Power Rangers and its characters are owned by Saban Brands. Also I do not only any sports teams or leagues I bring up in the story. I do however own my original characters (Jen Jackson, Chelsea Matthews, and Phil Savitt).

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California, as the S.S. Tipton had been docked there for the weekend. Most of the students of Seven Seas High School had never been to LA so they all spent the weekend sightseeing in the second largest city in the country. If being in LA wasn't enough to get excited about, the fact that the school's prom was now just a six days away was enough to get everyone excited.

Now if having their prom on a luxury cruise ship wasn't unique enough for the students of Seven Seas High, when the prom would be taking that Saturday night would certainly make up for that. After leaving Los Angeles the S.S Tipton is scheduled to head south towards Central America, with stops Thursday in Costa Rica and Friday in Panama. Then Saturday night the prom would take place while the ship was sailing through the Panama Canal.

Being in LA also meant one other thing, that the entertainment for the prom would be boarding the ship that day. Luckily for them they listened to previous musical entertainers who had been on the S.S. Tipton, and took their advice when it came to boarding the ship.

"Oh Cody, wasn't Los Angeles just beautiful," Bailey Pickett said as she and her boyfriend Cody Martin walked through the lobby of the S.S. Tipton.

"Yeah I guess it was," Cody said not so enthusiastically.

"Cody I told you not to wear your 2008 Celtics Championship shirt out in LA because the natives probably wouldn't like it," Bailey said with a smile.

"I know, I know, I just couldn't help myself, I've just wanted to do that for so long. I mean it wasn't too bad; nobody threw anything at me or said anything too mean. Cleveland would have been a different story, especially had I been wearing a LeBron jersey, Woody told me all the horror stories about that place," Cody said.

"Well good thing they don't have a port that can hold a cruise ship then," Bailey said getting Cody to laugh as the two shared a kiss.

"I still can't believe that prom is just six days away, and that it'll be taking place while we sail through the Panama Canal, this is going to be the most awesome prom ever," Bailey said happily.

"You can say that again, I still can't believe we got both Kimberly Hart and Kira Ford to perform at prom. I mean one would have been great, but to get both of them, no school can top that," Cody said.

"I know, I love their music so much, I still can't believe we are going to get to hear all their hit songs live at our prom, it's going to be the best night ever," Bailey said.

"I can't wait to dance to all their songs with my beautiful Bailey," Cody said as Bailey lets out her famous giggle as the couple shares one last kiss before leaving the lobby hand in hand past a group of eleven as they make their way up to the Sky Deck.

"Well glad to see the students on here are excited for the prom," one of the females in the group wearing sunglasses said.

"Yeah, and good thing we listened to Hannah and Jordan's people about wearing sunglasses, a simple pair of shades and no one notices us," the other female in sunglasses says.

"Uh don't forget the wigs you two are wearing as well, hiding the hair color your fans recognize you by," one of the guys in the group says with a smile, only to get a glare back from each female as the group makes their way up to the desk in the lobby as another male in the group rings the bell on the desk.

"Ah yes, how may I help you," Mr. Moseby said as he walks up to the desk after hearing the bell.

"I'm Phil Savitt with Green & Yellow Records, the prom entertainment party has arrived," Phil said.

"Oh wonderful," Mr. Moseby said as he pulled up their information and started to gather up their keys. Once he had everything ready he began to hand them out, remembering to keep his voice down so to not cause a mob scene like previous times famous musicians had been on the ship.

"Ok in the Atlantis Suite we have Tommy & Kimberly Oliver and Jason & Hayley Scott," Moseby said as the four extended their hands for their keys.

"Alright then I have Ethan James, Jennifer Jackson, Chelsea Matthews, and Conner McKnight in the Poseidon Suite," Moseby said as the four accepted their keys.

"Lastly I have Kira Ford and Trent Fernandez in the Neptune Suite," Moseby said as he handed the final keys to them.

"Alright all the suites are on the tenth deck, Poseidon and Neptune right next to each other and the Atlantis across the hall from them," Moseby said. "Mr. Savitt your single room is on the ninth deck, right below the Atlantis Suite," Moseby said as he handed Kim and Kira's manager his key.

"I'm Mr. Moseby, manager of the ship, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to call me here at the desk. Also be wary that there are many students on the ship, and they tend to get a bit excited when there are celebrities on the ship," Moseby warned.

"That's why we got these," Kira said as both she and Kim smile while pointing at their wigs and sunglasses.

"And they seem to be working so far," Kim said, as she and the others noticed many students pass them since getting on board, none of which had said a word to them.

"Alright then, I hope you all have a wonderful cruise, and Kira and Kimberly, good luck on Saturday night," Moseby said as the group thanked him and some bellboys came over with their carts to collect the groups bags.

The guys decided they were going to explore the ship while the ladies would head up to their suites to change so they could lay out by the pool. The five entered one of the elevators, just as it was about to close a couple students ran in just in time to make it.

"Alright dude, so when are you going to ask London to the prom," Zack Martin said to the other student.

"I don't know man; every time I try I get nervous for some reason. I know I need to think of something fast though since its only six days away," Marcus Little said.

"I'm sure you'll think of something, I mean you were Lil' Little, you performed in front of thousands of people every night, asking out a girl, even the heiress of Tipton Industries, can't be that hard, especially since you have had a crush on her since you got on this boat last school year. You are running out of time, you have to make your move soon before it's too late. "Zack said.

"You're right man; I'm going to ask her tomorrow. Speaking of Lil' Little I wish it was me performing at prom, it would be the perfect chance to start my comeback," Marcus said.

"Nothing against you roomie, but I much rather have a couple hotties in Kira Ford and Kimberly Hart performing at prom," Zack said with a smile.

"Just don't let Maya here that when she gets back on the ship," Marcus said as the elevator stopped at their deck and they exited the elevator.

Once the boys were off the elevator and the doors closed Kim, Kira, Chelsea, Hayley, and Jen couldn't help but start to laugh.

"Well I guess it's good to know that I'm still considered a hottie by those younger than me," Kim said.

"I can't believe Lil' Little goes to school on this ship," Jen said.

"I know, I loved his music when I was growing up," Chelsea said.

"Maybe you two should give him a shot at performing at the prom, especially if he is trying to go with London Tipton," Hayley said to Kira and Kim.

"I think we could fit that in," Kira said looking at Kim.

Meanwhile the guys soon made their way up to the Sky Deck, and were soon very happy with what they saw.

"Oh yeah, buffet," Conner said with a smile.

"Good thing we didn't bring Rocky, none of this food would last," Jason said as the others guys laughed at what was a very true statement.

"Hey bro I got an idea, take a picture of me in front of the buffet on my phone," Tommy said as he handed Jason his phone and Jason took a picture of Tommy in front of the buffet.

Once Jason took the picture Tommy sent it to Rocky with a message as well. It didn't take too long for Rocky to respond and Tommy couldn't help but to laugh at the response.

"So what did he say," Ethan asked.

"I sent a message with the picture saying wish you were here, even though none of this food would be left if you were, and all he said back was I hate you," Tommy said laughing as the others started laughing as well.

Once the five got their food they made their way towards an empty table.

"Oh man, I forgot silverware," Trent said.

"Me too, I'll get you some as well," Conner said putting his plate down and making his way back to get some silverware for himself and Trent. On his way though he wasn't looking and he ran into a larger kid with curly brown hair, causing him to drop all his food.

"Dang it," Woody Fink said as his food dropped to the ground.

"Oh man dude, I'm so sorry about that," Conner said as he helped Woody pick up his food.

"Woody, what happened," Cody asked as he came over to his roommate.

"It's my fault man; I wasn't looking and ran into him, causing all his food to drop," Conner said.

"It's ok, I'll go get some more," Woody said as he was off back to the buffet.

"Wait a minute, aren't you Conner McKnight," Cody asked.

"Uh yeah I am," said a confused Conner. While Conner did play in the MLS, it was rare that anyone actually recognized him.

"This is too crazy, I love the MLS, and you're one of my favorite players, I just wish you played for the Revs," Cody said. "I'm Cody Martin by the way," Cody said as he shook hands with Conner.

"Always nice to meet a fan, just not used to many people recognizing me in public," Conner said with a laugh. "I'm a free agent after next season, may have to consider the Revs now," Conner said which got Cody to smile as Woody came back over to the two.

"This is my roommate Woody, Woody this MLS player Conner McKnight," Cody said.

"Nice to meet you Woody, sorry about earlier," Conner said as the two shook hands. "You guys want to sit with my friends over there," Conner asked as the two agreed.

As they made their way over to the table, Cody was stunned to see Ethan James, Trent Fernandez, and Tommy Oliver at the table as well.

"How do you know those three," Cody asked Conner, amazed to know that his favorite MLS player was friends with Kimberly Hart's husband, Kira Ford's fiancée/creator of many different comic series, and the creator of some of the world's best computer software.

"Ethan, Trent, and I are friends from high school, and Tommy was our science teacher," Conner said as both Woody and Cody were stunned by this news.

"So are you saying you are friends with Kira Ford," Woody asked.

"Yup, the four of us were best of friends our senior year of high school," Conner said.

"But you four all seem so different," Cody said.

"Yeah, it's a long story," Conner said as they got to the table and introduced everyone.

The seven continued to chat about various things until Bailey, Marcus, and Zack came up to the table.

"Cody, Woodchuck, we have been looking everywhere for…you," Zack started to say as he soon realized who his brother and friend were sitting with at that table.

"Dude, that's Trent Fernandez, creator of some of my favorite comics and Kira Ford's fiancée," a stunned Zack said.

"And that's Tommy Oliver, Kimberly Hart's husband," a stunned Marcus said.

"And that's MLS superstar Conner McKnight and computer software creator Ethan James," Bailey said.

"What am I, chopped liver," Jason said as he fake pouted once the kids were done telling Ethan, Conner, Tommy, and Trent who they were as Bailey, Marcus, and Zack looked at him

"That is all correct, and this is Jason Scott, Tommy and Kimberly's best friend from high school, and the husband of the women who gave Kira her first big break," Cody said.

"Eh, I'll take it, thanks Cody," Jason said with a smile.

"But, but, how do you know them," Zack asked his brother.

"I can explain that, I was heading to get some more silverware when I ran into Woody by mistake causing him to drop his food. Cody recognized me and we started to talk, and I invited them over to our table for lunch," Conner said.

"That is too cool," Marcus said.

"Tommy, Jason, Conner, Ethan, Trent, this is my twin brother Zack Martin, his roommate Marcus Little, and my girlfriend Bailey Pickett," Cody said as he introduced his friends, the three still stunned to be meeting friends and family of two of their favorite recording artists.

"Hold on a minute, Marcus Little, as in Lil' Little," Ethan said asked.

"That would be me," Marcus said.

"This is crazy, I loved your music when I was growing up," Ethan said.

"Us too," Conner and Trent added.

"So how do you all know one another," Zack asked.

"Well myself, Kira, Ethan, and Conner all went to the same high school, we were best friends our senior year at Reefside," Trent said.

"And I was their science teacher during their senior year," Tommy added.

"And as Cody mentioned me, Kim, and Tommy were best friends in high school, while my wife Hayley owns a cyber café in Reefside where Kira had her first performances at," Jason said.

"Wow this is too crazy," Bailey said.

"I think everyone would agree to that one," Tommy said as everyone shook their heads in agreement.

Bailey, Marcus, and Zack then grabbed some lunch as the ten continued to talk about various things, ranging from Tommy being a teacher, to Jason owning a dojo, Tommy and Jason's martial arts experience, Marcus, Trent, Tommy, Ethan, and Conner's experiences with fame, and sports, as the five LA fans and three Boston fans especially had fun with that one. Once everyone had finished lunch Cody, Bailey, Woody, Marcus, and Zack offered to give Trent, Tommy, Jason, Ethan, and Conner a tour of the ship so they would know where everything was during their stay on the S.S. Tipton.

To Be Continued…