Power Rangers On Deck Chapter 7: Prom on Deck

A/N: Alright guys it's the final chapter of Power Rangers on Deck, and after a reunion/celebration between everyone at the canal it'll be time for the reason Kira, Kim, and the others are on the ship for, the Seven Seas High School prom, which will feature one more surprise for you guys. I hope everyone enjoys the final chapter of Power Rangers on Deck and as always please let me know your thoughts by leaving a review.

Summary: Music superstars Kimberly Hart & Kira Ford board the S.S. Tipton with their friends to perform at the Seven Seas High School Prom, only to encounter some unwanted guests from their past

Disclaimer: Aside from my own original characters (Jen Jackson, Chelsea Matthews, and Phil Savitt) I still own NOTHING

As soon as Master Vile was destroyed all the Rangers demorphed, as the temporarily powers were no long needed, and it was time for this group of friends to celebrate their victory.

"You guys sure have great timing," Kim said to her other friends once everyone gathered around.

"Make that the Sentential Knight has great timing, he came to all us saying we may be needed, and he got us here just in time," Trini said.

Just then Cody, Zack, Woody, Addison, Maya, Moseby, and Kirby came up to the group to congratulate them as well.

"You guys were amazing," Cody said.

"Yeah that was awesome," Zack said.

"So then, who are these guys and gals, and how is it that they know the secret," Adam asked what those who just showed up were basically thinking.

"Well that's kind of a long story," Jason said.

"Dude, we all just got brought here to the Panama Canal to defeat three villains we all thought got destroyed over fifteen years ago, I think we got the time," Zack (Power Ranger Zack, not twin Zack) said with a laugh.

"Good point, well it goes something like this," Tommy said as he was going to start the story, only to be interrupted by some pretty important people.

"Please don't tell me you forgot about us," Hayley said when she, Jen, Bailey, Phil, Marcus, and London arrived to where the others were.

"Would it surprise you," Kat asked the group, as everyone but Tommy started to laugh, including the Suite Life kids, Moseby, and Kirby. They didn't know why everyone was laughing, so they all just joined in as well.

"Hey, I'm not the only one who forgot about you guys, they did too," Tommy said referring to those on the cruise with him, Rangers and Suite Life crew alike.

"Except none of us have the memory issues you do, so it's easy to blame you," Kim said to her husband, who only responded with a glare, which soon went away when Kim kissed him.

"Yeah, and we just assumed the kids, Moseby, and Kirby have good memories," Ethan said, as those seven nodded their heads.

"You have a terrible memory," Cody whispered to his brother.

"They don't have to know that," Zack responded as he kept nodding his head.

The fun banter then came to an end for a second as those who were captured reunited with their friends or significant others.

"It was so awesome to finally see you morphed and in action in person instead of just on film," Hayley said as she hugged her husband.

"I'm just glad you are ok, and enjoyed the action," Jason said with a smile.

"I can see why the girls loved you in red," Hayley said with a giggle as Jason kissed her.

"Ethan that was so amazing," Jen said as she ran into her boyfriend's arm.

"I missed you so much babe, nothing happened to you did it," Ethan asked.

"No, we are all fine, I'm just so glad I finally got to see you in action in person, even though I was captured," Jen said.

"But you aren't anymore, I just wish you could have fought alongside me," Ethan said as he kissed his girlfriend.

"I think you two just became the most interesting artists I have ever managed," Phil said with a smile as he hugged both Kim and Kira.

"I can't say I'm shocked to hear that," Kira said.

"It's so good to be back in your arms Cody," Bailey said as the two hugged.

"I missed you so much Bails," Cody responded as he immediately kissed his girlfriend.

"I didn't know you were such a good fighter," Bailey then said, referring to when the tengas tried to attack the kids, Moseby, and Kirby.

"I guess Tommy's class paid off, plus it didn't help that those things were dumber then Zack and London combined," Cody said as Bailey laughed at his comment.

"HEY, we heard that," Zack and London yelled at Cody, who ignored it so he could kiss his girlfriend some more.

Once those reunions were over the Rangers on the cruise explained everything to those who weren't, while the kids, Moseby, and Kirby explained everything to Bailey, London, and Marcus.

"We'll make sure they let you see the video when we get back on the ship," Maya said.

"Even though it doesn't come with popcorn," Woody said in a sad voice, as Addison could only roll her eyes at her boyfriend.

"So guys, think our secret can be trusted with them," Billy asked the other Rangers who had just shown up.

"Yeah I think we can trust them," Justin said as the others nodded their heads.

"I'm not sure about the guy with the long hair though," TJ said pointing to Woody.

"HEY, Hurtful," Woody responded.

"Don't mind TJ," Cassie said to Woody as Ashley ran over to him.

"Just don't ask him about the time he was baked into a pizza," Ashley whispered to Woody.

"Hey, what are those two saying about me," TJ asked Woody.

"Just about the time you were…" Woody was about to say before he was cut off by all the Ranger yelling don't at him. That silenced Woody, as all the Rangers but TJ started to laugh.

After everything was explained the kids got to talk to some of the famous Rangers they had just met.

"What's it like having your own show on Food Network," Cody asked Rocky.

"It's the culmination of a dream, ever since the Food Network started my goal was to become a chef and eventually have my own cooking show," Rocky told him.

"What was it like being on Iron Chef America, and to beat your mentor Mario Batali," Cody asked.

"Easily the most intense, insane thing I have ever done, and to this day I'm still stunned that I won that battle, against my mentor of all people" Rocky said.

"So, did you win The Next Iron Chef," Cody asked.

"You know I can't tell you that," Rocky said as Cody was expecting that answer, but he thought what the hell and gave it a try. "Even the wife doesn't know," Rocky said when Aisha joined them.

"What advice would you give me if that's the road I want to take," Cody asked.

"Definitely go to college and get a degree in something first, just in case it doesn't work out and you need that as a backup, then after college if it's still what you want to do then follow your dream and go to culinary school. After we graduated from UCLA I went off to culinary school in New York and gained experience working in some of New York's best restaurants while saving money so that I could open my own restaurant in California while Sha stayed in California to go to vet school, and even 3000 miles away we supported each other every single day, and that's why I proposed to her the night before I left for New York, she is what I needed to keep pushing myself towards my goals. If this is the route you take I definitely think you have someone who can support and push you like that," Rocky said, referring to Bailey who just came up and kissed her boyfriend.

"So Bailey what is it that you want to do," Aisha asked her.

"I actually want to be a vet," Bailey said.

"Oh then girl we got plenty to talk about," Aisha said with a smile as she went over to Bailey and answered any questions she had.

"You're Lil' Lil'," Tanya said as she went up to Marcus.

"Wow I can't believe the great pop star Tanya Sloan knows who I am," Marcus said.

"Can't say I'm shocked these two are talking to one another," Kim said to Kira as they joined Tanya and Marcus.

"Well since I couldn't be on the ship to perform at the schools prom tomorrow, and I saw that Mr. Lil' Lil' was on the ship as a student, I came up with a little idea," Tanya said as she told it to the three, who all loved the idea.

Eventually the Sentential Knight returned and had to get everyone who wasn't on the ship back home. So after a round of goodbyes, along with some contact info sharing, especially when it came to Cody, Bailey, Rocky, and Aisha, the Sentential Knight returned them all home before saying goodbye to the rest as well. Everyone who was left was getting hungry so they decided to head back to the ship for some dinner and to just relax after an exhausting day.

Saturday finally rolled around and it was prom day, and after the crazy week they had both the kids and the Rangers on the ship were ready to have a normal, fun day. Those on the prom committee were up bright and early getting the Sky Deck ready for the actual prom and getting the Aqua Lounge ready for the after prom.

Even though Jason and Tommy had graduated high school over fifteen years ago, and Conner and Ethan had graduated high school seven years ago, they never got to take the one they truly loved and wanted to spend the rest of their life with to prom, so they would be joining the students of Seven Seas High School with Hayley, Jen, Chelsea, and Kim (after she was done performing).

Being the guys that they were Jason, Tommy, Conner, Ethan, Trent, Cody, Zack, Woody, and Marcus all slept in until about noon before getting up and having lunch together before heading to the sports lounge to just hang out, watch some games, and play some pool, foosball, and other stuff the lounge had. The guys were to meet with the girls in the main lobby of the ship at 5pm for pictures before dinner, so since all they had to do was shower and get into their tuxedos (and shave in Tommy and Jason's case) they were able to just hang out before getting ready.

Being the girls that they were Hayley, Kim, Chelsea, Jen, Kira, Bailey, Maya, Addison, and London all met at the ships' salon at 10am to get their hair and makeup done for the prom. London was the last person to get there, and she didn't come alone.

"London, what is she doing here? I mean I'm happy to see her again, but this is so unexpected, why is she here," Bailey asked, as she was the only person who knew the girl who had come with London.

"She's just keeping a promise she made five years ago," London said as she and Bailey introduced her to the others before heading into the salon.

A little before 5pm all the guys left their respective rooms to head down to the lobby to meet up with their ladies. Once the guys rolled into the lobby all of their jaws dropped at the sight of their ladies, as they looked as beautiful as ever.

"Wow," all the guys said at the same time, causing all the girls to laugh.

Once the guys picked their jaws up off the ground it was time to head over to the photographer for pictures. The first picture was a group picture with everyone, followed by just the girls, then just the guys. For the guys and girls shots each group got two pictures taken, one serious and one silly. The next group picture to be taken was just the Suite Life group, then just the Ranger group. Lastly were pictures of each individual couple. After the pictures were taken they headed to one of the restaurants on ship, which was reserved that night just for prom couples and groups. Everyone enjoyed the meal, but didn't have too much; they all didn't want to be too full so they could dance the night away. With the prom starting at eight Kira and Kim had to leave early to get ready as Tommy and Trent went with them. Each would get an hour and a half of time on stage solo, Kim starting first from 8:30 to 10, with Kira going from 10:30 to the end of the prom at midnight. From 10 to 10:30 they would both be on stage doing some of their combined songs.

After Kira, Kim, Tommy, and Trent left everyone else just chatted in the restaurant until it was time to head up to the Sky Deck for the prom to start. Kirby was manning the main entrance to the Sky Deck and wished everyone a fun night as they made their way up. As everyone waited for Kim's performance the girls and guys divided into their own groups.

"So, when is she making her surprise appearance," Bailey asked London.

"Kira said she knew the song better then Kim, so it will be early on during her set, sometime before eleven," London said.

"That is a long time to be alone and all dressed up," Addison pointed out.

"Yeah but she is in my room so she has plenty of rich people stuff to entertain here," London said.

"You sure you are ok with this," Bailey asked Maya.

"Absolutely, when London told me the whole story I found it so sweet that she kept her word, I would have tried to have done the same thing," Maya said.

Right around 8:30 Mr. Moseby took the stage.

"Students and friends of Seven Seas High School, welcome to the 2011 Prom. I am very excited to introduce the first artist who will be performing for you tonight. I'm confident in saying she is the only musician to have ever won both an Olympic Gold Medal and a Grammy, ladies and gentlemen Kimberly Hart," Moseby announced as the everyone applauded as Kim made her appearance on stage.

"Hello everyone, I must say this is my first time performing on a ship, let alone a ship that is passing through a canal at the moment, but that's just going to make this an even more fun night," Kim announced as again everyone cheered as Kim then started her first song.

Once Kim started her first song all the girls grabbed their guys and started to dance, including Kira, who was able to dance with Trent some before having to perform. Since Kim was performing at the moment Tommy naturally stayed behind, as did Jason and Hayley so that their best friend wasn't alone, they would join the fun later once Kim finished her set. Kim played a mix of her songs, both upbeat and slow, and the dancers switched dancing styles when need be. The twins even had a fun moment during a slow song and switched dance partners.

"Maya Bennett, has anyone told you that you are a miracle work," Cody asked his brother's girlfriend as they danced to a slow song.

"You know I was never told that until I came on this ship," Maya said with a smile.

"Well you are, you tamed my brother, and helped him improve his grades so much he will graduate with a 3.0," Cody said.

"You forgot helping him so much he was able to get into UConn with me," Maya added teasingly.

"I was getting there," Cody said. "I just want to say thank you Maya, you have made him happier then I have ever seen him, I'm happy for the both of you," Cody added.

"I feel the same way about you a Bailey," Maya said.

"Zack Martin, I can't believe how much of a gentleman you have become," Bailey said to Zack during the song.

"You can thank that brunette over there," Zack said pointing to Maya.

"You really love her, don't you," Bailey said.

"The same way you love my brother," Zack responded. "Bailey I'm sorry for all the times I made fun or you and my brother during your romantic moments, ever since I started dated Maya I can see why you guys were always like that," Zack added.

"Thank you Zack, though I can't blame you, we did kind of show it in pretty nerdy ways most of the time," Bailey said with a laugh.

"That just makes you two who you are, and that's why you are perfect for one another. I'm really going to miss you guys when you are at Yale," Zack said.

"Don't worry, you won't be too far away from us," Bailey responded as the song ended and each girl hugged their boyfriend's brother before returning to their boyfriend.

"Having fun," Marcus asked London as they were dancing.

"A blast, I'm so glad you finally asked me, even though we were captured at the moment," London said.

Marcus then checked his watch and saw it was almost ten.

"I have to run for a second London, I have a surprise for you, you are going to love it," Marcus said as he kissed London on the cheek before leaving, as London couldn't help but to blush.

At ten o'clock Kim finished up her song and Ms. Tutweiller took the stage.

"Alright everyone, set to perform with Kim for this next set, and then on her own to finish the prom is our other musical guest for the evening, so everyone give a warm welcome to Kira Ford," Ms. Tutweiller said as everyone applauded when Kira appeared on stage.

"You guys have been awesome so far and I'm hoping it stays that way all night," Kira said. "Now this next song me and Kim recorded with our good friend Tanya Sloan, but she can't be here tonight, so taking her place is someone you all know very well, I mean he is a classmate of yours. Everyone give it up for Lil' Lil'," Kira said as Marcus made his was on stage as everyone cheered for their classmate, no shock that London was the loudest of them, as Marcus did a great job with Tanya's part.

"You did great up there," London said to Marcus when he finished, and proceeded to kiss him on the cheek, as now Marcus was blushing. Knowing it was almost time for Kira's solo set London texted the person who was down in her room that they could make their way up as it was almost time.

After Kira and Kim's final song everyone gave Kim a round of applause as her night was done when it came to performing. London's plan was ready to go after Kira's first song, as the song to cue the surprise she would play second. After Kira's first song the plan unfolded.

"Hey I'm going to get us something to drink," Maya said as she kissed Zack on the cheek before leaving. Once Maya left Zack's side London cued both Kira and the mystery person.

"Alright everyone I'm going to slow it down for this next song. This song goes out to one of my new friends I met while on board, Zack Martin. Zack would you come to the center of the dance floor," Kira said as a surprised Zack did what he was told and Kira started playing the song.

"Hey I remember this song, it's the song me and Maddie danced to at her prom," Zack said, remembering that night fondly.

"And now we get to dance to it at your prom," a familiar voice said behind Zack. A now stunned Zack slowly turned around, and came face to face with none other than Maddie Fitzpatrick.

"Maddie, what are you doing here," a still stunned Zack asked.

"Keeping my promise of dancing with you at your prom," Maddie said.

"But I have a….." Zack was about to say before he was cut off.

"A girlfriend," Maya said coming up to them. "And she is ok with this. London told me the story of you helping Maddie with her prom, and it was one of the sweetest things I have ever heard, just another reason why I love you. So don't let Maddie down and let her keep that promise," Maya said as she kissed her boyfriend before walking away.

"Shall we," Maddie asked.

"We shall," Zack said taking her hand as they once again danced to that song.

"Zack, you have grown so much from a wild young boy to a perfect little gentleman," Maddie told him once the song was over.

"I know, and it's all thanks to Maya, I love her," Zack said.

"And I can see why, she is really great for you," Maddie said.

"Thank you for keeping your promise Maddie," Zack said.

"No problem," Maddie said as she kissed Zack on the cheek before walking over to Maya.

"You are a miracle worker girl," Maddie said to Maya.

"Not the first time I heard that tonight," Maya said with a smile.

"He loves you, you love him, you two are perfect for one another, just keep him out of trouble, and good luck at UConn," Maddie said.

"Will do," Maya said as the girls hug before Maddie goes to hang out with London and Marcus.

"That was so sweet of Maddie to do," Bailey said to Cody as they watched the scene before returning to dancing.

"That's why she is one of my best friends, and always will be," Cody responded and then kissed Bailey.

"I love you Cody Martin," Bailey said.

"I love you Bailey Pickett," Cody responded.

"That was such a nice thing for London to do for Zack and Maddie," Addison said as her and Woody also watched the scene.

"I know, who knew London would actually help someone else," Woody said. "Tonight has been great Addison, see I told you you didn't need any sweets to have fun," Woody added.

"But I'm so having some at after prom," Addison said with an evil smile.

"But then you'll be up all night," Woody complained.

"That's the point," Addison said smiling before kissing Woody.

After Kira finished her latest song it was then time for one of the most important moments of the night, as both Mr. Moseby and Miss Tutweiller made their way to the stage.

"Alright everyone, it's now time to announce who this year's prom King and Queen are," Moseby announced.

"This year's Prom Queen is…Bailey Pickett," Miss Tutweiller announced as Bailey let out a scream as Maya, London, and Addison congratulated her.

"And this year's Prom King is…Cody Martin," Mr. Moseby announced, as Cody had a surprised look on his face, he never thought someone like himself would be voted Prom King. Then he looked over at Woody, Zack, and Marcus, and they all had smiles on their faces. He then looked at Addison, Maya, and London, and the three had the exact same smile. Cody was starting to put things together as both he and Bailey made their way up to the stage.

"I think our friends had something to do with this," Cody said with a smile.

"Are you complaining about it," Bailey asked in a teasing way.

"Of course not, I knew you would be Prom Queen," Cody said as Bailey giggled. The couple then received their crowns before sharing a kiss, and then partaking in the King and Queen dance

As Kira continued to rock out Trent was taping the performance for her. Meanwhile Conner and Chelsea were dancing, as were Jen and Ethan, and unknown to the guys they were currently almost back to back as they danced with their ladies.

"It was so worth waiting seven years to take you to prom," both Ethan and Conner said at the same time, before realizing the other was nearby and said the same thing. The girls could only laugh as the guys turned around to face one another.

"Dude, quit stealing my lines," they each said to one another. Jen and Chelsea could only laugh as they each grabbed their respective boyfriends and pulled them in for a kiss.

"Finally after fifteen plus years those two are dancing at a prom," Jason said as he and Hayley danced while watching Tommy and Kim dance as well.

"Hey it's been fifteen plus years since our proms as well," Hayley added.

"But we didn't know each other back then though," Jason said as Hayley could only roll her eyes at her husband.

"Shut up and kiss me T-Rex," Hayley said, and that's exactly what Jason that.

"Well beautiful, it took me over fifteen years, but I finally took you to prom," Tommy said as he and Kimberly continued to dance.

"Nothing against Angel Grove, but I doubt they had prom anywhere as awesome as this," Kim said.

"And I can confirm they did not," Tommy added with a laugh.

"I bet you were just as handsome that night as you are tonight, even if your hair is shorter now," Kim said.

"And you would have been just as beautiful that night as you are tonight," Tommy added before kissing his wife.

Cody & Bailey, Zack & Maya, Woody & Addison, and Marcus & London all watched Tommy and Kimberly together and just smiled. While they just met them a week ago Jason and Hayley had told them about how Tommy and Kim were high school sweethearts, and the four young couples couldn't help but to watch the happily married couple, knowing they are currently in the same spot those two were back in the mid 1990's, just without the super powers and monster attacks.

"Keep it up kids and one day you guys can be like them, proof that no matter what happens that high school sweethearts can make it," Jason said as he and Hayley joined the eight.

"Now don't scare all of them Jase," Hayley said trying not to laugh.

"He is right though Hayley, I think any of us would be happy ending up like them, even with all the ups and downs they have had," Cody said as the other seven nodded in agreement.

"And we don't have to worry about monster attacks," Zack added and everyone couldn't help but to laugh

Just then Kira started playing one of her more popular songs.

"Oh I love this song," Bailey said.

"Shall we then," Cody asked, offering his hand.

"We shall," Bailey said, accepting his hand as they went out to join Tommy and Kim, as Zack, Maya, London, Marcus, Woody, and Addison would join them as well.

"Let's show these kids how to get down," Hayley said as she dragged Jason out there with her.

The rest of the night everyone continued to dance and have a great time as Kira put on a fantastic show.

The End

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