My first One-shot!

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"Okay, Rose. How about we move on to lunch." My best friends boyfriend, Christian Ozera, suggested.

"Sure." I replied, hesitantly. I was slightly nervous. Breakfast hadn't turned out so good. Why would lunch be any different? I just hope that I don't set the Culinary Sciences' kitchen on fire… again. The last time it happened was two years ago. Probably four or five months before Lissa and I ran away from school. I told the administrative over and over again that it was a bad idea to give me cooking as an elective. They should have listened; but they didn't. It was typical that my best friend got Slavic Arts and I didn't. It was boring, yes; but at least it was safe. Which was something that I definitely needed.

The end result was in my favor though. I got to switch to a different class. Slavic Arts. Okay, fine! I didn't get to switch. I was kicked out. Apparently, incinerating a whole classroom and burning your project partner is against the rules. It probably could have ended even worse. Expulsion. Except I won my case by saying that it wasn't actually in the rulebook. Not that I read the rulebook. Pfft. The teachers just assume that students would be more careful with oil around a hot stove. Then again, those teachers never had Rosemarie Hathaway in their classroom.

It was just after our return that I heard a rather… interesting rumor going around. According to the grapevine, they added that you are not allowed to burn and/or light anything on fire. People included. All right, so it wasn't a rumor. It was a fact. Another one best friend of mine, Mason, showed me the page. Yeah, I have a whole page dedicated to me!

I still wanted to learn how to cook though. It's a disappointment when you go all the way to the cafeteria for a certain round, chocolaty, sugar filled sweet and there isn't any there. Not one. How else am I going to fill my doughnut cravings? Sometimes you have to go to extreme measurements to get something that you want. Or in my case, need.

That's where Christian comes in.

The thing is, is, that he can cook. Very well in fact. (Not that I would ever admit it to him though, otherwise I would never hear the end of it.)

The teacher only agreed to let me back in the kitchen if I had someone monitoring me the whole time. I told her that she has trust issues.

So here we are. Christian and Rose. Rose and Christian. Cooking… sort of.

"Here." He handed me a dome shaped pot. I can tell already that this course will not end well. Christian moved some of his black hair away from his crystal blue eyes before continuing.

"I am going to grease the pan with a small amount of cooking oil before I put it on the cook top." I glared.

"Oh so I start a fire once and now I can't be trusted with oil!"

He let out an exasperated sigh. "You didn't start a fire Rose; you lit up the whole kitchen." I rolled my eyes.

"I still stand by what I said that day. There was some fire using Moroi whom wanted to mess with me. Don't worry though; I'm still looking for them. I may not have found them yet but when I do-"

"Rose." Christian cut me off, making me glare again.

"Whatever. Just put the oil in so that we can get this started." He nodded as he dumped some in. "Why are you tilting the pot?" I asked, confused.

"To evenly coat the bottom." That makes sense.

Afterwards he set the… "Hey, Christian. Is there a specific name for that pot?"

"A wok, Rose." That sounds funny. Wok. Wok. Wok.

"Are you going to tell me what we're making with this so called…" Wait for it. "Wok."

"It's a stir fry. That's usually what this type of pot is used for." Interesting.

"What should I do now Sparky?" I smiled as a scowl appeared on his face.

"Do you think that you can bring all of the vegetables over here?" He asked slowly. "There on the table next to you. I already sliced them." When did he do that?

"Oi Human Torch, you don't have to talk to me like I'm some idiot!" He raised an eyebrow at me. "Stop that! You know that I'm like the only person in this whole school who can't do that!" I screeched with my hands thrown up.

"Do I have to ask again Rosie Posie? Maybe this time a bit slower since you still didn't bring them over." He is really starting to piss me off.

"Fucking hell Christian. Here are your damn vegetables!"

He ignored my outburst, probably used to it by now. "I'm just going to cook them until the onions are translucent." I peeked over his shoulder to get a better view. "Next is the soy sauce." I can do that!

I ran over to a cupboard scoping it out for the ingredient. Ketchup… mustard… barbeque sauce… soy sauce. "Got it!" I dumped some in with the vegetables. "See I can do something right." I stuck my tongue out.

"Very good?"

"Now what?" He just pointed to some already cooked noodles that were in a bowl. I slowly added them to the mix. He stirred it for a minute before giving me a bite to taste.
I chewed it slowly before swallowing it.

"I didn't know vegetables were actually edible, never mind taste good. "

"Typical Rose. " Christian sighed. He handed me the spoon, then walked away to set everything up for the next course; or so I would assume.

"Uh, Christian. Christian!" I started to panic. "Ozera get your ass over here right now!" He turned to face me looking somewhat annoyed. That was until he saw what was happening. He quickly ran over. Well as fast as a Moroi could run.

He grabbed an oven mitt and picked the pot up by the handle. The wok was set in the sink. Cold water running over it.

"How do you burn food that bad in the less than five minutes? It shouldn't be possible!" I always knew that I could do the impossible but right now I had to agree with him and that's saying something. I never agree with Sparky.

He turned the stove off as he stared at me in disbelief.

"Can we just move on to dinner?" I asked sheepishly.

"I guess." He seemed a bit uncertain. Come on. Have a little faith Sparky!

I wonder what we're going to make. I should probably say attempt knowing me. Spaghetti? Macaroni and cheese? Doughnuts!

"What's it going to be? Pizza?"


"Baked ziti?"


I know. "Tacos with ketchup!" He just gave me a 'what the fuck' look.


"Nothing Rose. It's going to be meatloaf."

"Your T-Rex food?"

"Sure…" He walked over to the fridge pulling some meat out. I still think it's weird to mix them, but whatever.

Then he took out a mixing bowl setting them both down on the table in front of me. After my hands were washed Christian explained what to do. I was told to blend the meats together using my hands. Gross.

With the meats mixed together and wrapped in bacon -by Christian- it was set in a rectangular baking pan.

I made a sauce with some ketchup, molasses, water, sugar, and a few different seasonings that I couldn't remember the names of. The sauce was then slathered all over the meat log (as I like to call it) and placed in the oven.

"It's going to bake for forty-five minutes on 350 degrees." What? That is way too long!

So about ten minutes into the baking time (and when Christian was not watching), I raised the temperature to 500 degrees. Now it will not take so long.

No more than fifteen minutes later, I started smelling something rather foul.

"What are you doing over there?" Christian accused. "It smells disgusting in here!"

"I didn't do anything!" I defended myself.

He went over to the oven and opened it. A whole bunch of black smoke came out, making us both cough and my eyes water. That cannot be good. Then if it wasn't bad enough the sprinklers went off, completely soaking us.

"You turned the oven up!" He spoke through gritted teeth. I could only nod.

"I am out of here!"

"Wait!" I called.

He stopped in front of the door. "What?"

"Don't let a little water put you down Sparky!" His face was unreadable, almost like he was wearing a 'guardian mask'. "Can we just try breakfast again?"

He stared at me wide-eyed. "You want to try breakfast again?" He asked slowly. I nodded. "You want to try breakfast… again?" He repeated slightly hysterical. I stood still. "No Rose we are not going to try breakfast again! Do you know why?" He didn't bother waiting for my answer. "The reason is because you blew up the pot just by boiling the water!"

"Don't blame me for that!"

"Why shouldn't I blame you?"

"How should I have known that water can blow things up? Wait I didn't!"

"Bye Rose." Christian called over his shoulder as he left.

Whatever. I don't need him.

I walked out of the classroom and towards my room. The whole walk I got curious stares. I just glared. After getting changed into something dry, I went to bed.

Over the next few days I snuck into the culinary kitchen to practice some more. I mostly focused on doughnuts and pizza since they were my favorites. It never really turned out well but it wasn't exactly terrible either. The kitchen didn't explode once! I can't say the same for a few pots though.

It was Saturday afternoon when I was walking to Lissas' room. I had checked the bond earlier and found out that Sparky was with her. Luckily, they weren't doing anything that I would forever regret walking into.

I knocked on her door.

No answer.

I knocked once more.

Still nothing.

I was about to try a third time, except the door opened to show a smiling Lissa.

"How was cooking Rose?" She asked.

"Not so good." I admitted.

"Oh." I felt sadness leak through to me from the bond. I love how Lissa always cares.

"Guess what!"


"Can you get sparky?" She nodded before walking away.

I overhead their conversation.

"Who was at the door?" Christian asked annoyed.

"Rose." Lissa replied.

"What does she want? If she's here to try and ask me to teach her again she will be quit disappointed."

I heard a slapping noise followed by Lissas' soothing voice. "Be nice Christian!"

When they were both in front of me, I pulled a paper bag out from behind my back.

"Look what I have."

They both gave me a questioning look. I shoved the bag into Sparkys' chest motioning for him to open it.

"Doughnuts?" I nodded. "You made these?"

"Yeah." I answered.

He took one out and bit into it. After he chewed and swallowed the piece he spoke.

"These are really good!"

Lissa took one out to try as well.

"He's right Rose! Did you really make these?" I nodded.

"So I guess you've been practicing on your own then. Seeing as that I never tried to teach you how to-" He stopped for a second. His face scrunched up in confusion. "Rose…"


"Are you sure you made these?"

"Yeah." I said in a 'duh' tone.

"Right. So why does it say 'Dunkin Donuts' on it?" He questioned as he pointed to the pink and orange symbol on the bag.

"I work there." I said, even though it sounded more like a question.

He shook his head. "No you don't."

"How would you know?" I countered.

"You would never make donuts -food- for somebody else to eat." Christian replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I laughed. "True. I didn't think about that." I took the sweets from him. "So you guys want to come to my room and have some freshly made pizza?" I asked the two of them.

"Let me guess… Pizza Hut." He said as more of a statement than a question, arms folded over his chest and a raised eyebrow.

"No Sparky." I said truthfully. They both looked shocked. "Dominoes."

Lissa burst out laughing. "Oh, Rose…"

"Hey. If they don't deliver it in fifteen minutes or less, it's free. What could be better than either hot pizza, or free pizza… even if the latter is semi-cold?" I reasoned.

They both exchanged a look of amusement.

Christian wrapped an arm around my best friend's waist as I began walking back to my room, with them trailing no more than three feet behind.