"The world is a vampire, sent to drain
Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames
And what do I get, for my pain?
Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game"

Bullet with Butterfly Wings – The Smashing Pumpkins

As I pulled up to my house I noticed strange a car in the drive way. One was my roommates, Fred and the other was a very well tinted, black SUV. This couldn't be good. All I could hear was the sound my flip-flops made as I walked towards the front door. I could smell something foul in the air the closer to my front door I got. I grew nervous but a part of me knew what it was and why. Taking a deep breath ready to face the demons inside, I slowly opened the door as the scent of blood entered my nose. I closed the door behind me and stared at the bloody mess called my living room was. Fred's body laid by the TV…and the love seat…and in the hall leading to my room and other parts of the main section of the house. Anger flooded my veins as I surveyed the scene around me, glancing over the ones who did this. I glared at their pale, smug faces. I wanted to slap the smiling, smug ass faces off of Caius, Jane, Felix and Demetri. Marcus was the only one how didn't have a smug look on besides Aro. Aro was watching me with a kind smile on his face. It looked odd with the scene around us.

"He wouldn't tell us where you were." I turned toward Aro, his voice sounding like an amused whisper. It reminded me of the first time I saw him, always smiles with him it seemed.

I chuckled, "Should have known you would be here sooner or later." I turned back around, stepping over what looked to be a part of a spine, and walked into the kitchen. I went to get a drink from the cabinet by the stove. Choosing the always fun Captain Morgan I took off the cap of the medium size bottle and threw it the counter. I walked back into the living room, not going farther than the walkway between the two rooms.

"Alcohol is bad for you." Aro said as if nothing was wrong. I guess to him this is normal. I took another gulp of the spiced rum as I thought it over.

I smirked, "Yes, cause vampires are so much better." I motioned towards where the disembodied spine laying a foot from me and to the puddles of blood on the floors and the blood painted on the walls. I breathed in deeply, the scent of blood filled my nose. It didn't make me want to be sick this time, it made me thirst.

"Touché." He softly chuckled. I took another big gulp from the bottle. I moved over to the wall separating the kitchen from the living room and leaned against it. I glanced at the others before I left my gaze on him.

"So, gonna kill me now," Taking more, to drink feeling the sweet buzz coming up. "Or are you going to wait?"

"Why aren't they with you?" Aro asked talking about the Cullens. I slid down the wall, coming to a stop when my bum hit the floor. I leaned my dizzy head against the wall and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, staring at the ceiling.

"He left again. He left before I even woke up the next morning." My voice darkened. "But this time I expected it." I got up and stumbled to the fire place. I stared at Fred's head laying inside of it. "Can we make a deal?" I asked quietly.

"What kind of deal?"

"Aro, no, we are here to kill the human than leave, nothing else." Caius said glaring at his brother.

"Let's just listen to what she has to say."

"You could benefit from this deal too Caius." I said darkly not turning around. He just growled while I smirked. "He broke me, he left me for dead, and I had to fend off a ruthless vampire on my own because of him. I nearly died but because of that I am who I am now." I felt my eyes change as and energy surged through me.

"What do you want?"

I felt the energy bubble in my hand, making a ball of fire. I turned around with an evil glint in my red eyes and stared straight into Aro's wide dark eyes. "I want to watch him burn." Out of the corner of my eyes I saw them perk up at my change in attitude. Aro stared at me with his power hungry gaze. "Give me that and you can do whatever you want with me. Kill me, change me, enslave me, I don't care."

"How do you have the power to kill a vampire?" He asked lusting for the new found power I have.

"Have you ever seen Star Wars?" He nodded, I was kind of shocked he had but I guess when you live for a very long time and don't sleep you can do a lot of things. "What I can do is like the force."

"Prove it." They way he said that sent pleasant shivers down my spine.

I sneered at his lack of faith. Felix came at me, so I proved it. I let the energy lift him into the air and laughed as I watched him kick, trying to get out of my force grip. I heard Jane and Demetri chuckle at their friend.

"Bella, let him go." I frowned that my fun was up so soon but did as I was told. He dropped to the floor and glared at m. He started to go for me again but I stared into his eyes, enforcing fear into his very being. He knelt down and stared at me as if he was the weak human and I was the gruesome killer. I grinned evilly down at him. "Bella!" I growled turning away from him and back to my bottle of Captain I had left on the mantle of the fire place. "That was impressive, Bella." He said once Felix was back at his spot against the wall by Caius. I stared over at Aro taking another sip from the bottle. "Let us talk about it then we will tell you." I nodded and walked down the hall and into my room. I set the bottle on the nightstand then face planted on my bed, snuggling into the cool sheets. A few minutes later I heard the front door close and cold arms wrapped around my waist pulling me up into sitting position, turning my around to face him. I looked up to him. "You're eyes are brown again." His voice brushed against my face.

"I know. What are you going to do?" Not really caring. I already knew my fate was filled with pain and death, might as well embrace it.

He crawled over me, making me lay back down. He held my legs down with his and held my wrists down above my head. By the look in his eyes I was now the prey. My heart raced but not in fear, oh no, it raced in excitement. The energy started to pulse through me, turning my eyes red making him grin seductively. "We go to kill Edward then you came back to Italy with us. I decide what I want to do with you then."

"Like join the guard?" I used the energy to get a feel on his emotions. It was very lustful for my body, for my blood, and for my power. A shiver ran down my spine.

"Yes." His breath tickled my neck.

"Can we go now?" I asked, my thoughts turning to how I should get my revenge on the bastard who ripped my heart out.

"Yes, but first you have to die." He grinned sadistically.