There is a lemon in this chapter.

======Chapter 6======

Aro's point of view

After a few hours of planning I left her to sleep in peace, undisturbed by my presence plus it was feeding time and if I was going to be able to control myself I needed to feed.

Everyone waited for Heidi to come with today's catch. We all talked quietly amongst ourselves about plans for later, news that had come up or the new gossip. I heard Isabella's name a couple of times and tensed at each.

"And in this room is where dinner will be held," She opened the doors to the throne room. "and also the end of the tour." She shut the door behind her once all of the 'dinner guest' had entered. "Dinner is served."

Once they had figured out that they were the dinner, the humans screamed and ran like ants from a little boy with a water gun. We each grabbed the humans silencing their cries of terror when our teeth ripped at their throats. Once I had finished with my middle age American female I watched as some humans still tried to fight the vampire that was toying with them. I wiped the few drops of blood from my lips and sat back in my throne. The human I had feasted from laid still by the stairs of the dais leading to our thrones, I stared intently at it. Her blood had tasted so dull compared to Isabella's. The remembrance of her blood brought back the burning in the back of my throat that the human had just satisfied not a minute ago.

I lifted my head to see the slaves come and take away the bodies. Most of the other members had left, only Jane, Felix and my brothers remained. One carried a child that had survived. The child caught my eye, his little dark eyes staring into mine, emotionless and yet telling a full life story.

"Wait!" My voice halted the few slaves. I rarely spoke to them and when I did it was never good on their part. I stood from my throne ignoring the looks from my brothers and in a flash I stood before a frighten slave and a too calm toddler. I raised my hand to his cheek softly stroking my thumb across his blood stained skin. He never once averted his eyes from mine as his memories and thoughts flowed through my mind. Michael was his name his mother had brought him here from Wales for his grandparents funeral. I took a step back after seeing all I could and gathering all the information I needed. "Take him to get cleaned up, keep him down there until further notice." I said to the woman holding him on her hip. She just looked at me mouth agape, shaking slightly, weak human. "Go, now or you will end up like his mother did." I growled at her and pointed to the lifeless body of the dark haired woman that was in his memories. She stuttered out a 'yes, master' and left.

"First a human girl and now a human boy, who couldn't be a day older than four! What is happening to you Aro, you are going soft on us all." Caius said walking by me, a disgusted face gracing his pale features. I growled and grabbed his shoulder.

"Watch yourself Caius, you said yourself you didn't hate Bella once she had killed the Cullen boy and Sulpica."

"You're right however I do not see the point in keeping your little interest around. What good is she? She is a liability, once news of her gets out-"

"We will be feared more than ever." I interrupted his little half thought speech, barely able to keep my anger in control. "A human that can kill vampires with such ease will surely spread like wild fire and when it does no one will want to confront us. You know the Romans and clans such as the Cullen's would like to overpower us but with Bella it will be impossible for them to even try like they have in the past." He stood stunned.

"He has a point Caius." Marcus came up to us. Caius glared between the two then stormed off. "He will come around…maybe." I blinked at him, had he just tried to make a joke and was that a smile that had threaten to show on his face?

"What's gotten you so happy?" His face fell back into his usual blank, half dead look. I sighed then left. And they say I'm the crazy one.

I soon found myself in front of Bella's door. It had only been about four hours since I last left her. I thought about going to my study and give her more time but my hand betrayed my thoughts and opened the door, she was still passed out, her heart rate steady. I walked in shutting the door behind me and walked over to her bed.

"Isabella." I said softly, my obsession with her surpassing just simple obsession ever since she killed my wife. Huh, guess Marcus and Caius are right, I am psychotic. Normally someone would kill or even torture their mates killer, me, I will praise her.

She stirred and moaned softly as she found a comfortable position. Her gentle moan stirred the monster within me. I jumped on top of her my hand on either side of her face while my legs straddled her. She jumped awake and smiled up at me, a true smile that lit up her face.. She stretched underneath me some things popped, the sound like music to my ears.

"Good morning Isabella." My voice nothing more than a seductive whisper. I inhaled deeply as her blush appeared and her heart pounded in her chest. "You did a good job, now it's time for your reward." She moaned as I brought our lips together in a hungry possessive kiss. My need for her increased, her scent flooded my mind causing everything else to be pushed to the back. My left hand held me up while the right roamed her body, earning me more moans from her incredibly soft lips. She grinded her hips against mine and I growled into her mouth. I ripped her clothing off her in a second and marveled at her human beauty. Her hands weaved themselves in my hair as our lips found each other's again. I pulled back needing to control her, taste her sweet blood on my lips, to feel her from the inside out. Her hands fell down as I sat up straddling her. I placed my hands on her bare hips and ran them up her thin form. I still found it unnerving that she could hide her thoughts from me. She moaned as my hands roamed over her full breasts. Once I got to her redden and bloodied shoulders I stopped, her lust filled eyes slightly curious at my pause. An evil and devious smirk played my lips. She tensed under me and her breathing hitched, sensing I was about to do something. I pressed down on her shoulders with my strength causing her to cry out in shock and sudden pain. The little sound did things to me that even that most erotic of moans couldn't have, it called to the monster within me. One of the wounds had opened with the pressure. I growled happily and released my grip on her shoulders and moved them down her arms to her wrists, gripping them tightly. This time she didn't cry out only squirm slightly. I held them against the bed above her head, my own memories of the first night we had reunited flashed in my mind making the burning in the back of my throat increase.

"Aro…" She moaned out when I moved my lips down to her neck. I nibbled not so gently on her soft flesh never breaking the skin yet, I wanted to savor every moment of this. I loved how her blood pounded in her veins, they way it seemed to pulse against my mouth. I could smell her arousal, the sweet scent filled the room making me even more aroused. "Aro, do it." Her words caught my off guard. Surely she didn't mean for me to bite her? I did it anyways. Sinking my sharp teeth into the warm soft flesh of her neck she cried out my name as I did so as if the pain from the bit had sent her over the edge of ecstasy. Blood gushed from the wound and into my mouth, some leaking out of the corners. I drank deeply thriving in the sweet nectar of her body. I stopped once I felt her weaken, her blood was too good to drink all in one sitting. Luckily when I drank her blood I had extracted my venom so she wouldn't change. I licked the excess blood off her neck moaning at the taste. Her back arched weakly as my kisses trailed down her body, my hands moving with my lips.

"Isabella your blood tastes so good; I can't help but wonder if other things do as well." I said smoothly as my kisses reached her hips. She shuddered as she realized what I meant and we moaned in unison when my lips reached their destination. Her blood might have put out the fire in the back of my throat but the taste of her sweet juices created a new burning in me. I licked at her wet folds and bit (gently) on her clit and sucking hard, massaging it with my tongue as I did. I heard her gasp and moan. My eager fingers found her entrance and entered, exploring her from the inside. Her fragile yet so powerful hands found their way into my hair once again, holding onto it tightly. It only encouraged me to go harder. I needed to hear her scream her masters name. I released her from my mouth, "Who do you belong to, Isabella?" Her breathing became harder and she fidgeted. Her silence upsetting. I bit down harder on her clit, not to hard to break skin but enough to cause pain, she will learn to answer me right away no matter the circumstance.

"ARO!" What had imaged would come out as a cry of pain, come out as a cry of pure pleasure. Her back arched more and her grip on my hair tighten. So she it liked painful? Should have known from our encounter in her bedroom. One of my hands reached up to her right breast and massaged it non-to-gently still sucking and biting at her clit. My other hand never stopping its rhythm in and out of her, going deeper and harder. "Fuck….Aro." She wrapped her legs around my shoulders. I withheld a growl at how she seemed to be over powering me. It was a silly thought but still would not work. I pulled back from her, stopping everything. Her legs fell back onto the bed with a soft 'thud'. Before she could notice I had my clothes off and in a pile on the floor. I was back on her before she it could register in her mind that I wasn't on the bed anymore. My harden member at her entrance, the warmth from it making it impossible to stay out. I thrusted deep in her, capturing her lips once again. The lack of anything stopping me and lack of blood I knew this was not her first time. I growled and pinned her down once again, removing my lips from hers. She is mine and yet I wasn't her first. Somebody else had claimed her first! The thoughts caused me to trusted harder in her. I could feel the familiar warmth and slickness of blood running down her legs from how hard I was going. No matter how much she called my name it couldn't ease the monster within me. I flipped her over so fast she blinked and missed it. The sight of my name on her back calmed me a little as I took her roughly from behind. I smelt blood mixed with cum as I vaguely heard her scream my name one last time. I wasn't done yet. I grabbed her hair and pulled her up so her neck was at my mouth never halting my brutal trusts. I kissed down her neck to her wounded shoulder. I bit down, not really drinking the blood just wanting to claim her in a way the other guy or guys had not. My right hand moved down her side stopping when it got to the hole in her leg. My finger tracing the edge of it.

"You are mine." I told her, causing her to pause in her moans and name screaming. She didn't say anything just moan again. I pulled her head back further so I could look in her eyes. "Say it." My voice was a deadly growl as I dug my finger in her leg. She screamed out in pain.

"Yes, Master! I am yours and no one else! Yours and yours alone my Master." The last part just a soft whisper. I didn't have to read her mind to know she spoke the truth. With one last trust and a heated kiss I released in her and in return she came again. I wanted to do more and I knew I had duties I had to do. My brothers would come looking for me shortly if I didn't present myself in the throne room soon. No doubt it was near dinner time as well. I pulled out and got dressed and stood at the foot of the bed. In that short amount of time she had turned to look at me. Her shimmering body bloody and bruised and yet she acted as if she only wanted more. She eyes still held lust and something else. Love maybe? How foolish, love. You only get burned in the end.…Just ask my late wife.

"I have to go, things I need to attend to." She nodded.

"Yes Master, of course." She added quickly, I smiled, she is learning.

"Get cleaned up, I will have somebody bring you food."

"Yes, Master."

"Oh and Bella, don't wonder. There are still vampires here who haven't fully controlled there thirst."

"Yes, Master." With that I left to go clean her blood off of me. I would rather not smell of blood and cum when I met with my brothers.

Bella Point Of View

I laid there in pain, bruised, bloody, and dizzy from the blood loss. My whole body ached but it had felt so good at the time. I tried to wrap my mind around what had just happened. He awarded me with pleasure. But it wasn't just that he had claimed me, fully made me his. It wasn't like the first time I had sex: soft, loving, gentle, worshiping of each other's body type love making, it was none of that. Nor was it like with Fred: drunken horny sex. It was so much more: rough, dominating, mind numbing master/ vampire and pet human sex. He imprinted himself in my mind, body and soul, there was no going back now. I will forever be stuck his even though he will not return the feelings. He could not, he was just a soulless monster…a sexy one at that.

I took a couple deep breaths trying calm down and make the dizziness disappear. It didn't. There was a knock at the door and I groaned, how the hell am I suppose to get that? Shit. I got up wobbling as I did so and slowly walked to the door grumbling a "coming" when the knock returned. Right as I got to the door it opened almost smacking me in the face. Jane come in holding tray of food that looked amazing. My stomach rumbled at the sight of the angel hair pasta and alfredo sauce with sausage, Italian more than likely dotting the white sauce. There was a couple of breadsticks and a cup of water.

"You're drooling." Jane noted slightly amused. I wiped my mouth and took the tray from her nearly running to the bed and plopped down in the middle, tray in lap. All the earlier pain and dizziness forgotten and replaced with food. I shoved a fork full in my mouth and moaned at the taste. How vampires could cook so well was beyond me but damn it was amazing. Or maybe they had human slaves, either way hats off to the cook. I shoved another big bite in my mouth. I Looked up when Jane laugh, it sounded odd, like she hasn't done it often and had forgotten how. "Take it it's good."

"Yes, very good. Did you make this?" I said though not sure if she actually understood any seeing as I still had a lot of food in my mouth. I took a bite of a breadstick, mouth still full of pasta. I giggled at her disgusted face and finished the food in my mouth. "Sorry, its really good and I was really hungry." She nodded as if she understood.

"Yes, I made it. Glad it's good, it just tasted like dirt to me." I nodded taking a sip of the water to wash down my food. "Anything else you need? Aro told me to see to yours human needs." She added the last part when I looked at her like she had lost her mind. Ah. How odd.

"Nope, I'm good."

"Ok, let me know if there is anything." With that she slipped back out the door, it shut quietly behind her.

"Kay." Although I'm not really sure how to do that, oh well. I finished my food and water and left the empty tray on the bed and walked into the bathroom to a nice really hot bath. I started the water turning it on hot only and found some bath beads and dropped them in before stripping. The steaming hot water and soothing bubbles stung my open wounds but my muscles relaxed and thanked whatever god there was. I sat there awhile before washing up.


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