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Warning: Some subconcious Noncon. oral in this chapter, not really indepth/graphic but there.

Snow White Queen (1)

"Stoplight lock the door,

Don't look back.

Undress in the dark,

And hide from you,

All of you..."

'This doesn't make any sense! Where is everyone!' The orange haired young male dashed through the empty streets of the city, trying desperately to make it home before that thing caught up with him. He wasn't sure what it was, but he knew it was after him, he could feel it. He didn't bother slowing at stoplights, the walk signs irrelevant when all the cars were unmoving and abandoned in the middle of the street.

Finally, he rounded the last corner and entered a tattered looking, but sturdy building and bounded up the stairs, taking two at a time. Rushing down the hall of the fifth and final floor, he hastily fumbled with his keys while approaching the last door on the right, nearly crying out when he dropped them just feet away from his destination. A loud echo-like cackle filled the hall and he whipped around in terror, only to find it empty, 'Where the hell is it coming from?'

"...You'll never know the way

your words have haunted me.

I can't believe you'd

ask these things of me,

You don't know me

Now and Ever!.."

Anger fueling his bravery, he shouted at it, "What do you want?"

As the hall quieted, he almost thought he'd scared it off, but before he could get too comfortable, a watery voice answered, "Isn't it obvious? I'm here for you." Despite the echo against the walls, the voice didn't seem very close.

Scared, but confident enough that he was alone in the hall, he expanded on the question, voice slightly shaky, "What do you want from me?"

He waited a little longer in silence before it spoke again, though this time the voice seemed stronger, closer, "Everything. I want you to belong only to me."

"...You belong to me

My snow white queen,

There's no where to run

So let's just get it over..."

Suddenly, he heard fast and heavy footfalls on the stairs, each one closer and louder that the one before. Not curious enough to wait for the source, he quickly retrieves his fallen keys and finishes the journey, slamming his apartment door shut behind him and throwing the locks into place. The room is dark and silent, the only light spilling in from the moonlit window, and the only sound his harsh panting. 'I made it.'

Not thinking to question anything further, he strips out of his clothes and crawls into bed. His eyes close immediately as the long and tiresome run takes it's toll on his body, but his mind refuses to rest. His eyes snap back open as something warm, slick, and smooth glides along his jaw and he freezes in terror at the gold on black eyes of the being above him. "I've got you now...Ichigo."

"...Soon I know you'll see

You're just like me,

Don't scream any more my love,

Cause all I want is You..."

Deep, expressive brown eyes snapping open, the bright haired male nearly jumps out of his seat as the train intercom announces the next stop and he is pushed into wake-fullness. 'What the- A dream?' Letting out a sigh of relief, he shakes his head at his own stupidity for falling asleep on the train. 'To many late nights studying.'

Reaching to the side for his bag, he blindly brushes it against the passenger next to him. Turning to apologize, his words catch in his throat at the sight of the man. With looks eerily similar to his own, the pure white skinned male's perfect body was reclined in a comfortable position with his head resting against the window, eyes closed. Silvery highlights graced spiky hair as white as his skin, both features accentuated by the dark clothes he wore, black slacks with a navy button up shirt and black tie.

Giving the briefest thought that the man must have just gotten off work, Ichigo was more drawn to the pale triangular patch of skin showing underneath the loosened tie and three undone buttons. Without thinking he reached out to touch that tantalizing patch of skin, wondering if it was as soft as it looked, but when the intercom came back on to announce his stop, the trance was broken and he jerked back, mortified at what he'd almost done. Rushing to the sliding doors, he was out before they even finished opening. He never looked back to see the smirk on the alabaster male's face, or the gold on black eyes crack open to watch him run off.

"...Wake up in a dream,

Frozen fear.

All your hands on me,

I can't scream..."

When he finally made it home, Ichigo was exhausted. He didn't bother eating, and barely made it out of his clothes before collapsing on the bed and crawling into the soft, white cotton sheets, the night warm enough to forgo the comforter. Despite his nightmare on the train, sleep came easy and his last thought before drifting off, was of the strange, attractive man on the train.

Ichigo wasn't sure how long he'd been asleep, or what exactly had woken him up, but when he felt a light fluttering across his cheek, his eyes snapped open, heart jumping to his throat. He nearly laughed when he realized it was just the curtain, but the icy fear came back quickly when his sleep induced mind caught up and realized that he hadn't opened the window, and anytime it was closed, he kept it locked. He tried to jump up and look for the possible intruder, but soon found that he couldn't move. He could fist his hands and twist his feet, but anytime he tried to get up, or move his arms and legs, it was like an invisible force was weighing him down.

"...I can't scream!.."

He tried to call out to anyone who might be there, ask what was going on, but his voice wouldn't work either. His fear escalated as he felt hands grip his ankles but upon tilting his head down to look, no one was there. The grip shifted and despite his attempts at fighting, his legs were slowly pulled apart, until he was spreadeagled to the point where his manhood peaked through the hole in his thin boxers.

As the hands began gliding up his legs, he tried to scream again, only to be met with silence.

"...I can't escape the Twisted

Way you think of me,

I feel you in my Dreams

And I don't sleep.."

When the hands Reached his hips, they paused, toying with the hem of his boxers as a moist heat wrapped around his limp member through the cloth, what he could only assume to be a tongue, slipping it's way through the hole and stroking where ever it could reach.

"...I don't sleep!.."

Under any other circumstance, it would have probably felt amazing, but he was confused and terrified, which completely outweighed any possible pleasure. After about thirty seconds of receiving no reaction, the tongue retreated and the cool air of the room on his wet sensitive skin made him shiver.

"...You belong to me

My snow white queen,

There's no where to run

So let's just get it over..."

One of the hands on his hips moved upward, over his abdominal muscles, up his chest and finally crested behind the curve of his neck and shoulder to glide fingers through his hair and lift the back of his head slightly. He felt the breath of another across his face, mingling with his own quick gasps, "Shh love, no need to be scared. I'm sorry for failing to control myself a second ago, but I would never hurt you Ichigo." 'That voice!' He knew he recognized it from somewhere, but before he could place it, he felt the other's tongue slide along his lower lip and into his already open mouth. He might not have control of the rest of his body, but he knew for damn sure his teeth worked when he bit down harshly and the being over him pulled back with a hiss. And while it had seemed like a good idea at the time, he couldn't quite figure out why he had done something so stupid while he was so vulnerable.

Screwing his eyes shut while he wait for retaliation, they immediately snapped wide open as the only response was a laugh that he definitely recognized. 'This is the same thing that was chasing me in my dream! Why can't I see it?' "Don't worry Ichi, I told you that I'd never hurt ya an' I meant it. Though ya should know, the more you resist me, the more I want ya, and the harder it is ta control myself."

As it finished speaking a loud persistent beep echoed through the room. "Damn, I guess we'll have to stop here. I'll see you again soon love, don't forget who you belong to..."

"...Soon I know you'll see

You're just like me,

Don't scream anymore my love

Cause all I want is you!.."

Shooting upright in bed, sheets flying, he quickly glances around the room, checking the window and looking for anything out of place. Everything is just the way he'd left it before going to bed. Mumbling a curse at his subconscious, he smacks the blaring alarm clock and rolls out of bed to get ready for the day. 'I'm never sleeping again.'

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