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Snow White Queen 16

Dark lashes fluttered against tan cheeks as the warm gentle breeze ghosted through his room. He was warm, comfortable and quite uninterested in moving until that nagging voice started flagging all the things wrong with his current reality, pulling him up from dregs on unconsciousness. His eyes opened slowly, taking in the open window of his apartment, thin blue curtains fluttering in the breeze causing the sunlight to scatter across the floor in random patterns. It should have been a comforting atmosphere, but the problem was, "It's winter."

The arm flung across his waist gently pulled him the slim distance between his back and the hard muscled chest of his spooning partner, lips tickling the back of his neck as his bed partner mumbled, "Ya don' like it? I thought ya hated the cold."

Ichigo snorted, coming to terms with what was happening, "That's not the point." Dislodging Shiro, he flipped over to face the demon, eyes quickly raking from the sheets, to the naked torso, and finally up to the eyes that used to give him nightmares, though those days had long since passed. "Not that I don't appreciate the ambiance, but clearly I'm dreaming…" He let the sentence hang, not quite sure how to continue or when exactly he fell asleep in the first place.

Shiro smirked and lifted his arm to brush stray orange bangs out of brown eyes, "Do you trust me, Ichigo?" His pale hand settled on the side of his partner's tan cheek.

An orange brow quirked, "About as far as I can throw you." At the demons' indignant squawk he smirked and continued, "But…" mirroring Shiro's pose, he placed his hand on the incubus' pale cheek, "…I know you will do everything you can to keep me safe."

A watery chuckle escaped white lips as Shiro moved his hand down to the tan shoulder and pushed Ichigo onto his back, simultaneously rolling on top of him; Cheshire smile aimed at his now captive prey, "Wise answer."

By the time Ichigo's brain caught up with the swift movement, he found himself securely pinned beneath the unpredictable sex demon, "Oi, Perv! Why are we naked?!"

Shiro snorted and pressed his hips down with deliberate intent, "Thought that would be obvious…"

Brown, calculating eyes swept the vast white sandscape before him, but unlike the deserts of the mortal world, the air here was stagnant as death. He detested the place; tried to avoid it at all costs, but his spies in the underworld claimed they noticed an energy disturbance originating somewhere in Limbo at the time of Ichigo's disappearance from the mortal realm. The First Son, Algol, had taken his most valuable possession. He would take it back himself. First though, he would have to track the transgressor and his charge down.

It is rumored that Algol built his strength at the border of Limbo along the Styx. Thus, it would stand to reason he would reside in that area as well. Unfortunately, the rivers here flow as endless as the lands, so this insight would not be particularly useful. The approach of the ferry broke him from his musings and he turned his attention from the sands of Limbo to the river, the ferryman silently beaching the gondola to board him.

It had been over a century since he had resigned himself to stepping foot here. Had his spies performed their job accordingly, his intelligence on Ichigo would have included that the boy wandered too close to one of the ancients of this infernal land of the damned. He would never have allowed his stubborn charge to remain in New York with such information. Sure Ichigo would have rebelled, tried to run perhaps, but a few centuries of anger over forcing the binding process would have been preferable to chasing him down in hell. The spies whose failure led to this end would be gifted to Tousen. Death by torture seemed fitting for forcing him back here.

His plan for moving forward would determine his destination from here. Taking the volatile incubus on outright would be too risky as no intelligence exists on the extent of the first Son's power. Their passed down stories claim any who were close enough to bear witness to his full power were either engulfed and never seen again, or rendered unconscious and unable to bear witness to the beast's true form. It mattered not though; he would certainly be able to outwit the brute. His last remaining piece of Masaki was at stake and he had come to terms upon her death that he would do anything to make sure he was successful this time. He would not allow Ichigo to escape him as she had.

Chaos' white robes swept across the sandy bank as he strode toward the awaiting ferryman, bony skeletal hand outstretched from the shadowed black cloak. Placing two gold coins into the decrepit palm, he boarded the small vessel, "Take me to the outskirts of Dis." The Fates should still reside within the capital. Once he confirms Ichigo is still alive, he can charge Algol of unlawful action, bringing an undead mortal to hell. It is one of their kinds' greatest taboos, and once judgment is passed, Algol will be attacked by the Furies. The distraction will be enough to take back what is rightfully his.

Blinding white pleasure encompassed his soul and was enough to jolt his mortal body into full wakefulness; the proof of their dream-play still painting the inside of his boxers. Looking down at his shame, Ichigo brought a hand up to wipe the sweat from his forehead, confusion beginning to settle in, "Shiro?" The white demon was nowhere in sight, but he was certain the dream had just finished. Did Shiro not need to be near him when he fed?

As his senses started to come back online, he turned to face the only open door, a pleasant floral smell permeating the room. The steam he could see floating beyond the threshold of the door meant it was probably a restroom. He wasn't sure how, but he knew Shiro was in there; it was like another sense he just learned to use. Pushing back the black silk sheets that had become entangled in his legs during his… 'slumber,' he turned his body and slowly placed his feet on the cold marble floor.

As he crossed the room, the chill of the air and coolness of the marble were welcome to his heated skin, but he knew it would soon turn unpleasant. He took in his surroundings and figured at some point, he'd need to find his clothes.

Moving forward, he recalled the many dreams he'd had since falling from Ulquiorra's grip while soaring through the city. Most of the dreams were Shiro passing him information while he slept. He knew they were in Shiro's fortress, specifically, he was currently in Shiro's room. He remembered it from the dream when he'd first given in to Shiro's desire, the first time he allowed the demon to feed. Being in Hell should bother him, but for some reason, this is the safest he's felt since before his parents died. The events of that horrible night have started coming back. He saw Aizen's face clear as day behind the smoking gun, but some things still didn't seem to add up. Perhaps his hatred for Aizen caused his subconscious to manifest the man's face into the traumatic memory? Maybe he could ask Shiro what he thought of the situation…

His thoughts paused as he padded through the doorway, dim violet-red lighting barely penetrating the steam wafting through the space. From what he could gather, the room was enormous, but this didn't surprise him in the least. It was set up like an ancient Greek or Roman bath house. Tall pillars lined the room, a large circular shaped bath encompassing the center with black lilies floating along the surface of the steaming water. Enchanting as the surroundings were, his gaze was only for the resting incubus propped up against the far end of the bath. His hair was longer here, white strands floating around his muscled frame. Pale arms were draped over the obsidian marble edges of the bath, his head tilted forward slightly with those haunting eyes closed. The water reached just below his chest, the low reddish lighting and reflective surface hiding what lay beneath. But Ichigo knew what was there; could close his eyes and see clearly that the demon was deadly beautiful from head to toe.

Beautiful and terribly still. Was Shiro sleeping? What if just a small shift in sleep sent him sliding completely beneath the surface…could demons drown? A bead of water fell from dampened white bangs; sound of the drop hitting the water echoed through the room and was enough for Ichigo to blink through his daze. He quietly approached though, not willing to break the trance just yet. He still couldn't believe this creature desired him of all people. Sure he could admit to himself he was attractive, but so were countless other humans, some even more so. He vaguely remembered Shiro's speech to him about selflessness and strength, but it still seemed a hard truth to swallow.

By the time he reached the incubus' side, he still wasn't quite sure what he wanted to do. The water looked calm and inviting, but would he want to deal with the repercussions that level of boldness would cause? This close, he could make out the body previously hidden below the surface. Seeing that Shiro was still rock hard, and realizing it was probably from the dream he'd just orgasmed out of, made heat crawl through his body.

Begrudgingly, was forced to admit to himself weeks ago that he did in fact want Shiro to follow through with all those dirty promises…He just couldn't bring himself to say it out loud. Just the thought had him wanting to run off in the other direction in embarrassment. He shakes his head at the ridiculous thought of running, further delaying the inevitable. 'Get a grip Ichigo' he tells himself, allowing his eyes to linger at the invitation floating just beneath the surface.

Still though, it felt dirty and wrong to just come on to him in his current state. Why was he sleeping in the bath anyway? Was he in some kind of 'food' coma after feeding just now? Ichigo had to suppress a laugh at the thought of Shiro binging and crashing. Looking back at what he could see of Shiro's face from this angle he sighed; he was stalling, hoping the demon would wake up and make the decision for him. Honestly, when'd he become such a chicken shit? Even minus his obvious lust for the incubus, the logical benefits of giving into what he is sure they both want should be enough to push him onward. The only thing he will accomplish by holding back is making it more difficult for Shiro to protect him from…him. Chestnut hair and eyes flash across his vision and he quickly shoves off the memory, not wanting the buzzkill that would come with those thoughts.

Taking a deep breath, Ichigo steels his resolve and finally drops his still damp boxers to the ground. Sparing a quick look at the still sleeping demon, he braces himself on the edge of the bath and slowly starts to lower himself into the almost too warm water, hissing as it comes in contact with his now cool skin.

He soon realizes that the smooth marble continues beneath the surface and creates a bench-like protrusion which Shiro is sitting on, his legs continuing down to the floor of the tub. Once both of his feet are securely on the marble bench, he steps down again to make contact with the floor, right foot slipping when instead of the solid marble surface he was expecting, his left foot sinks down slightly, throwing him off balance. His eyes screw shut as he tumbles back awaiting impact, but instead a tight grip finds his arm and yanks him forward into hard muscle, a second arm securing him upright around his waist.

"Tsk. My clumsy prince."

Equal parts mortified and irritated, Ichigo shoots a glare up to his smirking 'savior.' "I would have been fine if your floor wasn't stupid." Curling his toes, he figured the floor of the bath to be made up with fine sand.

"The sand is supposed to help keep you from slipping, wet marble not having a whole lot of traction and all." The demon looked like he was trying to keep from laughing outright, his shaking shoulders and broad grin giving him away.

Getting his feet back under him, Ichigo steps back on his own, and trying to will the red from his face meets Shiro's eyes…Or he would have, if Shiro's gaze didn't immediately drop to devour the rest of his uncovered body.

Trying to ignore the parts of his body that primal look was stirring, Ichigo snapped his fingers in front of Shiro's face, "How long have you been awake?"

The demon's eyes snapped back up to his and Shiro ran his tongue along his lower lip, Ichigo following the blue appendage closely. Apparently Shiro's hair wasn't the only thing different here.

"I was never asleep, love." Ichigo's eyes went wide and he splashed at the incubus, turning to make his way back out of the bath. He didn't get far.

"Let go." He was once again forced to remember his human strength was far outmatched by the demonic arms pinning him back against a strong chest, the hard appendage he eyed earlier pressed suggestively between his lower back and Shiro's tight abdomen.

He felt the demon's chest vibrate with a hum, "I'm not sure why you're upset now, but coming out of meditation to find you like this, and you expect me to let ya scamper away?"

Ichigo froze, he'd thought the demon was just messing with him when he said he wasn't sleeping, "Meditation?"

"Mmhmm, did'ja think I was ignorin' ya? I expended a lot of power between the fight against the Destroyer, chasing you down and then getting us here. It left me feeling drained. Feeding and meditating are the fastest ways to gain back my energy." While one arm tightened its hold, the other slid down and palmed Ichigo's semi-erect length, gripping the shaft as teeth found a sensitive earlobe.

"A-ah, Shir-ro," The orangette jerked up on his toes, the unintentional movement sliding Shiro's rigid shaft between the cheeks of his tight ass. Both males moaned, and Shiro took the liberty of using the arm around his prince's waist to continue that sinful movement, shifting his body back down and up again, his cock sliding in continuous rhythm between smooth cheeks. The hand pumping Ichigo didn't stop either, the pleasurable feeling overwhelming his senses. The sloshing water and toppled lilies went ignored by both.

Ichigo couldn't help but think how right the demon had been when he said it would be so much better if they did it for real. The dreams, while amazing, didn't come close to what he was feeling right now. His nerves were on fire. It was everything and not enough at the same time. The shifting of hips behind him had the incubus' shaft massaging him in such an intimate place, but what if he slipped lower…slipped down until he came back up pushing inside. 'Inside.'

He shivered in the incubus' grasp as a lewd tongue licked up his neck to the shell of his ear, "Mmm…tastes too good Ichigo. Filling me up just right…Perhaps my Prince would like to become my King tonight?"

'Inside.' Fuck. He wanted it so bad.

"Shi-ro. Mo…re." God damn-it, why couldn't he speak normal!

Thankfully it didn't seem to matter, Shiro apparently getting the message as he flipped him around and lifted tan legs to grip around a pale waist. Red, bitten lips immediately made contact with the demons' as Shiro began moving them to the shallow end of the bath heading towards the bedroom. When a blue tongue slid out probing for entrance, it was granted immediately, Ichigo throwing himself into the kiss to distract from the incubus' bobbing erection that would slap against his buttocks with every step the demon made toward the bed.

Ichigo cried out as his world shifted and his mouth ripped from Shiro's as the demon tossed him onto the silken bedding. He looked down just in time to see Shiro retrieve a slender bottle from the stand by the bed, before pale limbs were pinning him down and their mouths made contact once more. A now slick hand fondled him just right as their tongues battled; Ichigo losing as his shaft in Shiro's hand began to tingle, adding to his already heightened sensitivity. Damn, it never felt like this when he did it to himself.

All too soon, the hand pleasuring his dick dropped lower, teasing his sac briefly before trailing back more, that light tingly feeling blossoming wherever Shiro's slick hand touched. 'There must be something in the lubricant he's-'

Ichigo's thought was cut short as a slick digit finally pushed passed his virgin entrance.

With a ridiculous amount of effort, Shiro separated his mouth from Ichigo's and looked to his face as his first finger pushed into the tight sphincter. His human was a panting mess of moans and sighs, and with those half lidded eyes and pleasure tensed body, he'd never looked more beautiful. Or more fuckable. He had to remind himself to go slow. While they'd had fun in dreams, Ichigo's mortal body still maintained the human's virginity.

Shiro smirked, returning to his task at hand. He lowered his mouth to Ichigo's neck and began sucking fervently at an area just above his collarbone. Then he slid in another finger, probing and scissoring while he sucked at pliant skin and Ichigo moaned so deliciously for him. The lube he was using was designed to make his partner extra sensitive everywhere it touched. Sure it was probably a little unnecessary, and perhaps a bit cruel to use it on a virgin, but he wanted Ichigo completely out of his mind with needy pleasure when he took him.

Moving his mouth down lave to a caramel nipple, he added a few drops of the lubricant to his other hand and brought it up to tease the twin. He could feel Ichigo shiver and felt shaking hands tangle in his hair as he added the third finger. Predictably, Ichigo tensed until Shiro decided it was time to introduce the young mortals' body to his prostate, and pressed upon it mercilessly while stretching his fingers apart.

"Ha-ah, fucking shit!" Ichigo nearly came up off the bed with whatever that was. He was burning from the inside out and wasn't sure he could endure much more without bursting. And Shiro hadn't even entered him yet. "Shit, Shhiro hurrrrry." He was breathless and his words slurred, but at least he managed something.

Fortunately, that seemed to be all the encouragement the demon needed, "As my King commands…" Sitting back on his knees, Shiro slid a pillow beneath Ichigo's lower back to keep his hips elevated for what was to come.

He hissed as he slathered the lubricant onto his neglected shaft, pumping rapidly a few times while guiding himself in, the other hand gripping the human's hip in case his body instinctively tries to escape the intrusion. Shiro takes a quick second to remind Ichigo, "Relax love" and his human nods in understanding.

Once lined up with the pressure holding him in place, he grabs Ichigo's cock and pumps slowly in distraction as he fluidly slides home.

Ichigo's breath hitched when the pressure from the bulbous head assaulted his twitching hole. The hand on his hip keeping him from getting cold feet, he tries to follow Shiro's instruction and relax his lower body as Shiro fists his over-sensitive cock and starts a torturously slow rhythm. Then there's searing pain followed by blinding pleasure and a sense of completeness as Shiro comes to rest fully inside of him.

Shiro smiles down at him through a moan and pecks him on the nose as he experimentally rotates his hips. The slight movement lights Ichigo's blood aflame and he presses down harshly on the intrusion, locking his legs around Shiro's waist in an effort to take him deeper.

Thinking to give his inexperienced virgin lover time to adjust, Shiro's plans are blown to shit when his partner locks those tanned long legs around him and attempts to impale himself further. He smirks down at his panting partner, "that my invitation ta move?"

"Gods yes! Fucking Go!"

Shiro laughs at his impatient Prince, pulling out swiftly, he rotates the tip of his cock around that tight, first ring of muscle once, twice, then slams home again, Ichigo screaming his pleasure as his prostate takes a head on hit. "Thas' it, scream for me Ichigo!"

Having come to the realization that Ichigo is far too gone to appreciate the gentle approach, Shiro's thrusts become rough and swift, just shy of using his demonic strength to bring them closer to completion. Ichigo's moans are driving him mad in the most pleasurable way and he can barely think straight.

His thrusts turn shallow as he unhooks Ichigo's legs to balance one on his shoulder and one in the crook of his elbow to give him better leverage and get him deeper. Once readjusted, he slams in harder and deeper than before, Ichigo getting louder with every thrust. Knowing they're both close, Shiro reaches down with his free hand and begins stroking Ichigo's erection with sure quick movements.

It takes Ichigo far longer than it should to realize that strange keening noise is coming from him. Under normal circumstances, he'd be mortified, but right now he couldn't even come close to bringing himself to care. Shiro was lighting him up just right and he knew he'd bust any second, "Close…so…"

"It's alrigh' King. Cum for me."

The command was then end for him, white, slick essence pumping between their bodies in a wonderful mess. Shiro's lips had claimed his own sometime during his whiteout, and the piston of pale hips became erratic as the incubus met his release as well. The tide of euphoric bliss was inescapable. He was riding his own pleasure as well as Shiro's and he couldn't hold on…

With a barely there whisper, "Rest now, my King," he lets the tide take him as the world fades away.

Yes. Shiro just knocked him out with sex.

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