Kater and Kry are BACK, BABY!

And we are here to solve your problems. Your main problem being that there just aren't enough RobxStar drabbles. There's plenty of the Titans, and a lot of BBxRae, but where's the RobxStar love? Well it's right here, ladies and gentlemen. Kater and Kry are at your service.

A little explanation as to how this came about: Kryalla wrote a scene in Touch where Robin and Starfire are forced together and are stuck under a mountain. We landed on the idea that it would be hilarious to write a bunch of crack drabbles where Robin and Starfire are stuck together under ridiculous circumstances. For inspiration we used a word generator and began writing drabbles based on whatever the word generator came up with. Soon we started writing any sort of drabble that had to do with RobxStar, all with one word titles. There will actually be an assortment posted, but some of them are still within the theme of Starfire and Robin being stuck together in ridiculous ways.

You're all going to groan, but since Kater is posting this time you won't get updates as fast as Kryalla can whip them out (Kry: tee hee, you said 'whip it out'). Kater promises to do her absolute best to post as often as possible however, pending her stupid crazy life.

Also, we're open to one-word suggestions. If you all think of a word that could make an interesting situation, we'll do our best to pick out ones that inspire us to write a drabble. You guys can be our word generator!

Please also note that while Kater tries to filter Kry's goofy Aussie spelling, sometimes things slip through so don't be hatin' on Kry for adding erroneous letters into her words. (I'm so mean, giggle. You know I love you Kry)

Disclaimer: We don't own the Titans or anything DC related. But seriously, wouldn't you all love it if we did? Cause we'd do stuff like this. You'd eat it up, you so know it.

And thus concludes the author's note that is nearly as long as the chapter.


It was not often that the Boy Wonder's equipment malfunctions, although with Beast Boy in the Tower it was happening with more frequency. Starfire and Robin froze in horror and waited anxiously for the grappling hook to finish winding around them. It's not that it wasn't nice to be pressed against Starfire, he just didn't think she appreciated his face trapped to her chest.

"Gee," he said as Beast Boy laughed hysterically. "I wonder how that happened."


"Sorry sir, but we only have one vacancy available. There's a convention in town," the old man behind the counter said. "All the farmers like seeing the new harvesting equipment."

Robin grimaced. He glanced behind him at Starfire.

"Uh… okay. We'll take it then."

The man grinned at him as he took the keys off the peg. "Lucky you, it's our honeymoon suite."

Robin's hand stopped in midair to retrieve the key. "It's what?"

The old man just winked at him. "You and your lady have a nice stay now."

Starfire gave him a friendly wave and Robin dreaded what a honeymoon suite boasted in the only two-bit motel in this tiny little farming community.

The T-Car had broken down on their way back from a charity event in a neighboring city. It was nighttime now, too dark to work on the car and no repair places were even close or open at this hour anyway. Robin cursed the T-Car's attitude. It never broke down for Cyborg. He would swear the thing was actually sentient.

Even if he and Starfire were dating, the last thing he wanted to do was spend the night in a honeymoon suite. That was just asking for trouble.

He unlocked the door and wondered if there might be two beds, although he should have expected it.

"Oh, it is shaped like a heart!" Starfire squealed, clapping her hands. "How adorable!"

Robin's face flushed all the way down his neck and he pulled at his collar.

"Look at this," she said curiously, touching a little metal box next to the bed. "What does this do?"

"Starfire, don't!" Robin blurted, but it was too late.

Starfire shrieked and backed away from the bed. "It is shaking!"

Robin slapped his hand over his face.

"Robin, please, why is the bed shaking?"


"Robin!" Starfire exclaimed, pointing upward.

"There is a mirror on the ceiling! Why is there a mirror there? Do humans like to watch themselves sleep?"

Robin groaned. She had to go and notice the mirror. It was going to be a long night.


There are not too many things that can make Robin tongue-tied.

He was trained by Batman, after all. A jack of all trades so to speak. Long tedious lessons in diplomacy, diction, books on languages and grammar studies. Robin had a lot of knowledge about a lot of different things. Quantum physics, computer programming, mechanics, politics, engineering, history -both modern and ancient. He was an expert at hand to hand combat, a weapons expert, a licensed pilot, an incredible acrobat. He could problem solve, look for pattern in criminal activity. His ability to adapt in battle was second only to Batman. He could solve the Rubik's cube in under a minute. He knew Morse Code, was an expert at Cryptology.

When he and Batman used to be partners (not a sidekick), there was often no need to speak. They knew each other's strengths and protected their weaknesses. They knew their jobs, what was expected of each other. Batman would be taking down the enemies, Robin would be hacking the computers to take out the defenses.

In a way, he was freer then. He knew his mission. It was all about the crime fighting. All about protecting the innocent.

Now… as part of the Titans, not so much.

Robin was an expert at so many different things. Except for friendship.

Now there were things happening around him he had no control over. Beast Boy's pranks, Raven's explosive emotions, Cyborg's push for leadership. The loud gaming sessions. Movie night. Food and cooking. Who did the dishes. Shopping. Budgets. Cultural differences. Starfire.

He liked being part of a team, really he did.

Except for days like today. See, Starfire had embraced the human celebration of Halloween more than Robin would have liked. She'd spent the day decorating in the common room with fake cob webs, cut pumpkins, little sparkly bats, and witches cauldrons, all the assortment of things that Robin supposed would be outside any normal house in Jump City.

But then, she'd insisted that each of them dress up.

Robin hadn't really wanted to, but since it was Starfire's first Halloween and he really did want to make her feel welcome, he consented.

Bad idea.

Bad, bad idea.

He never suspected what she'd dress up in. Never suspected that she could look that good.

Black shiny leather. Incredibly tall heeled, the boots themselves reaching up to her thigh. Leather that hugged her rear so tight he could tell she wasn't wearing anything beneath. Black laced up corset, which hugged her like a second skin, creating curves that gave his mind very wicked non platonic thoughts. Her orange arms were exposed, skin at her shoulders all the way to her breasts. Her red hair tumbled down her back, captured underneath a black leather mask. Cute little cat ears peaking out the top.

She smiled at him when he entered the common room, stroking a black whip.

Robin was instantly drooling.

She floated over to him, like the cat that found the proverbial milk. "You like?" she purred.

Words failed him. "Flurbalabrlerg."

Starfire blinked. "Pardon?"


Starfire grew concerned. "Are you ill?"

"Hasntfelbanook," he insisted.

"Cyborg? Have I broken Robin?"

"Lodotook!" Robin floundered.

"Nah, little lady," Cyborg said, grinning from ear to ear. "He says you look awesome."

Starfire beamed and hugged Robin tightly, squeezing the little remaining life from him.

Cyborg winked at Robin. "I'm fluent in boy flounder."