Hunt For The Mystical Medals

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Many thanks to those who reviewed this fic, I really appreciated it and this gave me inspiration to work on the next chapter and here a new story arc is about to commence…and here you will see the aftermath of what happened following the previous chapters…and how this affects the side characters of Detective Conan…now that the unexpected has happen…which would puts out heroes in a pinch…

Well, read on and enjoy!

In the previous arc, a few things happened:

O – As Doctor Maki and Kazari surveyed the stolen items they took from the Kougami Foundation, which is revealed to be 10 purple Core Medals, five of them mysteriously left and went to an undetermined destination;

O – While fighting Uva Os was approached by the five purple Core Medals and it entered his body, losing the Condor Medal to Uva in the confusion;

O – Two mysterious, dinosaur-themed Yummies appeared and attacked the three Kamen Riders, being able to negate and nullify the abilities of the Cell and Core Medals, and Kyuji is on the verge of being killed when three of the purple Core Medals inside him came out and forcefully initiated his transformation into Os, defeating the Yummy but temporarily rendering him out of control until Os managed to regain control of himself;

Upon landing, Os mindlessly punched the ground before grabbing something, which is a purple-colored battle ax which has a beast-like face, which the weapon is known as the Medagabryu, and there Os mindlessly attacked the Yummy with reckless abandon. The attack causes the Pterodactyl Yummy to BLEED Cell Medals, and there Os took one and opened the MOUTH of the Medagabryu and inserted the Cell Medal inside before closing the MOUTH, causing the Medagabryu's EYES to GLOW, and there Os performed a powerful slash attack which killed the Yummy before being reduced to a few Cell Medals.

And in a sudden turn of events, Os in Putotyra Combo turn his attention towards Birth and Proto-Birth before charging forward and attacked them, and the two realized that Os is not himself, and they are forced to evade Os as they couldn't attack directly without risking to injure Kyuji, and there Birth told Proto-Birth to fire the Breast Cannon to at least snap Os back to himself.

"Blast! Gotoh, evade as much as you can!"

"What's happening?"

"Hino is not himself!"


"Those purple Core Medals...I think they're controlling him!"

"Blast! We got to remove them!"

"I doubt that would work!"


As Proto-Birth began charging up the Breast Cannon, Os continue to swing the Medagabryu wildly as Birth tried to evade it but soon he was pinned down and Os is ready to strike, causing everyone to stare in horror, but in a miraculous turn of events, Os' transformation was involuntarily negated and Kyuji reverted back to normal before slumping to the ground, and there the rest checked on Kyuji while Ankh picks up the Kuwagata, Kamakiri and Batta Medals as he watched the unconscious Kyuji.

He is concerned about the purple Core Medals as he sensed that something is different about those medals which made him feel uneasy.

As Shiho and the others carry an unconscious Kyuji away, they did not notice that they are being observed by multiple parties who happened to see what just occurred, and each of the observers appeared to be concerned while others are taking the matter seriously.

At one corner, Kaito Kuroba happened to pass by and witnessed everything, and seeing Os' purple colored Combo, as well as seeing him temporarily going out of control, Kuroba wondered what is going on, especially after seeing what the Pterodactyl Yummy just did, and he felt tempted to go to Agasa's house and ask Professor Agasa what is going on.

"Cant be helped…I may have to pay them a surprise visit…and see where this lead to before making a difficult decision…"

Not far, Akako Koizumi witnessed it all, how the Pterodactyl Yummy was able to repel the three Kamen Riders before Os unwillingly evoked the three purple Core Medals and assume Putotyra Combo and violently destroyed the Yummy and nearly killed Birth before subconsciously cancelling his transformation, and this made her curious as she can tell how much power the purple Core Medals have.

However, someone told Akako to be careful about what she is planning, reasoning that the purple Core Medals appeared to be dangerous and are something that can't be easy to deal with, which made Akako curious, which the other individual said that the purple Core Medals appeared to be sentient given how it temporarily control Os while moving on its own.

"You saw it a while ago. And by now you should realize that those purple Core Medals are something not to be taken lightly."

"Oh really…?"


"Don't underestimate the power of a WITCH. With my powers I can…"

"The purple Core Medals are on a different level. And even with your supernatural abilities…they won't be enough to give you an edge. You saw how those those purple Core Medals ejected the other Core Medals Os was using earlier."


"Yes. You should've gotten a hint by now…"


The other individual is shown, revealed to be Mezeru, who stood there watching before assuming her human guise, and there she tells Akako that she can feel that the purple Core Medals' aura are hostile as she could feel that they somewhat of an antithesis of the Greed's Core Medals.

Akako became more curious and tells Mezeru that she would do more research and believe that she might find a solution on how to tame the purple Core Medals, and the two took their leave, unaware that Kaito is lurking nearby.

At another part near the area where the Pterodactyl Yummy was destroyed, three individuals happened to witness it all, and felt that the purple Core Medals might be what they need, yet they didn't seem to understand that the purple Core Medals functioned quite differently from the other Core Medals.

The three individuals are revealed as members of the Magic Kaito Organization, and they seemingly have some knowledge about the Core Medals, especially after seeing Os using different Core Medals before the purple Core Medals temporarily controlled Os. The three members of the organization are shown, and each are identified as:

- Snake

- Spider

- Rose

There the trio are debating on what to do with the discovery they made, and there Spider is more than willing to try finding a way to get those purple Core Medals, though Rose cautions him, saying that based on what they saw, the purple Core Medals appeared to be sentient given how they moved on its own, managing to momentarily knock the Pterodactyl back and forced Kyuji to transform into Os.

"What's the matter, Rose? Scared?"

"What did you say…?"

"You heard me, flower-bitch…"

"Getting chickened over three purple medals…"

"You saw it a while, you idiot. Those purple Core Medals are alive. So getting our hands on it isn't something to be…"

"So you're getting scaredy-cat because those things move…that means you're sacred of ghosts…"

"Don't you push me…!"


Snake stepped in and managed to calm his two comrades down and said that getting the purple Core Medals would not be easy, and stated that they themselves would be no match for Os and the two Births, hence they would be needing SOME MUSCLES to help achieve that goal, and there he asked Rose if she still has THEM, which she nodded in acknowledgement.

"You have the ITEMS, Rose?"

"You mean these…?"



"Better hold on to them. We're going to need it…"

"Are you sure about this, Snake? It might be a bit…"

"Can't be helped. We need some MANPOWER…and that's our only way."


Rose then took out something from her pocket, which revealed to be Core Medals that are colored gray, and the Core Medals in her possession are the following:

- Armadillo

- Ram

- Hippo

Anything Goes byMaki Oghuro
(Opening Song from Kamen Rider OOO)

You count the medals: 1, 2 and 3
Life goes on, Anything goes, Coming up OOO)

iranai motanai yume mo minai
FUREE na joutai... sore me ii kedo
(kokkara hajimaru The show we're waiting for
Count the medals: 1, 2 and 3)

unmei wa kimi hottokanai
kekkyoku wa susumu shika nai
(michi naru tenkai Give me energy
Count the medals: 1, 2 and 3)

daijoubu. ashita wa itsudatte Blank
jibun no kachi wa jibun de kimeru mono sa


Come on! Anything Goes! sono kokoro ga atsuku naru mono
mitasareru mono wo sagashite
Life goes on! honki dashite tatakau no naru
makeru ki shinai hazu!

Count the medals! The medals that O's currently have are:

Set 1:

Taka + Kujaku + x

Misago + x + x

x + x + x

Set 2:

x + Tora + x

x + x + x

x + x + x

Set 3:

Kuwagata + Kamakiri + Batta

x + x + x

x + x + x

Set 4:

Sai + Gorilla + Zou

Bison + x + Girin

x + Kuma + x

Set 5:

Shaichi + Unagi + Tako

x + x + x

x + x + x

Set 6:

Ptera + Trikera + Tyranno

Carno + Smiledon + x

x + x + x

Ch. 168: Keiji, jikken, ribaibaru part 1

Later that night, the scene shifts at Professor Agasa's house, the scene shifts at the guest room where Kyuji is in deep slumber after the events that happened several hours ago, and right now the police are still investigating what happened as there were no evidence left behind and news stated that the incident is suspected to be a terrorist act, which Gotoh didn't like it yet this was the only way as telling the media what really happened would cause panic.

Toudou agreed, yet he is still baffled about what happened earlier as five purple Core Medals appeared and entered Kyuji's body, and then seeing the said Core Medals moving by itself and evoked Kyuji's transformation, and though it helped in defeating the Pterodactyl Yummy, it also shows that it can cause Os to go berserk and attack anyone on sight.

Agasa was worried, and so we're Ran and Shiho, as they wondered aloud where the purple Core Medals came from and why it entered Kyuji's body, with Gotoh wondering if Kougami is aware of what happened recently.

"I wonder if Kougami knows of this…"


"Kougami of the Kougami Foundation? Is he involved in this, Ran?"

"Sort of, daddy…"

"In the event that he is…I hope he might shed some light so that we might come up with something…"




Suddenly, Kougami bursts into the scene with Satonaka following, and while he greeted everyone here, Kougami began to explain about the purple Core Medals, in which he managed to get the data before Maki stole them away, and there Kougami explained to the people present about what he knows about the purple Core Medals.

Kougami began to explain about the purple Core Medals, aka the Dinosaur Group Core Medals, are a sixth set of purple medals which were formed from the antithesis of desire and had the potential to negatively affect the Core Medals with ease, which is shown what happened earlier during Os' battle with Uva.

Taking out a huge tablet and replayed the events from earlier, the footage shows that when five of these Medals entered Eiji's body, it negated Os' form that caused the Taka, Kujaku and Condor Medals to forcefully eject from the Medal Driver and undo his transformation, which Toudou and the others recall what they witnessed earlier.

Kougami then deduced that when the Os and Uva fought, the purple Core Medals sensed Kyuji's apparent lack of desire, which attracted them and caused the purple Core Medals to head towards Kyuji and entered his body, thus having a profound effect on him, which makes him a perfect vessel.

Kougami went on to say that the purple set of medals are also refer as Extinct Animal Group Core Medals. They have the power to change Os into the Putotyra Combo on their whim, which explains why they forcefully evoked his transformation on its own. Moreover,. According to Kougami, due to the Purple Cores being made to get rid of desire, they cannot be used outside of the Combo.

This would also explain why Ankh's Core Medals were ejected when the purple Core Medals entered Os' body, and this made the rest feel apprehensive as a new problem suddenly came, and there Kogoro suddenly realized something, as he vocally recall the rumors he heard some time ago where Kyuji was embroiled in a civil war somewhere within an African nation, where he was the only one who was ransomed, while the rest of a villagers he befriended were massacred, and that Kyuji's relatives, who are high-profile politicians, cash in on his ordeals to gain sympathy from voters, resulting in the politicians getting elected.

This made the others, save for Kougami and Satonaka, got caught by surprise, and slowly realize that this may have caused Kyuji to subconsciously lose his own desire, and in turn attracted the purple Core Medals.

"No way…"


"So that means…"

"That's rough…"

"To think that the Hino family would take advantage of Kyuji's plight…"

"Then that what caused Kyuji to lose his own desires…"

"And yet he…"

"I agree…what Hino's family did is unacceptable. If that we're me, I..."

Suddenly, Kaito Kid appeared, having stealthily hiding all this time, and there he berated Kougami for not taking measures, as Kougami's carelessness allowed Maki to decide to steal the purple Core Medals, and led to the current events, and pointed out that it would be a miracle if Kyuji would be able to gain control of the purple Core Medals provided that he regain his own desires, depending on Kyuji's own will.

Kougami just smirked and assured to Kaito Kid that things will be fine and has faith that Kyuji can overcome any obstacles that came in his way.

"Oh, you don't have to worry. Everything will turn out just fine."

"And how can you tell?"

"I just know it."

"I doubt it."


"Given that you're knowledgeable about the Core Medals…about the Greed and the Yummies…I can't help but suspect that you may be related to all of this. But since I have no proof, I'll leave here as it is. For now."

"Oh…? And what are you implying…?"


Seeing that Kougami doesn't looked concerned, Kaito Kid quietly leaves, while the rest were baffled after what they just found out. At the stairs, Ankh was eavesdropping and heard it all, and now he wondered what steps he should take now that there is potential risks as the purple Core Medals might become active and there's no telling when it would happen next.


The next morning, the scene shifts at basement parking lot, where Uva, in his human form, is walking, carrying a medium-sized sack which contains over 400 Cell Medals, and as he is about to leave, Vermouth shows up and teasingly accosted Uva, and playfully demanded to hand over the Condor Medal, which made Uva feel suspicious as how a mere human is aware of that fact.

"What did you just say…?"

"Oh, you heard me."


"You have a red Core Medal…and it belonged to someone…"

"Huh? Are you an associate of Ankh?"

"Not really…but close to that. So hand over the red Core Medal and I'll leave you in one piece…"

"You damn human…are you…?"

"Oh…here's my ward…and he wants the Core Medal that you have…"

Then, Conankh, in his human guise of Conan Edogawa, showed up, and Uva stared wide-eyed as he can sense the same aura as Ankh's, and he backed away a bit as Conankh glared at him and demanded the Condor Medal, which further baffled Uva, and there Conankh assumed his Greed form and charged towards Uva, punching him, causing the latter to assume his Greed form and began to fight back.

Vermouth smirked as she watches on, confident that Conankh would win, and is curious to know what would happen if Conankh absorbs the Condor Medal, and would this result in him getting stronger. She backed away a bit as Conankh summoned and unleashed some feather projectiles and fired, only for Uva to counter it with electricity from his horns. He wondered how this is possible as he knows that there is only one Ankh yet he is baffled that a second Ankh was mysteriously spawned, while Conankh demanded the Condor Medal.

"This can't be! You can't be Ankh!"

"My Core Medal!"

"Damn…he's a Greed alright…"

"Give me Core Medal!"

"But he thinks like a retarded!"

"Core Medal!"

"Get off me, damn you!"

"My Core Medal!"

However, Vermouth saw something and instinctively pulls Conankh back, and there something struck Uva from behind, as an energy blast hit the insect-Greed, and as he gets up, Uva was surprised at what he just saw: the one that attacked him was the Pteranodon Yummy, and it appeared to be itching to kill someone, as it is eyeing Uva, and this made the insect-Greed taken by surprise as he knows that Kazari, Mezeru and Gameru are the only Greed to have a Yummy based on their motif, yet seeing that the Pteranodon Yummy is based on a dinosaur, he knows that there is no Greed based on that.

As Uva fired his electricity blasts, the Pteranodon Yummy flew and evaded the attack before firing an energy blast which was strong and struck Uva, causing him to drop the Condor Medal, which Vermouth quickly picked it up before giving it to Conankh, and there she tells him that they are retreating, reasoning that they got what they came for.

"Oh, Conankh…here…"

"My…Core Medal…"

"Take it…"

"Core Medal…"

"Good boy…"

"Core Medal…"

"Come on…we got what we came for…so let's go before things get bad…"

"Core Medal…"

Apparently like an obedient pet, Conankh nodded as he assumed his human guise and absorbed the Condor Medal into his body before he and Vermouth fled, as the Pteranodon Yummy proceeded to throttle Uva, and he is starting to be on the losing end as he finds himself getting outmatched in terms of power, and he is forced to fire a strong electrical blast, which managed to stagger the Pteranodon Yummy, and Uva managed to escape.

As the Pteranodon Yummy took its leave as well, the parking lot became empty, leaving only the sack of Cell Medals, which two persons came after emerging from a corner, who turn out to be Spider and Rose from the Magic Kaito Organization, and there Spider said that this is a good haul, which Rose nodded and said that this is all they need, and Spider asked if she has the three Core Medals, which she nodded, and said that they are going back to headquarters and will try an experiment to see if they could re-awaken Gameru.

"So…you prepared, Rose?"


"Think you can handle it…?"

"I suppose…"

"Heh, you chickening out…?"

"Don't you push me…"

"Aw…Rose becoming a scaredy-cat…"

"I swear I'll kill you, Spider…"

To Be Continued...

Misty Mystery byGarnet Crow
(Opening Song from Magic Kaito)

Why mienu asu he to kitai kome aruiteru no
Mada kimi wo omou tochuu mitai ni zawameku

Wakare to namida hikikae ni nani wo sono te ni shita no
Inori dake kimi ni todoku to iu izayoi no tsuki ni deauAre wa tooi machi no zanzou meguri meguru amai tsuioku
Marude natsu arashi no you na scene miseru dake
Kanashimi wa shizen na genshou yasuragi wa tada no inshou
Kokoro moyou tokiakasu keyword aa sagashite
Sougen no hikari kaze ni kieru you Misty MysteryAre wa tooi machi no zanzou meguri meguru amai tsuioku
Marude natsu arashi no you na scene aa sagashite
Sougen no hikari kaze ni kieru you Misty Mystery

Hope you liked this opening chapter of the current story arc, as the Detective Conan crew are trying to adjust to the fact that they got a clue about the nature of the purple Core Medals that entered Kyuji's body…learning of Kyuji's past and why the purple Core Medals entered his body…

Another dinosaur-themed Yummy appeared, and attacked Uva, which during the melee he loses the Condor Medal to Conankh, and here the rest of the Magic Kaito casts appeared, which one of them have Gameru's missing Core Medals, potentially teasing the possibility of reawakening the Greed…


As the Pteranodon Yummy causes a ruckus, Kyuji the crew attempted to halt him…will Kyuji be able to gain control over the purple Core Medals or not?

See you in four weeks…

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