Hunt For The Mystical Medals

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Many thanks to those who reviewed this fic, I really appreciated it and this gave me inspiration to work on the next chapter and here the current story arc continue…and here you will see the aftermath of what happened following the previous chapter…and how this affects the crew and support characters …as a new threat emerges which would puts our heroes in a new pinch…especially as it puts Shinichi and Ankh in danger…

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Birth and Proto-Birth glanced at the Core Medals that Ankh took and felt that there is some consolation, seeing that despite the problematic nature of the purple Core Medals, it did serve some help as Os managed to weaken the Greed, yet Proto-Birth told Birth that unless and until Kyuji manage to control the purple Core Medals, he would pose a serious risk to every innocent people.

"Hmm…maybe those purple Core Medals do have some use…"

"Please don't get ahead of yourself, Toudou. Hino need to learn about how to control those purple Core Medals."


"The worst case scenario would be that if those purple Core Medals COMPLETELY took over Hino's body…"

"Okay, you got a point…"

"What we should do now is formulate a plan once Hino defeat Kazari…

"Got it."


Meanwhile, as Os stood and roared, Kazari slowly got up, and recognizing that Os in his feral state is something he should be wary of, and realizing that he lost two of his Core Medals, the Greed decided to retreat for now and figure out a way to regain the rest of his Core Medals as he now has six left, but his musing is interrupted as Os charged forward and attempted to slash him again with the Medagabryu axe, and Kazari dodges back as Os is still chasing after him.




"This is bad…!"


"If he lands another blow I might lose than some of my Core Medals…!"


"It seems that this wasn't a good idea after all…"

As Os PutoTyra Combo continue his assaults, Kazari managed to get some distance before unleashing his hurricane waves, which momentarily halted his opponent, which gave the feline Greed ample time to get some distance and made his escape, and as Os was about to give chase, he suddenly collapses, as Kyuji subconsciously managed to halt his body.

As Ankh, Birth and Proto-Birth checked on the unconscious Kyuji, who has subconsciously undo his transformation, Akako and Mezeru watched on and the two females realized that they partially got some information on how the purple Core Medals work, and both came to an agreement that the purple Core Medals are not to be taken lightly.

"It looks like you were right. Those purple Core Medals are something…and they're not to be taken lightly."

"Indeed. Since I first saw it…I can tell that those kind of Core Medals are different from the ones me and my fellow Greed have."

"And from the looks of it…those Core Medals…they seem to be…alive…for some reason…"


"Well, what shall we do next, Mezeru?"

"Lets go. We have nothing else to do here."



As the two females left, Kaito Kid watches on while remaining hidden, and saw what transpired, realizing that the purple Core Medals are indeed dangerous as he noted that even Ankh was unable to get hold of them as they appeared to be sentient, and now he wondered how Kyuji and the others would address this situation.

"Yup. Those purple Core Medals are really dangerous. Looks like Ankh has his hands full and so is Shinichi Kudo…assuming that he should be healed now given that Ankh has been keeping Kudo's body going for several months…"

As Kaito Kid left, so were Ankh and the others, which leaves a parked car, where Kiyoto Maki watched the scene, as he has been observing the battle a while ago, though he wasn't feeling disappointed at the results, as he was able to gather some data, while at the same time curious on what Kyuji would do next, believing that Kyuji is now aware of the fact that the purple Core Medals would take control of Kyuji's body on their own accord, and this is where things would get more interesting.

"Looks like an interesting development…let's see where this lead to…"

Anything Goes byMaki Oghuro
(Opening Song from Kamen Rider OOO)

You count the medals: 1, 2 and 3
Life goes on, Anything goes, Coming up OOO)

iranai motanai yume mo minai
FUREE na joutai... sore me ii kedo
(kokkara hajimaru The show we're waiting for
Count the medals: 1, 2 and 3)

unmei wa kimi hottokanai
kekkyoku wa susumu shika nai
(michi naru tenkai Give me energy
Count the medals: 1, 2 and 3)

daijoubu. ashita wa itsudatte Blank
jibun no kachi wa jibun de kimeru mono sa


Come on! Anything Goes! sono kokoro ga atsuku naru mono
mitasareru mono wo sagashite
Life goes on! honki dashite tatakau no naru
makeru ki shinai hazu!

Ch. 170: Keiji, jikken, ribaibaru part 3

Much later, the scene shifts back at Professor Agasa's house, where the professor sweat-dropped as Kyuji and Ankh are arguing over what happened earlier, with the former telling the latter that his plan was a failure as Ankh was unable to get a hold of a single purple Core Medal, which Ankh took offense, reiterating that he did not expect that the purple Core Medals have the ability to resist any attempted interference.

"You sure know how to pull it off…but still you couldn't do it!"

"Can it! I had no idea that those purple Core Medals could actually resist!"

"Oh come on! You could easily grab the other Greed's Core Medals yet you couldn't grab a single purple Core Medal"

"What was that?!"

"You heard me!"

"Don't you dare…!"

"But its true!"

"You damn…!"

Gotoh and Toudou decided to intervene and urged Kyuji and Ankh to let it go, reasoning that the Pteranodon Yummy has been defeated, and that Kazari was chased away while Ankh managed to get two of Kazari's Core Medals, which gave Kyuji some consolation, though he expressed concern that he can't just let the purple Core Medals inside him take control at their own leisure and accord.

Toudou and Gotoh assured to Kyuji that they would find some way to get the purple Core Medals out of his body, and there they suggested to him to avoid fighting the Greed, which Kyuji said that it is somewhat impossible given the circumstances and everything else.

"Sorry, guys…but I can't…"

"Just trust us on this, Hino…"

"Toudou is right…right now you need to…"

"No can do. I'll try to figure out a way to control these medals…"

"Don't be rash, Hino."

"That's right. Gotoh and I can…"

"Sorry, but I can't just sit this one out…"


"Please listen to reasons…"

Ran and Shiho interjected and offered their input and they, along with Toudou and Gotoh, exchange suggestions on how to help Kyuji gain control over the purple Core Medals while discussing the possible complications it might show, as they felt that it might be almost impossible for Kyuji to have possible control over the purple Core Medals.

Meanwhile, Ankh is sitting on a chair while facing the table, where he glanced what's in front of him, which are the Core Medals that he has in possession, and right now he is coming up with the best possible combinations to use as he realized that of Kyuji is being cornered the purple Core Medals might ACT UP and take possession of Kyuji's body.

The scene shows the Core Medals available, which are segregated by color, which are:

Set 1 (Red; Bird-type):

Taka + Kujaku + x

Misago + x + x

x + x + x

Set 2 (Yellow; Feline-type):

x + Tora + x

x + x + x

Oyamaneko + Pallas + x

Set 3 (Green; Insect-type):

Kuwagata + Kamakiri + Batta

x + x + x

x + x + x

Set 4 (Gray; Heavy Animal-type):

Sai + Gorilla + Zou

Bison + x + Girin

x + Kuma + x

Set 5 (Violet; Marine-type):

Shaichi + Unagi + Tako

x + x + x

x + x + x

Ankh sensed that things are getting more complicated, as well as he seemingly sensed that he is getting closer to danger. With a doppelganger of himself was BORN, Conankh now has six of the Bird-type Core Medals, and thus it is likely that Conankh has gained more power, while Ankh himself only has three, thus he was significantly weakened to a degree, hence he realized that he has to avoid getting into a confrontation with Conankh.

However, as everyone inside the Agasa house is busy, nobody have any idea that someone is standing outside of the Agasa house, where an 18-year old boy is glancing at the door, as if he can sense that the one he seeks is inside the house and he could feel that the one he seek is right inside.

This teenager is revealed to be Eisuke Hondou, and he happened to came here after passing by the Kudo house, which he noted that the Kudo house was empty and that no one was residing for the past several months, which led Eisuke to decide investigating, but then the door suddenly opened, where Kyuji came running out, with Ankh chasing, demanding to know if the purple Core Medals are ACTING UP again, as Kyuji suddenly sensed the presence of a Yummy.

"Kyuji! What are you…?"

" I sensed another Yummy!"

"Are the purple Core Medals inside you acting up again? Or are they influencing you?"

"Don't know! All I know is that I can sense Yummies!"

"You better not go out of control again…!"

"Like I would let that happen!"

"I'll be fine!"

"Looks to me that you're not!"

Eisuke blinked his eyes as he saw Shinichi, but noticed that his hairstyle is different as it was blond-colored and SPIKING UP, and there he saw Ran going after Kyuji and Ankh, and there Eisuke decided to discreetly follow them as he is intrigued at what Shinichi is up to, unaware of the fact that Shinichi Kudo is currently possessed by Ankh.


Minutes later, the scene shifts near an empty ranch, where Kyuji, Ankh and Ran arrived and where surprised to see that a Yummy is committing an act of vandalism, kicking and scratching some damaged properties. The attacker is revealed to be the Yamaneko Yummy, which resembled a humanoid-looking wildcat, and there it began to charge forward, which Kyuji began to evade the attacking Yummy.

Ran was worried and saw Ankh bracing himself, which prompted her to remind him that he is considerably weakened with only three Core Medals in his possession and told him that he has to focus in protecting Shinichi's body, which Ankh sighed in annoyance, not realizing that Eisuke is there and he overheard what Ran said about Shinichi's body being in a comatose.

"Huh? Kudo in a comatose state? His body possessed…?"

Ankh then opened the Medal Case and took out three Core Medals and shouted at Kyuji, telling him to make use of the Core Medals as he cannot just recklessly use a Full Combo or else he would risk getting exhausted which in turn might cause the purple Core Medals to act on their own.

Kyuji nodded as he caught the three Core Medals and slots them inside the Medal Driver before scanning the Medal Scanner, initiating his transformation.

Medal Scanner: "SAI…PALLAS…ZOU…"

Taking a random combo, which Kamen Rider Os has the helmet armed with a rhino horn, his armored gloves having clawed gauntlets of a Pallas, and his armored boots vaguely resembled a pair of elephant legs, and there Os began to engage battle with the Yamaneko Yummy, which the two are evenly matched, yet both use their clawed gauntlets to try damaging one another yet Os managed to gain the upper hand.

As Os uses the Pallas claws to slash the Yummy, he began to use the rhino horn and rammed the Yummy, causing it to stagger back, and there Ankh told Os to use the chance and finish off the Yummy before the purple Core Medals might make its move, much to Os annoyance.



"Hurry up!"


"Finish him off!"

"I know!"

"Do it!"

"I'm trying!"

Suddenly, Kazari showed up and did a surprise attack on Os, using a tornado-like projectile energy blast and struck Os from behind, and the blast is strong enough to knock him out of his transformation, and dropped the Pallas Core Medal, which Kazari took it before absorbing it into his body, and there he tells Kyuji to hand over the remaining Core Medals immediately.

"Now then…"


"Hand over the rest of my Core Medals…"


"Better do it before I'm tempted to kill you…"


"Or perhaps…I should kill you now…"


Ran is worried as Kyuji is in danger, and as Ankh is about to choose the next Core Medal to compensate for the loss of the Pallas Core Medal, something unexpected took place as a Yummy appeared and unleash an ability to TIE UP Ankh, and the sudden attacker is a Bird-type Yummy, which resembled a humanoid-looking snowy owl. This attacker is revealed to be the Fukurou Yummy, and there the Yummy began to flew off taking Ankh prisoner.

Ran tried to get to Ankh but was unable to, while Kazari was perplexed at the turn of events, yet he is fine with it as he can now kill Kyuji without any interference as he can find Ankh later so he can claim the Tora Core Medal.

"Hmm…this is unexpected…it looks like the other Ankh is coincidentally here and doing his own thing…oh well, not my problem. Now then…"


"Everything still stands. Now be good and hand over my Core Medals…"


"Better do it immediately before I'm tempted to kill you in cold blood…"


"Or perhaps…I should kill you now…lest those purple Core Medals began acting on their own again…"


Kyuji finds himself in a pinch as Ankh was kidnapped by a Yummy, losing a Core Medal to Kazari, and he only has two Core Medals with him as he lacked a third one needed to transform, and now he is being cornered by Kazari as he is alone right now while Ran and Eisuke could only watch helplessly as they do not have any means to fight Kazari given how dangerous the Greed is.



"Huh? Hondou?"

"What's going on here? Was that blond-haired guy really Kudo?"

"Huh? You knew?"

"Please tell me! What's going on? And what's with those monsters?"

"Oh no! Kyuji!"


To Be Continued...

Misty Mystery byGarnet Crow
(Opening Song from Magic Kaito)

Why mienu asu he to kitai kome aruiteru no
Mada kimi wo omou tochuu mitai ni zawameku

Wakare to namida hikikae ni nani wo sono te ni shita no
Inori dake kimi ni todoku to iu izayoi no tsuki ni deauAre wa tooi machi no zanzou meguri meguru amai tsuioku
Marude natsu arashi no you na scene miseru dake
Kanashimi wa shizen na genshou yasuragi wa tada no inshou
Kokoro moyou tokiakasu keyword aa sagashite
Sougen no hikari kaze ni kieru you Misty MysteryAre wa tooi machi no zanzou meguri meguru amai tsuioku
Marude natsu arashi no you na scene aa sagashite
Sougen no hikari kaze ni kieru you Misty Mystery

Hope you liked this chapter of the current story arc, as things escalated rather quickly as one of Kazari's Yummy showed up, which soon turn out to be an ambush which resulted in Os losing one of the yellow Core Medals back to Kazari…and the feline Greed has Kyuji cornered…

Ankh is now in danger as a Bird-type Yummy showed up and took him…no doubt from Conankh, hence the two counterparts are getting into another encounter…


See next chapter if Hino can be saved from Kazari's assault or whether the purple Core Medals make its move that might result in Os going into another berserker rampage…

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