Hunt For The Mystical Medals

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Many thanks to those who reviewed this fic, I really appreciated it and this gave me inspiration to work on the next chapter and here the current story arc continue…and here you will see the aftermath of what happened following the previous chapter…and how this affects the crew and support characters …as a new threat emerges which would puts our heroes in a new pinch…especially as it puts Shinichi and Ankh in danger…

Well, read on and enjoy!

Meanwhile, the scene shifts at the Kougami Foundation, where Kougami and Satonaka watched the events unfold via the monitor where it is shown that a Candroid is recording the scene, and there Satonaka appeared worried upon seeing the standoff taking place, where Kamen Riders Os, Birth and Proto-Birth are confronting Kazari, even though his Yummy got destroyed, while Kougami looks on with keen interest.

Satonaka then pointed out that Vermouth and Conankh are still there though Kougami didn't appeared to be worried as he is confident that the trio Kamen Riders would come out victorious though Satonaka reminded that Os lost two Core Medals in succession yet Kougami assured to her that things would surely change in a positive note.

"Don't fret, Satonaka. Things would turn out fine."

"Are you sure? Hino lost two Core Medals…there's a risk that he might lose more given the number of…"

"Toudou and Gotoh are there…and I am confident that they will weather this storm."

"Are you sure, president?"

"Yes. I am absolutely sure."

"Very well."

"Good. Just keep on observing."


Satonaka just nodded as she checked her laptop where a file was opened, where it documented the Core Medals that are in Os' possession and there she took note of the current Core Medals he has at the moment, where the scene zoomed towards the laptop screen showing the Core Medals being displayed:


Set 1 (Red; Bird-type):

Taka + Kujaku + x

Misago + x + x

x + x + x

Set 2 (Yellow; Feline-type):

x + Tora + x

x + x + x

x + x + x

Set 3 (Green; Insect-type):

Kuwagata + Kamakiri + Batta

x + x + x

x + x + x

Set 4 (Gray; Heavy Animal-type):

Sai + Gorilla + Zou

Bison + x + Girin

x + Kuma + x

Set 5 (Violet; Marine-type):

Shaichi + Unagi + Tako

x + x + x

x + x + x

Set 6 (Purple; Dinosaur-type):

Ptera + Trikera + Tyranno

Carno + Smiledon + x

x + x + x


Satonaka then glanced at the other monitor where the standoff between the Kamen Riders and the other parties involved and there she saw Doctor Maki standing beside Kazari, and there she told Kougami that there is a possibility that the purple Core Medals might act on their own, which Kougami agreed, and he admitted that even though he doesn't like it, Kyuji may have to rely on the purple Core Medals if it would mean defeating the Greed.

"You may be right…there's a risk that the purple Core Medals might cause a situation…"

"Then that…"

"However…it might help them get out of a sticky situation…"

"So Hino would have to rely on those purple Core Medals after all…?"


"That doesn't sound good…"

"Lets continue observing before we make a full assessment."


Anything Goes byMaki Oghuro
(Opening Song from Kamen Rider OOO)

You count the medals: 1, 2 and 3
Life goes on, Anything goes, Coming up OOO)

iranai motanai yume mo minai
FUREE na joutai... sore me ii kedo
(kokkara hajimaru The show we're waiting for
Count the medals: 1, 2 and 3)

unmei wa kimi hottokanai
kekkyoku wa susumu shika nai
(michi naru tenkai Give me energy
Count the medals: 1, 2 and 3)

daijoubu. ashita wa itsudatte Blank
jibun no kachi wa jibun de kimeru mono sa


Come on!

Anything Goes! sono kokoro ga atsuku naru mono
mitasareru mono wo sagashite
Life goes on! honki dashite tatakau no naru
makeru ki shinai hazu!

Ch. 172: Keiji, jikken, ribaibaru part 5

At the scene of the battle, you can see that Kamen Riders Os, Birth and Proto-Birth are facing off against Kazari and Maki, as they just finished off his Yummy, and there Kazari is starting to get dismayed as the three Kamen Riders are standing before him, and with the Yamaneko Yummy destroyed, he finds himself in a disadvantage, though Vermouth wasn't fazed after Ankh is still there as Conankh confronted him, while Maki looks on as he expected that something surprising might take place, and tells Kazari to maintain his composure.



"Keep your cool."



"Oh, fine. What next?"

"Just keep still. Things would be fine."


At this point Ran and Eisuke arrived and witnessed the standoff and there she told Eisuke that they should stay hidden so as not to get in the way, which he reluctantly nodded as he saw Ankh and Conankh facing off, and is worried about what would happen to Shinichi should Ankh gets killed off.

"So that's the one…that bird-looking monster…?"


"Wha…? That monster-looking hand on Kudo's body…"

"Yeah…that's the ORIGINAL Ankh…and the one keeping Shinichi alive at this point…"

"And if THAT Ankh ceases to exist…"

"Shinichi would have only 10 minutes before his body EXPIRES…"

"No way…you can't be serious…!"

"It's the truth."

As the standoff intensifies, Birth saw Conankh pinning Ankh down and is about to start the process of absorbing Ankh, and this made him worried as there is no telling how this would affect Shinichi Kudo's body, and there he told Os to go deal with Conankh as he and Proto-Birth will deal with Kazari, which Os appeared hesitant until Birth and Proto-Birth persuaded him to go stop Conankh.

"Go now! Help Ankh!"

"Leave Kazari to us, Hino!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah! We can handle the fur-ball!"

"So please go help Ankh!"


"Just go!"

"If Ankh is gone, so is Shinichi Kudo! Right now he's dependent on Ankh!"

"Damn it…"

Left with no choice, Os went after Conankh and the two fought, which their battle was initially on equal footing until Conankh began flying around and bombarded Os with fireballs whose heat were intense, and Os finds himself in a disadvantage as the Girin Core Medal only amplify his kicking power yet it cannot compensate against fast-moving and flying opponents.

At that moment something appeared and struck Os from behind, which was a water-like blast, and there it is shown that the surprise attacker turns out to be a Yummy, which revealed to be the Kujira Yummy, as Mezeru spawned a Yummy from Akako, who gave Mezeru permission to use her, and there the Kujira Yummy began to fought Os, providing a perfect distraction which enabled Conankh to ambush Os, and performed the Prominence Drop on his target by attacking him from behind, causing an explosion-like effect that sent Os careening against a thick tree which knocked him out of his transformation, while the resulting impact caused the election of the Core Medals out of the Medal Driver.

Ankh detaches himself from Shinichi's body and uses his monster hand to retrieve the Kamakiri Medal but lost sight of the Bison and Girin Core Medals, and after re-attaching himself onto Shinichi's body, things are looking grim as Mezeru confronted Ankh and demanded to hand over her Core Medals as she threaten to harm Shinichi's body, causing Ran and Eisuke to stare in worry.

"Now then, boy…"


"If you wish to protect your HUMAN friend…give me my Core Medals."


"Otherwise…I would be compelled to kill him…and you."


"So what would it be…? Choose now."


Eisuke was worried and glanced at the Medal Case and opened it, where he looked at the Core Medals stored inside and asked which ones belonged to Mezeru yet she told Eisuke that he will not hand them over yet he stated that Shinichi is in danger and said that based on what she told her a while ago, if Ankh is killed Shinichi's body won't last for less than 10 minutes and will eventually die, but Ran assured that Kyuji and the others will protect Shinichi.

"No. You're not giving them."


"Even if you do surrender them…they'll kill us anyway."


"Don't worry. Kyuji and the others will protect Shinichi."

"But…can they…?"

"Yes, they will protect Shinichi."


Meanwhile, Birth and Proto-Birth saw what is happening and there Kazari gloated as he told the two Kamen Riders that things are not looking good as Kyuji is about to get killed while Ankh is about to get absorbed by Conankh, and there Maki told Kazari to use this chance to get rid of Birth and Proto-Birth, which Kazari nodded in acknowledgement.



"Make use of this opportunity."

"Which is…?"

"Keep those two busy. This is an ideal chance for us. Once the other Ankh takes out the original Ankh, Hino would be helpless and you will regain ALL of your Core Medals."

"Oh, fine. Want me to kill these two?"

"To your heart's desire."


Seeing what is happening, Kyuji thought carefully despite the pain he is feeling on his ribcage after colliding badly on the thick tree after the attack by Conankh on his back, and wobbly getting up, he began to clutch his chest as he began a monologue-like speech which Ankh was baffled at first before staring wide-eyed as he slowly get the gist of what Kyuji is attempting to do.

"Come out…"


"Come out…"

"Kyuji…what are you…?"

"Come out…"

"You can't be serious…"

"Come out…"

"Kyuji! Do you know what you're doing?"

Eisuke was baffled at what Kyuji is doing before Ran gasped as she sensed what the latter is planning to do, and when Eisuke asked, he is shocked at what he just heard and said that this is crazy since he was told that the moment the purple Core Medals become active Kyuji would go out of control and attack anything within his range of sight.

"Ran! Is that guy serious?"


"If what you told me earlier is true…then he'll go crazy if those purple Medals take control of him!"

"I know that!"

"Then why is he…?"

"I have no idea!"

"Shouldn't we be doing something?"

"Like what?"

Birth and Proto-Birth saw what Kyuji is doing and are apprehensive about what would happen next, yet Toudou seemed to get the gist as he whispered to Gotoh to let things play out for now, and once the present threat is addressed and if Kyuji goes out of control again then they will deal with him, which Gotoh was hesitant at first before reluctantly agreeing.

"Gotoh…keep your cool."

"Huh? Are you…?"

"Lets see where this would lead to. If that would help us chase the Greed away, then it's good."

"But what if Hino…"

"If he goes out of control again…we'll stop him."

"Are you sure about this, Toudou?"

"For now."


Maki stared at Kyuji before staring wide-eyed, as for some reason he appeared to be concerned and there he whispered to Kazari that he is going to take his leave and advised him to back away a bit and observe, advising him to avoid getting into Os' way, which Kazari slowly got the gist and nodded in acknowledgement, intrigued to find out if Kyuji could manage to pull it off something outrageous.



"I'm taking my leave."

"So quickly…?"

"For now. I'd advise that you keep your distance. If what I suspect is true, HE might target you."

"Oh, fine. Want me to keep watching?"

"For now, but back away if things get intense."


As Maki took his leave, Vermouth watches on as she too got the gist and she watches the scenes intently as she wondered if Kyuji's plan would pull through or blow straight in his face, yet she uses the distraction and tells Conankh to proceed in absorbing Ankh.



"Go on. Absorb him."


"Get it back…to your heart's DESIRE…"


"Go on…"

"My…my body…!"

As Conankh is about to close in on Ankh, everyone then saw Kyuji screaming for the purple Core Medals to come out, and three of the purple Core Medals came out of his body and he grabbed them as he trembled, which Kyuji struggled to keep his self-awareness intact as he forcibly placed them inside the Medal Driver before scanning them with the Medal Scanner to initiate his transformation.


Kyuji braces himself as he transformed into Kamen Rider Os, and once again his form has whitish armor with some purple linings in front of his armored thighs while his outer armor is quite bulky as his chest emblem, having the faces of a pterodactyl, triceratops and tyrannosaurus, was large, having armored gloves whose fingertips are sharp, having armored wing-like ornaments from his back and armored boots.

Os assumes the Putotyra Combo, and there Birth and Proto-Birth braced themselves as they anticipate that Os would go out of control the moment he assume that form.

Akako stared wide-eyed in surprise as she gets to see this form in close range, and wondered if Kyuji knows what he is doing, and there Mezeru told her that they better back off a bit as she anticipate that things would go chaotic from this point on, which Akako reluctantly agreed.

"Akako…we better back off a bit."

"Huh? Are you…?"

"Yes. Looks like things are taking a different turn. We should take precautions and observe from the shadows."

"But what if that guy…"

"If he goes out of control again…that's where we'll take our leave."

"Are you sure about this, Mezeru?"

"For now."


To Be Continued...

Misty Mystery byGarnet Crow
(Opening Song from Magic Kaito)

Why mienu asu he to kitai kome aruiteru no
Mada kimi wo omou tochuu mitai ni zawameku

Wakare to namida hikikae ni nani wo sono te ni shita no
Inori dake kimi ni todoku to iu izayoi no tsuki ni deauAre wa tooi machi no zanzou meguri meguru amai tsuioku
Marude natsu arashi no you na scene miseru dake
Kanashimi wa shizen na genshou yasuragi wa tada no inshou
Kokoro moyou tokiakasu keyword aa sagashite
Sougen no hikari kaze ni kieru you Misty MysteryAre wa tooi machi no zanzou meguri meguru amai tsuioku
Marude natsu arashi no you na scene aa sagashite
Sougen no hikari kaze ni kieru you Misty Mystery

Hope you liked this chapter of the current story arc, as things escalated rather quickly as Mezeru spawned a Yummy which distracted Os, while Kazari keeps Birth and Proto-Birth busy while Conankh is ready to absorb Ankh but somehow Kyuji seemingly managed to summon the purple Core Medals by himself through sheer will…but would he be able to control them…temporarily…?


See next chapter if Hino is able to control his dinosaur-themed Combo or not…and whether he goes out of control again…

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