Hunt For The Mystical Medals

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Many thanks to those who reviewed this fic, I really appreciated it and this gave me inspiration to work on the next chapter and here the current story arc continue…and here you will see the aftermath of what happened following the previous chapter…and how this affects the Detective Conan crew and support characters…as Kyuji tries a very dangerous gambit in the hopes of defeating at least three Greeds from different fronts…but would that be enough to save them…?

Well, read on and enjoy!

Meanwhile, the scene shifts at the Kougami Foundation, where Kougami and Satonaka watched the events unfold via the monitor where it is shown that a Candroid is recording the scene, and there Satonaka appeared worried upon seeing the standoff taking place, where Kyuji seemingly made a risky gambit by trying to summon the purple Core Medals and then force himself to transform into Kamen Riders Os, where he assume Putotyra Combo.

The footage also shows that Kamen Riders Birth and Proto-Birth are still confronting Kazari, while Ankh is still in danger of being ABSORBED by Conankh, yet Kougami looks on with keen interest.

Satonaka then pointed out the possible risks and unforeseen situations, though Kougami didn't appeared to be worried as he is confident that the trio Kamen Riders would come out victorious though Satonaka reminded that Os just lost two Core Medals in less than a minute and that he is at risk of falling into the purple Core Medals' influence, yet Kougami assured to her that things would surely be okay.

"Don't fret, Satonaka. Things would turn out fine."

"Are you sure? Hino just lost two Core Medals…then he did something outrageous by summoning the purple Core Medals and uses them to transform…so there's a possibility that he might lose control of himself and…"

"Calm down, Satonaka. Toudou and Gotoh are there…they will be the ones to calm Hino down."

"Are you sure, president?"

"Yes. I am absolutely sure."

"Very well."

"Good. Just keep on observing."


Anything Goes byMaki Oghuro
(Opening Song from Kamen Rider OOO)

You count the medals: 1, 2 and 3
Life goes on, Anything goes, Coming up OOO)

iranai motanai yume mo minai
FUREE na joutai... sore me ii kedo
(kokkara hajimaru The show we're waiting for
Count the medals: 1, 2 and 3)

unmei wa kimi hottokanai
kekkyoku wa susumu shika nai
(michi naru tenkai Give me energy
Count the medals: 1, 2 and 3)

daijoubu. ashita wa itsudatte Blank
jibun no kachi wa jibun de kimeru mono sa


Come on! Anything Goes! sono kokoro ga atsuku naru mono
mitasareru mono wo sagashite
Life goes on! honki dashite tatakau no naru
makeru ki shinai hazu!

Ch. 173: Keiji, jikken, ribaibaru part 6

At the scene of the battle, you can see that Conankh is about to close in on Ankh, everyone then saw Kyuji screaming for the purple Core Medals to come out, and three of the purple Core Medals came out of his body and he grabbed them as he trembled, which Kyuji struggled to keep his self-awareness intact as he forcibly placed them inside the Medal Driver before scanning them with the Medal Scanner to initiate his transformation.


Kyuji braces himself as he transformed into Kamen Rider Os, and once again his form has whitish armor with some purple linings in front of his armored thighs while his outer armor is quite bulky as his chest emblem, having the faces of a pterodactyl, triceratops and tyrannosaurus, was large, having armored gloves whose fingertips are sharp, having armored wing-like ornaments from his back and armored boots.

Os assumes the Putotyra Combo, unleashes a strong aura, which sent Kazari staggering backwards and there Birth and Proto-Birth braced themselves as they anticipate that Os would go out of control the moment he assume that form.

Akako stared wide-eyed in surprise as she gets to see this form in close range, and wondered if Kyuji knows what he is doing, and there Mezeru told her that they better back off a bit as she anticipate that things would go chaotic from this point on, which Akako reluctantly agreed.

"Akako…we better back off a bit."

"Huh? Are you…?"

"Yes. Looks like things are taking a different turn. We should take precautions and observe from the shadows."

"But what if that guy…"

"If he goes out of control again…that's where we'll take our leave."

"Are you sure about this, Mezeru?"

"For now."


As Mezeru and Akako backed away and hid behind the trees, they saw Kazari bracing himself as Os (in PutoTyra Combo) roared like a wild animal, and there Vermouth sensed that something bad is about to happen as she pulled Conankh away as Os went forward and struck the nearby tree, in which the blow was meant for Conankh, and there she tells Conankh that they better retreat for now, though Conankh is seemingly reluctant to do so.

"Come on, Conankh…we better bail out…"

"My medals…"

"We'll get them back…and you'll be COMPLETE again…"


"Right now I need you to stay in one piece…so I can't risk getting you killed…"


"We better back away…"


Kazari stared wide-eyed at seeing what just happened, and is quite astonished to see that Kyuji used sheer will to summon the three purple Core Medals forcefully willed himself to transform, yet he noticed that Os is still in an animalistic state, wondering if Os realize what he is doing, and now Kazari seemingly came to regret in not killing Kyuji earlier.

"Is he serious…? Does he have any idea what he is getting himself into…?"

Seeing Kazari, Os (in PutoTyra Combo) punched the ground and pulls out the Medagabryu, and Kazari became cautious as he did not anticipate something like this, and there he uses a tornado blast to try disable his target, but Os in PutoTyra Combo evaded it and slashes Kazari on his chest, injuring him whilst some Cell Medals spurts out, BLEEDING the Greed and at the same time one of his Core Medals flew out which Ankh caught it, revealing to be the Cheetah Core Medal.

"Hmph. At least this would compensate…"

As Kazari staggered backwards, the Fukuro Yummy and the Kujira Yummy came and ambushed Os from behind, attacking him and this somewhat gave Kazari time to back away and seeing Ankh, he decided to attack him now in an effort to get the Cheetah Core Medal back, and there he confronted Ankh and demanded that he hand over the Cheetah Core Medal, which Ankh stubbornly refuses.

"Okay, Ankh…"


"Hand it over. My Core Medal."

"No way!"

"Don't make me hurt you…or that body you're BORROWING…"

"Come and get me of you dare!"

"Your funeral."

"I'm ready!"

In the ensuing melee, as the two Yummies are keeping Os busy, Conankh decided to take a chance and flew upward before descending, executing his version of the Prominence Drop and struck Os from behind, producing enough explosion and Os was knocked down and went still, which Vermouth wondered if Conankh pulled it off and managed to defeat Os.

Akako wondered if Conankh won, and is pondering on whether to go take a closer look or not, but Mezeru stopped her and tells her not to get closer, stating that Os doesn't looked like he got defeated, surprising the witch as she felt that Os has already been taken down hard after what Conankh did just now.


"He's still active."

"Are you sure?"

"I have a feeling."


"For now we should stay here and stay out of sight."



Suddenly Os got up, and uses the Medagabryu on Conankh, slashing him on his chest, resulting in BLEEDING some Cell Medals before one of his Core Medals flew out, which Ran and Eisuke caught it, and glancing at the Core Medal, it is shown that it was the Condor Core Medal, and there Ran and Eisuke hid behind a thick tree and she told him to stay hidden.

"Hondou…whatever you do…don't show yourself."


"We can't let them see us…or we end up becoming hostages."

"I…I see…"

"So hold on to that medal. And don't lose it no matter what."




As Conankh staggered backwards and in pain, Vermouth took him and tells him that they are retreating as she realized that Kyuji is indeed a threat and that they can't stay here any longer, and the female Black Organization member managed to persuade Conankh to retreat, and as the two left, Kazari saw what occurred, and there he saw Os picked up a Cell Medal and SLOTS it inside the Medagabryu, which caused the weapon to change shape, from an axe into a gun-like weapon.

Kazari then realized that things are getting frantic and reluctantly opted to retreat, and there Os aimed the Medagabryu in Gun Mode at the Fukuro and Kujira Yummies as the weapon spoke to announce the activation of the imminent attack.


There the Medagabryu in Gun Mode fired, emitting a powerful blast which struck the two Yummies and they exploded, and several Cell Medals came raining down, and there Akako and Mezeru watches on, where Ran and Eisuke came out from their hiding spot and went towards Ankh, giving him the Condor Core Medal, but then Os roared and Ankh realized that Os is still under the purple Core Medals' influence and he told the two to back away.

Kamen Riders Birth and Proto-Birth realized this and went towards Os and grappled onto him as they vocally tried to rouse Kyuji from his trance as he roared whilst struggling to break free from their hold, seemingly unable to recognize them despite the two calling out Kyuji's name.


"Hino! Stop!"

"Calm down!"

"Snap out of it!"

"That's Ankh! And Miss Mori!"

"Get a grip on yourself!"

"Open your eyes! The purple Core Medals are controlling you!"

"Fight it, Hino!"

Ankh then took the chance as he rushed towards Os and deactivated the Medal Driver, cancelling the transformation and Kyuji reverted back to normal, which he weakly thanked Ankh before losing consciousness, and there Birth and Proto-Birth undo their transformations and reverted to normal, seeing that everything is under control and began to take their leave.

Akako asked Mezeru if she wished to use this chance to kill Kyuji while he is unconscious but Mezeru justified that it is too risky as the other two Kamen Riders are there and with Ankh regaining a Core Medal they might gang up on her and she would risk losing her Core Medals, which Akako reluctantly understood, seeing that the female Greed has a point.

"There will be other chances…but for now we leave things as it is."

"Huh? Are you sure about this…?"

"Yes. Kazari's carelessness and the other Ankh's brashness costs them their Core Medals. I will not do the same as doing so would put me at risk."

"Hmm…you do have a point…"

"Indeed. So for the time being we retreat."

"Are you sure about this, Mezeru?"

"For now."


As the two females leave they then attempted to search for the two Core Medals that Os lost earlier but were baffled as they couldn't find it as they are sure that the two Core Medals landed somewhere here, unaware that someone took them away a while ago.


An hour later…

The scene shifts at an unspecified hideout, where the three members of the Magic Kaito Organization are there, and the organization's second-in-command, identified only as the Magic Kaito Sub-Boss, stood there as Snake and Spider blinked their eyes as Rose came back, carrying a rather large sack, and as she unloaded the contents, it is shown that the contents were several Cell Medals.

There a brief flashback revealed that Rose coincidentally came across the scene where the standoff between the Kamen Riders, the Greed, Vermouth and Maki took place, and as Rose hid herself, the battle took place and in the ensuing melee Os loses possession of the Bison and Girin Core Medals, which landed near Rose's area, which she took them and left, having no interest in seeing who would win.

There Spider and Snake saw Rose brought out the Bison and Girin Core Medals and there the two Magic Kaito members were a bit apprehensive and asked her if she knows what she is doing, which Rose assured to them that she got this and believe that she can manipulate the Greed into serving the Magic Kaito Organization as long as he is given the RIGHT INCENTIVE.

"Huh? You serious?"

"You got to be kidding…!"

"Relax. I got everything under control."

"Obviously you're not…"

"You sure you know what you're doing?"

"Of course, so relax."




The Magic Kaito Sub-Boss then approached Rose and reminded her of the risks involved but she assured to him that she thought about it beforehand and said that a little risk is worth it if her attempt succeeds, which the Sub-Boss sighed and told her to be prepared if her plan backfire, which she smirked and promised that her plan will succeed.

"You better brace yourself if this plan of yours blows off in your face…"

"Don't worry. It will work."

"You sure about that?"



"Yes, really"


"Thank you."

After that, Rose placed the Bison and Girin Core Medals on top of the Cell Medals, which Spider and Snake said that nothing happened, which Rose nodded as she brought out other Core Medals, which revealed to be the following:

- Ram

- Kuma

The Magic Kaito Sub-Boss blinked his eyes and asked Rose how was she able to get those and how long has she been holding them, which Rose said that she happened to find the Ram and Kuma Core Medals when the two Core Medals fell from the skies during the Airship Hijacking incident, and after coincidentally witnessing the battles between Os and the Greed, and secretly spying on Akako and seeing her how she REVIVED Mezeru, Rose said that she could do the same to this Greed.

With the Ram, Kuma, Bison and Girin Core Medals, it became clear that the Core Medals belonged to Gameru, and as Rose puts the four Core Medals onto the Cell Medals before placing a blanket on top, several seconds passed before something happened, and there Gameru got up, yawning as he had just got up from a long slumber, and he is in his Greed form while only sporting his BULKY upper armor.

"Yawn…what a good nap…"

Snake, Spider and the Sub-Boss stared in awe and apprehension while Rose smirked as she has succeeded in reviving Gameru, and there she told her fellow Magic Kaito Organization members that they now have a partial advantage over rival criminal organizations with Gameru on their side.

To Be Continued...

Misty Mystery byGarnet Crow
(Opening Song from Magic Kaito)

Why mienu asu he to kitai kome aruiteru no
Mada kimi wo omou tochuu mitai ni zawameku

Wakare to namida hikikae ni nani wo sono te ni shita no
Inori dake kimi ni todoku to iu izayoi no tsuki ni deauAre wa tooi machi no zanzou meguri meguru amai tsuioku
Marude natsu arashi no you na scene miseru dake
Kanashimi wa shizen na genshou yasuragi wa tada no inshou
Kokoro moyou tokiakasu keyword aa sagashite
Sougen no hikari kaze ni kieru you Misty MysteryAre wa tooi machi no zanzou meguri meguru amai tsuioku
Marude natsu arashi no you na scene aa sagashite
Sougen no hikari kaze ni kieru you Misty Mystery

Hope you liked this chapter of the current story arc, as things ended rather chaotically as Os lost two of Gameru's Core Medals whilst regaining one from Kazari and Conankh's, saving Ankh, and managed to avert a possible situation.

However, problem arose as the villains from Magic Kaito scored a coup as Rose was able to revive Gameru and will use him for the Magic Kaito Organization's agendas.

Either way, this marked the end of this story arc…


A new story arc takes place, as a conflict ensue as this involves Akira Toudou…and the villains from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni…

See you Christmas Day…

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