Detective Conan x OOO: Hunt For The Medals Of Power

Chapter 2 is now up as I'll be putting more exposure to Shinichi's activities before he goes into a coma, and there he'll get to meet the "original character" who will play a vital role to Shinichi's future situation and what role he's going to play later on within this fic. While you may dismiss him as a useless character at first, you'll soon see why he would play an instrumental role in Shinichi/Conan's predicament once the next chapters come in play.

And lastly…more on the Black Organization and themysterious creatures that were formed through the medals that the BO tried so hard to steal it. They'll soon realize that the medals they intend to steal are more than what they seem…

Note: This fic took place after SEARCH FOR THE MYSTERIOUS MISSING MEDALS, where Detective Conan teams up with Hajime Kindaichi, and you'll find it under the Kindaichi crossover category.



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As the Kougami Squadron Brigade chases the four medal-like creatures, leading to a high-speed chase, Inspectore Juzo Megure and Shinichi Kudo arrived at the scene and there the two are surprised to see the the damage to the museum, where several cops responded to the scene and cordons the area. As Megure negotiates with the cops to let him inspect the area inside, Shinichi sneaks in to see if he could get a clue to what happened inside.

"I hope my hunch is wrong…but if I'm right…that means that the Black Organization are up to no good again…I still can't believe they're REALLY want those artifacts…! Can't they just give that up and find something else to loot at? And do they really have to go this far just to get their hands on them?"

Once inside, he finds most of the area where the displays are placed is thrashed and other art displays are wrecked to the point that it can't be auctioned or put on display, which made him wonder what really happened here after hearing the gunshots, but then he found a starting clue as he find several pieces of the medals being sprawled on the ground, and guessed that someone was here to steal the "artifacts".

"Looks like my hunch is indeed right…has the Black Organization succeeded in stealing them?"

As he found the chest opened he checked it out to see that the contents are gone and realized what he feared, and readily assumes that the Black Organization are involved given their attempts to steal it several weeks ago, to the point that they nearly succeeded in getting away with it. As Megure came inside after getting clearance, Shinichi showed to him the medals that were left behind and the two began talking.

"So…the ones who you encountered a few months ago are the ones who took off with the artifacts…"

"No doubt about it…I really didn't imagine they're that obsessed in getting their hands on it…"

"That's because they're worth a fortune once sold to the right buyer…you know the Organization…they'll do any methods to get what they want…"

"With the ones left behind…at least we can partially establish a lead…huh? Look out!"

Their discussion was interrupted when the ceiling suddenly gave in and debris started to rain down, barely hitting the two detectives as they managed to get out of harm's way quicker. The resulting noise reached towards the quarters where Kyuji Hino is staying, and woke up as the effects of the sleeping pill wore off and he gets up. By this time Megure and Shinichi have left the museum, unaware that Kyuji is still inside.

"Hmm…what a nap…huh? How long have I been asleep…? I guess my shift's over…better check things out…"

As he went to inspect the display area, he is surprised, yet clueless as to what just occurred and wondered if an earthquake took place but then he notices a red coin-like medal on the floor and assumed that this must be his payment for his shift. By then he decided to leave thinking that his shift is up and starts to take his guard uniform off and is down to his boxer shorts, slowly picking up his other underwear and placed them inside his bag.

"Hmm…strange coin…I guess this is my pay…better go…hmm…boxers…brief…supporter…speedos…"

While preparing his clothes, he didn't notice the cracks on the wall behind him as it slowly started to crumble in a low noise, which is about to collapse anytime soon, yet he is unaware of what occurred several minutes earlier due to being drugged by a beverage, and in spite of this he is still upbeat and kept a high spirits.

"Hmm…sure is a lucky day…my first pay…my first successful job…wonder if I'm cut out for this…"

As Kyuji is still down to his shorts, he is about to get his pants when the wall in front of him collapses and he is exposed to the outside, where the two detectives and other rescue workers saw the man's near exposure, much to their embarrassing sight. Kyuji just blinked his eyes as he has no idea what is going on. Shinichi and Megure twitched their eyes at the embarrassing sight before them while Kyuji stares at them cluelessly.



02: Medaru to Pantsu to Nazo no Ude part 2

The scene shifts to the Black Organization hideout where its members are assembled and they are wondering what excuse Gin and Vodka have to show after they noted that they came back empty-handed and Bourbon is eager to see what punishment awaits the two though Vermouth is curious seeing the serious looks on the two men's faces.

Bourbon: "So…you failed again…as I expected…"

Korn: "I never knew you two would lose your touch…don't tell me Vodka's goons saw that flying hand again…it won't fool us this time…"

Gin: "That's what I thought at first…but now I'm starting to take his word seriously…"

Vodka: "And it's no joke…"

Chianti: "And what did you saw this time…?"

Gin: "Something besides a flying hand…"

Bourbon: "oh please…spare us…huh?"

As Bourbon taunts the two men for making such a cheap excuse, the BO members stared wide-eyed in curiosity and interest as the two men showed to them the footage that their underlings recorded and attached it on the TV monitor and there they saw what took place there at the museum, and saw the medals spawning the four entities. Vermouth chuckles as she took out a few medals and displays them to the rest.

Vermouth: "Looks like I did the right thing and sneaked some of the medals in my pocket…I knew they're more than meets the eye…they're worth more than just currencies…they also have mysterious purposes…and I think this is a good development…"

The anonymous BO leader, who can be seen only behind the tinted window, spoke in a coded voice, acknowledging her claims that the medals are more than mere show, and accepted her proposal to go and find these creatures and get as much data as they could, seeing that they may benefit the BO should they find any information that would be advantageous to them. Nodding, the BO members left to go scour the city to find the four creatures and get as much footage as they could.


Several minutes later, one of the Kougami Squadron Brigade managed to trace the four creatures' whereabouts and contacted his fellow squad members and within minutes all are assembled and are ready to open fire, only to witness the four creatures' medal-like bodies assembling themselves and they finally achieve assuming their corporeal forms, with each of the four creatures are patterned after a certain animal.

"Don't wait for my call…open fire! Rip out everything you got! Don't give them the chance to fight back! Don't let them escape!"

The squadron's leader, Shintaro Gotoh, gave the command and the squadron open fire at the four, unleashing their high-powered weapons, but this didn't deter them and instead the foursome retaliated, attacking them brutally and blood were splattered all over, and scattered within the tunnel as bodies are slowly being piled up and Gotoh, who is among the injured, was forced to retreat seeing their numbers dwindling and ordered the others to fall back.

"Fall back! Fall back! That's an order!"




But it was too late as the four creatures proceeded to kill everyone, and yet they didn't bother to go after Gotoh as they assume that they have won the battle. By then they began to talk and they are soon identified as mystical creatures called the "Greed". Each one of them glanced at each other and soon their identities are shows as they are identified and the scene zooms in on the four one by one.

- The blue-colored Greed appeared to resemble an aquatic-themed creature. She is Mezuru;

- The green-colored Greed, resembling an insectoid, is identified as Uva;

- The yellowish feline-looking Greed is identified as Kazari;

- Finally, the grey-looking and visually appeared to be dim-witted, gorilla-themed Greed is identified as Gameru. They glanced at each other and they all realized something and agreed to one thing: their forms are incomplete, and they are missing something from their bodies.

Kazari: "Eh…? What's this? My armor is not fully complete…"

Uva: "Damn! Mine's not there too! What's more…my Core Medals are not complete as well! "

Mezuru: "It seems that we either misplaced them when we escape or…"

Gameru: "Lost and found…?"

Mezuru: "No, Gameru…someone stole our Core medals…and I think I know who took it…"

Uva: "Ankh! He's the one…he's the one…and he's not with us!"

Kazari: "You may be right…"

Mezuru: "How about this…let's forget our grudge for each other for now and we work together to get them back…"

Kazari: "Sounds nice…"

Gameru: "Gameru like…"

Uva: "…fine. Just as long as we get to Ankh…and make our way around here…"

Realizing that Ankh isn't with them, they are sure that he has their Core Medals, which are colored coin-like medals which they said would sustain their lifespan and after a much thought discussion, they all agreed to form a truce and would decided where to go and where to find Ankh. The four Greed decided to leave the tunnel to begin their search, unaware that Bourbon, who was already at the site before the Greed have assume their corporeal forms, is secretly recording them and now he has some important data on what the Greed are composed of, and all he need now is footage of them in action.

"Hmm…this is s good development…so Vodka isn't making things up at all…so Vermouth says is true…these medals are more than they appeared to be…and once we figured out how we can control these artifacts…and those…"things"…the Black organization will be unstoppable…and the Boss will be pleased with this…"

To Be Continued…

Hope you like the second chapter. Sorry if Shinichi had few screen time but it's just the start as things are slowly building up. The Black Organization and its members are the first to get information on the mysterious medals…and the Greed. Thanks to their cleverness, they are slowly getting data to find out more about them and how to use them to their advantage.

Shinichi's life would soon change once he gets into an encounter with either members of the Black Organization…or the Greed itself.


- More on Shinichi as he interrogates Kyuji Hino;

- The enigmatic CEO and president of the Kougami Foundation, Kousei Kougami will be given an "introduction" to this story;

- The Greed starts to cause trouble in the city;

- The monster hand will also be introduced and will go after Kyuji


Okay…here is the list of characters of the three series involved, so you'll know…

Detective Conan

- Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa

- Juzo Megure

- Gin

- Vodka

- Bourbon

Kamen Rider OOO

- Kousei Kougami

- Erika Satonaka

- Shintaro Gotoh

- Ankh