Harry Potter and the Mysterious Happenings.

Summary: Harry Potter meets Howl, a mysterious and dangerous Wizard. Living a life as a hatter Harry discovers himself along with his family when he is suddenly cursed by the witch of the west. Leaving his life, friends and everyone he knows, He will journey into a dangerous beginning of his life.

Warnings: This will be SLASH well kinda anyway, there will be OC's and OOC-ness. Rating May Change at a later date

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"Lily it's for the best, we don't know what may happen if we stay within the city walls. I fear that Harry may be hunted for who he is, especially with Dumbledore at the front of all this" Stated James in a calm manner.

James and Lily Potter had been married for five years, they had grown up near each other when they were little. James from a nice outstanding wizarding family and Lily from a normal family who happened to have a witch of a daughter.

They had both trained with the brightest witches and wizards this side of the kingdom under none other than the famous Wizard Albus Dumbledore himself. But when things started going bad and war had happened upon the Kingdom, Dumbledore had started losing his mind. Fighting the king and declairing war for all Wizards none were safe from the onslaught and so Lily and James had run with there One year old son, hoping to be safe and free from the going on in the kingdoms walls.

But one fateful night when all things were calm they were attacked. Wizards and Witches who had stayed fighting with both Dumbledore and the King attacked them in their home, killing them and their son. Or so they thought.

Minutes before the door was broken down James and Lily stood above their son watching him sleep for the last time. "Oh James look at him, I can't let them harm him James i just can't" Sobbed Lily Potter into her husband's chest. Strong muscular arms wrap themselves around her waist holding her in a tight grip hoping to never let go, "I Know Lil-bear, thats why were going to send him away Ill transfigure a bear to look like him and you can charm him to act like our Harry. They wont know the difference and know one will be the wiser. Harry will be safe" I hope thought James knowing they didn't have much time left Lily agreed to do it.

Kissing her son's forehead Lily and James gave him a necklace only he could take off and made it so that no one could see it. It will show him our last thoughts when he is ready to know them but until then he will think its just our picture. Lily and James started chanting in an old language known only to few they hoped that little Harry would be happy and safe where ever he ended up.

In a burst of bright light Harry Potter disappeared from his parents home.

Mean while in his castle Howl could feel magic gathering somewhere to the north and hoping that it wasn't another attack against him ordered Calcifer to move the castle.

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