Katara Sakka: blood bending

Katara stepped into the clearing finding her brother bound and naked. Sis thank god you're here we were just robbed. Really Katara though, With Aang and Toph out searching for food anyone could have easily snuck up behind Sakka and knocked him out she was actually surprised this hadn't happened sooner. Regardless Katara now found herself in a very interesting situation.

Suddenly brought back to earth by her brothers' loud obnoxious voice, Katara looked up. What are you doing sis untie me and lets go after them. In a minute said Katara we have some more important things to do right know. What said Sakka in a very nervous voice? Well ever since dad left the village you have done nothing but boss me around I figure it's time I pay you back. Katara what are you doing. Sakka said as Katara began removing her underwear I know you've been watching my when I bath Katara said. That – that was an accident Sakka said and so is this Katara said grabbing his cock between her hands no Sakka said struggling at his bonds. Sakka your going to get me pregnant and there's nothing you can do to stop me. No Sakka shouted I can't do that, you're my sister. It's not your choice Katara rebutted when I was with the old lady she taught my some blood bending although I would never use it in most cases, I think I can make an exception here. Sakka could already feel it Katara was bending all the blood into his dick. She was right there was no way he could stop this, is dick had already groan 3 times it's original size and was still getting bigger. Now then Katara said lets start.

With that Katara placed herself on top Sakka and pushed down. With a loud pop, Sakka's dick entered Katara. O my god Katara shouted it's bigger that I could ever have imagined no Sakka said trying to stop himself from enjoying it. This isn't right, but her pussy is so tight I can't stand it. Already Sakka had succumb to his desires and had stopped resisting his bonds; Katara Sakka cried if you keep this up I'm going to cum. Cum Katara said cum in me squirt your seed into my stomach; get me pregnant with your child. Aaaaa this was to much for Sakka with a loud groan he emptied his seed into his sister giving 4 good squirts before falling unconscious on the ground. Katara lay beside him for a few minutes feeling the cum inside her impregnating her. F

Finally she got up and put her clothes back as she was finishing Aang and Toph burst into the clearing. Katara Aang said we just beat up some bandits careing are stuff are you ok. I'm fine Katara said but Sakka is still unconscious from the attack gesturing to the naked body of Sakka, he will be fine but we should probably get him untied. As Aang and Top set up camp again unaware of the dead Katara had committed. Katara smiled to herself. This was going to be a fun trip