Okay, so this is the summary with some background information and stuff for you. If you like the idea then please read it all through because you wont get it if you don't there are some things in this thatt are...reversed from the books.

Hey, so this is, in fact, a crossover between Harry Potter, House of Night, Night World, Vampire Academy and Eragon. I know, this is going to be super duper hard for me, but, you know what? I'm up for the challenge. I have a humorous story, a drama, to abandoned stories and now I'd like to have a cool story that is full of adventure and mystery. Excitement and danger, everything and anything is possible in this world. In this story there are:


Witches (spell casting, wand wielding)

Witches (N.W.)- in this story called Wytches with a 'y' so you know the difference

Dragons (savage Harry Potter ones)- called Winged Serpents in this story so you can tell the difference

Moroi (element wielding vampires, not evil)

Dhampir (half moroi beings who protect the moroi)

Strigoi (evil vampires set on killing the moroi)

Vampires (made vampires)N.W.- Lamia

Vampires (born vampires)N.W.

Vampyres (red and blue)

Shapeshifters (N.W.)

Dragons (intelligent yet still savage, bond to dragon rider)



Werwulfen (N.W.)

and all the other Harry Potter creatures that are too numerous to name. These are all going to be incorporated into a very unique school that is in another dimetion altogether. These magical beings are the only things that can actually sift into that dimention, given that it is actually made from the magic of the two types of witches and sad thing is that to block out the bad ones they need to block out the good ones too, so they only use that spell when in dire need. This school is at least 20 times the size of hogwarts and they are actually sorted into eleven different houses. Gryffindoor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Hecate (she doesn't have any known last name), Maya, Hellewise, Skulblaka, Du Vrangr Gata, Nyx (they didn't want to be left out), Protectors. These are not made for just one specie though. The sorting hat looks into the heart of the person and sees what they'd be the best at, after the people touch the dragons eggs of course, and the sorting hat will put them in the house he think will suit them best.

Each house has their own colours and emblem.

Gryffindoor: Gold and red, lion

Maya: Scarlet and black, panther (black)

Slytherin: Green and silver, snake

Hellewise: Pale pink and pale green, doe

Hufflepuff: Black and gold, badger

Skulblaka: Irredescant, dragon

Ravenclaw: Blue and Silver, eagle

Du Vrangr Gata: Brown and navy, raven

Hecate: Purple and silver, Black stallion

Nyx: White and light pink, butterfly

Protectors: Indigo and white, wolf

Now, here aer the characters that I may use in this story, but I need their last names, so I'll put a number in front of the name and you can Review me their last name so that I can use them. If you like the idea of this story please oh please help me. I'll just write the ones whose last names I don't know.

Night World Characters:

1. Iliana D...

House of Night

2. Aphrodite L...

3. Heath L...

4. John H...

So please help me out and send me those last names! I really need those for the story, it would really help me out and I don't want to have to resort to making them up or reading all those books over again. Please please please help me out! If you really and truly like this story idea then if you'd help me out that'd be awesome.

Also, I'll be listing the years and the people in which house in that year ex.:

Fifth year:

Nyx: Alicia McIntosh

Specie: Red Vampyre

There are also going to be class lists, I might even be able to make scheduals. There will be two classes per year, maybe three. These are the teachers:

Alberta Petrov - All about Moroi and Dhampirs

Stan Alto - Hand to Hand combat for beginners/ hand to hand combat for intermediate/ hand to hand combat for advanced

Brom - Shur'tugal magic for beginners/ intermediate

Glaedr - (for Dragon's only) advanced and extra-advanced flight lessons.

Shruikan ( Shruikan bonded with Roran , killing Galbatorix |my version so that Shruikan can have a Rider that is not a bad guy|)-intermediate and beginner flight lessons.

Oromis - Shur'tugal magic for medium intermediate / advanced / extra-advanced

Alastor Moody - Defense Against the Dark Arts (5, 6, 7 year)

Flitwick - Charms

Snape - Potions /Defense against the dark arts (1, 2, 3, 4 year)

Horace Slughorn - potions (5, 6, 7 year)

Nymphadora Tonks - Wytches, Witches and Wizards 101, 201, 301.

Bins - History of Magic

Sinistra - Astronomy

Sprout - Herbology

Hooch - Broom flying lessons

Remus Lupin - werewolves and werwulfen

Hagrid - Care of Magical Creatures

Professor McGonagall- Transfiguration

Dragon - Sword fighting

Lenobia - Horse-back riding lessons Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, Medium intermediate, Advanced, extra-advanced

Pentheselia - Lamia, Vampyres and Vampires

Trelawny - Divination

Sirius - Animagus. (We will be turning ourselves into them or at least showing you how, so you can ;) -Sirius)

Grandma Harman- Wytch craft

(the ones under this comment are made up by me)

Silena - Moroi Element control (including spirit) fighting, preserving, perfecting usage of your element.

Allasson (shifter) - Shape shifter 101, 201, 301

Omorfia ( Elf)- Foreign languages

Vrykol (shortened version of Vrykolakas) (vampire) - Vampyre 101, 201, 301 (only for fledglings)

Banshott (witch) - Apparition

Meagan Tames (witch) - Muggle Studies

Vanessa Hart (wytch) - Ancient Runes

Olivia Donnes (werwulfen) - Arithmancy

Layla (Moroi )- Drama

Apollo (vampyre) - Foreign languages

Fidi (shape shifter) - arts and crafts

Illani (elf) - dance

Taylor (wizard) - English

There are not as many Elf or Dhampir teachers as there are of the others.

As you may or may not have noticed, there aer some people in this that are going to be alive, where in the books they are

From Eragon: Brom did not in fact die. Oromis and Glaedr are still alive as well.

From the Vampire Academy :Mason is alive. Dimitri is not a strigoi, and none of that strigoi stuff ever happened.

From Harry Potter : Lupin, Tonks, Moody, Dumbledoor, Sirius and the rest who died in the war are still alive.

From House Of Night : Heath is still alive.

From Night World: I haven't made any changes here. This is exactly like it was with all the characters there. The only thing I'm changing is that they haven't found their soulmates yet. They all are single except for James and Poppy because she is a vampire at the end of her book and I want it to stay that way. So, all the people are single and now able to mingle (haha ryme!) with anybody from any book in this crossover.

All the humans going to the school learn about all the different species for the first semester then they have to choose which supernatural being they want to become. They were chosen from the whole world, them, because they had good hearts and they would be good supernatural beings. Of course, if a dragon hatches to them then they will obviously be a rider.

I will put the scheduals in the next chapter at the beggining. I still need to do some work before I can start on the actual writing part. Review and aid if you like this idea!

Oh, and if you think I stole this idea from you I'm sorry, I saw about six different versions of this though and I wanted to try it out. Please don't hate, -Kirsten