Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles or Kaila (aka Lily). She belongs to my friend LilyEyes777. Thanks for letting me use Kaila!

3rd Person POV

Lyssa woke up to the sound of her cell phone ringing. She mentally slapped herself for leaving it on. 'Who would be calling me at,' she looked at her clock, '8am on a Saturday?' Her caller ID showed the only person she knew who was crazy enough to wake her up.


"What do you want Kaila?" Lyssa mumbled. Lily was her real name, but she called her Kaila (her middle name) when she was pissed at her.

"It came! It came! It came!" She could practically see Lily bouncing off the walls like a hyper four year old. And Lily was twenty-three.

"What came?" She couldn't believe that Lily had woken her up just to tell her she got a package.

"The bass! The Hofner!" Lyssa immediately woke up. She and Lily had been waiting for months. Lily had had to save up four months worth of pay to get it.

"Are you serious? Don't open it yet. I'll be right over." Lyssa rushed getting dressed, so she probably didn't match. But hey, if you got the same model bass as Paul McCartney, it really doesn't register.

Lily's house

Lily was looking at the box that held the magnificent Hofner bass. She was very tempted to open it, but Lyssa had told her not to. But she hadn't specified if she meant the box or the case, so she opened the box. The case was laying on the floor in her living room. Lily was just marveling at it, because Paul was her favorite Beatle. Her many thoughts were interrupted by Lyssa suddenly appearing behind her.

"Whoah" Lily jumped. As was usual, she hadn't heard Lys coming in.

"Don't just look at it Lil, open it." Lyssa had said this last part in a whisper. Lily did as she was told. When the case was opened, both girls could only stare. For some unknown reason, they fought felt an urge to reach out and touch it. They both did at the same time. When they touched the bass, a shiver went down both of their spines. Then...


They were gone.