Summary: Isabella Marie Swan was a small village girl from London, England. She was a very polite, respectful, young girl, but stubborn. However, if she had to be, she could be violent and nasty, only if it suited her. One thing she prized was her books and loved to read. Though, now she found out something that changes her life forever...for the best or worst. Would she be able to hold onto what's most important to her or would she be forced to give it away?


I really didn't want to do anything for the King, but if I had to, I would at least know what I was getting into. Glancing behind me, I soaked in the image of my home before heading down the road to the castle.

On I go…

One Peasant, One King, One Queen

Chapter 2, King Edward

By: Celene Hudor Midnight

Gazing around, I noticed people talking amongst each other, seeming to be enjoying each other's company. Sighing, I swayed side to side to the soft, quiet music playing in the background as everybody waited to be honored with the Queen and King's presence. Closing my eyes, I started to hum the melody and my body became calm and relaxed.

Suddenly, a booming voice spoke out to the crowd who were all gathering by the staircase, whispering and gossiping together

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Lord Jasper Hale and his fiancée, Lady Mary Alice Masen," the doorman bellowed the announcement.

Claps echoed against the walls and a young man with curly, but slightly shaggy, blonde hair and ocean blue eyes with a skinny and firm, but muscular frame came gliding down the staircase with a petite, skinny women with spiked brown-red hair and hazel eyes on his arm. As the crowd calmed down, the door's man spoke loud and clear again.

"May I present Lord Emmett McCarty and his wife Rosalie Crystal McCarty."

Another couple sauntered down the stairs. Once again, a young man came stepping down the stairs, but with curly brown hair, body builder structure, and bright, playful, gray eyes with a slender, blonde haired, sky-blue-eyed women on his arm. I stared in envy at the goddess, wishing I wasn't so plain. Sighing, I waited for the last couple of the evening.

"Now, I present to you, himself and his lady, King Edward Anthony Masen the V (5th) and Queen Tanya."

As the crowd erupted into round of claps, a young gentlemen with bronze hair, emerald green eyes with a muscular body stopped at the top of the staircase with a platinum blonde haired women who had a skinny waist and light brown eyes. My eyes widened at the couple and my breathing accelerated. They were the most perfect couple ever. Now I understand why everybody loved them together.

"Kind folk, thank you for coming to celebrate with me and my beautiful wife," he glanced lovingly at the women beside him before continuing,"On this magnificent day and I hope you are enjoying yourself. Please feel free to dine, dance, and mingle as much as you want to. Thank you!" he exclaimed.

Another round of applause erupted as the King and Queen made their time walking down the stairs and to their thrones. Rolling my eyes, I quickly sat down as the food came out. I was served admittedly and couldn't help but dig in. The food was SO delicious; I couldn't get enough of it and hoped there was seconds.

The evening went by smoothly while I sat there in my chair, watching people dance and laugh with each other. Once and while, I would glance at the thrones, analyzing the King and how he talked to others, such as his own family. It seemed like he got along with his family quiet well and when he generously chatted with his guests, he was tactful and polite in manner, never getting angry or too aggressive with his words. Only once did I see King Edward dance and that was with his wife, Tanya; other than that he didn't seem to get up much. Scrunching my forehead, I watched as he chatted with his sister, Princess Alice and his soon-to-be brother-in-law, Lord Hale. It seemed as though he got along with them immensely well.

Moments later, as I kept peeking at the family, I caught the eye of Princess Mary Alice and quickly looked away with guilt and my blush showing itself. I couldn't help myself with blushing, but I was mortified that I got caught staring at them. Embarrassment consumed me as I sat there alone and completely frozen. My head zoomed with thoughts of shame and I mentally slapped myself for such carelessness. Shaking my head, I heard footsteps coming toward me. Glancing up, I saw Princess Alice gliding through the crowd toward me. My eyes widened and I gazed down admittedly. All that was going through my mind was: Oh, no! I'm in trouble. Why did I have to be so stupid! Burying my face in my hands, my head shook side to side in a pathetic attempt to try to assure myself that she wasn't going to have me hung now.

Feeling a tap on my shoulder, I slowly lifted my head up to see a pixie sort of girl standing in front of me with a big, grin on her face. I smiled timidly back and quickly looked anywhere except at her, biting my lip nervously; an annoying habit of mine when I'm under any sort of nervous situation.

As a hand gets placed in my vision, a bell like voice rang out. "Hello! I'm Princess Mary, but you can call me Alice. What's your name?"

Still biting my lip, I gulped and turned my face toward her, taking her hand in my hesitantly while smiling small.

"I-uh…I'm Isabella, but you can call Bella. It's a pleasure to meet you your highness," I replied softly and stood up, curtsying slightly.

She shooed my with her hand as if a gesture to leave, but instead she pulled me into a hug, whispering in my ear, "Oh, please! Just call me Alice and it's so nice to meet you too," she beamed. "I just know we'll be best friends!"

I giggled and then quickly stopped, afraid she would think I'm laughing at her. Shifting from foot to foot in my silver high heels, I looked down and fidgeted with my fingers. Suddenly, a melodic voice broke through the endless silence between Alice and I. Snapping my head up, I saw King Edward behind Alice now. Widening my eyes, I blushed a tomato red and bit my lip again. Just what I needed, the King here with his sister.

"Alice, stop pestering the girl and come dance with me. I know I owe you one from last time," he chuckled, raising his hand in invitation for his sister to take his hand.

She giggled and shook her head. "Not right now Edward, I'm busy talking with Bella here," she explained while pointing toward me, making me blush more. "Maybe later brother. Go dance with Rose. I do believe you owe her too."

Sighing, he resigned and nodded before sauntering away to find Lady Rosalie. Gazing after the King, I couldn't help but admire his beauty. He sure was something to behold. His stance was tall and firm while his aura around him screamed authority and determination. Clearing my throat, I turned my attention to Alice to see her staring at me with brightness in her eyes.

"Oh Bella! Come and sit. I would love to get to know you since I know we'll get along wonderfully!" she proclaimed, taking a seat beside mine.

Hesitantly, I sat down again and played with my food as she started babbled on and on while I nodded and made comments once and while. As the sun started to fade into the night, slow music came on and Edward returned to ask Alice to dance. I watched fascinated as they danced perfectly. During there dance, I saw Alice whispering to him as they kept glancing my way and became self-conscious, hoping I wasn't in trouble for anything I did.

The song ended and another one started playing. Alice and King Edward stopped dancing and made their way toward me once again. As they got to me, Edward held out a hand toward me and my eyes widened for the millionth time tonight. Gulping, I hesitantly placed my hand in his and he pulled me toward the dance floor, placing his one hand on my lower back and the other in my hand. We danced to the song in quiet and once the song ended, I bolted away from him, embarrassed. Breathing hard, I made my way outside and onto a porch, looking out into the endless sky. Sighing, I plopped down onto a near by bench and gazed out into the night.

Later, a heard foot steps come out on the porch. Looking back, I saw King Edward standing there, gazing at me with such intensity that I felt as though I would faint. Fumbling, I stood up and started making my way back inside.

"Oh, I'm so sorry your majesty. I-I didn't mean to-I'll be going now," I stuttered and went to walk back inside when a hand grabbed my wrist. Glancing back, I saw Edward and all his glory.

"No, please stay. I just wanted some fresh air," he compromised.

I nodded stiffly and sat back down. It was silent between us as we gazed out into the night. However, I couldn't help but as though I'm intruding and started to make my leave, but his voice stopped me.

"I see Alice has taken a liking toward you," he stated in an angered voice which angered me.

It was as though he didn't approve of Alice liking me. My anger burned into a flame and I felt myself say something that I shouldn't have.

"I'm so sorry you disapprove, but I don't really care. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to be getting back to your ball," I hissed.

Before I could even step on step, his hand came at me and slapped me. Wide eyed, I lifted my hand toward my cheek. He slapped me. Now my anger was at boiling point. I rounded on him, my face red with anger.

"How dare you? I don't know who you think you are but-" I growled, but got cut off short.

"I'm the King ,you peasant and you will not talk to me in such way!" he bellowed.

I scoffed. "I will talk to you how I want to! You aren't the boss of me!"

Spinning around, I took a step away from him when all of a sudden, I was on the ground, flat on my ass.

Flabbergasted, I gazed at a furious Edward. I clutched my hands into fists and stood, underlining pumping through me.

"You will treat me with some respect! I will not be treated like that!" he growled.

I rolled my eyes, my anger getting the better of me. "No I will not! I will not treat you with respect! You are a self-centered, asshole who needs a whopping!"

His hand came out and slapped me again, making my head jerk to the side. "I said you will not disrespect me!"

I glared at him with hate. "And I said I will not!"

Shooting him a death glare, I stomped back inside and through the front door of the castle, ignoring Alice's high-pitch following me. I had enough of the King and all I wanted was to get back home. I was going to reconsider not minding being the King's mistress, but now that thought was totally and completely out of my mind. The King was a jackass and I didn't want to sped any more minutes that I didn't have to with him. I didn't care how he is with his family or the people at this ball, all I knew was that he was utterly disrespectful, demanding, and full of himself. Making my way to a hotel, I thought of my father back home. I knew he would have been disappointed in me for acting the way I did, but I couldn't help it. Edward was being an ass and I needed to put him in his place.

Although, I couldn't help but let shame consume me. I knew if I didn't do what Edward wanted me to do, my father would be in trouble and I couldn't let anything happen to him. I loved my father dearly and couldn't't handle it if something happened to him. Sighing, my guilt invaded my mind and I knew I had to be the King's mistress or my father would pay for it and I couldn't let that happen. Slumping my shoulders, I stepped into the warm inn and checked in. Making my way up into my room, I opened my door and crashed onto the twin sized bed, completely wasted. As my eyes drifted closed, I couldn't help but think about how tomorrow will go. Great…officially meeting the royal family.

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