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Destiny's Chosen:

Her First Adventure

First Chapter:

Hello my name is changed often but for now you can call me Destiny, it's my favorite. I have come to tell you about a woman that I have blessed to be my representative. You see she was born in 1990 but she was always lonely, had friends who stabbed her in the back, and parents who couldn't stand her, and a non-existent lover. She could live with most of it except for the lack of a lover, the lack of someone to hold her close and wish her sorrows away. She made her live revolve around her shows. She always became obsessed with characters off of the Television and I willed this to happen as I formed a plan of action. I pulled a few favors granted a few wishes and soon she was a star in the best movies, but I could not do everything for that was for my higher up (God) and so she stayed lonely. I would not allow the filth that they call 'men' to touch her.

Soon I saw her loneliness and I could not bear for it to stay this way so I asked for an audience with my Lord. I asked him if I could bond with her for I had grown attached to her and wished her to be my daughter and that she and I could form a sisters bond and she may help with my duties. He told me I would have to work hard to gain this honor and he handed me a list of names and files and that I was to fill these Destiny's and only then can I do what I planned for her.

So I worked hard and I was able to finish The Lords list and so I brought it to him with all the names crossed off. He looked at it and decided that I had done well. He allowed me the honor but strictly told me to keep an eye out that I would still have to work for he knew me well and knew that I would worry for her as I had for as long as I had found her.

I honored God for, I loved him above all else, and it would always be that way, before I went to her. I flew to her to watch her at one of her auditions and I looked at the movie she was auditioning for and I decide I would come to her as one of her co-stars. So I turned myself into my human form. I look to be a girl with black hair and curious green highlights that were straight while the black was curled to perfection. My bangs are purple, almost consuming the black hair. My outfit was of the fashion that most stars wore in the days of the 21st century, at least the kind that appealed to me. I had a pair of black skinny jeans and a pair of converse that were of a lime green and matched my hair. I wore a T-shirt that had a picture of The Joker that was played by Heath Ledger and he had a red marker in his hand. The shirt had the words 'support the pirates' with the word pirate marked out and in its place was 'support the villainous clowns.'

I hurriedly made up a background for myself. I was a French/Britain (which ever you like best I suppose) Star that was very well known but I had never been to the states until today.

I took a breath before walking in to the building to meet my soon to be sister, Alexandria Fate.

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