This is what happens when you read Pandora while fantasizing about Reborn at the same time!

Rating: T - Guns, mafia, cursing, etc.

Summary: Thrown into the Abyss and corrupted into a chain wasn't how Gokudera had imagined his boss' fate to end as. Sure, Tsuna would one day be corrupted by the mafia, but after contracting with his old boss, he realized he lost him alot sooner then he thought.

Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn nor Pandora Hearts belong to me, because if they did it would mean I finally could draw people and make up decent plots! /dance

Warning: OoC Tsuna is a definite so do not complain that he's OoC, he's supposed to be!

BTW: This will also be more KHR then PH. This is an AR, where chains are in cooperated into the original storyline following up to the Inheritance Ceremony.

Dying Will Flames of the Abyss


" "Chessy, we now have.. another… to join us… it's… okay… he's becoming… chain…" her gentle voice lulled him into the darkness."

-27 - 27 - 27 - 27-

He forced himself to trudge onwards through the shallow water, his arms swinging at his sides limply. His head hung downwards in defeat, his face tipped towards his feet as he scanned the waters below. His eyes endlessly searched the area around him, looking for something, anything that was familiar. It broke his heart that he knew he was utterly lost

So many questions filled his head that a dull headache began to form at the temple of his head. He didn't know where he was going, but he felt that he just had to keep going forward. He had to find somewhere, he didn't know where, but his heart nagged at him to find this place with others. At first he been so lost, so lonely, he almost seemed to be dragged down under by his emotions into the darkness underneath his feet. Well, that was until something spotted his eye.

It was the only source of life he had seen, the only thing he had seen actually moving. All around him looked like a drowned playhouse that had been deserted, the sign of movement had been very reassuring. First he saw a plain, sleek black cat with a long pink ribbon at his neck. Following it was a floating rabbit plushy, it had a round head with bunny ears sticking up and the rest of the cloth flowed down like a dress. After seeing the pair he knew he had to find them, find something to keep his sanity. He knew once he found them he'd get the answers that he was looking for.

Why was he here?

Where was everyone?

Where was he?

-27 - 27 - 27 - 27-

Tsuna's feet led him to a simple plain building with plants crawling up the sides. He pushed a curtain in the doorway and stepped inside the building, grateful to be out of the water. His eyes first looked to a beautiful girl wearing an equally beautiful, frilly white dress sitting at a table. She was just about to take a sip of something in a teacup when she noticed him and looked his way. She smiled at him, her lavender eyes forced to squint as her cheeks were pushed up by the corners of her mouth. She placed her teacup back down on top of the tabletop,

"Tsu-kun~!" she squealed in delight, spinning in her seat to face him. Tsuna blinked his hollow, chocolate eyes and went down on one knee, bowing before her,

"Will-sama." He addressed her, head bowed. The Will of the Abyss tipped her head to the side and closed her eyes in friendly recognition. Chesire, sitting in the other chair looked over at Tsuna. He scanned over the boy, who appeared to be in his teens. Adorned in a black suit with an orange undershirt finished with a tie, he looked classy, sure, but this still did not satisfy Chesire's negative opinion of him. He had stolen some of the Will's attention from himself and it upset him. Chesire wrinkled his nose at the boy and brought his own teacup, probably filled with milk, to his lips and took a sip of the heavenly drink.

The Will of the Abyss got up, brushing her long white locks behind her and headed towards Tsuna. She sunk down to her knees and lifted her hand up to his chin. She pulled his face up to look at her, his eyes meeting hers before darting away.

"Tsu-kun, we should give you a proper name shouldn't we? You've been here for quite a while without a real name…" The Will cooed. Tsuna looked back at her, relief flooding his previously vacant eyes. He nodded gently and she studied his face. "Why not call you what you were last called at home?" she suggested. When she noticed the relief flash to shock under his gaze, a grin spread across her face,


-27 - 27 - 27 - 27-

He had no idea of where he was going, he just knew he had to keep going. With each step he could feel the water tainting him, the murky water threatened to pull him in, drag him into a dark place. But he forced himself to keep going, to find the answers he so desperately needed. He couldn't stay any longer then he had already been here, he could feel his energy being zapped away. Was this the work of a mist illusion? It was darn good one if it was, he had to admit.

"Gokudera?" he called out meekly, "Ninth?" Tears threatened to drip from his eyes. He didn't know what was happening he just remembered being with the Ninth and then Enma…

He fell to his side, the water seeming to grab at him and yank him down and he landed in the water with a splash. His eyes widened and he shuddered, paralyzed. What was this feeling? A numb tingle swarmed over his body and he could feel his eyes closing, slowly, darkness threatening to swallow him slowly. He attempted to move his arm but found it wouldn't move. He mustered all his strength and forced himself to move, finally making his arm twitch in the end.

But the twitch caused a torrent of pain to shoot through his body, forcing his eyes to widen and he screamed. But the pain just kept coming, running up and down his arm and shooting into his chest. He convulsed in pain, but it only made it worse. He felt like someone was burning him from the inside out and he screamed as if to rid him of the pain but he could do nothing. His body was wracked with agony, the paroxysms of pain only let him lie there in misery and hope that it would fade, but it seemed to never would.

Finally, he could feel the pain intensify and lull him to unconsciousness. But before he could truly black out a faint outline of a person dressed in white came up to his face and blew in it. They touched their hands to his face, causing more pain to flare up in his face. She stroked his hair, almost as if to comfort him but it only brought more uncomfort to him.

"Chessy, we now have.. another… to join us… it's… okay… he's becoming… chain…" her gentle voice seemed to settle him a little and he was dragged into the darkness, the voice lingering in his mind for a long time afterwards.

-27 - 27 - 27 - 27-

"Will-sama…" Tsuna replied, turning his head away. He didn't know what his connection to the name was, but it plagued him to no end. She chuckled, gently rubbing her finger along his chin as if to comfort him.

"Do you recognize the name my dear Tsu-kun?" she asked him. He shook his head no, "Well, that's okay. I'd like you too though." She paused for a moment, mulling over a thought, "Actually, I do want you to know about that name, I've decided to hook you up with a friend…" the grin that spread across her face was proof to Tsuna that the Will was up to nothing good. He sighed.

"As you wish, Will-sama," Tsuna said.

-27 – 27 – 27 – 27-


Tis is only the beginning, little kittens. Stay tuned for more!