Dying Will Flames of the Abyss


"I did! Will-sama is an amazing teacher!" he cried out, leaping to his feet, pointing to Reborn, "And don't you say anything against her you monster!"

59 - 27 - R - 80

Gokudera let a sigh of frustration as he headed for his kitchen; Tsuna had lasted the night. As much as he would've loved to kick him out, maybe even send a stick of dynamite up the boy's ass, he still looked too much like Tenth. Even if he was nothing like Tenth, Gokudera had vowed to himself he wouldn't let anything touch a hair on his boss' head and this doppelganger shared that same one. He cursed himself for making that mistake those months ago. If only he had foreseen this event and saved Tenth from wherever he was now! Grief washed over him and unwelcome tears once more threatened to spill from his eyes. He pushed them back, crying was for the weak and Gokudera had hardened himself long before.

Once inside his kitchen, he found his unwelcome guest sitting at one of the chairs waiting for him. Tsuna's one eye cracked open sleepily and he leant forward in the chair he was sitting in,

"Good morning, Gokudera-san." Tsuna greeted. He looked to Gokudera with those fucking annoying void eyes.

"Fuck off Wannabe." Gokudera snapped back, walking past him. Tsuna stretched and leaned back into the chair, tempting Gokudera to kick at the chair and have the imposter fall. Reborn never said not to hurt him, had he? Even still, the mental conflict within Gokudera forced him to keep to himself, walking stiffly past the bastard that wore his boss' face. Another wave of grief washed over him.

"The baby showed up this morning and dropped a letter off." Tsuna said, motioning to a piece of paper on the table. Gokudera walked over to it, but not before shooting a glare at Tsuna. He picked up the letter and unfolded it;


Thanks for taking care of No-Good-Tsuna last night!

Bring Tsuna and Yourself to Tsuna's house for a meeting at noon. I'll explain everything.'

Gokudera stared at the note before flinging it back onto the table. As usual with important documents, it was written in Italian. He turned his head to the side to peer at a clock. It was only 9o'clock in the morning. Gokudera groaned, falling back into the closest chair, closing his eyes as he draped a hand over his face. The stress of it all was getting to him. Where was Tenth when you needed him?

"Gokudera-san…?" A small voice squeaked. It sounded so much like Tenth's! Gokudera's eyes flew open and he leant forward with wide eyes to look at Tsuna. The imposter stared back at him with sympathy, fucking damn sympathy! "Are you okay?" There was that sweet voice calling him from that filthy mouth!

"Don't talk to me in that tone!" Gokudera snapped back, closing his eyes again and massaging the bridge of his nose. Grief washed over him in waves.

"Pardon?" Tsuna asked, confused. Gokudera pinched his nose, squeezing his eyes together.

"J-Just don't!" Gokudera cried, his voice cracking in despair. He heard Tsuna start to get up but Gokudera put his hand out to stop him. "Just stay away." he opened his eyes, staring back at Tsuna sadly, "I'm fine."

"Gokudera-san… you are not okay." Tsuna replied. Gokudera's eyes widened slightly. He just sounded so Tenth-ish, it nagged at his heart. He finally felt tears roll down his cheek and he quickly wiped them away, standing up abruptly. Tsuna's eyes followed him.

"You remind me too much of someone I knew. Get the fuck away, Wannabe!" Gokudera snapped back, fleeing the room. He had to get away from the poison hiding inside his Tenth! Tsuna watched him leave and sighed, slightly confused.

59 - 27 - R - 80

The two boys approached the Sawada residence; Gokudera in front with a cigarette smashed between his lips as he took angry drags of the death stick and Tsuna trailing after him, making sure to keep his distance from the boy for fear of being blown up. He'd been threatened once already, he didn't want to cause his new contractor any more worries. Still, he wondered what had caused him so much distress earlier.

Faint voices echoed from a house down the street caught Tsuna's attention. He wondered who they were from. He saw Gokudera perk up, quickening his pace. Tsuna blinked in confusion, walking faster after Gokudera. They turned the corner and the voices just seemed to get louder.

"I hate crowds…"

"Lambo-san wants Takoyaki~!"

"Lambo, we'll go buy you some later" The voices filled Tsuna with nostalgia, he felt like he was back at home with the Will and Cheshire, though Chessy was never quite docile around him. He unconsciously slowed down and finally stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, thinking back to his family in the Abyss. The beautiful Will-sama and her magnificent (and rude) cat, Cheshire. Gokudera growled when he heard Tsuna's footsteps falter and eventually stop and turned around, ready to snap at the boy when he saw the peaceful look on his face.

"Wannabe." Gokudera said softly, breaking Tsuna out of his airy daze. Tsuna's face fell back into its blank stare and he looked up to Gokudera. The silverette's nose wrinkled suddenly and he seemed to bristle as he turned back around and walked on, "Hurry the fuck up," he growled. Tsuna nodded obediently and followed him.

They came before a plain house where most of the noise was coming from. The name plate read 'SAWADA'. Tsuna wondered whose house this was, maybe one of Gokudera's friends? He watched Gokudera ring the doorbell before pushing open the gate, throwing his cigarette to ground, and followed him inside up to the steps to the house. Gokudera hadn't even made it to the door when the obnoxious baby from last night swung it open.

"Ciaossu! Let's go upstairs, the rest of the family is up there already." He said, jumping away already. Gokudera let himself inside and Tsuna followed him, closing the door behind him. Family? They were seeing Gokudera's family members? A woman with chin length brown hair peeked out into the hall and smiled at Tsuna and Gokudera.

"Ah~! Welcome back home, Tsu-kun!" the woman said. Tsuna's eyes widened in shock. How did some random stranger know him, let alone know the nickname that was reserved for The Will and The Will only? He unconsciously went for the gloves in his pockets when he felt someone whap him in the back of his head. He whipped around and locked eyes with the baby, letting his gloves fall back into his pockets. Who did he think he was? That blasted woman had-!

"Upstairs." Reborn demanded, a malicious look glinting in his eyes. Tsuna gritted his teeth before looking to Gokudera for instruction. The boy just turned away from him and went upstairs, hands shoved into his pockets. He stared up at his contractor sadly, wondering what was bugging him so much. He trudged up the stairs after him. Maybe he could cheer him up; maybe he could get him a cat! Cats were always good company The Will had always said, though Tsuna supposed Cheshire could sometimes be a bit of an ass at times when he was visiting the Abyss. Gokudera opened the door to the room closest to the stairs, more noise echoing out down into the stair case.

"Stupidera! What are you doing here?" "Oh, hello Gokudera…" "Another herbivore?" "Oh… Hullo…" "Your extremely late, Octopus-head!" But Gokudera didn't answer any of their greetings, entering the room quietly. Shouldn't Gokudera be excited to see his family? Tsuna panicked.

"Gokudera-san?" Tsuna called up the stairs, scrambling to the top to comfort his contractor. The house went deathly quietly. Reaching the top, he looked inside the room to be met with surprised and happy expressions.

"Tsuna!" "Sawada!" "Bossu." "Herbivore…" And he was swamped into a hug by one of the boys in the room with spiky black hair. Taken back by the bold action, he quickly pushed the boy away from him. Why would someone be hugging him? Strangers outside of the Abyss were really friendly, weren't they? His eyes narrowed into a glare,

"Who are you?" he asked, his voice once more void of an emotion. He felt the boy jump and pull away. His chocolate eyes looked almost scared.

"Tsuna…?" he asked, scanning over Tsuna. Tsuna made no moves,

"Not Tsuna, Jyuudaime." He demanded impatiently, disliking the name everyone seemed to be giving him. The boy looked at Tsuna oddly. Tsuna looked away from the other boy, attempting to look over his shoulder for Gokudera.

"There's no talking to him, Baseball-freak. That's not Tsuna." Gokudera spat. The boy turned around and looked at Gokudera like he'd grown another leg. Tsuna nodded back at him,

"Thank you, Gokudera-san." he said calmly. A weight landed on his head, shoes squishing down his gravity defying hair. He let out a loud breath.

"Let's start this. Get on inside, No-Good Tsuna." Reborn's proud voice called out, giving Tsuna a little kick in the head. Tsuna narrowed his eyes in displeasure as he obediently headed inside the room, passing the stunned black haired boy. Upon entering inside, he tried to forget the fact that all eyes were on him and sat on the bed. He observed the occupants of the room.

First, there was a rude little kid in some sort of cow print suit picking his nose. Tsuna wanted to wrinkle his nose at the kid's manners, 'Will-sama would never have tolerated such a rude and disgusting habit!' Beside him was a lone girl with a dazzling purple eye; the other one was covered up by an eye patch; and purple pineapple-shaped hair. Sure, she was cute, but nothing compared to Will-sama. Sitting alone by the windowsill was a boy with black shaggy hair who looked irritated and had better places to be. 'What the hell is his problem?' On the other side of the room was his contractor, Gokudera. Near him was a spiky, tan haired boy with a piece of tape stuck to his nose, staring back at him in confusion. 'Who wears tape on their noses?' Lastly, sitting by Gokudera was the spiky, black haired guy who had tried to hug him.

"To answer your question, yes, this is Tsuna." Reborn began. Tsuna lifted up his finger.

"Actu-" he began, only to be kicked in the head by Reborn. He tipped his head forward and his eyes widened slightly. 'What was that for?'

"Shut up." Reborn commanded, "Like I said, this is Tsuna. He is just having a little difficulty remembering you guys." Tsuna gasped, feeling the blood within him boil.

"What are you spouting out no-"

"I said shut up!" Reborn commanded, kicking Tsuna in the head harder. This one made him wince. Most of the occupants of the room seemed to wince with him at the kick. He wondered why they would do such an action, he didn't even know them!

"I extremely don't get it!" The spiky tan haired one exclaimed. Gokudera turned to him,

"Of course you wouldn't, Turf-Top!" Gokudera jabbed. Reborn glared at them and the two closed their mouths, grumbling. He jumped down off of Tsuna's head.

"Tsuna was sucked up into a place called the Abyss during the ceremony." Reborn explained, "It's like a prison and once inside, you're trapped. The time inside of it is distorted from the time up here, it could be 10 minutes in The Abyss, but could be 10 years here. It seems Tsuna may have been there a little longer and came a little earlier than that." Reborn turned to look at him, "How long have you lived down there?" he asked. Tsuna blinked.

How long had he been down there? He'd never remembered not being down there. He didn't count the time, he never thought he would have to leave and there had been no need too. Why count how long you spent somewhere when you knew you weren't leaving anytime soon and you were in the only paradise you'd ever known. No, Tsuna didn't know how long he'd been down in the Abyss. He simply shrugged in response.

"Anyone mention dates down there then?" Reborn asked. Tsuna thought back. He supposed some people did though if they did they varied. Honestly, if you were being targeting by monstrous chains and slowly going insane, he doubt you'd calmly be all like 'I dropped in on the - of -'.

"I dunno. 2011? 2126?" Tsuna suggested, "Normally one would not mention one. That would be weird." he said calmly. Gokudera sputtered out something, jerking forward. He wasn't the only one stunned by the comment, even Hibari's eyes seemed to widen slightly.

"And you didn't take the time to get better at anything, No-Good Tsuna?" Reborn jabbed, shaking his head, "What a shame, time badly wasted." Reborn jumped down off of Tsuna's head. Tsuna blinked in part disgust,

"Time well spent in my opinion." he said defiantly. Reborn arched an eyebrow, turning around.

"Oh? No-Good Tsuna left his family when they needed him, and it was spent well? You didn't even learn anything new." Reborn challenged back.

"I did! Will-sama is an amazing teacher!" he cried out, leaping to his feet, pointing to Reborn, "And don't you say anything against her you monster!" he spat, bristling at the arcobaleno in anger. How the heck did the baby manage to rile him up so much? He simply smirked back in response.

"Well, No-Good Tsuna-"

"Hey, Kid." The spiky, black haired kid's cold voice interrupted the baby. Tsuna looked over to him, internally flinching at his serious stare, "Is this the Abyss you mentioned when talking about the Arcob-" he stopped in mid-sentence, silenced by Reborn's stare.

"Yes." Reborn replied coolly.

"And so is he too...?" he asked.

"To a degree." Reborn nodded. An awkward silence filled the room again and Tsuna took the chance to sit back down and calm himself down. He could tolerate the baby spouting out random things but if he ever made comments about Will-sama he'd punch the daylights out of him. That kid deserved it, kicking him in the head many times and whatnot.

"Wait." Gokudera finally began, "So, wannabe-"he motioned over to Tsuna, "-I-Is really Tenth?" he asked. Reborn nodded in response. Gokudera's eyes widened and he was at Tsuna's feet in a second. "Forgive me for my attitude, Tenth! I-didn't-know-it-was-you-!" he cried out, bowing on his hands and knees. Tsuna peered over, staring at the silverette in shock.

"Gokudera-san?" he asked curiously. How could one little statement change the once aggressive and cold teen into this groveling thing?

"Please accept my apologies Tenth!" Gokudera cried out, smooshing his face into the carpeted floor. Tsuna sat awkwardly, not knowing what to say. What could he? Out of reflex his face went cold as he stared at the silverette.

"If that's it, I'll be leaving, kid." The boy with the shaggy hair said, slipping outside the window and disappearing. Tsuna looked up just as he disappeared and blinked in shock. He looked down to Gokudera and blinked again. He looked up, thinking;

What the hell?


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