Chapter 1: The End or the Beginning

Epsilon Eridani

Planet Reach

An armored person is running across debris –filled street of the now ruined city of New Alexandria. He is wearing a Mark V MJOLNIR Armor, and armed with a MA5C Individual Combat Weapon System in his hands, MA5K Carbine and dual Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol that he has salvage from the dead soldiers of the Covenant. He also has a Type-1 Energy Sword that he stole from a Sangheili that he confronted.

He suddenly dodges a plasma bolts from behind and takes cover behind a pile of rubble. He then creeps from the side of the pile and aim his MA5C at a small group of Unggoys who are armed with Plasma Pistols. He quickly shoots them down easily as the other then flees when their numbers dwindles from seven to two.

He then retreats from his position and runs along the sidewalk of the street. He has been fighting his way through the planet since he was here to help defend Reach from the wretched Covenant.

He hated the Covenant ever since they destroyed his home world 'Venture' from the Outer Colonies, and killed his parents right in front of his eyes before he was rescued by the UNSC marines. He vowed to avenge his parents and fight them until the Covenant is crushed.

Now he is here alone and no hope of extraction as the Covenant has taken over the city and are glassing the planet.

He then reaches an abandoned M12 Warthog LRV armed with a M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun. He jumps into the driver seat and starts up the engines. With the engine humming, he steps on the accelerator and speeds down the streets of the ruined New Alexandria.

As he speeds down the streets, a Banshee dives from the sky and fires a plasma bolt towards his warthog. The plasma bolt explodes behind his warthog and flips it forward. The warthog then rolls on its side towards a broken wall. The warthog hits the wall with the vehicle upside down with the bottom side facing the wall.

He was knocked out unconscious when hit his head during the warthog's flip. He then came back and founds himself facing the concrete ground.

He crawls out of the warthog and deeply hurt. He then sits on the ground and rests his back on the warthog. From above, he saw a Covenant Cruiser is charging its Energy Projector.

With no hope of escaping even if he runs now, he stays in his position and awaits his inevitable death. He faces the cruiser in the sky and tears streak down from his eyes.

Mother. Father. I have failed.

He then closes his eyes as the energy projector becomes brighter and fires.