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Naruto stopped talking mid sentence. He couldn't believe his eyes. There was no way, no possible way, that he was looking at Hinata Hyuga.

The girl who stood in front of him… she was so beautiful that he hadn't been able to finish his sentence. Eyes widening as he recognized the girl as the very same shy Hinata Hyuga he was supposed to take out that afternoon, Naruto gulped silently, completely enthralled by the young woman before him. She looked even prettier than Sakura. He halted his run and stared at Hinata as she bounded down the stairs towards him. He tried not to notice her breasts bouncing as she walked but it was impossible not to. He tried staring into her face as she reached him so that he wouldn't appear perverted.

"N-Naruto-kun… you made it. I'm glad. I-I was beginning to worry about you." Hinata said nervously, looking down at her feet, blushing fiercely. She clasped her hands in front of her tightly.

Naruto missed the obvious relief in her tone. He was staring at her, his eyes transfixed, and she didn't know why.

'Why is he staring at me like that?' Hinata thought nervously. She wondered if he didn't like what he was seeing. The very thought had her shying away from him. She backed up back towards her house, moving further away from him. She was afraid that he'd reject her. She cringed mentally as she remembered how her confession had gone unanswered, like he hadn't even acknowledged her. She didn't want a repeat of that situation. But he'd asked her out, so shouldn't he make moves?She stared at him as she waited for him to say something to her. Anything would be preferable to the silence, which seemed so loud with unsaid words. She bit her lip nervously as she considered what he would do. He was still looking at her.

Naruto gaped at Hinata trying to assess what his brain was seeing. 'Has she always been this good looking?' He thought to himself. He knew that he should really stop staring at her, but he couldn't help couldn't force himself to stop staring at her; she just looked so different…so striking. But she was nervous. He could tell by the way her arms were wrapped around herself protectively and the way she was biting her bottom lip.

Still, Naruto kept staring and kept thinking that she looked nothing like the comrade he had come to care deeply for.

Her long midnight blue hair was curled loosely, hanging around her shoulders and down her back, the shorter tendrils of curled hair framing her round face. Her pale skin looked so soft, but her cheeks were flushed from her blushing. Her lavender eyes, so fitting on her, yet so different from the eyes of others, were downcast, but they too looked amazing. Naturally slanted, they looked even more so today, giving her face an even more elegant look. She was also biting her lower lip, which did nothing to stop Naruto's fascination with her. Her lips were full and somehow, red. How had he never noticed how full they were?

Granted, when she bit her bottom lip the way she was biting it right now, it became fuller and redder from the rushing blood, making her look more kissable. Naruto shook his head mentally. Kissing? He was thinking about kissing Hinata? He'd never had a sexual thought about her. Ever. Yet suddenly, he couldn't stop the thoughts running through his head. It was her appearance, he knew it. Her appearance had drastically changed. Everything was different. And that was making his body react differently to her.

Hell, even her outfit was completely different than what she usually wore. It revealed the generous curves that Naruto had never noticed she had before. Gone was the baggy lavender sweater that concealed the voluptuousness of her upper body.

Instead, she was wearing a simple lavender camisole tank top that brought out the lavender in her eyes even more and showed off her slight, but sturdy build. The lacy trim of the shirt covered her breasts, but left a generous amount of cleavage showcasing the full, pale mounds beneath the shirt. Her simple, yet feminine shirt was tucked into a pair short plum colored high-waisted cargo shorts that stopped mid thigh. The shorts hugged her curvy hips, and combined with the shirt, allowed Naruto to see the hour-glass figure that his comrade had been hiding for years. The length of the shorts also gave Hinata the appearance of long, toned legs. Naruto stared at them, wondering how any woman could have such perfect legs. They looked so soft and velvety. He itched to run his hands along her legs, to see if they were smooth and silky as they looked. He couldn't believe that his friend had hidden such a feminine body under her clothes; her clothes hadn't done her justice. She'd even changed her shoes. Instead of her usual sandals, she was wearing plum colored ballet flats, making her feet appear small and dainty. Call him silly, but had anyone asked him to describe her at this moment, he might have called her a graceful pixie whose purple aura was so genuine and soft, she could be nothing but perfect. She was breathtaking. That was the only word that could begin to describe her right. Naruto gulped silently. He felt his heart beating faster, and his breathing was faster than normal.

'I'm in trouble.' Naruto thought silently, feeling his blood run south. He was aroused and she hadn't even done anything. She'd walked towards him and he was already feeling a tightening in his groin area. He groaned silently as he continued to ogle his date.

Unnerved by his transfixed gaze, Hinata kept her arms wrapped around herself as she walked slowly towards Naruto again, unknowingly arousing him further. She hadn't seen it, but his Adam's apple had bobbed as he'd watched her hips sway when she'd walked toward him.

"N-Naruto-kun? I-is everything okay? Y-you haven't said one word. Has something happened?" She asked searching his face worryingly. She stared at him, noticing that he had changed clothes for the date. Gone was his orange and black pants suit. Instead he was wearing a blue t-shirt with a spiral on the front of it, dark blue pants, and sandals. It pleased her to know that had had made some effort as well and in an effort to cut the tension, she blurted her appreciation.

"You look good! B-blue is a good color on you!" She whispered nervously, looking into Naruto's widened eyes, as he continued to stare at her, thought it appeared his face was strained.

Hinata gave Naruto a confused look. Why was he still staring at her? She wanted to know.

"N-Naruto-kun, are you sure you're okay?" She asked nervously. "We can postpone our date if you'd like. P-perhaps that's the best solution." She muttered sadly. At her breathy suggestion, Naruto blinked twice. It seemed he was finally snapping out of his reverie. The last thing he wanted to do was cancel the date.

Finally, Naruto found his voice again, sparked by her suggestion of canceling their date. He definitely didn't want to do that so he forced himself to speak. "I..." He trailed off.

"Hinata! Hinata!" Hanabi Hyuga called out. She'd interrupted Naruto.

Sighing, Hinata frowned and turned to greet her sister. The brown haired twelve year old, who was starting to look quite a bit like Neji, spoke quietly, but the tone of her voice was serious. She wasn't smiling but nor was she glaring at anyone either. She appeared rather neutral. Dressed in standard Hyuga training clothes, her hair tied up into a pony tail, it appeared she had been training.

"Hello, Hanabi. What's wrong?" Hinata asked calmly, neutrally. Though she and her sister no longer sparred, they still weren't very close. Hanabi was too serious, though she opened up to people easier than her sister and cousin. She thought that Hinata didn't take her duties as an heiress seriously enough and the two frequently argued about it. Well, as far as arguing as you could go when Hinata was your opponent. She didn't need to try very hard to upset Hinata. She also thought that she was much better suited to be the head of the clan, not Hinata.

Pushing that thought away, Hanabi cleared her throat, ignoring Naruto's presence completely. She would address him later.

"Jii-sama... He has requested an audience with you. He wants you to go to his chambers immediately." She told Hinata simply. She mentally cringed while taking notice of what her sister was wearing. While she looked incredibly attractive, Hanabi knew her grandfather would see it as unnecessary and a waste of time. He already had plans for her life. Hanabi didn't think her sister would be so overrun by those plans. They were ludicrous. She felt that even her ultra shy, timid sister would stand up to him against that, and she looked forward to the fireworks.

Hinata frowned and turned back to Naruto, who was still watching her with a stupefied look on his face. She faced Hanabi again. "R-right at this moment?" She asked, exasperated.

Hanabi nodded solemnly. She then took a long look at her sister and said "You look...nice." Hinata blushed at the complement and thanked her sister quietly. Then remembering her sister, she touched Naruto's shoulder and made proper introductions. "Naruto-kun, this is my sister Hanabi Hyuga. Hanabi, this is Naruto." She said gesturing to him.

Naruto nodded at Hanabi who murmured quietly "I know who Naruto-san is. I imagine the whole village knows him, Hinata."

Hinata flushed and replied "I suppose that's true." Hanabi smiled then frowned, remembering her other task.

She cleared her throat and looked at Naruto. "Our father has requested you as well, Naruto-san." She said, issuing the "request" to Naruto himself.

Hinata blinked in confusion. "Father has...but...why?" She asked her sister quietly. She glanced back at Naruto. He was staring at the Hyuga sisters apprehensively. He pointed to his chest and asked "Me?" Hanabi nodded, and then answered her sister's question. "I don't know. But he specifically requested Naruto-san. Alone." She stressed the last word.

Hinata tensed and asked "Why?" Hanabi shrugged and reminded her sister of her own summoning. "Jii-sama doesn't like to be kept waiting, nee-san. You should go to him. I will escort Naruto to Father."

Hinata nodded sheepishly and turned to Naruto. "Um, Naruto...Do you mind? My father..."

Naruto blinked down at her and smiled warily. "Uh, no. I don't mind. I'll go with her. You go talk to your grandfather."

He watched in amazement as she smiled brightly at him. Her smile transformed her and made her even more beautiful. His stomach clenched at the sight. She just seemed to glow with happiness, her smile radiant and bright. It made him feel special. No one had really smiled at him with that much warmth before. It was surprising, and it made him feel good, he realized.

"Then I'll be going, Naruto-kun. My grandfather... he is a difficult man. I shouldn't keep him waiting. I'll come find you when I am finished and then we'll leave for our…our…date." She finished nervously.

Blushing, she nodded respectfully then turned back to the entrance to her home.

Naruto watched her walk away from him. He couldn't stop staring at her body. His hands twitched as her hips swayed from side to side while her shorts cupped her rounded behind like a glove. He nearly groaned aloud. Never had a female affected him this way. Not even Sakura. And he loved her. But her body, while athletic and slender, had absolutely nothing on the lush curves that Hinata had kept hidden for so long. He imagined what she looked like naked and wasn't at all surprised when his pants tightened even further.

Awestruck and aroused, Naruto watched Hinata as she walked further and further away from him until she was out of sight. 'When did she become so beautiful?' He thought again to himself.

Hanabi watched Naruto, noticing what her sister had not. He was trying hard to hide his attraction, but he was failing horribly. She smiled at the thought. It was about time he noticed her sister, gorgeous and kind young woman that she was. Quite soon, he could lose his chance with her forever. She'd overheard the conversation between her father and grandfather. Hinata's time for 'frolicking' was over, as her grandfather had put it.

Sighing, she beckoned Naruto to join her. "Come. I will show you to my father."

Hinata walked down the dark hallway that led to her grandfather's chambers. Along the way, she passed her clan member, Ko. When she saw him, she greeted him warmly.

"Hello, Ko-san!" She said, while nodding respectfully. Ko looked at her, his eyes widening a fraction. He paused as his mouth fell open. "Hi-Hinata-sama? Is that you?" Hinata angled her head sideways, confused about why he didn't recognize her. Nonetheless, she nodded and answered "Yes. It is. I'll be seeing you now. The Elder has called for me."

Ko stared at her and coughed awkwardly. "Uh, right. Then I'm off." He finished, while walking the opposite direction of his young charge.

Hinata glanced back at him and frowned. He'd stared at her too. Why? She shook the thoughts from her head and continued her journey. As she arrived at the elder's door, she knocked firmly.

"Enter." The elder commanded.

Hinata took a deep breath and slid the door open. She stepped inside lightly.

"You sent for me, grandfather." She said solemnly.

The elderly man was sitting cross legged on the mats located in the center of the room. His eyes were closed, and he appeared to be meditating and Hinata waited for him to acknowledge her before saying anything else.

The elder slowly opened his eyes and looked around the room, centering on Hinata right away. He took in her outfit and her overall appearance. His eyes narrowed and he scowled darkly.

"Where are you going, dressed like that?" He spoke quietly, but sternly. Hinata flinched inwardly.

"I have a…date. With a friend. We're going to see a movie and eat dinner together. I have permission from my father." She finished quietly.

"There is no reason for this date! Your future arrangements are already settled!" Her grandfather barked loudly. Hinata's eyebrows rose. 'Future arrangements? What is he talking about?' She thought to herself, nervously.

"Naruto-kun invited me. I want to go out with him. I was given permission by my father. That's reason enough." She murmured softly.

The elder narrowed his eyes at her and questioned "The nine-tails boy? That is who you want to date? I forbid it! He is not worth the Hyuga heiress! I will not allow it!" Hinata flushed, feeling herself grow angry at her grandfather's insults of Naruto.

"He is worth ten of me! And you cannot forbid anything. You don't have the authority to forbid anything! I will go out with Naruto, with or without your blessing!" She argued hotly. Her fists clenched and breathed deeply to relax herself. She never yelled at anyone, least of all, her clan elder.

Her grandfather stood to his feet swiftly. "Worth ten of you? You may be dressed like a common whore right now, but that is not who you are! You're Hinata Hyuga, daughter of Hiashi Hyuga, heiress to the main household of our clan! You have important duties to fulfill! You will lead this clan in the future. You will uphold the honor, courage, strength, and purity of this clan! That is your worth!" He responded angrily.

Hinata blinked, hurt by her grandfather's criticism of her appearance. She managed to keep the telling stutter out of her voice. "I am 17 years old. I have never been on a date, I have never kissed a boy, and I have never even held hands with a boy. I am not a whore. I wanted to look nice for my date. I'm sorry that you can't see that, but I am not a whore. And honor? Where is the honor in disrespecting someone who was forced into a situation through no fault of his own?" She replied critically.

Her grandfather's lips flattened and replied "Your marriage has already been decided. It is unnecessary for you to continue with this…this...charade! Your relationship with Naruto-kun can never go anywhere." He finished scathingly.

Hinata gasped as her grandfather's words settled over her. She was engaged to be married. To whom? Why? She shook her head disbelievingly at her grandfather.

He nodded furiously. "It is true. That is why I called you in here. We need to discuss the upcoming nuptials. But I need to speak with the groom as well. He needs to know who he will marry. So that he can break off his attachments as well." He stated matter of factly.

"Break off his attachments as well. How can you force a man to do that? It is his choice. You do not even know whether or not he will be willing to—"

"Neji will be willing to do anything to align himself with the main family. Marrying you is his key to power. He will do it." The elder interrupted rudely.

"Ne-Neji-niisan is my fiancé?" Hinata asked shocked, surprised, and sickened.

Her grandfather nodded. "He is the best choice for a husband. His byakugan is stronger than yours; he is a strong man, one of the strongest in our clan. You two are also close in age and know each other well. It is a good match and you will be married as soon as possible. Surely you knew this would happen?"

Hinata stared at her grandfather, her heart caught in her throat. Truthfully, she had considered that she and Neji would one day be forced to marry, because she knew her grandfather was pleased by the allure of a pure bloodline. And she knew it was not unheard of for cousins to marry each other. But the thought of marrying Neji was truly sickening to her. They were too close. She called him her brother and she meant it when she did. Her stomach heaved and she knew she could never view Neji as her husband. He would always be her brother in her heart. The thought of them lying together as husband and wife made her nauseous and her skin paled considerably. She felt cold chills and wrapped her arms around herself to calm herself. She was 100% sure that Neji would feel the exact same way. They'd come too far together as cousins to start all over as husband and wife. She shook her head in disgust. She could never think a sexual thought about Neji. It was not possible.

She did the only thing she could think of. She glared at her grandfather, her fists clenched at her sides and muttered "Like hell. I will never marry Neji."

Naruto glanced at the small girl on his left side, trying to find similarities between her and her sister. Besides the pupiless eyes, Hanabi seemed more like a miniature Neji than Hinata. That was kinda freaky, he thought.

She was quiet and didn't appear to be at all interested in Naruto so when she spoke he was surprised and frightened.

"Why are you dating my sister? I have heard that you're still in love with Sakura Haruno. If that is the case, then end this farce now, before you hurt her. You're our village's hero, but if you hurt my sister I'll show you no mercy. Neji-niisan will back me up. And I assure you, Hinata may have gotten stronger, but I'm still tougher than her. And I'll make you pay if you hurt her. It'd be a shame if you couldn't mold chakra anymore, wouldn't it?" Hanabi finished innocently.

Naruto stopped walking, staring in shock at the girl. She'd just threatened him and she hadn't batted an eyelash. Her words had been blunt, serious, and straight to the point. He really felt as though he were talking to a mini Neji.

Mentally, he called her Chibi Neji-chan. They were so alike. It was creepy to see her, a girl version of his very serious friend.

He swallowed silently and responded "I don't think your sister would want me explaining this you. It's between us, not you and Neji." He looked at the small girl in front of him. Her eyes narrowed, but she nodded silently and gestured toward the door she had stopped in front of.

"He's in there. I'll wait out here for you. Don't keep him waiting." Hanabi said warningly.

Naruto's brows rose as Hanabi slid the door open for him. He stepped into the doorway and waited for the Hyuga leader to invite him in further, despite Chibi Neji-chan's warning.

"Step inside, and close the door, Naruto. I have much to discuss with you." A deep voice commanded. Slightly annoyed by his demand, Naruto scowled slightly and stepped forward into the room.

Naruto glanced at the stern looking man who had summoned him. He was standing tall, facing Naruto, his hands hanging loosely at his sides. He was wearing traditional Hyuga training clothes and glanced behind Naruto to address Hanabi.

"We will continue your training in a bit. Just wait outside while I talk to Naruto." He commanded.

Hanabi nodded and slid the door closed.

"Uh, hey, Hiashi-san, (what do you guys think Naruto would call him, I can't see Naruto saying -sama) you wanted to speak to me. What's up?"

Hiashi slid his white, pupiless gaze back to Naruto. He frowned. No one spoke to him so casually. Clearly the young man didn't know his place. He looked Naruto up and down. While he wasn't a big fan of the nine-tails boy, he had seen one of his interactions with his daughter and knew she was infatuated with him. Though he knew of his father's plans to have Hinata marry Neji, he would rather avoid that entanglement. Neji could never be free of the main household, then. And though it would mean marrying into the elite of the clan, after spending time with his nephew, he knew Neji wasn't interested in being an elite Hyuga in that way. He also knew that Neji was involved with Kai, whom he considered a lovely match for Neji.

And, as a father, a small part of him wanted to see Hinata loved and cherished by a man of her choosing. She seemed to like Naruto and he knew the boy was powerful, so he didn't think it would hurt to see where the two would end up. Naruto was a strong ninja. He had unbelievable chakra and he came from powerful stock. The Fourth had been an insanely skilled ninja whom many had feared. And his mother… he knew that Kushina Uzumaki had hailed from the Uzumaki Clan, a clan known for their fuinjustu (sealing techniques) and longevity. A Hyuga heir with that kind of raw chakra and longevity was very promising. That child could be extraordinary, he knew.

Swallowing lightly, he stared directly into Naruto's eyes. Naruto frowned, and to his credit, he didn't flinch or look away. His bright blue eyes stared right back at him, without fear, without the reverence he was quite used to. The boy's fists clenched and Hiashi could swear he felt the challenge rolling off Naruto.

'This boy is brave to look defiant in front of me. Perhaps he will…' Hiashi let his thought trail off. He thought, instead about his daughter, and knew that she was talking to her grandfather at that very moment.

"Naruto… what are you intentions towards my daughter?"

Naruto froze. 'My what? What does he mean by intentions?'

He stared at Hiashi, unsure of how to answer him. His eye brows rose quizzically. Hiashi's brows rose in return. "You have no answer?"

"I don't understand the question. What are you asking me?" Naruto told Hiashi bluntly. His brow creased in concentration.

Hiashi's eyes narrowed and he stared at the boy. "I admit, when I got the report last week, that you had asked for my daughter's attendance on a date with you, I had my reservations. I still do. Hinata is not a common young woman. She has duties to fulfill. She is the heir to my household and therefore very important to this family. I will not let an association with you tarnish her reputation. You see, Naruto, last week you asked my daughter, but you did not seek my permission to take my daughter out. And I… have heard things about you. So, I will ask you again, why are you going out with my daughter? And don't lie to me, I know of your relationship with Sakura Haruno and of your strong friendship with the traitor, Sasuke Uchi—"

"Ex-traitor." Naruto interrupted rudely. He was glaring at Hiashi now.

Taken aback slightly, Hiashi said "Excuse me."

"Sasuke is an ex-traitor. He wouldn't betray the village anymore than you and I, now. He's paying for his crimes as we speak, and I'm not gonna let you disrespect my friend. I don't give a damn about what you think and I don't give a damn who you are. And leave Sakura-chan out of this too. She and Hinata have nothing to do with each other."

Hiashi glared at Naruto as he glared back, forgetting to be respectful. Naruto met Hiashi's glare easily, not flinching away. Hiashi was mentally impressed. The boy had a backbone. That was another point in his favor. He had to have one if he would one day have to deal with him as a father in-law.

'He's as tough as they say. Hn, I'll ask again.'

"Your friendship with the Uchiha makes no difference. I was merely curious. However, I am interested to know about Sakura. If rumors are true, if you love her, then you care nothing for my daughter. Why should I let you take her out, knowing that you don't care for my child? Tell me."

"That's not true. I do care for Hinata. A lot. I just…" Naruto trailed off, unable to finish. He couldn't lie to Hiashi and say that he loved Hinata. That wouldn't be fair to her or to himself. But he also didn't want to alienate her father by admitting he was in love with another woman. That wasn't good for anyone today. Comprehending his question now, Naruto answered truthfully.

"Look, I care about your daughter. She's my friend. She's a really good friend. And I want to get to know her better. I don't know how things will go, and I can't promise that I won't hurt her, but I'll my best not to. I like her, which is why I want to take her out."

'And she's beautiful.' Naruto added silently. He blinked in surprise. That thought had his face heating. He felt it in his bones that she was beautiful and her face was the only face he'd thought out when he'd answered her father. He smiled inwardly. Thanks to Sakura-chan, he was able to finally put a name to what he was feeling for Hinata. Attraction. That's what Sakura-chan had called it.

Hiashi nodded. He respected Naruto's answer but he still had some questions. "Fair enough, I suppose. However, Naruto, Hinata is at a marriageable age. In fact, she is be—"You don't have to answer any more questions Naruto-kun!"

Both Hiashi and Naruto were interrupted by the soft, yet steady voice. Naruto faced Hinata and glanced back questioningly at her father. Red faced with fury, Hinata glared at her father. "He's done, Father. We'll be going on our date now. There is no need for him to continue to speak to you."

Marching to Naruto, she grasped his wrist in her small hand and pulled slightly. "Shall we go, Naruto-kun? We should hurry before we miss the movie. We shall talk later, Father. We have much to discuss, you and I. And perhaps Neji-niisan should be a part of the festivities as well. Naruto-kun, let's go." She said angrily.

Naruto blinked, and her father stared at her with a shocked look on his face. There was a core of steel in her voice and Naruto knew he had never heard it before. She had even ordered him to leave. She practically dragged him away from her father and out of the room. Marching down the hallway, he was sure that he heard her mumbling to herself. He had also seen the look of surprise on her father's face. Whatever she had discussed with her grandfather… it had her royally pissed. He noticed, again, how flushed her face was and her lips were plump and swollen from biting. She looked like she'd just been kissed, he couldn't help but think.

"Hinata… are you okay?" He asked as they continued walking down the corridor to exit the house.

"Hinata. What's wrong? And what did Neji have to do with anything?" Naruto asked again. Hinata was ignoring him. She blinked furiously. He felt a little confused and worried. 'Why is she acting like this?' Naruto thought to himself, again.

Pausing at the entrance, Hinata didn't respond to Naruto. She bounded down the stairs and Naruto watched in fascination at her legs as she slipped her shoes onto her small, dainty feet. She huffed and puffed, pushing her curled hair behind her ears. She called out for her sister.

"Hanabi!" She yelled loudly. Naruto stood to the side, watching her seethe with anger. Smoke appeared to billow from her ears and her face was completely red. He'd seen Hinata red before, but any redder and she was going to turn into Sasuke's favorite food.

"What is it?" Chibi Neji-chan asked, appearing in the courtyard quickly. She seemed shaken by the yelling, since only her father really yelled at her. Hearing Hinata yell was an event all in itself.

"Tell your father that I said it. Will. Never. Happen. EVER. He can forget it, I would rather die." She spat out.

Naruto's brows rose and staring at her face, he finally noticed the sheen of unshed tears that she was trying so desperately to hide. Lips and chin quivering, Hinata tried to smile weakly at him, finally remembering his presence. "We can go now, N-Naruto-kun. And Hanabi, we'll be back later. Train hard, okay?" Nodded at her sister, she sidestepped Naruto, and proceeded to briskly leave the Hyuga Compound, her hair blowing back from her face because of the gentle breeze.

Naruto stared after her in concern. Crying? Why was she so close to tears? His stomach dropped. It burned a place inside him to see her cry. She was his friend and he hated to see his friends in any type of pain. It especially hurt because she was shy and kind, anyone who hurt her had to be a monster. But she was hurting and he had no clue why.

"Go after her, stupid. She's having a rough time right now." Hanabi told Naruto, who was still standing dumbstruck, even after Hinata had left the compound.

He nodded and said "Uh… right… what happened to her?" He was genuinely confused. One moment she had been beautiful and happy, the next she was in tears and angry. "She will tell you, when you catch up to her! Now go!" She pushed his shoulder with her hand. Since she was standing on the steps, she'd been able to reach and Naruto stumbled forward.

He started jogging to catch up to Hinata.

He yelled back to Hanabi, "See ya later, Chibi Neji-chan! We'll be back later!" He waved back at her as she waved.

"Take care of my sister! And don't do anything perverted or I swear to God, I'll tear your chakra network to shreds!" Hanabi shouted threateningly.

He grimaced and ran faster, pulling the gate to the Compound closed after him. Hanabi heard him calling her sister's name frantically.

Standing on the stairs, she tried to figure out why she was annoyed and angry. Her eye began twitching. She thought back to what Naruto had last said to her. Gasping she growled as she figured out what was bothering her, in a fit of rage she yelled,


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