Naruto: The Ultimate Chakra

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Naruto was currently walking up the side of the Hokage monument. He was heading to the top where he would then walk over to the head of the fourth Hokage. This had become his favorite place in the village because of the view it provided, but it also wasn't visited very often, giving him the perfect spot to think and meditate. Naruto was going to meditate at that moment. As he took one last glance at the village he grew so fond and vowed to protect. Naruto then sat down and closed his eyes, doing what he could to clear his mind. He stayed like that for a few minutes when a voice penetrated the quiet of the Hokage monument.

"Beautiful isn't it?" The familiar voice asked.

Naruto turned to see his teacher Jiraiya grinning at him. Naruto then turned to look back at the village and as he looked at his home he couldn't help but to remember back to what started his new path.

The Acadamy

"Naruto, you fail!" Iruka shouted at Naruto for the second time in an attempt to stop Naruto's argument.

"But Iruka-sensei…" Naruto started until he was cut off by Iruka.

"Naruto, I'm not doing this to be mean, I'm trying to make you understand that in the world of the ninja there are no second chances. One wrong move could cost you or someone you know their life. Try again next year Naruto." Iruka said, this time much softer tone to show his sympathy for one of his favorite students.

"Yes Iruka-sensei." Naruto said as he stared at the floor. Then, with a look of determination he clenched his fists together and said, "Next time I'll pass for sure and then I'll be one step closer to becoming the next Hokage, you'll see."

Iruka watched as Naruto turned and ran from the room. With a smirk he thought, "I have no doubt about that Naruto."

Naruto ran out of the room and straight into Kotetsu. Naruto then cast a glance around to see Izumo beside him, both of them looking at Naruto in confusion.

"Naruto, where are you off to in such a hurry?" Kotetsu asked.

"I'm off to practice my Jutsu so I can pass the academy next year and show Iruka-sensei." He said with look of determination.

"Ugh, Naruto, maybe you should work on your chakra control first. Speaking of which, where is Iruka anyways?" Izumo added to the conversation.

"He's in there, thanks for the tip." Naruto called the last part out as he ran away, not noticing the third ninja following Izumo and Kotetsu.

Kotetsu then turned to Izumo and asked, "Shall we?"

Iruka was in the grading room for the graduation exams when the door opened to show Izumo and Kotetsu followed by another unknown ninja. "Hey, what brings you here?"

"Hokage-sama has asked that we escort the new academy teacher here." Izumo gestured to the ninja behind them then added, "This is Mizuki. He will be helping you teach next years graduating class."

Iruka stood and walked over to Mizuki, offering his hand forward as he said, "Hi, I'm Iruka, nice to meet you."

"Mizuki, I look forward to working with you." Mizuki said as he took Iruka's hand and shook it.

Naruto was about to enter his third store, in search of a scroll to help him on is Bunshin and Henge no Jutsu, when a big man in a store uniform stepped out holding a broom. He swung the broom at Naruto who quickly dodged it.

"Get out of here you brat!" The man yelled.

"But I have money and I need to find a scroll to help me become a ninja." Naruto cried out desperately.

"Hmph, a demon like you doesn't deserve to become a ninja. Now leave and don't let me catch you trying to come back." The man said as he turned to back into his shop.

"I'm not a demon!" Naruto yelled just before he ran away.

Once Naruto was a good distance from the shop he slowed to a walk. He put his hands behind his head and stared up at the clouds while he walked.

"Now what am I supposed to do? I have to find a way to perform the Bunshin and Henge no Jutsu but their my worst Jutsu and I can't find anything to help me." Naruto said to himself when a sign to his left caught his attention.

Naruto walked to the sign, reading it aloud he said, "Warning: Building Unstable, No Trespassing."

Naruto looked behind the sign then to see a building half decimated by a fire. Half of the building was either in ashes or fallen down, whereas the other half was charred black by the fire that had unfortunately struck the building but luckily still stood. Naruto looked at the building for another few seconds when a sign closer to the building captured his interest. From his location he could vaguely make out the letters LIB RY.

"Libry?" Naruto thought, until it dawned on him. "Library?"

That moment Naruto remembered overhearing a conversation Iruka-sensei was having with another one of the academy teachers a few days ago. They were talking Library that had strangely caught fire and they didn't manage to get the fire out until half the building had burnt down. Naruto had apparently just stumbled across said Library. That was when a grin broke out across his face.

"I wonder if any of the scrolls survived?" Naruto asked himself.

At that moment Naruto pushed aside any fear of the dangers and glanced around to see if anyone was looking his looking his way. When he was sure the coast was clear he ran to the side of the Library where he luckily found the staff entrance intact and, in their haste to evacuate the building, left it unlocked. Naruto slipped inside the building only to find the current area in ruins. In hopes that the particular section of the Library he was looking for was intact, Naruto worked his way through his way through the debris, leaving a clear trail for when he decided to leave. Naruto then looked for the section of the Library that housed all the scrolls on Ninjutsu. He found it easily enough, but was disappointed to find most of the scrolls were either in ashes or burnt to the point they were unreadable.

Naruto kept looking though and soon enough started to find some scrolls that managed to survive. He started stacking any scrolls he found intact on a table that had luckily survived the fire as well. After searching for thirty long minutes Naruto had found six scrolls that had survived. He licked his lips at the sight of his bounty as though he were a hungry predator about to pounce on its prey.

"I guess it'll do, better head home before someone catches me." Naruto said as he grabbed his six scrolls.

Turning to leave now, Naruto happened to catch sight of something flashing in the sunlight that managed to filter in through the many holes left behind by the fire. Naruto sat his scrolls back down on the table to go retrieve it. He found it half buried in other scrolls resulting in this particular scroll to be left perfectly intact from the fire. The other scrolls Naruto had found had been intact as well but they had suffered a few burn marks here and there but for the most part were readable. This scroll however looked as though the fire hadn't even touched it. The scroll had a gold seal on it that kept it closed. The seal had a very ornate picture of a dragon that was curled up in a striking position like a snake with sapphire markings traveling down the length of the dragon and out around the outside of the rest of the predominantly red scroll. This scroll piqued his curiosity more then any of the scrolls he had found so far so Naruto carefully undid the dragon seal and opened it enough to read the title. Ultimate Chakra Control.

Naruto remembered what Izumo had said earlier.

"Ugh, Naruto, maybe you should work on your chakra control first…"

"Score!" Naruto thought to himself. Naruto started grinning at his find. Not only did he find scrolls on Ninjutsu, he now had a scroll to help him master the Bunshin and Henge no Jutsu. Naruto would graduate for sure this time.


Naruto turned around at the noise and looked up to see a support beam for the roof crack in half.

"Uh oh, that can't be good." Naruto said as he stared at the beam.

Suddenly the cracked beam gave way and crashed down to the ground only meters away from the exit followed by parts of the roof with it. At that moment Naruto realized he had very few precious seconds to get out before the building collapsed around him.

"Time to go!" Naruto said quickly.

Naruto then shut the scroll, latching the golden dragon seal back in place before running to the table with his six other scrolls. Suddenly another beam broke, sending debris down to the ground in a shower of charred wood and metal. The debris landed only meters from the table and instantly Naruto knew his time was up. He reached the table in two more long strides and in one swift motion, scooped up all six of the scrolls in his arms. Naruto turned to leave and in his haste took a few good steps before losing hold on three scrolls from his precious bounty. Naruto faltered at that moment, stopping to look back at the scrolls and debating on if he had the time to go back for them, but when he finally took a step toward them more of the building came crashing down right on top of them. Naruto was instantly glad for his hesitation. With his scrolls crushed under the debris and no time to dig them out he dashed for the exit, maneuvering through the maze of debris he cleared out the way on his way in before finally reaching the staff entrance.

With a sigh of relief, Naruto burst through the door at great speed and stopped to look to the building. He wasn't to safety yet as the building could still inevitably crush him as it came down so he dashed back to the sign that warned him of danger. Once there he cast a glance back at the building and, not wanting to get blamed for the destruction, launched onto the rooftops with all four scrolls in his arms and made straight for his apartment.

Meanwhile back at the Library…

"See, told you it was safe. One well placed rope on the weakened main support beam and a few good tugs and ta-dah, the place goes tumbling down. Now pay up." The man said to his coworker as he stretched out his open palm to him.

"Yea yea, just call in the clean up crew already, our job here is done." The man said slapping some money into the waiting mans outstretched hand.

Naruto walked into his apartment, dumping the four scrolls he managed to salvage onto his bed before doubling back to lock his door. Then Naruto checked his apartment for any undue traps or visitors. Satisfied, he looked out his windows to make sure he wasn't followed. Finally sure that everything was clear he plopped down onto his bed and reached for the dragon scroll then, thinking better of it, decided to save it for last and reached for a different scroll. Naruto grabbed another scroll that was red like the dragon scroll but this one was all the same color red meaning it was just an ordinary scroll. Naruto opened it to the title. The Basics of Chakra.

"Aw man, I learned all that in the academy already." Naruto said as he frowned.

Then Naruto closed the scroll, set it aside as a useless scroll, and reached for another. Picking this one up he noticed this one was a solid green color. Hoping beyond hope that it was something useful he opened it to the title. The Complexities of Chakra.

Naruto frowned again and moved to close the scroll. Sitting it to the side with his other useless scroll he picked up the other one. This one he opened to the title and frowned again when it said, Chakra in the use of Jutsu.

"Great, I just risked my neck, almost getting crushed under a half burned building, for a bunch of useless scrolls. At least I got this one." Naruto said as he picked up the dragon scroll and fell back onto his pillow as he stared at its weird features. Now that Naruto looked closer he realized that the scroll had actual sapphires intermixed with the strange sapphire lines, and that the scroll wasn't a scroll at all. It was more of a case that, when opened, the scroll was pulled from the protective case to be read. It didn't make sense to Naruto as that would leave very little room for the scroll, meaning the scroll must be very small in size. Why would someone take the time to make such an ornate protective case for such a small scroll?

Naruto then opened the case and pulled the scroll out to its full length, glancing over it until his eyes reached the bottom. At the very bottom of the scroll was the Kanji symbol for seal and under it were instructions.

"Now that you have mastered those techniques this seal will test your chakra control and if its to the level of this seal it will release more techniques to master. Be warned, if you try to skip ahead and break the seal without mastering every technique the seal will lock the rest of the scroll until all current techniques are mastered."

Naruto thought this over, marveling at how complex a seal was put on this scroll. No wonder the scroll was so small. It was made to stop at a certain point until you mastered the techniques, then once you reached the scrolls desired level of control, you could advance to the next techniques. Naruto's mouth watered at the thought of the more powerful techniques farther down the scroll. Determined to master the whole scroll Naruto moved back to the top to start at the beginning of the scroll. Before it started going into the techniques it looked as though someone left a message for the next owner of the scroll.

"Greetings whoever has come into possession of this rare treasure. My name is Shinji Shimura, the soul surviving member of the Shimura clan. This scroll is a written account of every technique, explanation, and result of the Shimura clan's secrets to total chakra control. Our clan was annihilated by many forces who were after our secrets and even now I am being hunted down. I have decided to record everything I know in hopes that one day this scroll will meet the right hands of one who would learn its ways and keep it safe from those who would use it to do harm. Good luck young Shinobi.

Oh and one more thing. Before you begin to try and master these techniques it would be best if you learned everything there is to know on chakra. Once you understand the tool you will be using, only then can you learn to use the tool properly. Wow, that just sounded really profound didn't it?"

At the last part Naruto sweat dropped. Then, turning to look at the scrolls he discarded, set to work learning everything there was to know about chakra.

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