Chapter 4

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Naruto was currently walking to the Academy for the last time as a student. He passed the Genin Exam but today was the real official day. Today they were assigned their Jonin Sensei's. Naruto walked into the classroom he was so familiar with grinning like a madman. He was the last to show up and he certainly surprised many of his fellow classmates who obviously thought everyone who passed was already there seeing as they left as soon as the exam was over and not staying to truly see who passed. Needless to say a few jaws dropped, a few shrugged as if not caring, one particular boy didn't even wake up from sleeping when he entered, and lastly some didn't even turn their head, as if looking to see who the last one there was beneath them; namely one Uchiha Sasuke.

"Naruto what are you doing here? I thought you failed just like the last two times." Ino Yamanaka stated loudly.

"He probably bribed his way to passing with his 'Pervert no Jutsu'." One student stated blatantly, causing most of the class to roar in laughter.

If it weren't for the fact that Naruto was so excited today he would have let all of them have it right then and there but today he didn't care. He shrugged indifferently at the boys jest and calmly walked to his seat beside Sasuke quietly. He sat as far from Sasuke as he could causing most of the girls in the room to glare at his brash hatred of the most glorious specimen of man they had ever seen, even as some still had a blush on their cheeks from how cool he acted when he was clearly just baited into a fight and shrugged it off like it was nothing. Many of the girls would kill just to be in Naruto's position, but to their dismay, the alphabetical seating arrangement deemed that as impossible, although some were now wanting to just sit by Naruto as well.

Just then Iruka walked into the room saying, "Settle down class."

Once the hushed whispers and murmurs that were going around the room stopped Iruka continued by saying, "Good, now as you all know today you will be assigned your Jonin Sensei's. I wish you all luck and try your hardest to be the best shinobi you can be. Ok, Team 1 consists of Shinji Kuro…"

Naruto instantly tuned Iruka out as he slowly started to nod off to the incessant droning of Iruka's lecturing voice. It wasn't until he heard his name that he perked up and listened carefully. "… maki Naruto, Haruno Sakura…" Naruto instantly pumped his fist in the air as he jumped out of his seat screaming in joy. "…and Uchiha Sasuke. You will be Team 7 and your Jonin Sensei will be Hatake Kakashi." Iruka went on as Naruto slumped and this time Sakura pumped her fist at the mention of the Uchiha Prodigy.

"Ok, that does it for the teams. Please stay where you are and wait patiently for your Jonin Sensei's to come to retrieve you." Iruka stated just before he took his notebook of Team assignments and left.

Hatake Kakashi, son of the White Fang of Konoha, otherwise known as Copy Nin Kakashi, crouched on the rooftops just outside the classroom where he was to pick up his three Genin students. He had been ordered to pass them no matter what and train them into real shinobi by the Hokage who was trying to placate the Ninja council, but he would have fun with them at least in the meantime and hopefully he may decide their worth passing without him having to do it unwillingly. Not likely, but one could only hope.

- Flashback -

"You wanted to see me Hokage-sama?" Kakashi said bowing his head in respect to the Sandaime Hokage.

"Hm? Oh yes, I'm here to tell you about your assigned team of Genin." Hiruzen Sarutobi stated calmly as he turned from looking out his tower window to Kakashi.

"Forgive my rudeness Hokage-sama, but is it necessary for me to teach Genin? You know I haven't in all my years yet found any I believed were worthy of teaching. Honestly I find testing the new Genin as just a formality before I tell them no."

"I'm sorry you feel that way Kakashi, but I do believe you will change your mind once I tell you who you will be teaching."

Kakashi quirked his only visible eyebrow at that statement but otherwise didn't respond as he waited for the Hokage to continue what he was saying. "You remember the Uchiha Massacre?"

"Yes Hokage-sama. Apparantly all were slaughtered by Itachi Uchiha in one night. All but his younger brother I believe." Kakashi responded quickly.

"Well, Sasuke has apparently just graduated from the Academy and the council won't get off my back about having you teach him. They hope since you possess the Sharingan you can help him unlock his and make him a powerful asset to the village."

"Apologies Hokage-sama but I don't see how this should change my opinion on the matter."

"Yes, well you will also be teaching one Haruno Sakura. She's a Kunoichi who has no apparent shinobi background nor does her clan. She will be on your team as a sort of balance." The Hokage said as he tried to build the suspense by deliberately not answering the question, much to Kakashi's annoyance.

"Balance? Why exactly is she needed as a balance Hokage-sama?" Kakashi stated impatiently. He was getting tired of the old man's theatrical side for one day even if he is the third Hokage.

"Because the last student you will be teaching, who I meant will be of great interest to you, is none other then Uzumaki Naruto." The Hokage waited for Kakashi to put everything together.

"Who?" Kakashi asked simply.

Sarutobi then sweat dropped. The man may be a Jonin but he swears he's as dense as Naruto sometimes. Yup, they will definitely get along very well.

"Oh yes, you weren't told were you? I had hoped that even though you were not informed that you would eventually figure it out yourself but it seems your time has been more preoccupied to think on such matters. Would it help if I referred to him as Namikaze Naruto?"

Kakashi's only visible eye widened in disbelief at that. Forgetting all formality he grabbed the Hokage's formal robes and pulled him close. So close he could almost feel Kakashi's breath through his mask. "Sensei had a son? Why was I not told? Who raised him?"

Kakashi was visibly shaking at this point and luckily Sarutobi had noticed just before reprimanding Kakashi's impulsive actions. He simply removed Kakashi's hands from his robes and calmly stated, "As I said before, I had hoped you would have figured it out on his own seeing as he is the famous Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. His name must not have slipped by you so easily. I figured by giving him the name Uzumaki he would be protected from all of Minato's enemies. I figured you of all people who knew Kushina would put the two together and figure it out. As for who raised him Naruto stayed in an orphanage until he was nine. He was then kicked out and I gave him a small apartment to live in by himself with a monthly allowance from the joint accounts from the now extinct Namikaze and Uzumaki clans. He is the heir to both and rightfully deserves their assets, unfortunately the only assets they have left are their accounts."

"So I am to teach the last Uchiha AND sensei's son? By the Gods there's no way they won't pass the test. Two genius's on the same team?" Kakashi was now looking to the side with his hand to his chin apparently deep in thought. He would seen realize that him saying he had two genius's on his team would be a small overstatement.

- Flashback Ends -

Kakashi was brought from his thoughts when he saw Naruto stand up and start waving his hands in the air as his two teammates watched. Using his finely tuned hearing he listened to what it was he was going on about.

"Seriously its been almost two hours since everyone left. Where the hell is he? What kind of Jonin is he if he's this late?" Naruto ranted.

"Naruto I know what you mean but we just have to be patient." Sakura said in an attempt to make Naruto shut up even as she herself thought, "Yea where the hell is he?"

Kakashi had to suppress a laugh when he noticed Naruto placing the chalk board eraser on top of the door frame. No doubt it was meant to hit him as he walked in. Well maybe he would just have to have a little fun with him. Seeing the opened window and Naruto as he waited by the door he instantly knew how to set him straight.

Kakashi listened as Naruto stood by Iruka's desk and muttered to himself, "Hah, he's going to walk through that door and bam, he won't even know what hit him."

Kakashi instantly shunshined beside Naruto as he nonchalantly said, "Yea that'll teach him to be late."

"Yup, that's what he gets for…" Naruto paused at the voice. It was definitely male but it didn't sound like Sasuke. That could only mean one thing. Turning to the side he looked straight into the masked face of Kakashi just as Sakura gasped at his quick entrance. Naruto jumped away instantly after Kakashi had apparently scared the hell out of him. Unfortunately he jumped back into the door frame, consequently jarring said frame, and knocking Naruto's trap right onto his own head.

"You really shouldn't underestimate another shinobi, it could get you killed." Kakashi stated calmly before he looked to Sasuke and Sakura and said, "All three of you meet me on the roof."

All three Genin sat on the roof quietly and waited for Kakashi to finally speak. When he did all he said was, "Ok, we'll start with some introductions. State your name, your likes, dislikes, and goals."

"What do you mean Kakashi-Sensei?" Sakura asked.

"Your supposed to be the smart one? Ok well I guess I'll give an example I guess. My name is Hatake Kakashi. My likes and dislikes are… not your business and my goal's? Well, I don't really have any. Ok blondie, your next."

At this all three sweat dropped and thought, "All we learned was his name!"

Naruto perked up first when Kakashi told him to go first and immediately said, "My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I like ramen and training. My dislikes are people who hate you for no reason and the time it takes to cook ramen. My goal is to become the next Hokage, then everyone will have to acknowledge me and respect me."

"He's just like his father, although he definitely has Kushina's personality." Kakashi thought to himself before telling Sakura to continue.

Kakashi listened half-heartedly to Sakura and Sasuke introduce themselves but raised a brow when he heard Sasuke state that his 'ambition' was to kill a certain man. He surmised that he must have been talking about Itachi then pushed it to the back of his mind. When they were all finished he said, "Ok, now that were all familiar with each other meet me at training ground 7 tomorrow for your test."

"Test? What test Kakashi-sensei? We already passed the Genin Exam." Sakura said confused.

"That was just a formality to weed out those who didn't even stand a chance to become a real Genin. The real Genin test is tomorrow and it has a 66% failure rate. Oh and don't eat tomorrow, you'll just throw up."

All three Genin then gulped when they heard the failure rate. As Kakashi disappeared in a puff of smoke Sakura and Naruto were still sitting there with shock evident on their faces. Sasuke however had the presence of mind to cover his shock and push it to the back of his mind as he thought, "I have to pass this test no matter what. Then I'll be one step closer to killing him. Mark my words I will avenge my clan!"

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