"oh look at me I'm Jack Sparrow the greatest Captain to ever walk the planet!"

"oh look at me I'm Jade Sparrow and I thing I know EVERYTHING!"

Jack and Jade fight, a lot. Its one of the many perks of having a brother or sister. " Oh look at me, I'm Jack Sparrow and I walk like a mad man! Because I am!" Jack Lit up suddenly "oh ye, well look at me I'm Jade Sparrow and I'm completely and eternally in love with Jean!"Jade narrowed her eyes at him "Really?" Jean perked up. Jade grind a plan burning in her head "oh Arabella!" she said in a sing song tone "bugger... NO!" Jack chased after her as she made her way below deck " Look at me I'm Jack Sparrow and I have denial issues!" She giggle dodging Jack( and his sword) "do not!"

"exactly!" Arabella appeared out from below deck, her brow furrowed. "what's going on with ye two?" Jade side steeped away from Jack and sprinted toward Arabella "Arabella. Jack. Denial. Fancy. Uhhhh!" Jade panted "bell what ever she said is a lie! A lie I say!" Jade and Arabella Raised an eye brow. "Jack Fancies you!" Jade fan off to hide behind Jean. "bell she's just kidding I really don't"

"denial!" Jean, Tumen and Jade called out. Jack sighted "would It be so bad it ye did?" Arabella smiled. Jack looked up "come again?"

"what's so wrong about ye liking me?" She asked her hands on her hips "what's right about that?" Fitz mumbled, but Jade elbowed him in the ribs. "well... Uh... em..." Jack mumbled searching his mind for a way out of this one. "Jade Fancies Jean!" He brook out. "well yer not kidding." Arabella said sarcastically. "It's not that obvious."Jade said "Yes it is." Jean smiled. Jade stuck her tough out at him. "well jack." Arabella said once more. "Well if I did, witch I don't! I would be reconsidering because of a certain attitude!" Jack grinned "I don't have an attitude!"

"dinial!" Jean, Tumen and Jade repeated. "oh aye, well-"

"oh just kiss already!" Jade called out. Jack and Arabella both narrowed their eyes are her, then suddenly jack lent in and kissed Bells cheek. (aaaaaaaww)