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"Robotic voice/Demon"

Demon/Robot thinking


(Foreign language)

Episode 1: Death of a Mad Man

Story Start

With Naruto

It was over; he had finally defeated Madara Uchiha in their final battle. He and the elder Uchiha had a fight right outside of Konohagakure. Hence forth why the forest area they were in had destroyed trees and multiple craters surrounding them. Right now Naruto Uzumaki was using a tree to support him. While Naruto stood his opponent was using a tree to keep his head up while the rest of his body laid flat on the ground.

"It's over Madara Uchiha." Naruto declared while looking at the fallen Uchiha. He had to admit that this was his hardest battle. He was nearly out of chakra. He had multiple cuts, bruises on his body, and his clothes were torn in a few places. Right now he was trying to gather sage chakra but it wasn't working. His body was too weak; he could barely focus without feeling pain. Right now he was hoping that someone, heck anyone from the ninja alliance would come to help him.

"I guess your right Naruto Namikaze. You're barely standing and here I am on the ground." Madara replied as he had come to accept that he was going to die but he was going to die with a bang.

"So why go through all this Madara? Why start an entire war over Jinchurriki?" Naruto questioned hoping to at least get an answer or two out of Madara before he passed.

"The world needs a mad man Naruto, I take that back. The Elemental Continents needed a villain and I gave it to them." Madara answered while looking at his opponent.

"A villain?" Naruto asked with an interest in his voice. In this world, there were bad people but none that would be labeled as villains. I mean a villain is something you would hear in movies or television shows but not necessary in real life.

"Yes, a villain; someone who thinks outside the box. I mean being a shinobi is fun but being a villain. A person with no morals, alliances, or cares in the world. That's the type of life I chose and it seemed to have gone well for me. Until you showed up and stopped me." Madara explained.

"Well, I did stop you," Naruto commented seeing as he beat the legendary Madara Uchiha in a fight to the death.

"Indeed you did but right now it is my time to save you." Madara proclaimed getting Naruto's attention.

"Save me, what are you talking about?" Naruto asked in a confused tone. Not sure as to how his toughest opponent was going to save him.

"Face facts Naruto. With you and Killer Bee being the only two Jinchuuriki left. What do you think is going to happen? How long will peace last until another me shows up with the exact same plan? History has always found a way to repeat itself Naruto. I thought you would have learned that by now." Madara answered the blonde.

"Well I'll just have to stop them; just like I did you." Naruto replied in a confident tone he could muster.

"Funny but you forgot one thing Naruto. You can't live forever." Madara stated as Naruto knew he had a point.

"So what did you mean by saving me?" Naruto asked as he felt chakra from who he guessed were his allies coming in his direction. It wouldn't be that long now until reinforcements arrived and he could end this war once and for all.

"By sending you away Naruto. Into another world where no one knows you. A world where you can be free. Free of being a shinobi." Madara answered gaining a look of indifference from Naruto for a brief second. I mean a world where there could possibly be peace without the need of fighting sounds nice but Naruto quickly remembered the duty he had here.

"To bad your plan won't work Madara. I have too much to live for here. Besides I know you're out of chakra." Naruto replied to the elder Uchiha who laughed at his comment.

"Again my opponent you're wrong. I have been in this world longer than you and this is where that experience comes in to play." Madara stated as Naruto heard a click come from somewhere. He was shocked to hear Madara was chewing something. Fear had taken over Naruto as he felt Madara's chakra rise.

"You had a solder pill in your mask." Naruto muttered in shock getting a nod from Madara.

"And to think I could have used it anytime during our battle. I chose not to seeing as I knew it was going to come down to this Naruto. This final duel between you and me is going to end with me being a hero." Madara declared as Naruto once again was trying to gather some type of sage chakra but couldn't. His body was simply too weak at the moment.

"So what are you going to do?" Naruto questioned. Hoping that the elder Uchiha was just bluffing.

"Like I said young Namikaze. I'm going to send you away but before I do that. Promise me something?" Madara said to Naruto who was trying to move but just couldn't. Naruto decided to promise the dying elder something. Seeing as he was going to die soon. Who knows maybe he had finally turned a new leaf since he was about to past away.

"Okay." Naruto replied as he felt the multiple chakra signatures were getting close to their locations. He had hope that they would be able to make it to his location before Madara could do something.

"Look me in my eye and promise me that you wouldn't forget me." Madara told the young sage.

"Fine," Naruto replied while not looking directly into his eyes.

"At least look me in the eye Naruto. We're men here and the least you can do is show some respect and look at me face to face!" Madara shouted as Naruto looked him in the eyes.

It seems Itachi's left Naruto a gift as well. I hope he doesn't think he's the only one with that ability. Madara thought while he started to chant getting Naruto's attention.

Is he chanting hand signs? Naruto asked himself while keeping his eyes locked on Madara.

"Enjoy your new life Naruto Namikaze. You're going out like an Uchiha while I'm going out like a Senju. Funny isn't it." Madara replied to Naruto who was trying to move out of range of whatever attack Madara was going to use.

Move. Was the only thought Naruto had while trying to move his weakened body.

"This is good bye Naruto. Keep your promise now." Were the final words Madara said to Naruto before he felt his entire body started to shift and turn.

I have to get him out of here. His allies are almost here. Madara thought while keeping his focus on Naruto.

I can't even do anything. I feel so useless. Naruto thought as he's been trying to move but couldn't. I guess this is good bye my friends. Hopefully we can meet up once again. As he felt his entire body was being sucked into what he could describe as a vortex.

It's done. Madara thought as Naruto Namikaze was now off this world hopefully and would be able to have a new start at life. Don't worry Ayane, my beautiful wife, I'm coming. Also Hitomi, you don't have to cry for me anymore. Daddy's coming so we can be a family once again. Madara thought while thinking about being united with his wife and daughter who died due to his enemies killing his family to prove a point. Hitomi only being thirteen while his wife was in her mid-thirties; the life of a shinobi is a dangerous one indeed.

"Well look whose here." Madara announced as he was now surrounded by the five kages themselves. Along with multiple shinobi who accompanied them.

"Where's Naruto Uzumaki Madara?" Tsunade asked while looking at the elder Uchiha.

"I don't know a Naruto Uzumaki but I do know a Naruto Namikaze if you're interested." Madara answered while shocking almost everyone that Naruto was the son of the Yondaime.

I knew it was something about him. Ei thought to himself while remembering his attitude.

I guess that's where he gets his looks from. Mei thought to herself while remembering his appearance.

So he was Minato's son after all, I knew it of course. After all their not too many blondes in Konoha after all. Which leads me to ask who Minato's wife was? Oonoki thought to himself while pondering his beard.

It was bound to get out eventually. Tsunade thought to herself while thinking of a way to deal with the aftermath of Naruto's heritage getting out in the open.

I guess that explains where you get your determination from Naruto. Gaara concluded while thinking about how Naruto was able to stop him.

"That still doesn't answer my question," Tsunade said with anger in her tone.

"I sent him away," Madara said in a simple tone drawing looks of confusion from everyone present.

"What do you mean send him away?" A voice questioned as Sasuke Uchiha appeared a few feet away from the group of allied shinobi.

"Like I said my grandson; I sent him away," Madara answered once again. Of all the smart moves Sasuke could have made. Why did he choose to come here?

"You can't just send him away." Sakura said in disbelief. Naruto had helped finished the war only to be sent away by Madara Uchiha.

"I did it a few seconds before you guys showed up." Madara replied as his eyes shift back to normal. He guessed whatever was left of his chakra was just about gone.

"Where did you send him?" Sasuke asked in an aggravated tone. How dare he send away the one person he wanted to fight the most? It was like someone killing Itachi and it wasn't him. You just don't do such a thing.

"I don't know and that's the beauty of it. Now if you don't mind; I'm going to die now." Madara stated before closing his eyes.

"Sakura and Shizune; get his body and take him to the medical ward in Konohagakure at once." Tsunade ordered as the two medics were hesitant at first before getting the body. "I want every shinobi here to find Naruto Namikaze!"

"You're thinking with your heart Tsunade. Not with your mind." A calm voice called out as Mifune came to the battle field.

"What are you talking about?" Tsunade asked not getting why he would make that comment.

"He's right." Oonoki started off before continuing his point. "We can't afford to waste our forces on searching for one man. Right now we have to help our injured shinobi's. We have funerals to plan and medal's to give out. Once we do that. I believe we can start searching for Naruto."

"Get Sasuke Uchiha before he leaves!" Ei ordered as the shinobi forces had surrounded the last Uchiha.

"And take him to Konohagakure so he can be put on trial." Mei added on as Sasuke knew he couldn't get away. Suigetsu and Juugo weren't even here to back him up this time.

"Fine, it's not like I have a chose in the matter." Sasuke replied seeing no point in trying to fight five kages and an army without any back up.

"That's one pain down." Ei commented seeing Sasuke Uchiha having chakra seals placed on him.

"Now let's head back to our respective villages for the time being. We each have funerals to prepare." Mei stated getting a nod from her fellow kages.

"Look Tsunade, if you need any help, Sunagakure will always be there." Gaara stated in his usual monotone voice before leaving the battle field with Temari and Kankurou beside him.

"I feel the same way after this entire war has taken a toll on me." Ei commented before leaving with Darui and Samui who were behind him.

"Well I was going to talk to you about an alliance before the war started. So whenever you're ready to talk, let me know." Mei informed Tsunade before leaving with Ao and Choujurrou beside her.

"Look Tsunade, I know our villages haven't gotten along in the past years but this war has shown that even enemies could work together for a common goal. So like the Mizukage said. Whenever you're ready; let me know." Oonoki stated before leaving with Kurotsuchi at his side.

Naruto, where ever you may be, I just hope that you're okay. Tsunade thought to herself before leaving to attending to her village. Tears falling down her face as she started her walk.


I'm sorry my king but I cannot allow your reputation be ruined by me. Were the thoughts of an Africa-American male with short cut blonde hair, blue eyes and a strong built. He possesses a black eel tattoo that runs across his back and along his arms. He also had webbed hands, webbed feet, and a pair of gills on his neck. He was wearing a skin tight full body red and blue swimsuit which exposed his arms and feet. On his back was something that could easily be confused for as a regular backpack but to him it was a water pack which held two rods. At the moment he was swimming away from Atlantis.

Maybe some of the pressure about me will be off you now my king. I just hope that I am able to continue doing good deeds like you are always doing. Who knows, I maybe able to see Garth again. The male thought to himself as he kept swimming upwards. Garth was his only friend besides the king to see him for himself and not his father. He was brought out of his thoughts when he saw a blonde with spikey hair appear a few feet away from him. From the looks of his cloths; he appeared to have been in a long battle.

Where did he come from? The male asked himself while seeing the body float up. Whoever he is I have to help him. He thought to himself while swimming faster towards the blonde.


Everyone needs a day off; including former assassins. A female thought while sitting in a lounge chair on the beach. She had long black hair and green eyes which were covered by black sunglasses. She was wearing a pair of green swim trucks with a black dragon on the side of it. She also wore a green tank top. On her feet was a pair of black swim shoes.

Maybe I should take Brother Blood up on his offer. Being enrolled in his H.I.V.E academy would give me a chance to have it easy for once. Depending on how long the H.I.V.E academy would last. She thought before looking out into the ocean. She narrowed her eyes when she saw blonde hair in the middle of ocean.

Who or what is that? She asked herself while looking around to see if anyone was going to make an effort to help the person. I guess I can do a heroic deed today. She thought to herself before taking off her sunglasses and sprinted towards the ocean. Her first thoughts were to just walk on the water but with so many people out here she would have to just swim over there.

I hope they're worth it. She thought to herself before going into the water and started to swim towards her target at a fast speed.

With Naruto

Naruto felt himself surrounded by water. He assumed that he was in an ocean of some sorts. His first thought was to swim to shore but he was too weak. He guessed Madara's technique worked after all.

A new life huh; I might as well get the most out of it. Naruto thought to himself while accepting the fact that he was in a new world. He wasn't going to feel sorry for himself since this was a risk he took when he became a shinobi. Although this wasn't on the brochure at the academy. Naruto did his part and protected Konoha to the best of his abilities and no one could take that away from him. Naruto was brought out of his thoughts when he felt himself being pulled by something or someone.

"(You okay.)" He heard someone or something trying to get his attention. He saw it was a black male was helping him get to shore.

"What did you just say?" Naruto asked trying to understand the person helping him out.

I think he's speaking Japanese but I don't know that language. This is going to be difficult. The male thought to himself while trying to pull Naruto towards shore.

"(Is he alright?)" A voice asked with concern as the two males saw a female approach them.

"(He speaks Japanese but his injuries are pretty badly.)" The male informed getting a nod from the female.

"(I can speak Japanese. Here let me help you get him to shore. Then we can take him to the hospital.)" The female stated as the male nodded in agreement.

"Where are we going?" Naruto asked hoping to get an answer.

"We're taking you to shore; once there well take you to the hospital." The female informed him gaining a weak nod from Naruto.

"What is your name along with the guy helping me?" Naruto asked wanting to know who they were.

"(What's your name? He wants to know.)" The female asked the other male helping her at the moment.

"(Kaldur.)" He answered using the name his former king gave him for situations like this.

"(My name is Jade.)" She said introducing herself to him.

"Your names?" Naruto asked making sure his question wasn't forgotten.

"I'm Jade and this is Kaldur," Jade replied as they were almost to shore.

"Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto said introducing himself to Jade who nodded. She then went to tell Kaldur Naruto's name.

"(We're here.)" Kaldur announced as they had made it to land. Kaldur and Jade pulled Naruto to shore. The two were shocked to see the injuries he had on him. Blood was going down his right arm and they noticed he had a few broken bones as well.

"Someone call nine one one. We have an injured person!" Jade shouted as a life guard came over and checked on Naruto.

"We saw you go in and rescue him. The paramedics are on their way now." The life guard replied to the two who nodded. A minute later the paramedics made their way to where Naruto was. The two picked up his body which was heavy and loaded him onto the stretcher. Once on the two took him to the ambulance and loaded him in. They immediately hooked him up to a few machines that would check his vitals.

"Sorry but you two can't come." The paramedic informed Jade and Kaldur who weren't moving any time soon.

"We saved him." Jade started off as her tone let them know right away she wasn't taking no for an answer. "It's only right we see this through."

Jade wasn't one to go to hospitals due to her best friend's mothers unfortunate accident which left her paralyzed. Ever since then, Jade wouldn't really go to hospitals but something about Naruto. She knew she had to see this through.

"I agree with the lady on this one. I don't want to have a guilty conscious after all this is over." Kaldur added on.

"Alright hop in." The second paramedic ordered seeing as arguing would get them nowhere.

"Step on it!" The first paramedic shouted to the driver as they were now driving to Jump City General Hospital.


The paramedics rushed Naruto into the hospital. The doctors and nurses were shocked to see a body have so many broken bones. I mean sure there were a few cases where someone was attacked by a super villain but this was different. The male looked like he had been in some sort of war and then some.

"Get him to the emergency room stat!" A doctor shouted as they took him to the emergency room in order to get started.

"You two stay here in the waiting room while we start the surgery on your friend." Another doctor informed to the two who nodded and sat down in the waiting room.

Emergency Room

August 5th, 3:15pm, EST

The emergency room was prepared for situations like this as they immediately took off Naruto's cloths and got to work by placing multiple wires on him in order to monitor his body.

"Look at this." A nurse announced while waving her hands in order to get their attention. They all looked at the monitor and were shocked to see some type of red energy was trying to heal him.

"It's healing him." Another nurse remarked as she was shocked to see this happen. When it came to meta humans none of them had the simple ability to heal themselves but this male was a relief to all of them.

"That doesn't mean a thing. We still have to pull him out of this condition." A doctor stated as they went to work on Naruto's body in hopes of making it better.

Waiting Room

5:25pm, EST

The two had been waiting for about six hours now. They were trying to pass the time by trying to get to know one another. The two had learned a few things about one another. The basic things like dreams, food, and what they liked to do in their free time.

"So what do you think is taking them so long?" Jade asked while pacing in the waiting room.

"He did have a lot of injuries. The ones we probably saw on the beach were only external." Kaldur answered.

"Where did he get them from?" Jade asked as she wanted to know more about Naruto Uzumaki.

"I wish I knew myself, Jade. I mean one minute I'm swimming and then the next thing I know he appears." Kaldur replied. As the doors to the emergency room opened. The two saw multiple doctors and nurses walk out the room.

"So how did it go?" Jade asked with concern in her voice. Hoping that her good deed for the day saved Naruto's life.

"It went well but the shocking thing is that his injuries seemed to heal on its own. The only thing we had to do really was help put the bones back in place." The doctor explained to the two as they were shocked. How did Naruto heal on his own unless he was some type of hero or villain but even then the two never heard or seen him before.

"Interesting." Was the only thing Kaldur could say at the time. Naruto had to possibly be a meta human for his body to heal itself.

"My team and I had the same reaction when we started the surgery. We were just in awe at the fact that his body was using some type of red energy to heal on its own. In fact steam was coming off of some of the cuts the boy seemed to sustain. I have to say that the boy is blessed." The doctor explained on as it wasn't every day you see things like that happen.

"Can we go see him?" Kaldur asked wanting to go see the person he saved.

"He's asleep right now. His body has been through a lot today and needs its rest but you can come back first thing in the morning." The doctor answered getting a nod from Jade and Kaldur.

"We'll be here first thing." Jade replied as the doctor give both of them a card which said when visiting hours were.

"Well see you tomorrow." The doctor said before leaving the two alone.

"Hey Jade." Kaldur called out getting her attention. "Is it alright if I accompany you back to your car? You said you left it at the beach parking lot."

"You said you needed a place to stay seeing as you were kicked out of your house. So you can move in with me for a bit." Jade replied as the two left the hospital together.

With Naruto

He was glad that Jade and Kaldur were able to get him back to land. Let alone a hospital. He wondered what they were doing at the moment seeing as the doctor said he couldn't have any visitors until tomorrow.

Kyubi, are you there? Naruto asked as he appeared in his mindscape.

"Of course, I am," Kyuubi answered as she now had a new found respect for the Namikaze who was able to defeat Madara Uchiha in combat.

Do you have any clue as to where we are? Naruto asked once again.

"I would have told you by now," Kyuubi replied as they had no clue as to where they were.

Do you think will be able to get back to the Elemental Continents? Naruto questioned the fox.

"I'm not sure but I suggest we make the most out of this. This second chance at life I suppose." Kyubi answered truthfully.

I'll talk to you later Kyubi. Naruto said before leaving his mind scape to get some sleep.

First Itachi leaves a gift for him and now Madara. I can only hope that he is able to use them when the time calls for it. Kyuubi thought to herself before falling asleep. Not realizing something had appeared in Naruto's mind scape.

So this is Naruto's mind huh. I would have thought it would be more. I don't know bigger perhaps. Oh well I better get used to it as I'm not leaving anytime soon. They thought before disappearing once again.

August 6th 9:20am, EST

Morning in Jump City has arrived for both Kaldur and Jade who were now at the hospital waiting to see Naruto for the first time. Kaldur was wearing a pair of black pants, a pair of blue and black shoes seeing as he could not walk around bare-foot all the time, and a blue jacket with a red shirt. Jade was now wearing a pair of black baggy pants, a green blouse, and black and green tennis shoes.

"Follow me you two. I'll take you to see your friend." A doctor announced as the two followed him to room fifty. The doctor they were with spoke both English and Japanese so he could communicate with Naruto just fine.

"Well we're here." The doctor said as he let the two in to see that Naruto Uzumaki was doing push-ups shocking the trio.

"You should be in bed." The doctor stated being the first person to recover from being shocked.

"I'm fine now doc," Naruto replied while continuing his exercise.

"You had broken bones, external and internal bleeding-" The doctor ranted before being cut off.

"And I'm fine now. So can I leave the hospital now?" Naruto asked while standing up. Jade and Kaldur were able to see his physic and they guessed he must have been a warrior of some sorts.

"Just sign these forms and you can leave." The doctor answered as he handed Naruto the forms who guessed to sign where the x's were.

"Have a good day Naruto Uzumaki." The doctor said before leaving the room.

"So Naruto." Jade started off getting the blonde's attention. "Do you have any family, friends, or relatives you could stay with?"

"Sadly no; I'm just on my own," Naruto replied getting a nod from the two people who saved him.

"You can stay with me until you're able to get on your feet." Jade offered to Naruto who shook his head no.

"Thanks but I want to travel before I settle down though. Thanks for the offer though." Naruto replied as Jade told Kaldur what was going on.

"If you need any help, just call me okay." Jade said giving Naruto a small card with her phone number.

"Don't worry I will." Naruto replied as Kaldur gave him a bag filled with cloths.

"Kaldur has moved in with me. Last night he went to get some of his cloths from a friend who brought them to him. I hope you can fit them." Jade informed him as the two exited the room so Naruto could get dressed. Naruto was now wearing a pair of jeans, a pair of white tennis shoes, and a grey polo shirt.

"They fit just fine Jade. Tell Kaldur I said thank you." Naruto said as he liked his new cloths.

"(Stay safe Naruto.)" Kaldur said to Naruto who nodded in acknowledgment.

"Kaldur says stay safe; I say the same thing." Jade informed Naruto who wished them the best. The two left Naruto so now the blonde haired shinobi was now free.

Don't worry Jade and Kaldur. I have a feeling were going to cross paths again. Believe it. Naruto thought to himself before going out to explore Jump City. At least that's what the Japanese doctor told him that it was the name of the location he was in.

First things first, I have to learn this language. The doctor gave me directions as to where I could learn the language for free. Hopefully it won't take too long. Naruto thought while holding a sheet of paper which had directions as to where the building was.

Time to start this new life. Naruto thought once more before going to the building with hopes of learning this language.

With Jade

10:05am, EST

She was home by herself at the moment. Kaldur was out in the city at the moment leaving her to herself.

I'm losing my edge. I mean first I invite a person to live with me and now I'm thinking about letting another complete stranger move in with me as well. I really need a job or something. Jade thought to herself as she saw an eagle outside her home. She recognized the eagle and went outside her house and went towards the eagle. The eagle had a small scroll on its leg. Once Jade took it the eagle flew away. Jade opened the scroll and read it.

A thief mission huh. Before reading the details for the mission. For a gem in the museum downtown. It's too easy but I need something to do. Jade thought to herself before going into her basement. Once there she pressed a few keys on a keypad on her wall. The entire room changed. On one wall there was an assortment of different weapons. Another wall was filled with different liquids. While the wall in front of her showed her costume she used on missions. She walked over to the wall in front of her and picked up a red and white cat mask.

"Time for Cheshire to come out and play." She muttered to herself before suiting up and leaving her house through a tunnel she made for herself which lead to abandoned warehouse downtown.

I'm so happy the basement will stay locked until I come back. I don't need Kaldur knowing about this. Jade thought to herself while exiting the warehouse and making her way to the museum.

With Kaldur

11:25am, EST

He was now at the Jump City Museum. He was able to get a job as working as a part of the security force there. He was told that this museum had been prone to heist by villains. Kaldur thought of it as a challenge seeing as most of the time when villains were to attack everyone usually cleared out the museum so that way he could use his abilities to combat whoever attacked before the Teen Titans showed up.

I think the Teen Titans have enough members already. Besides I think they would probably tell Aquaman about my location. Kaldur thought while making his walk around the museum. He saw that Naruto was attending a tour the museum offered in order to learn about the history of Jump City for newcomers

"Most villains don't attack until night time. Right now we have it easy." A security guard told him as the two were walking side by side patrolling the building.

"Are you sure about that?" A female voice asked as the two turned and saw a female wearing a red and white cat mask. Their attire was a dark green kimono which had long green sleeves which covered her arms. On her feet was a pair of black sandals. She was standing on a rope from one of the exhibits.

"It's Cheshire. Run for it!" The security guard shouted as the museum was clearing out leaving Cheshire and Kaldur in the museum.

"You may want to run now," Cheshire suggested to Kaldur who shook his head no.

"Sorry to inform you but I do not run," Kaldur replied as his eel tattoo started to glow a light blue.

"If you think you can take me then bring it." Cheshire taunted as she hasn't really been able to let loose in a while.

"(What do you think you're doing.)" A person called getting Cheshire's attention. She looked around and saw it was Naruto who was talking to her.

What is he doing here? Forget that what does he thinks he's doing? Jade asked herself while looking at Naruto.

Naruto. Kaldur thought while looking at the blonde who was in a fighting stance. What are you doing? Kaldur asked himself.

I guess I found a villain the doctor told me about. Well, I guess I can test myself against her to see my limits. Naruto thought to himself as he felt his chakra surge through him.

He uses chakra as well huh. This day is finally getting good. Jade thought to herself while observing Naruto. She rarely used her chakra abilities since she prided herself off her regular skills.

"(Let's do this.)" Naruto said before disappearing in a blur.

He's fast but I can keep up. Jade thought to herself before becoming a blur as well.

I can see them but can't keep up with them. I guess I can provide long range support then. Kaldur thought to himself while manipulating the water that was in a nearby water fountain.

Kaldur can use water manipulation. Alright, this could work. Naruto thought to himself while going towards Kaldur who was getting ready to fire the water stream.

Kaldur can manipulate water. Jade thought to herself before being hit by a stream of water.

"(Way to go Kaldur.)" Naruto said in Japanese. Kaldur guessed Naruto was complementing judging by the way he had his thumb up.

"As much as I would love to fight you two. I have to other places to be so until we meet again." Cheshire announced as her body started to disappear into thin air.

"I don't know where she went," Kaldur said to Naruto as his eel tattoo stopped glowing.

"(I think I know why she left.)" Naruto replied while pointing behind Kaldur. Kaldur turned around to see the Teen Titans a few feet from them.

"Stop right there!" Robin ordered the two who were in the room.

"Look I know what it looks like but we were trying to stop Cheshire." Kaldur replied in a calm tone.

"Nice try but we all know that Cheshire stays in Steel City." Cyborg informed the two thieves in the room.

"She was just here. I mean she is an assassin after all. They have to know when to disappear." Kaldur stated to the Titans. Naruto saw the Titans approach the two and he reacted. He grabbed Kaldur and used a shushin to disappear from the museum.

"They're ninja's. Oh man that was so cool." Beast boy exclaimed while looking at the smoke the technique left behind.

"Who were those two?" Raven asked seeing the blonde being able to disappear into thin air just like that.

"Whoever they are; they stole the gem that was on display." Robin informed the team as he was looking at the case where the gem was supposed to be.

"We're going to get them next time right?" Starfire asked the leader of the Teen Titans who nodded.

"Definitely, Titans lets go!" Robin ordered as the teenaged superheroes left the museum.

And Cut


Yes, Jade aka Cheshire can use chakra. No, someone like Batman, Robin, or anyone else in the League of Assassins can use chakra. The explanation as to why Jade and others cannot is a spoiler in season two but since most stop reading once they feel as though it's not "Naruto owns the DC Universe" or my story isn't that good grammar wise. I'll spoil it here. For Jade it's genetics and I'll leave it at that.

I honestly didn't think Jade using Chakra would be such a point of "I'm not reading this" for so many people. I mean this is fanfiction where anything honestly goes. Where writers can justify any sort of thing for the sake of plot.


Episode 2:Explanations

Edited on August 31, 2016