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(All Those In Need Of A Rescue Raise Your Hand)

"We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin." ~André Berthiaum

The sound of heavy footsteps pounding on the floor echoed harshly throughout the room. Yells of anger and frustration becoming more apparent to the boy trapped inside, working tirelessly on the only chance of rescue he had left. He pulled at the mess of wires that hung above him as he laid underneath the main console, hastily stripping them and then connecting different ones back together.

"I think our time is running out," another commented while moving to the center of the room. Outside on of the locked doors someone was furiously trying to break in.

"Doing the best I can."

"I'm not saying your not. Nope. Not at all."

"Like I buy that," DIck jokingly mumbled out as he stripped another wire using his teeth.

"Well I do."

"mmm huh…"

"I do."


"I've always believed in you," she stated again. It was the truth. Through thick and thin she full heartedly believed that there was nothing that she and Dick were not capable of achieving. After tonight, that belief had been proven time and time again and though they weren't out of the woods yet she knew that they could get through this. They could get through anything because they had each other and that made them a force to be reckoned with.

Outside the barrage on the doors suddenly stopped sending the room into an eerie silence that neither of them expected. She looked from her spot beside Dick, eyeing the door that had previously granted access to the room. She could hear that even he had stopped working for a moment. She found this sudden silence to be unnerving, that is until, the loud sounds of metal impacting metal rung out. "Dick!"

"Please work, please work, please work," he repeated over and over as he connected the final two wires resulting in a zap of electricity to his fingers. "Ow."


"I'm alright," he said while jumping up from the floor to see a pulsating green light blip on the screen. Finally, he was feeling the aster. "Time to go."


He titled his head towards the large window overlooking the main platform and smiled. "What happens when you eliminate the probable?"He could see the way her eyes were beginning to light up as she too was now making the connection. "All that's left however impossible…"

"Must be the truth," she finished with a grin.

"Or the exit."

"Excellent." She enthusiastically cried taking the gun and aiming it squarely at the window. The four shots shattering the glass as one of the secured doors to their room was about to give way to the hard hit of another gun.

"Elementary," he said while reaching for her hand and holding onto it tight. The jump was a good twenty feet and their landing wasn't one either of them was particularly proud of. They rolled across the floor, doing their best to keep the momentum going and the weight off their feet before jumping up to run. A hail of gun fire trailing after them as they ran for the nearest cover.

It wasn't long before the bullets stopped flying. They could only imagine that a certain person in charge was far from happy about how this night was currently turning out. The thought however comforting wasn't enough to give them any sense of false security or hope. They ran behind objects and did their best to remain out of sight. Their only chance was to remain hidden until help arrived.

And now that the signal was out it wouldn't be to long until someone showed up. Someone who would rescue them and put their attacker behind bars before Dick could do something stupid, like being a hero. He knew that he had to maintain this act of being a victim, not only for his captors sake but also for the girl sneaking around the this oil rig with him.

However and this is a big however, he drew the line at being a helpless victim of circumstance. He may not be able to save the day by being the Boy Wonder but he'd be damned if he just sat around and did nothing while they were threatened and attacked. He could rise to the occasion. He could be a hero, even an ordinary one and that was enough to encourage him to let his true form show.

Richard Grayson could be every bit the hero that Robin was. He may not have all the gadgets or the bold childish humor of a hero who has been at the game long enough to stare a dangerous villain in the face with a joke. But he could save her. Richard Grayson could save her from anymore more suffering, even if he had to take a beating to prove it. He may not be the superhero to save them both but he could be a hero for her. He could save her and that was enough.

"You all right?" He asked after noticing her limp for some time now. She didn't once complain and he knew she wouldn't. She could be just as stubborn as he was and that's why he decided to stop here and pretend to rub his shoulder. Yes, there was a bit of pain but it was far down on the scale from one to ten. He just wanted to give her a reason to rest without letting her know that it was all for her benefit. "I'm feeling a bit whelmed myself."



"Learn that one from your friends too?"

"It's a pretty accurate description I think," he sheepishly replied. It was just another check added to the count of times he's let the distinction between Robin and Dick blur. "You?"

"Oh you know, I do this all the time," she jokingly retorted with a wince. "All the time."

He watched her shift all her weight onto one foot and try to act like it was nothing. They really were quite a pair. "Barbara?"


He gave her a sympathetic look before directing his gaze toward her bad leg. Hinting without words that he knew she was in pain.


"Really?" He asked trying to not sound incredulous, but as of right now he couldn't afford to be the worrisome friend.

"Ok, ok, i'll admit it," she replied after seeing the way he was looking at her. He looked somewhere between worried and annoyed but the tone he had used to say it was lighthearted enough to let her know he wasn't mad. "The landing wasn't one of my best."

He smiled at that. Even in the face of danger she was trying to keep the conversation light and humorous. Something that even he was guilty of doing on more then one occasion tonight. "Now was that so hard to say?"



She narrowed her eyes at him and he just grinned in response. It was that same grin that made her annoyance melt away. Really, how could anyone stay made at him? "You win this round, but I'm onto you?"

"Uh huh."

"I am," she stated with a smile. Really, he had no idea the affect he had on her. They were being hunted down, quite literally and yet neither of them was willing to give into despair. They had their jokes to make the most of their situation, even a dire one like this. He could make her smile and feel like they were seemingly safe. "I know your methods."


She wanted to say something back but she knew better. Dick's demeanor had quickly changed. Sometimes it was like she was seeing a different person. His posture was more rigid then normal. It was like he was ready for a fight and that was something she had never known Dick to be; a fighter. Or at least a physical fighter. He could fight with his words and his intellect but she had never once seen him in an actual fight. Sure she knew he could be a fighter but in all the time she had known him he has never once carried himself like one. He always seemed so unassuming, meek, and modest.

Yet, here and now, he continued to prove that the very soul of a fighter lived on within him. He looked ready and poised. His eyes scanning the area around him alert to any and all movement. It was times like this that she really thought to herself that there was more to her best friend.

"We need to move," he whispered as he took her hand in his again. They moved around the vast platform. Always sticking to the shadows and remaining as low to the ground as humanly possible.

He led her every which way, in an attempt to out maneuver their captors. Years of working beside the Batman had attuned his senses to survive. His eyes adjusted quicker to changes in light and he could hear so much more now. Not to the extent of Superboy, but he could still hear more then the average person. He could pick out noises and find the source and directionality of them. Something that was greatly helping him in this game of cat and mouse. Though he knew that sooner or later they would run out of places to run and little did he know that it was about to happen.

As they ran the outer rim of the platform one of the pursuers had finally caught up to them. He came from behind a blind corner and tackled Dick sending them both over the railing.


He could hear her yelling from up above and he groaned as he lay on his back. His fall had been broken by another platform. A really hard metal platform that upon impact with knocked the wind out from his lungs. He turned over. He still was trying to get his breathing back to normal but he had to be ready. He faced his opponent. Ready for the oncoming onslaught as only Robin would be.

A short distance away his attacker was getting to his feet. The fall apparently hadn't been to bad for him. Just my luck, Dick thought. He knew the man wouldn't kill him out of fear of ticking off his boss, but he also knew that there was nothing to keep him from beating him down. And that was something he wasn't going to sit idly by and let happen again. He had already taken one to many since this little adventure had started and now he was getting really freaking pissed off. It was time to fight back and before he could take any action his would be attacker flew across the distance.

Dick felt the rush of wind blow by as the man landed a good ten feet away. He didn't look back to confirm that the man was out because he knew he was down. Standing before him was a very smug, very amused looking teen wearing a red and yellow costume.

"All those in need of a rescue raise your hand."

Dick looked him square in the eyes before saying, "No. No. There is no way he would have sent you!"

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