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Chapter 1: Valentine's Day

Screaming I broke into the room where all were gathered together.

''Oh my god!'' I exclaimed. ''I have it. I have it!'' I yelled. ''Listen.'' I said and popped on my bed.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet;
And so are you.

''Oh my god!'' Christian exclaimed. ''I have it. I have it!'' he screamed like a little girl.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Cashews are nuts.
And so are you.

''Oh shut it Mufire.'' I said. This is my own nickname for him. It's the mix of Music and Fire. Totally original, what do you think? The thing is that Music Fire (or as I like to call him Mufire) and I don't get along.

His real name is Christian Ozera and he is my pain in the ass. He is 16 years old (and so am I), and sadly goes to same school as I do, and more terribly – same class as I do. And what's the point with fire and him? Well, few years ago, when he was 13 years old, he accidently lit up his notebook (he had a panic attack), while doing chemistry experiment and now my nicknames revolve around fire. The newest in my collection is Mufire (addicted to music and that fire thing that happened).

''Hush both of you.'' Lissa said. I rolled my eyes.

This is Lissa Dragomir, my best friend ever since kindergarten. She is also Christian's girlfriend. As you just saw she destroys all fun me and Christian have. She is also 16, in same class I am, but unlike me she is hard-working and nerd. That kind of nerd that still has fun and gets attention by others.

''Rose, what's the point of this song?''

''Poem.'' I corrected her. ''And the point is that this will be Valentine's poem for my favorite history teacher Stan.'' I clarified.

Professor Alto, or just Stan in his back, is our history teacher. He most certainly is not my favorite teacher as I said before. Nobody really likes him or gives a shit about him, but we all love making fun of him.

''Yes!'' Mufire exclaimed once again. ''Here's another one.'' he said swaying back and forward in his chair, which made him look like freaking fanatic for years old girl. He cleared his throat.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Onions stink.
And so do you.

''Watch it! Or your emo hair might ignite.'' I threatened him.

''Oh give it a rest both of you.'' said Eddie, Christian's best friend.

Same as for Christian goes for Eddie: he's 16, same class, same school. He is also one of my best friends. He has big half brother, 18 years old, Adrian (another pain in the ass, all days long).

''Aaaaa!'' I cried. ''I have another.''

You're in my thoughts and in my heart
Wherever I may go;
On Valentine's Day, I'd like to say
I care more than you know.

''Which one is better?'' I squealed, like a mouse before running from cat.

''Well…?'' I asked patiently, which by the way I don't have a lot. All remained quiet. ''Fine, then don't tell me. I will declaim both.'' I said, stood up from my place on the bed and went to my next class - history.

I went there first, but I came there last, with delay. And this is nothing unusual, I just got … distracted. Yeah, that's all.

I opened the door and stepped in the already full room and Stan in the middle of his speech.

''Good morning people.'' I said cheerfully. ''Stan.'' I nodded in his way.

''Miss Hathaway. You are late! Again.''

''What's new?'' I said sarcastically.

''You will not speak to me like this.'' he said angrily.

''Ah, relax man.'' I said calmly, not bothering about his red face, which looked like it'll explode any moments. You can compare his redness with the Tomato Sawyer from Veggie Tales, the cartoon.

I sat down and kept my mouth shut during his explanation about whatever. I didn't care. But then I couldn't take it anymore, so I raised my hand.

''Yes, Ms Hathaway?'' Professor Alto (Stan) asked me.

''Can I say something'' I asked. ''Actually, I will declaim something.'' I corrected myself. ''Can I?'' I said sweetly. Stan sighted and mentioned me to come forward.

''I presume this has something to do with Vikings?'' he asked. Ah, so that was today's theme. The Vikings.

''Nope.'' I said popping the p. ''But since its Valentine's Day I would like to declaim something for –'' I paused for dramatic effect. ''- you!'' I sang. ''Two thing actually.'' I coughed and started looking deep into his eyes.

Roses are red,
(I took a rose from my pocket and handed it to him. )
Violets are blue,
(I took a violet from my another pocket.)
Sugar is sweet;
(I licked my lips and 'mmm'ed. He looked shocked.)
And so are you.
(I said and pointed to him. At that point he looked terrified.)

I straighten myself. ''So, what do you think?'' I asked. ''I swear I would have a strait A if English teacher saw me.'' I added happily. ''So did you like it?'' I asked sweetly. If he was tomato he would already fall on the floor and exploded because of its redness if you know what I mean.

He –Stan- stayed quiet so I continued with another one. I coughed once again.

You're in my thoughts and in my heart
(I pointed to my head first and then held my heart.)
Wherever I may go;
(I walked over to him and he backed up…loser!)
On Valentine's Day, I'd like to say
(I blew him a kiss.)
I care more than you know.
(I poked him and he almost fell.)

I bowed. ''So what do you think?'' I asked again, hoping to get an answer now. He ran out of this classroom. Everyone started clapping.

''Thank you! Thank you!'' I cried and blew more kisses to others.

''And that's how you declare love to your teachers.'' I said. ''Have fun, he won't be coming back.'' I added and skipped back to my room.

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