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''Ohh, if isn't this Miss Hathaway?'' Stan Fucking Alto said and smiled evilly.

''Good morning to you too, Sir Alto.''

Just as he just noticed my outfit he laughed. ''You look …different… today.'' He coughed to hide the laughing.

All class turned to me started whispering and laughing, except for Eddie that smiled sadly at me. You're not the one suffering in this!

''Thank you. I woke up this morning and I said to myself 'Pink' – this is the colour I want to wear. And then I went over to Lissa and dressed up in her clothes. I don't feel as in wearing dark today so I -'' He saw I was babbling.

''Sit down!'' he barked.

''You are late so I assume you have homework.'' What homework? Do we even have homework at history?

''The essay.'' Oh, that homework.

''Sadly no. My dog ate it.''

''You don't even have a dog.''

''What do you know?'' I narrowed my eyes. ''I bought a Chiuaua yesterday.''

''Out! Get out of the class! This is not the way you will talk to your teacher.''

''You hardly even teach,'' I mumbled. Few classmates heard it and coughed covering the laugh. Chickens. Can't hold up one detention?

Aloud, I said, ''I named it Altita.''

Everyone laughed as they couldn't hold up the laughing. Satan's, sorry – Stan's, face was suddenly close to my face so I could smell his morning breath. Disgusting. ''Out!''

I jerked back. 'Not until you say it nice.'' If I'm in shit already I can be in even bigger.

''Miss Hathaway, out! I will not stand you talking to me like this. I am your teacher and you should respect me. Go to headmistress office and she will give you a punishment you deserve.''

''Say please.''


''Stan, please say please. See it isn't that hard.''

''Out Rose! Don't screw with me!'' Oh my god. He did not just say that. Classmates snickered.

''I don't want to with the small treasure you are hiding but I heard you were screwing with Monica last year.'' There is no Monica on our school. I made her up.

''GET OUT!''

''Fine. Whatever. You should really speak nicer. One please can't hurt you. Try it sometime.''

I put on my pink sunglasses and a hat, flipped my hair over my shoulder and walked out of the class with my bag in one hand with head high.

I walked to the toilet. I got rid of the hat on my way there. There were few people from lower classes that looked at me with wide eyes. Yeah. You should see my face when I saw myself! Little busters.

''What are you looking at?'' I growled. ''Never seen a girl wearing pink?''

Laura, I think, took a step closer to me.

''Oh. I love your hair. Did you dye it?'' She was talking about the hair clip Lissa gave me.

''No. It's a clip. You can have it.'' I gave it to her and she immediately went over the mirror and put it on. Less pink I have, better.

''Oh my god! Rose Hathaway just gave me her hair!'' I heard her whisper to her friend with black hair. I don't know her.

''You can have all my clothes. It's not like I want to wear them.''

''Oh. I love it. Why do you wear it if you don't like it? But it suits you, you know.''

''I made a stupid dare.''

I looked over my bag for the lighter and a box of cigarettes. Yes, I smoke. But only when I'm depressed, nervous or when I'm feeling awful. Like now.

''Are you fucking kidding me?'' I hissed. Evil. I lighted a cigarette with pink lighter that I don't know how it get in my purse.

I took a deep breath to calm me down and sat down on the cold floor.

The girls were looking at me. ''What?'' I blew the smoke from my mouth. ''Shouldn't you be in class?''

''No. We have free hour,'' the black one said. Ohh, you're so smart little one! ''What about you?'' Gosh!

''Stan threw me out,'' I shrugged.

''Rose!'' I heard someone yell.

''In here!'' I inhaled the cigarette.

Eddie came in. Do you know you're in ladies toilet? ''I knew you wouldn't go to headmistress.''

I rolled my eyes. ''What's the point? She would give me detention and long talk about Respecting teachers.'' I made air quotes.

This time he rolled his eyes. ''What are you doing here?'' I asked eying him. ''You should be in class, it's not the end of hour.''

''Stan said something about me being your friend and threw me out with no clear reason.''


''Oh, by the way he wants that essay on his desk until next hour.''

He can stuff it in his ass for all that I care! ''You didn't tell me.''

''Nice one. If Hathaway goes down, others go down too.''


''Where is your hairclip?'' he asked laughing. ''This outfit suits you by the way.''

I pointed to Laura and black girl.

''Oh. Em... hi?'' he said awkwardly. Clearly he didn't notice them.

''OMG! Eddie Castile. Brother of Adrian!'' Laura said.

''Yes?'' he raised a brow. ''What's this smell?''

''Um.. nothing.'' I hid the cigarette behind my back. He has some problems with them. Adrian smokes all the time. He, no.

''Rose!'' he eyed me. ''You know we talked about smoking.''

''Yeah well, you talked and I didn't listen,'' I said threw the cigarette away and walked away leaving him in the ladies toilet alone going to another hour. More torture.