Dark Evolution

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Pairing(s): Buffy (by a new name)/Whomever she pleases

Summary: What happened that was so bad, the Powers and the Partners worked together to correct? What was the result of their solution?


A small, pale hand burst out of the ground, instinctively flailing for a hold before it was joined by the other and both were pressed firmly onto the ground to push against. A moment later, a dirt-encrusted blonde head erupted from the soil, falling back with a hard gasp, drawing in great gulps of air into newly refunctioning lungs.

Pulling herself completely out of the soil, the young woman curled into a fetal ball, shivering and uncomprehending and nearly going insane from the unrelenting cacophony pressing in on her.

Gradually, her healing managed to re-establish the necessary connections that allowed her brain to interpret the onslaught of sensory input. Smells and sounds began to clarify, and she tentatively opened her eyes. Her vision slowly cleared and focused and she found herself looking at words etched onto a stone slab.

Buffy Summers

Beloved Sister
Devoted Friend

She Saved The World
A Lot

She stared at it uncomprehendingly for several long moments before whispering a single word in such total desolation that even most demons would have been affected, or pleased. "No! No, no, no, no..."

Even as she was trying to deny what her eyes were seeing, and her mind retreated from the horror she was now faced with, her other senses began to identify and catalog the scents and sounds in the air.

Screams of pain and terror...the roar of motorcycles...Willow and Xander and a few of the others...demons and leather...magic...fresh soil...

The scrambling in her mind came to a screeching halt as she processed those things. Scoobies and magic.

Connection made.

"Willow!" Only Willow and Tara were capable of the power that she sensed in the lingering magic, but she knew Tara well enough to know that the hereditary witch would have never considered such a course of action on her own. The very idea of it would go against the Wiccan's beliefs.

A sudden wave of black rage rose up and engulfed her. If anyone could see her, they would have been running immediately after, human and demon alike, as her eyes turned a deep copper orange and the canines of her clenched teeth at the top and bottom lengthened slightly and sharpened to pointed tips. Her fingers grew longer and hardened into claws that dug grooves into the Earth. There was a rippling movement under her skin that had nothing to do with her muscles, then she managed to climb to her feet, throw her head back, and scream her fury to the darkened sky above.

Her movements were jerky at first as atrophied muscles continued to regenerate. She ignored the agonizing pain, let it blend and fade into the rest, as she forced herself forward. If the witch had done this, then she could send her back. She would send her back. She would do it or the enraged Slayer would gut her and strangle her with her own entrails.

~~~ BtVS ~~ X-Men ~~~

Upper Realm of the Powers That Be

"How could this have happened?" A voice sounded in the misty expanse. "Once a Champion passed into the Heavenly Dimensions beyond The Gates, there is no way to return."

"Apparently, The Gates are not as impenetrable as assumed." Another voice answered. "The witch discovered a loophole in the Laws, a figurative 'crack' in The Gates that she used to pull the Champion back out."

"Something must be done." Yet another voice declared. "Already the Balance becomes unstable. If she remains, eventually the instability will release our ancient enemy. That cannot be allowed to happen."

"Agreed." The First Voice intoned. "Also, the soul of the Champion has been shredded from being torn so viciously from her peace. She will easily be corrupted by the evils of this dimension if she remains. Already the black magic used in the spell has fortified the demon essence used to create the Slayer entity. In hindsight, it may have been a mistake to use one of the Gar'Nahor-Koros to create this Champion."

"Only they had the ability to survive in essence form." Voice #3 reminded. "That was required for the entity to be passed on. Simple exposure to dark magic would not have done this. The human soul filtered what the essence absorbed, but this spell has very nearly ripped the Champion's soul apart, and the magic is getting absorbed fully and unfiltered. We have no idea what will come of this."

"With the corruption, she will be barred from the Heavenly Realms." Voice #2 said sadly.

"If the dark energies of that particular area continue to strengthen the essence, it will fill the tears in the soul." Voice #3 clarified. "If that happens, she will be as much Gar'Nahor-Koros as she is human. Should that occur, there is a good possibility that death will be denied to her unless under the most extreme of circumstances."

"This is not right." Voice #1 declared. "She has done all that we have required of her, and more, sacrificed more than any other Slayer before her so far. Is there nothing that can be done?"

~~~ BtVS ~~ X-Men ~~~

Her head was down and her hair covered her face as the Slayer forced her body forward with unwavering determination. Her Host had retreated from the horror of what had been done to them. This had not been the first time the Host had retreated in such a manner, but this was the first time that she, the Slayer, had been strong enough to take over the body independent of the Host.

"Well, boys, lookee what we got here."

The Slayer snarled at the demons suddenly surrounding her. She had been ignoring the screaming of her senses in her single-minded tracking of the Witch, not caring about these others as they toyed with the humans of this Hell. She didn't even give them an opportunity to attack first as the pain in her limbs faded as her body readied for battle. As they jeered and growled and revved their motorcycles, she launched at the one that had spoken first, instinctively recognizing him as the leader.

The demon biker gang had been riding high on their success at running roughshod over the Hellmouth, that they didn't expect any resistance, even though this female felt slightly...off to their senses, and she had torn through three of them, literally, before they managed to shake off their shock and begin fighting back. Finally, the others jumped off of their motorcycles and rushed her all at once, swinging chains and lashing out with claws. She killed two more before her own blood was shed due to claw marks across her back.

In retaliation, she did something that had the others scrambling to run in any other direction. Spinning around in a blurring motion, she grabbed the demon that had shredded her around the throat. She dug in her claws and her head snapped back as both she and the demon that she was holding began to scream. A moment later, only she was screaming, as the demon shriveled in her grasp. The others froze in horror as a reddish-black mist swirled from where the claws were dug in, up her arm, shoulder and into her open mouth. They began backing away when her flesh rippled as if something was trying to get out.

They finally broke and ran when copper eyes refocused on them again and her lip curled in a feral sneer as she dropped the husk of the body and flexed her fingers.

~~~ BtVS ~~ X-Men ~~~

"That should not be possible!" Voice #1 exclaimed. "We did not give the Slayer entity that ability when we created it."

"I believe that we have already established that none of this should be possible." Voice #3 responded. "This, however, is a distressing turn of events. It seems that, as we feared, the dark magic used to perform this ritual has indeed refortified the Gar'Nahor-Koros essence used in the Creation. This Champion may very well be truly lost to us. Already she begins to change."

"We have no idea what she is becoming," Voice #2 interjected, "but now the necessity to remove her has increased tenfold. We do not know what affect the Gar'Nahor-Koros essence will have on Slayer or the mind and soul of the Champion, or vice versa. Already the Balance is precarious by her very presence. If the change is drastic, and she walks the path of all Gar'Nahor-Koros, the Balance may be irrevocably tipped."

"What can we do?" Voice #1 asked. "This Champion, and the Slayer entity within her, is no longer bound to us."

~~~ BtVS ~~ X-Men ~~~

Absorbing the demon's essence impacted the Slayer like nothing else ever had. The energy flared through her body like a raging fire, speeding up her healing and reenergizing her completely. It strengthened the Slayer, but it also buried the Host deeper into their shared psyche.

The further into town she tracked her prey, the more she was attacked. She slaughtered without restraint, tearing through the demons with a savagery that terrified them almost as much as they had been terrifying the other humans, in those short moments before they died. She absorbed the essence of several more demons as she made her way through the trashed streets, until she found herself on a familiar road.

"Home." She said, looking around and inhaling the scents of the area. The witches and the others had been this way not too long ago.

~~~ BtVS ~~ X-Men ~~~

Out in the misty expanse of their realm, a gong sounded. It was a request to meet from their counterparts. The Powers moved to the meeting place and took corporeal form, humanoid bodies with the heads of the Eagle, the Lion and the Bear.

A few moments later, their counterparts arrived in the forms of the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart.

"What has occurred?" The Wolf demanded without preamble. "What is this abomination that has appeared overtop the Hellmouth?"

"Yes!" The Ram spoke up. "It has the essence of one of our most powerful warriors, but also the presence of one of your 'Champions'. We cannot take a hold of it as is our right!"

"You have named it aptly." The Lion-headed PTB said. "It is an anomaly. A Slayer has been torn from a Heavenly Realm behind The Gates."

The Partners were as horrified as the Powers had been. The Gates were supposed to be impenetrable. The Realms that they guarded were the Heavens and Hells, for the Champions of either side, that fell in the Eternal Battle, their respective paradises. One of the few rules that the Partners did not even consider breaking, was attempting to breach those Gates.

"How?" The Wolf asked.

"A loophole." The Lion answered. "Because the Champion was killed by the supernatural energies of the portal, a ritual was used to bring her back. It ripped her brutally and unexpectedly from her peace."

"The soul of our Champion has shredded from the tearing, the dark magic used has been absorbed unfiltered by the Slayer entity, and it has fortified the essence used to create it." The Eagle said grimly. "It has somehow regained the ability to absorb the essences of others to strengthen itself. With every absorption, it grows in strength, and it is filling in the fissures in her soul."

"This is unacceptable!" The Hart declared scathingly. "We have no way of knowing what such a being is capable of, or what it will want."

"We are already making preparations to move her to a dimension whose Laws will accept a supernatural being, but where her presence will not have any adverse affect." The Bear told them. "However, we must find a way to neutralize the Slayer so that she can be moved. At the moment, it is the Slayer entity that is in control, not the human Host, and it is growing stronger with every essence that it consumes."

"We will assist." The Wolf said after conferring with the others. "In this neutral place, our combined power will be more than enough to subdue the entity, and force the Host to reemerge and retake control."