A/N: A syllabic poem is one that has a certain set number of syllables in each line and stanza. The most well known form of syllabic poem is the haiku with a line count of 5-7-5 with 17 syllables per poem. This particular poem has a line count of 11-9-8-11 with 39 syllables per stanza. – SG

by Sauron Gorthaur

In eighteen years I have traveled far and wide,
Seen Aman, viewed Taniquetil's height,
Stood in Farthen Dûr, Varden's pride,
And looked upon Narnia gleaming snowy white.

In battles have I clashed all those many years;
At Helm's Deep with all my strength I fight.
At Beruna I faced my fears
And Arawn's dark forces could not put me to flight.

I have flown with dragons high into the sky.
I have wept at Dustfinger's last breath.
With Martin built an abbey high.
Have rejoiced at Aslan's vict'ry over death.

How strange it is to travel so far at home;
Open wide the pages of a book.
You journey far, but never roam.
Splendid things await the one brave enough to look.