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Captain Jack Harkness was not having a very good day. His new job at Torchwood 3 was killing him. Literally. Apparently, since he couldn't truly die, he was expendable. So, when there was a Weevil, or anything else, coming through the Rift, he had to go contain it. He had had his throat ripped out by one of the aforementioned Weevils. So no, Jack was not having a good day.

So, imagine what he thought when he was walking home and got murdered. He didn't even do anything. He was just . . . walking. Then he heard some nutter say something in some language he hadn't even heard of (which is saying something), saw a flash of green light, and died. For the second time that day.

Jack woke up with a sharp intake of breath. He sat up and looked around. Looks like someone had the decency to move me out of the middle of the street, he thought. Although where they did have the decency to move him was a complete mystery. Because it was not a morgue.

He stood up and walked out the door. The fact that walking around when you're supposed to be dead probably wasn't a good idea didn't occur to him until he turned the corner and saw a very good looking redhead, who looked to be about 19.

"Well, hello there. Captain Jack Harkness. And who are you?"

The redhead looked up. "James, we have a problem!" she called over her shoulder.

"What is it, Lily?" asked a black haired boy, who also looked about 19.

"He is," the girl, apparently called Lily, answered, pointhing at Jack.

The boy- James- looked at Jack.

"I'm gonna get Dumbledore," he told Lily, before turning and walking briskly down the corridor.

"So, Lily-"

"I'm engaged," she said, cutting him off.

"Never stopped me."

She raised her eyebrow.

"My fiance would kill you. Speaking of which, Voldemort actually did kill you, so why are you still here? How are you still here?"

"Anyone ever tell you you talk a lot?" Jack asked, ignoring her questions.

"James's best mate, Sirius, yeah."

"But just so you know, death threats usually don't stop me either."

Lily's eyebrow reached a dangerously high level. However, she was saved from answering when James returned with some old dude in his wake.

"So, what seems to be the problem, Miss Evans?" he asked, his blue eyes twinkling like they were made of stars. Jack didn't trust him.

"James and I were doing a sweep of Cardiff Bay area, and we saw Voldemort kill this guy. I mean, we checked him for a pulse and everything. He was definitely dead."

"Well. Obviously not, as he is standing right in front of the three of us currently," Dumbledore said.

"That's the point, sir. He was dead. He had no pulse. He was hit with the Killing Curse. But now, he's not dead," James said.

"Or deaf," Jack added. "I can hear every word you guys are saying. Now, who the hell is Voldemort?"

Jack, Lily, James, Dumbledore, and some guy named Sirius all sat around a table, talking about the magical war.

"So Voldemort's just this . . . weird snake guy? And he and his followers, called Death Eaters, are out to kill anybody who isn't pureblood, which means no non-magic blood in there bodies? Right?" Jack summed up.

"Pretty much, yeah," Sirius answered.

"Great. Someone who wants to be a Dalek. Fun."

"What's a Dalek?" Lily asked.

"Evil metal thing. Has a whisk for one arm and a plunger for the other. Believe they're the supreme race. See emotions as weakness. Kills anything that isn't Dalek too. But it's okay. They're all dead." Jack smiled. "The Doctor, Rose, and I made sure of that."

The three young wizards gave him that look that said 'he's insane.' But Jack didnt mind. He was used to it. Dumbledore, however, chuckled lightly.

"Such imagination," he said.

This is why I don't trust him, thought Jack. He thinks the Daleks are funny. Plus, that look in his eye is unnerving. Although, I think I'd like to meet this Lord Voldemort.

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