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PART II: Four months later

George's POV

Giggle. "Love youuu."

Smile. "Love you, too."

Kiss. Kisskisskisskisskiss.


All of us were sick of 'em.

I mean, I was happy for 'em an' all, but really? It was getting old. Hell, it was old after the first month.

God, they're always like this now.

Mandy's POV

I squealed loudly, attempting to squirm away from Paul's hands. "Pauliee! Stoopppp!" Tears threatened to fall from my squeezed-shut eyes, my face was red, and I was thrashing, laughing uncontrollably. God, he loved tickling me.

This had become an almost daily ritual of ours. Whether we were alone, with the guys, or in public, if he hadn't already, he would as soon as he got the chance. Every time I ended up thinking I'd suffocate if he didn't stop soon. Of course I knew he wouldn't let it go that far, but he would keep at it until I begged him to stop. I think he picked that up from John…

"Ya gotta beg, sweetheart!" he grinned, obviously amused by my appearance. I gritted my teeth, determined not to give in this time. He chuckled and kept on, watching my face getting redder and redder. It was so hard to try to resist squirming about and laughing. I bit the inside of my cheek to control myself. Right before I thought I'd burst, it stopped and all his weight was lifted from me. Well, more like shoved. I peered over the edge of the couch and grinned at the confused look on his face. When he recovered, he glared up at my hero, th one who'd pushed him away. "John!" he snapped.

"Yes, Paulie?" he smirked, making fun of his pet name. if it were possible, Paul's glare intensified.

"What the hell'd you do that for?" He scowled at his best friend.

"Well, yer bird looked like she was 'bout ta die so I thought I'd save her!" His grin widened, loving Paul's frustration.

"She was perfectly fine!"

"So you say!"

"I wasn't hurting her!"

"How would you know?"

"Cos I—"

Out of nowhere, I erupted into giggles. Both boys turned around to face me, completely thrown off guard by my sudden interruption. The looks on their faces were priceless and made me laugh even harder, almost as bad as I had been before. They traded matching bemused glances and continued staring at me like I'd finally lost it and gone bonkers. I didn't know why I'd spontaneously burst into laughter; something about their bickering seemed to ridiculous to ignore. Ringo, who'd been sitting quietly on the couch, cracked a grin and chuckled quietly at my outburst. The only one who paid me no mind was George, sulking next to him. I couldn't figure out what'd soured his mood lately, and he refused to tell me, but it was starting, just starting, to get on my nerves. Every time I saw him, he was angry.

God, he's always like this now.

John's POV

Why'd I push him off? I bet you thought I was jealous, right? Jealous of him. Ha.

In a way, you'd be right. I was jealous, there was no denying it. But I wasn't jealous of Paul. Not anymore. Mandy was old to me by now. Sure, she was a fit bird, funny and witty, which I appreciated, but she wasn't the object of my jealousy.

No, she was the source.

For the past four months all I'd heard out of Paul's mouth was Mandy, Mandy, Mandy. Mandy this, Mandy that. It was driving me insane! Well, more insane than I already was. I was sick of those two. We all were.

In all honesty, I missed that Paul I knew long before she came along. She changed him. He'd gone soft, he was a sap. I mean, yeah, he'd always been sweeter 'round the birds than I'd even wanted to attempt to be, but now it was just way too much. He wasn't Paul anymore. He was Paulie.

"Yes, Paulie?" I mocked that sickeningly sweet name. he hated when I used her name for him. It was just too fucking special for Johnny-boy, right? That was my name for him first. I used it to tease him. Now the novelty was gone. Even the sound was disgusting.

"What the hell'd you do that for?" He sneered, glaring hatefully up at me. Since when did Paul hate me? Since I started interrupting their time together.

"Well, yer bird looked like she was 'bout ta die so I thought I'd save her!" Save her, my arse. I'd just wanted that heinous love-fest to stop before I spewed.

"She was perfectly fine!" There he goes, defending her again.

"So you say!" Stupid kiss-arse

"I wasn't hurting her!" Sadly.

"How would you know?"

"Cos I—"

Suddenly her laughter filled the air, bringing us to a halt. I shot her a glare, wondering what the hell was so damn funny, but she was too caught up in her fucking laughing. At least Paul looked confused. I he didn't know, then no one did. That improved my mood in the slightest way possible.

She just kept laughing and laughing, turning redder each second. I couldn't help it, I hoped she;d choke. Literally die laughing. That'd solve all my problems.

But once she'd stopped, things went back to how they'd been. She and Paul- excuse me, Paulie- were giggling and cooing over each other on the couch. It was as if nothing had happened.

God, they're always like this now.

Paul's POV

I loved her laugh, absolutely adored it. I was my favourite melody, music to my ears. And when she smiled…damn. I dunno if she knew what she did to me.

Those first few months left me dizzy just thinking 'bout 'em. We were arse-over-teakettle for each other, a seemingly endless honeymoon phase. Whenever we were together, which was close to always, everything was perfect. I smiled 'til my face ached, but I didn't care. I could honestly say I loved her.

But things had changed since that kiss. That very first one. George had taken to sulking all the time and John refused to bugger off. He was seriously becoming a pain. Interrupting what special moments we had, dragging me away when he got bored…he was turning into a nuisance. A needy li'l boy, desperate for attention. Sure, I'd always known that was who he truly was inside, I just didn't know Inner John was so…annoying. Irksome, bratty, juvenile…everything fit. John was devolving; reverting back to that li'l boy I'd met back in Liverpool before the move. I never thought I'd see that side of him again. Didn't want to.

Maybe he was jealous. I knew he'd always had a thing for Mandy. Hitting on her, flirting his arse off…damn, he tried. Maybe he was and at me for getting her instead of him being the victorious one. It was Classic John. It would explain why he was always trying to separate us, always trying to tear us apart. John was hiding that devious green-eyed monster named Envy. She was nothing I hadn't dealt with before. We were quite normal acquaintances, even.

I was sitting on the couch with my girl, enjoying each other's company. The boys seemed fine by themselves so we didn't bother 'em. 'Specially George. He'd been awful testy today. Not that that hadn't come to be expected now days.

But George's permanent PMS turned insignificant around her. She could always brighten my mood. I smiled, nodding enthusiastically as she chatted absentmindedly. I could listen to her ramble on for hours on end; I had before. It didn't matter what she was talkin' 'bout., just that I could hear her voice.

"God, you're adorable," I interjected, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear. She flushed a bright, lovely shade of crimson and laughed shyly.


I gently cupped her face in my hands. "it's no problem speaking the truth, lovey." I leaned in and her arms found their usual place around my neck. I chuckled quietly against her lips. She still tasted like strawberries. I went to peck her lips again and she eagerly obliged—

"Goddamnit, would you just stop it already?"

John and George stared at each other, astonished at saying the exact same thing. Mandy and I were shocked as well.

"W-what?" she questioned, confused.

"Nothing," John replied coolly, more uptight than his usual sarcastic self. Was George contagious?

George was the first to exit, quietly yet angrily. His lack of presence did nothing to improve the aura of the room.

"John…" I started, taken aback.

"It's nothing, McCartney." Since when had he become so reserved around me? He shot us a glare and marched hatefully toward the door. "Rich!" he barked before leaving the scene. Ringo, ever loyal, followed him out, giving us an apologetic smile. When they were all gone, I sighed sadly.

God, they're always like this now.

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