Icarly/Suite Life on Deck/Starwars

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Anakin, after secretly marring Padme, was flying through space. His ship wasn't working properly and he couldn't get any of the buttons to work. He had been fighting the enemy but got shot and instead of his ship blowing up it controls were shot out so it was going at a constant light speed for several days.

Finally, the ship stopped in mid air and started it's descent. It fell into an island on a planet he had never heard of. This planet was called earth. He saw a ship at the harbor and went out to see it he could talk to the people aboard. The ship was called the USS Tipton.

It was dark and nearly pitch black but because Anakin didn't want to wait around for morning he decided to climb aboard the ship now. So, he climbed aboard at night in a cool cape. Zack, who was doing the night shift for the juice bar, noticed a black caped guy climb aboard the ship.

Zack stared at him. Then he ventured to ask the man,''Are you a Jedi?'' Anakin looked at Zack hard. ''Why do you ask that?'' he responded.''Who else carries a light saber and wears a cape?'' Zack questioned. Anakin smiled as he remember his response -so many years ago. ''What's your name?'' he asked.

''Zack Martin, and yours?'' replied Zack. ''Anakin.'' Answered the man. (Zack had only watched the earlier movies and therefore didn't know who Anakin was.) ''Hey, does the force work here? Can you do it to Mr. Moseby?'' questioned Zack.

Anakin smiled,''As far as I know the force is everywhere and you can use the force it will only work on the weak minded. Who is this Mr. Moseby?''Zack grinned,''Oh, he is the captain of the ship.'' Anakin replied,''Good, I need to ask him for directions to where I buy another ship and make it back home.'' Zack shook his head. ''Mr. Moseby doesn't believe in Jedi. He would just think you are crazy and have you kicked off the ship. Let's talk to my brother Cody he would know what to do he is a total nerd.'' Finished Zack. Anakin agreed and they went to talk to Cody.

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