I don't anything but the plot.

''And Zack gets another flying point to Anakin's lousy 2 points.'' narrated Zack. Anakin and Zack were playing air hockey in Zack's room. The puck was hit out of the boundaries and hit a frame facing a different direction and knocked it to the floor. Since Anakin had been the one to hit the puck he went over to pick it up.

''Hey, Zack,'' he called. ''Yeah,'' answered Zack. ''Who is this?'' asked Anakin. He had turned over the picture and found it was a picture of a girl with blond hair who looked about the age of himself. She was wearing what seemed to be a beautiful wedding dress. Zac came over to look. ''Oh, that's Maddie...She is...She is can't have her.''

Anakin rolled his eyes. '' I wasn't going to try to take her I have my own girl. Plus, she is not really my type.'' Anakin pulled from somewhere a stilled hologram. (hologramic picture) of Padme. '' This is Padme... She is the girl I have.''

''Hey, how did you get your girl, Maddie, Zack?'' Questioned Anakin. ''I haven't, she refuses to believe she is in love with me, eventhough, I saved her from a marriage she didn't want and she kissed me.'' replied Zack.

'' Interesting. Are you sure she is in love with you? Because Padme did that for a bit.'' answered Anakin. '' Really? What did you do?'' responded Zack.

'' Oh, I made a speech about the truth(the kiss was haunting me) and she said we shouldn't because of what people would say or do. So, I suggested we keep it a secret. But she didn't want to live a lie. So, I dropped it, figuring she was right. But when we were about to be killed, Padme confessed she loved me. We got out of there alive and we got married secretly.'' finished Anakin.

''Amazing! So, the almost death sentence caused her to tell she loved you...Do you think if I did all that she would admit her feelings for me and we could get married?'' Zack said.

'' Yeah, but you would have to find someone who really wanted to kill you both and you can't really plan the going to die thing. But I am sure if she really loves you she will admit it if you are about to be killed.'' Anakin said.

''Hey, when did you first know you loved Padme?'' asked Zack. '' I'd say it was when I was 9 and she was 14.'' responded Anakin. ''What? You are younger than her? Maddie always used that as an excuse to not get together claiming that the fact we were three years apart proved we were not suppose to get together.'' replied Zack.

'' Hmm...Then you need to show her you are wise enough for her even if you are three years younger than her. When did you meet her and fall in love?'' began Anakin. ''I was 12 and she was 15. She knew I loved her even then.'' Zack started.

''Okay, well you need to show her that you are grown up and can think logically about things and state your opinions decisively, although, don't argue with her. It might help if you were the only one with her for several weeks.'' finished Anakin. ''Good idea,'' replied Zack.

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