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Name: Kaname Uchiha

Siblings: Sasuke Uchiha (Older twin by 2 minutes) Itachi Uchiha (Oldest Brother)

Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan (no duh!)

Looks: REALLY dark purple hair that looks black but you can tell it's purple and it goes to your mid-back, onyx eyes that turn red with the sharingan, you're a tomboy and wear the same white shorts Sasuke wears except they're a little longer and you wear a halter top that's purple and a little lighter then your hair and you wear a black fishnet shirt under it. Can turn into a cat but mostly uses the ears and tail which are the same color as her hair and her sharingan turns on automatically but in a more cat form.

Likes: Teasing Sasuke, Pocky, Being Random, Hanging out with your friends, pulling pranks with Naruto, Making fun of the S.F.C. (Sasuke Fan Club) but mostly Sakura and Ino, lots of other stuff

Dislikes: Being bored, Being told what to do, the S.F.C., a LOT of girly stuff, When Sasuke gets overprotective, her fanboys who are in the K.F.C (Kaname Fan Club...lol it says KFC!)

Best Friends: Hinata, Naruto, Shikamaru, Kiba, Shino, Choji, Gaara, Temari, TenTen

Crush: Neji

History: Kaname was very loved by the Uchihas. Her father, Fugaku, was very protective over her so he wouldn't let her out of the compound often before she was 5. It was rare if she did such as when her father let her come with him to Sunakagure. She was excited, but a little sad to know Sasuke wasn't going. (She was there for 2 weeks and she met Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro. She liked them all but easily bonded with Gaara seeing how he was all alone and needed a friend. They were both very sad when she had to go but she reminded him that they'll see each other again one day and they forgot about each other.) Kaname gained her sharingan at the age of 4, but she told NOBODY! Because she was never allowed out of the compound, she had to befriend...a caterpiller. (Yes it's really desperate but HEY! what do you expect? she wasn't able to have friends outside the compound!) One day her father said something that made her REALLY MAD and she locked her room door and started to trash her room around. Eventually when she stopped, she noticed she threw something on her... caterpiller keeper thingy.(you know what I mean!) she gasped and ran over to it. When she lifted the thing up it was...bye bye for mr. caterpiller. She held back the tears as she felt pain come to her eyes. She ran to her bathroom and looked at her eyes. She FREAKED OUT! she knew she had the mangekyou sharingan. As she stared at herself in the eyes, she suddenly got taken into a world that was torture. She held back a scream and released it. She turned it off and got out of her bathroom. She unlocked her door and opened it to come face to face...well face to legs...to Fugaku. He told her that he would start training her and would be able to go to the ninja academy when she reaches of age. She grinned, despite what just happened and hugged her father. Pretty much after that was the same as Sasuke, except she had became friends with Hinata and Neji. Hinata is her best friend and she has a big crush on Neji. After the massacre, she was still happy, a little dead on the inside but still happy. Sasuke may look mopey when around others but gets annoyed with Kaname and her tricks. He still loves her to death though and would kill if someone REALLY hurt her.

I was walking with my brother to the academy which we were only one more day from graduating from. As we walked through Konoha, the Uchiha symbol proudly on our backs, I was thinking of a way to make my brother smile. I looked over to him 'He's such a prick but i still love him...he could ease up on the 'hn's' though...' "Hey Sasuke?" I said my voice interrupting the momentarily silence we had "Hn..." I twitched a little and stopped in front of him with a finger in his face, "YOU NEED TO LIGHTEN UP MISTER! AND NOT JUST IN FRONT OF ME, IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!" I said loudly. We were always early to the academy so it didn't matter if i goofed off for a little bit. Besides we were the first ones there...EVERYDAY! "Hn..." He said lightly smirking. I twitched again, "Why must you use 'Hn' all the time? honestly Sasuke, tell me because im thinking you came up with a way to FINALLY talk to ducks." I said smirking. He twitched "Kaname...what did you just say?" I yawned, i was still tired "You heard me duck boy. What are you going to do? You can't do anything if you can't catch me and im around witnesses!" I said running off towards the academy. "KANAME!" He yelled chasing after me. 'Somebody's having a B.F...(for those who don't know what a B.F is, its a bitch fit)' "YES SASUKE? WHATEVER IS IT MY DEAR BROTHER?" I shouted laughing. "GET BACK HERE!" He yelled. You know, this guy is persistant. He already knows im faster than him, always have been, always will. "uhhhhhh...NO!" I yelled back busting through the academy and to the classroom. I saw a lot of my fanboys waiting for me. I smirked 'I never thought I would be happy to see them' "OH BOYS!" I yelled to them. They blushed and gasped with hearts in their eyes "KANAME!" I rolled my eyes then I put on my innocent look, "Can you guys protect me from Sasuke? He's trying to hurt me..." I said. They saluted and surrounded me from all sides. I smirked 'I freaking LOVE my power!' I thought while grinning. Sasuke ran into the classroom and headed straight for me but then stopped when he saw the fanboys surrounding me "move..." he said in his normal emotionless way of his. "NO!" the fanboys shouted. Sasuke glared at them with the famous Uchiha glare. They shivered and moved away. 'SHIT!' you thought as you ran around the classroom Sasuke hot on your trail. All of a sudden Sakura and Ino walked into the classroom looking for Sasuke. You smirked 'bingo!' you thought as you ran towards them when Sasuke fangirls started to talk to them. "HEY!" you yelled to them. They turned to you and saw Sasuke behind you. "SASUKE!" they yelled and ran straight for him. He stopped in his tracks and went to his seat and put on his emotionless mask. You walked over to Hinata where she gave you a fist pound. "Awesome Kaname!" she said quietly. You grinned and bowed. "Thank You, Thank You...I try!" you said as you sat next to her and put your feet on the desk. Hinata rolled her eyes at this as you sighed in content. "So Hinata..."you started off as a light blush appeared on your cheeks. "H-How's Neji?" you asked her as you face became slightly redder. Hinata looked down, but then grinned devilishly. "Oh...Neji?" she started off. "He's doing great, he does keep asking about you though..." she said as she saw your face going redder. "He askes me all types of questions like 'How is Kaname?' 'Is She Healthy?' 'Does she still remember me?' 'Do you think I'll be able to see her again soon?' and so much more questions." Hinata said. Your whole cheeks were a deep red and you looked down just as Iruka sensei came in with Naruto tied up. You smirked as your blush started fade and Hinata's started to form. "Oh...Hinata..." you said as you were getting up to go back to your original seat. "What about NA-RU-TO?" you said with a evil smirk as you walked back to your twin and Hinata's face got redder than yours. You plopped down next to him with a 'Hey' only to get a glare. You put on your innocent look at him. "Ne? Why are you looking at me that way Sasuke?" you said with a grin. "Hn" he responded. You stuck your toungue out at him as Iruka sensei said to calm down and to do the transformation jutsu because of Naruto. You rolled your eyes at Naruto, 'Prank buddy got caught!' you thought as you all lined up

FFW after the academy

You were laying down on the couch in the living room while Sasuke was out training. 'I am SOOOOOOOOOO bored right now...maybe...' you thought as a wicked grin busted out on your face as you ran for the Hyuga compound. 'Hinata will help me! she always helps me with stuff like this and she's never suspected.' you thought as you ran with your eyes closed in happiness into the Hyuga compound. The Hyuga's know your chakra signature enough so they don't really have to greet you like that. You're pretty much family to them according to Elder Hyuga. (You know Hiashi and Hizashi's dad? He freaking LOVES you like a grandaughter.) As you ran into the compound, you ran into somebody and you both flipped over with you on your back and them On top of you. The worst part was...because of the (you running with your eyes closed) fall, it caused to lip lock with them. After the pain subsided you finally realised you were kissing someone. Your eyes shot open the same time as the person's shot open. 'AHHHHHHHHHH!' you thought as you and the other person blushed furiously. The person finally realeased the lip lock but was still on top of you. "K-Kaname?" the person asked still blushing just like you. "N-Neji?" You asked with a squeak at the end. You both were staring at each other wide-eyed. You both looked down at the same time to see that Neji was laying between your legs. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" you both screamed as you both got up blushing harder than before. "H-Hey Neji" you said as your blush was dying down. "H-Hey K-Kaname" he said his blush dying down also. "Ummmm...where's H-Hinata?" you asked. "I-In her r-room." he answered. You rocked back and forth on your heels. "Soooooooo Neji, What's up?" you asked as your blush was gone. "Nothing much just going to train...wait...what do you need Hinata for this time?" He asked with a sweatdrop. You faked gasp "Neji! Why would you think that I need her for something?" You asked shifting your eyes back and forth. "Because you love to corrupt people..." "NO I-okay a little...i give you that much...I just need her help with something" you said as a smirk appeared on your face. You always had the supplies for pranks on Sasuke at your house and you put them in the one room Sasuke would NEVER go in, Itachi's room! Neji rolled his eyes "I have to go train with my team, ill see you later Kaname." he said as he walked over to you and gave you a hug. "Aww! Neji's hugs are so nice and sweet and rare and..." you said and you took sniff of him. "and lavendery!" you said as you both released the hug and he started to walk away. "SEE YOU LATER NEJI!" you shouted and ran towards Hinata's room. (You had your eyes open this time.) "Hinata!" you shouted as you busted into her room. She was changing and just got out of the shower seeing how her body was glistening and she was naked. Normally, if you weren't like sisters with her, you would apologize and walk back out. But she's like a sister to you. You both even have twin moments like you and Sasuke have, but you and Sasuke have more of them. Hinata rolled her eyes. "Hi Kaname" she said as she was putting on her underwear. "I need your help with pranking Sasuke...again." Hinata sighed. "Minor, Moderate, Major, or All-out?" she asked as she got into a White T-shirt and Blue Sweatpants, perfect for pranking. You were wearing the same thing except Purple Sweatpants. You grinned at her "All-out." you said with a smile. She grinned. "Ok, lets go, shall we?" she said as you both walked towards the Uchiha compound.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" you and Hinata laughed as you were done. You and Hinata thrashed Sasuke's room and totally turned it anti-him. His bed was turned up along with his desk, dresser, clothes thrown out. You both painted the walls with you spray painting (graffiti) "SASU-GAY!" "SLOWNESS!" "DUCK MAGNET!"and other words over the walls. You even drew a picture of him with duck surrounding him next to "DUCK MAGNET!" Hinata went into his bathroom and replaced his hair products with glue, sugar, flour, egg yolks, tomatoe juice, baking soda, and other stuff you didn't know you had. After that you both messed up his clothes and replaced them with girly colored shirts. You painted the ceiling black and had Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan looking straight down. You even had the little lines on the inside of them. To top it all off, Hinata poured his whole floor with peanut juice as you placed a bucket of milk on top of the door. You and Hinata grinned evily at each other as you put the stuff back up in Itachi's room in his closet. You both heard the door open and Sasuke saying, "I'm home Kana!" you and Hinata walked into the living room where he was and said "Hey Sasuke." "Oh, hey Hinata" Sasuke said as he took off his shoes. "I'm going to spend the night at Hinata's house ok?" you told him. "Whatever just make sure you don't be late tomorrow." He said as he started to walk to his room. "im just going to leave now sooooooo... BYE SASUKE!" you shouted to him as you grabbed Hinata's wrist and bolted out of there and to the Hyuga compound. He will come after you and you knew the perfect place to hide. "KANAME UCHIHA! YOU LITTLE BITCH! IM GOING TO KILL YOU!" he yelled as he was heard throughout Konoha. You just made it to the compound and Hinata ran into her room. She would be safe seeing as she's the next heir and all that crap. You ran towards Neji's room and ran into his closet and stayed into the back. Then you heard the door open. 'please don't be Sasuke, please don't be Sasuke' you repeated in your head. You heard the door shut calmly and you heard Neji mumbling to himself "stupid Lee and Gai-sensei...always shouting about youth." he mumbled as you could hear his bandages coming off and his clothes being taken off. "fudgecakes..." you whispered to yourself as you could only hope Neji didn't use his Byakugan. You knew Hinata was using her's to see where you were and could tell she was just laughing at the fact that you were in Neji's closet while he was taking a shower...with the door open...and no shower curtain closed. How did you know this? well you never heard the door closed and the water's running and the shower curtain's never got pulled back over to shut them. After about 10 minutes, you heard Neji finishing up and he was walking to the closet to get his clothes. 'fudge, fudge, Fudge Fudge FUUUUUUUUDGE!' you thought as you heard him get closer. "KANAME I WILL FIND YOU!" you heard Sasuke yell as he busted into Neji's room "kuso!" you whispered as you heard Neji stop in his tracks. "Kaname, what did you do now?" Neji asked himself as he glared at Sasuke. "as you can see she's not here now GO!" neji shouted at Sasuke glared at him and Neji glared at him. You could pretty much FEEL the glares from inside the closet. You heard Sasuke leave the compound and you sighed out of relief as you made sure you were covered enough so Neji wouldn't see you.'as long as he doesn't use Byakugan' you thought. Neji walked over and opened up his closet and got his clothes. You held your breath, as you saw him. You were glad he couldn't see you because you were blushing red head to toe. His body was still wet from the shower and his hair was down. You already knew about his mark so that didn't bother you but you saw his muscles and you had to hold your breath some more from squealing like a idiot fangirl. He went over to his dresser and got his boxers out. 'FUDGECAKES! I FORGOT ABOUT THAT! KUSO, KUSO, KUSO!' you yelled at yourself as he was about to drop his towel. You wanted to look away but you couldn't. 'DAMN HORMONES!' you thought as he slowly dropped his towel as if creating dramatic effect. Then the next thing you knew...his towel was on the floor. Your eyes bugged out and you received a supermassive nosebleed and almost knocked yourself out when your head hit the wall, but not loud enough where he could hear you. Your eyes were glazed over and you continued to watch him get dressed. "I have lots of time before dinner, might as well walk around." with that said, he left and once you felt his chakra at a far enough distance, you ran out of there and ran to Hinata's room with your face puffed out trying to hold back the scream. You busted in there as you saw Hinata's face red and her on the floor laughing, giving roflmfao a literal meaning. Hinata looked at you and her eyes widened as she got earplugs. You finally released the scream "KYA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!" you yelled as you fell over with a deep red face, a supermassive nosebleed and a goofy looking smile on your face. Hinata looked over at you and shook her head.

\You woke up about a good 30 minutes later and noticed you had tissue in your nose. You glanced over at Hinata who was getting out clothes for both you and her for dinner "Thank You Hinata" you said as a light blush came up to your face. She waved it off. "It's okay now you have to hurry, dinner starts in about 30 minutes." You nodded your head as Hinata left the room and walked to wherever she was going. 'Might as well take a shower' you thought as you put the clothes Hinata layed out for you in her bathroom. 'Aww! I knew there was a reason you loved her' you thought as you looked at the black baggy pants and purple tanktop she had for you. You sniffled a little of fake emotion and started stripping down. You were in there for about 10 minutes when you turned the water off. You wrapped a towel around you loosely as you put your clothes in your dirty clothes hamper that you have over there but you screamed when the hamper tipped over and hit your leg. Your towel fell off of you as you fell too the ground. You landed on your butt with your legs spread out to check for any bruises or cuts of any kind, still oblivious to the fact that your towel came off. Just then, the door busted open, and guess what? Out of all of the people here, Neji came. He saw you and busted out into a supermassive nosebleed as you blushed heavily finally relizing that your towel came off. He obviously was running fast because he tripped over your shoe that was near the door and fell. He caught a little bit of air but soon came crashing down on you. He was on top of you but was (ewwww! i can't believe im about to say this!) between your legs. You both blushed super dark red as you both were in a lip lock AGAIN! You got a shocked expression look on your face as did he when you felt a something hard at your flower spot. (its being called that! I dont care!) You both blushed darker than before, if it was even possible, as you both realized something. 'Oh Shit...I'm/He's Hard!' he/you thought. He then shot up and ran out of the room. You shot up and shut the door and locked it as you got dressed for dinner. As you were walking there you couldn't help but think about what happened a hour ago and what just happened. You entered the room only to be knocked down by Hanabi. "Kaname-nii!" she yelled. Hanabi loved you like a big sister and would do anything for you, make fun of you, everything sisterly like. You walked into the room and saw Hiashi. "YO! HIASHI-SAMA" you yelled as you ran over to him to give him a hug. "Kaname, I told you to call me 'Hiashi-tou-sama'" he replied hugging you back. You walked into the dining room to see Hinata, Hanabi (who obviously went in there while you were talking), and Neji. 'Holy crapdoodles...' you thought as you sat by the only seat available which was beside Neji. You and him both blushed lightly and started to eat the food with your head down. You and him both looked up at the others and saw smirks on their faces. 'Oh no...' you both thought as you turned towards each other. You shot up and ran to Hinata's room while Neji sat there looking away from them. "Ne...Neji" Hanabi and Hinata started off with the smirks getting more devious the second. "W-What?" Neji responded as Hiashi stood up and walked behind Neji and bent down to his ear. "I didn't know you were like that.." He whispered into his ear. Neji blushed and fainted while you did the same once you entered Hinata's room.

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